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Resist hugging. The one thing that can escape alone, without ever being caught.

The singularity is the main power source for the station thanks to emitting radiation.

It's very famous for escaping, no one has lived to say why.

It has several stages, each of which want you dead.

It has been said, that its gravitational pull is so strong, it can pull out toys from the toy machine.

Singulo 1.gif Singulo 3.gif Singulo 5.gif Singulo 7.gif Singulo 9.gif Singulo 11.gif
Singularity 1x1 (Stage 1)

Too small - Turn the PA to 2

Singularity 3x3 (Stage 2)

Poor size - Safer, but 5x5 is better

Singularity 5x5 (Stage 3)

Perfect size - Stop here

Singularity 7x7 (Stage 4)

Too large - Turn off the PA temporarily

Singularity 9x9 (Stage 5)

Too late - Call the emergency shuttle

Singularity 11x11 (Stage 6, Supermatter Charged Gravitational Singularity)

Supermatter Crystal required to reach this stage, highest form of singularity.

See guide to setting up the Singularity