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The first room you see when heading to science or escape. After you pass the line of assistants.

The home of the roboticist, it serves for making armies of Cyborgs, as well as mechs.

Very reliant on cargo, its big brother mining, and R&D. The lab has a computer to acess and research Tech-Webs instead of walking into science and to print boards. The Exosuit Machines print borgs, mechs, batteries and miscellaneous ranging from flashes to cybernetic implants. Part of the lab is the surgery room which does all that medicine can but better and the Mech Bay made out of two borg recharging stations and two mech recharging stations.

Science Area
RD Lab.png
Robotics Lab
The steal tools and die trying room
Obvious exits Research Division south, Hallway north, maintenance left.
Purpose To borg assistants, make bots, make mechs, implant a bomb in the clown.
Access level Not defined
Noteworthy contents
Clearance Captain, Research Director, Scientist
Security level Medium
Style Laboratory
Balance Requirements No major balance requirements
Other Notes
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