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Vending Machine Information

Vending machines store and dispense items. Each machine sells a specific selection of items; click 'vend' and it'll dispense the corresponding item. Hacking a vending machine will unlock another selection of items. Some machines accept a coin (any kind may work), which unlocks a selection of premium items; when any premium item is dispensed the coin shall be consumed. Some machines require certain access to vend anything from. Some machines can be restocked or rebuilt if the contents are running low: order the appropriate refill canister from Cargo Bay. You can beat the machines to try and get free items, risking the machine falling and crushing you.


Food and Drink Machines

Cola Machine

A softdrink vendor provided by Robust Industries, LLC. Contents in the Shambler's Vendor may vary.
Refill canister: Refill cola.png

Robust Softdrinks
Vendcola.gif Found at: Various hallways and departments
Sells ($2)
Space Cola.png10x Space Cola ($10)

Space Mountain Wind.png10x Space Mountain Wind
Dr Gibb.png10x Dr. Gibb
Star-kist.png10x Star-kist
Space-Up.png10x Space-Up
Purple can.png10x Pwr Game
Lemon-Lime.png10x Lemon-Lime
10x Sol Dry
Smallbottle.png10x Bottle of water

Hacked ($2)
Thirteen loko.png6x Thirteen Loko

Shamblers.png6x Shambler's juice
Honeysoda can.png5x Buzz Fuzz
MysteryFizz.png1x Mystery Fizz
Sprited cranberry.png2x Sprited Cranberry

Premium items ($30)
Nukacolaglass.gif1x Nuka Cola

Canned air.png1x Canned air
Monkey energy.png 1x Monkey energy
Energy drink.png1x Grey bull

Snack Vendor

A snack machine courtesy of the Getmore Chocolate Corporation, based out of Mars.
Refill canister: Refill snack.png

Getmore Chocolate Corp
Vendsnack.gif Found at: Various hallways and departments
Sells ($20)
Space twinkie.png6x Space twinkie

Cheesie honkers.png6x Cheesie honkers
Candy.png6x Candy
Chips.png6x Chips
Sosjerky.png6x Scaredy's Private Reserve Beef Jerky
4no raisins.png6x 4no Raisins
Coffee.png3x Cup Ramen
Byummie.png6x Borer Yummies
Toritose.png6x Toritose
Topkakes.png6x Top Kakes
Energybar.png6x High-powered energy bar
Tatorling food.png3x Tatorling branded cereal
Verminbites.png6x Vermin bites

Hacked ($20)
Syndi cakes.png6x Syndi-cakes
Premium items ($30)

Hot Drinks Machine

A vending machine which dispenses hot drinks.
Refill canister: Refill joe.png

Solar's Best Hot Drinks
Vendcoffee.gif Found at: Various hallways and departments
Sells ($10)
Coffee.png6x Robust coffee

Tea.png6x Duke purple tea
Tea.png3x Dutch hot coco

Hacked ($10)
Coffee.png12x Ice Cup
Premium items ($25)

Soviet Soda Machine

Old sweet water vending machine.
Refill canister: Refill cola.png

вода (BODA)
Vendsovietsoda.gif Found at: Derelict
Sells ($1)
Water glass.png30x Soda water
Hacked ($1)
Space cola glass.png20x Space cola
Premium items ($1)

Sustenance Vendor

A vending machine which vends food, as required by section 47-C of the NT's Prisoner Ethical Treatment Agreement.
Refill canister: Refill snack.png

Sustenance Vendor
Sustenancevendor.gif Found at: Labor Camp
Sells ($0)
Tofu.gif24x Soggy tofu

Coffee.png12x Dirty ice cup
Candy corn.png6x Desiccated candy corn

Hacked ($0)
Knife.png6x Knife

Coffee.png12x Coffee
AirTank.png6x Emergency oxygen tank
BreathMask.png6x Breath mask

Premium items ($0)

Tool Machines


Only the finest robust equipment in space!
Refill canister: Refill engi.png

Vendgeneric.gif Found at:
Boxstation: Nanite Lab, Technical Storage, Primary Tool Storage
Deltastation: Testing Lab, Maintenance, Primary Tool Storage
Metastation: Maintenance, Technical Storage, Primary Tool Storage
Omegastation: Primary Tool Storage
Sells ($10)
Prox Sensor.png5x Proximity Sensor

Igniter.png3x Igniter
Signaler.png4x Remote Signaling Device
Signaler button.png2x Remote Signaling Button
Wirecutters.png1x Wirecutters
Pda cartrige.png4x Generic Signaler cartridge

Hacked ($10)
Timer.png2x Timer

Voice Analyzer.png2x Voice Analyzer
Healthsensor.png2x Health Sensor

Premium items ($50)
Laser-level.png1x Laser level

Robco Tool Maker

Only the finest robust equipment in space!
Refill canister: Refill engi.png

Robco Tool Maker
RobcoToolMakerVendor.gif Found at: N/A
Sells ($50)
Chiefengineerjumpsuit.png4x Chief Engineer's jumpsuit

Enginejumpsuit.png4x Engineer's jumpsuit
Orangeshoes.png4x Orange shoes
HardHat.png4x Hard hat
Utilitybelt.png4x Toolbelt
EngiScanners.png4x Engineering scanner goggles
IGloves.png4x Insulated gloves
Screwdriver tool.png12x Screwdriver
Crowbar.png12x Crowbar
Wirecutters.png12x Wirecutters
Multitool.png12x Multitool
Wrench.png12x Wrench
T-ray.gif12x T-Ray scanner
Powercell.png8x Power cell
Welder.png8x Welding tool
WeldingHelmet.png8x Welding helmet
Light Tube.png10x Light tubes
Atmos firesuit.png4x Firesuit
Scanning Module.gif5x Scanning module
Micro-laser.png5x Micro laser
Matter bin.png5x Matter bin
Micro Manipulator.png5x Micro-manipulator

Hacked ($50)
Premium items ($60)

Modular PC Vendor

All the parts you need to build your own custom pc. Game on!
Refill canister: Refill engi.png

Deluxe Silicate Selections
Modularpc.gif Found at: Cargo, Robotics, or Primary Tool Storage
Sells ($30)
Laptop.gif4x Laptop

Tablet.gif4x Tablet
Phone-red.png4x Phone computer
Harddisk mini.png4x Hard disk drive
Ssd mini.png4x Solid state drive
Radio mini.png8x Network card
Disk.gif8x Data disk
Cell con.png8x Power cell controller
Cell mini.png8x Standard battery
Cpuboard.png4x Processor board
Cpu.png4x Microprocessor

Hacked ($30)
Premium items ($250)
Card mini.png2x Identification card authentication module

Card mini.png2x IntelliCard interface slot
Printer mini.png2x Miniprinter
Power mod.png2x Area power connector

Misc Machines

ShadyCigs Deluxe

If you want to smoke, might as well do it in style.
Refill canister: Refill smoke.png

Cigarette Machine
Vendcigs.gif Found at: Hallways and almost any department
Sells ($10)
Cig.png5x Space Cigarettes packet

Uplift.png3x Uplift Smooth packet
Robust.png3x Robust packet
Carpcig.png3x Carp Classic packet
Midori.png3x Midori Tobako packet
Nonico.png3x Nicotine-free Cigarette packet
Matchbox.png10x Matchbox
Lighter.png4x Greyscale lighter
Cig paper pack.png5x Rolling paper pack

Hacked ($10)
Blavape.png5x E-Cigarette
Premium items ($50)
Robustg.png3x Robust Gold packet

Zippo.png3x Lighter
Cigarcase.png1x Premium cigar case (7 cigars to a case)
Cohibacase.png1x Premium Havanian cigar case (7 cigars to a case)
Cohibacase.png1x Cohiba Robusto cigar case (7 cigars to a case)


A kitchen and restaurant equipment vendor.
Refill canister: Refill smoke.png

Plasteel Chef's Dinnerware Vendor
Venddinnerware.gif Found at: Kitchen
Sells ($5)
Tray.png8x Tray

Bowl.png20x Bowl
Fork.png6x Fork
Glass empty.png8x Drinking glass
Condi ketchup.png5x Ketchup pack
Condi hotsauce.png5x Hotsauce pack
Condi astrotame.png5x Astrotame pack
Condi bbq.png2x BBQ sauce pack
Saltshakersmall.png5x Salt shaker
Peppermillsmall.png5x Pepper mill
Rolling pin.png2x Rolling pin
Knife.png2x Kitchen knife
Mixbowl.png3x Mixing bowl
5x Cinnamon Shakers
5x Appetizer plate
10x Plate
5x Buffet plate

Hacked ($5)
Butch.png2x Butcher's cleaver

Frying pan.png2x Frying pan
Bigspoon.png2x Comically large spoon

Premium items ($50)

Clothing Vendors


This relatively unknown vending machine delivers clothing for Atmospherics Technicians, an equally unknown job.
Refill canister: Refill clothes.png

Atmosdrobe.gif Found at: Atmospherics
Sells ($50)
Pocketprotector.png2x Pocket protector

Duffel-eng.png2x Industrial duffel bag
Satchel-eng.png2x Industrial satchel
Engiepack.png2x Industrial backpack
Coatatmos.png3x Atmospherics winter coat
3x Atmospherics beret
Atmosuniform.png3x Atmospheric technician's jumpsuit
Atmos skirt.png3x Atmospheric technician's jumpskirt
Black shoes.png3x Black shoes

Hacked ($50)
Premium items ($75)


A vending machine for costumes. Why leave style up to fate? Use AutoDrobe!
Refill canister: Refill costume.png
Access requirement: Theatre

AutoDrobe.gif Found at:
Boxstation: Theatre, Gift Shop
Deltastation: Theatre, Gift Shop, Maintenance, Locker Room
Metastation: Theatre, Gift Shop, Maintenance
Omegastation: Maintenance, Locker Room, Theatre
Sells ($50)
Over 50 different types of silly clothes! [Click for the full list]

Chickensuit.png1x Chicken suit
Chickenhead.png1x Chicken head
Blueclown.png1x Blue clown suit
Greenclown.png1x Green clown suit
Yellowclown.png1x Yellow clown suit
Orangeclown.png1x Orange clown suit
Purpleclown.png1x Purple clown suit
Gladiator.png1x Gladiator uniform
Gladiatorhead.png1x Gladiator helmet
Green suit.png1x Captain's suit
1x Green suitskirt
Dustymask.png1x Dusty mask
Flat cap.png1x Flat cap
Labgreen.png1x The Mad's labcoat
Jackboots.png10x Jackboots
Schoolgirlblue.png1x Blue schoolgirl's outfit
Schoolgirlred.png1x Red schoolgirl's outfit
Schoolgirlgreen.png1x Green schoolgirl's outfit
Schoolgirlorange.png1x Orange schoolgirl's outfit
Catears.png1x Kitty ears
Blackskirt.png1x Black skirt
Beret.png1x Beret
Waistcoat.png1x Waistcoat
Black suit.png1x Black suit
Tophat.png1x Top hat
Kilt.png1x Kilt
1x Vintage beret
1x Archaic beret
Monocle.png1x Monocle
Bowler.png1x Bowler hat
Cane.png1x Cane
Sl suit.png1x Amish suit
Fake-moustache.png1x Fake moustache
Plaguedoctor.png1x Plague doctor suit
Plaguedoctorhat.png1x Plague doctor hat
Plaguedoctormask.png1x Plague doctor mask
Owl wings.png1x Owl cloak
Owluniform.png1x Owl uniform
Owlmask.png1x Owl mask
Griffin wings.png1x Griffin cloak
Griffinuniform.png1x Griffin uniform
Griffinboots.png1x Griffin boots
Griffinhat.png1x Griffin head
Lobster hat.png1x Foam lobster hat
Lobster suit.png1x Foam lobster suit
Weiner outfit.png1x Weiner outfit
Hotdog bun.png1x Hotdog bun costume
Beepsky hat.png1x Officer hatsky
Apron.png1x Apron
Waiteruniform.png1x Waiter's outfit
Militaryjacket.png1x Military jacket
Pirateuniform.png1x Pirate outfit
Piratejacket.png1x Pirate coat
Piratehat.png1x Pirate hat
Piratebandana.png1x Pirate bandana
Soviet.png1x Soviet uniform
Ushanka.png1x Ushanka
Imperium monk.png1x Imperium monk suit
Cyborg visor.png1x Cyborg visor
Holidaypriest.png1x Holiday priest
Witchhat2.png1x Witch hat
Witchrobe.png1x Witch robe
Sundress.png1x Sundress
Witchhat.png1x Witch costume wig
Broom.png1x Broom
Wizard-fakeoutfit.png1x Wizard robe
Wizardhat.png1x Wizard hat
1x Brown wizard hat
Staff.png3x Wizard staff
Sexyclown mask.png1x Sexy clown wig and mask
Sexyclown uniform.png1x Sexy clown suit
Sexymime mask.png1x Sexy mime mask
Sexymime uniform.png1x Sexy mime outfit
1x REALLY sexy mime outfit
1x Mime's skirt
Batmask.png1x Bat mask
Beemask.png1x Bee mask
Bearmask.png1x Bear mask
Ravenmask.png1x Raven mask
Jackalmask.png1x Jackal mask
Foxmask.png1x Fox mask
Frogmask.png1x Frog mask
Tribalmask.png1x Tribal mask
Ratmask.png1x Rat mask
Overalls.png1x Coveralls
Rabbitears.png1x Rabbit ears
Sombrero.png1x Sombrero
Greensombrero.png1x Green sombrero
Classicponcho.png1x Poncho
Greenponcho.png1x Green poncho
Redponcho.png1x Red poncho
Pharoah hat.png1x Pharaoh hat
Nemes headdress.png1x Headdress of Nemes
Mummy mask.png2x Mummy mask
Mummy wrapping.png2x Mummy wrapping
Maid.png1x Maid costume
Janimaid.png1x Maid uniform
Coldgoggles.png1x Cold goggles
Heatgoggles.png1x Head goggles
White dress.png1x White dress
Jester.png1x Jester uniform
Jester hat.png1x Jester hat
Villainsuit.png1x Villain suit
Ysing.png1x Yellow performer's boots
Ysing suit.png1x Yellow perormer's uniform
Bsing.png1x Blue performer's boots
Bsing uniform.png1x Blue performer's uniform
Carp suit.png1x Carp costume
Ian costume.png1x Ian costume
Bee costume.png1x Bee costume
Snowmanuniform.png1x Snowman outfit
Snowmanhead.png1x Snowman head
Joy mask.png1x Joy mask
Cueball helmet.png1x Cueball helmet
White suit.png1x White suit
Sailoruniform.png1x Sailor uniform
Headphones.png2x Headphones
3x Wig
Ronaldmcdonalduniform.png1x Ronald McDonald uniform
Ronaldmask.png1x Ronald McDonald mask
Cluwnemask.png1x Cluwne mask
Bananamask.png1x Banana mask
Bananabackpack.png1x Banana backpack
Gigglesmask.png1x Giggles mask
Clownfacebackpack.png1x Clown face backpack
Scaryclownmask.png1x Scary clown mask
Scaryclownuniform.png1x Scary clown suit
Scaryclownshoes.png1x Scary clown shoes
Clowncrocs.png1x Clown crocs
Barber s.png4x Barber suit
Boater hat.png4x Boater hat
Blue coat uniform.png5x Bluecoat uniform
Blue coat coat.png5x Bluecoat coat
Tricorn hat.png5x Tricorn hat
Microwave hat.png1x Microwave hat
Drinking hat.png1x Drinking hat
Beaker s.png1x Beakerman costume
Facebook s.png1x Facebook costume
Gothic s.png1x Gothic suit
Zootsuit.png1x Zoot suit
Zoothat.png1x Zoot hat
Hamilton uniform s.png1x Hamilton uniform
Hamiltoncoat.png1x Hamilton coat
Sandsuit.png1x Sand suit
The jester s.png1x Jester suit
The jester coat.png1x Jester coat
Trickster s.png1x Trickster suit
Trickstercoat.png1x Trickster coat
Tricksterhat.png1x Trickster hat
Harvey flint s.png1x Black and red suit
Penguin s.png1x Penguin suit
Penguinhat.png1x Penguin hat
Dresdenunder s.png1x Dresden suit
Dresdendora.png1x Dresden fedora
Doomsday s.png1x Doomsday suit
Lederhosen.png1x Lederhosen
Folkhat.png1x German folk hat
Hypnospecs.gif1x Hypno-spectacles
Soldier uniform s.png4x Soldier uniform
Soldier webbing.png4x Soldier webbing
Soldier helmet.png4x Soldier helmet
Headpiece.png1x Indian chief hat
Single feather.png3x Indian feather hat
Eyepatch.png2x Eye patch
Inf mob s.png4x Russian gangster uniform
Infsuit.png4x Russian gangster suit
Infhat.png4x Russian gangster hat
Bikehelmet.png1x Bike helmet
Freddymask.png1x Brown bear mask
Bonniemask.png1x Purple bunny mask
Chicamask.png1x Yellow chicken mask
Foxymask.png1x Red fox mask
Fawkesmask.png1x Fawkes mask
The jester.png1x Jester mask
Pddallas.png1x Dallas mask
Pdhoxton.png1x Hoxton mask
Pdwolf.png1x Wolf mask
Pdchains.png1x Chains mask
Turban.png1x Turban
Cowboy2 s.png1x Cowboy uniform
Cowboy s.png1x Fancy cowboy uniform
Cowboyhat.png1x Classic cowboy hat
Cowboy2.png1x Cowboy hat
Cowboy hat.png1x Cowboy hat
Cowboy sheriff.png1x Sheriff cowboy hat
Familiartunic s.png1x Familiar tunic
Sith hood.png1x Sith hood
Sith cloak.png1x Sith cloak
Sith suit.png1x Sith suit
Bee shoes.png1x Bee shoes
Santasuit.png1x Santa's suit
Santahatnorm.png1x Santa hat
1x Peculiar clothes
1x Peculiar cat mask
Admin-skillcape.png1x Cape of mighty judgement
Admin-trimmed.png1x Cape of the supreme judge
Mentor-skillcape.png1x Cape of the sage
Ghost-skillcape.png1x Cape of invisible skill

Hacked ($50)
Judgerobe.png1x Judge's robe

Pwig.png1x Powdered wig
Nothingwand.png2x Wand of nothing
Garb.png2x Black gar glasses
Blindfold.png1x Blindfold
Muzzle.png2x Muzzle
1x Fashionable robe

Premium items ($75)
Hgpirate.png2x Pirate captain coat

Hgpiratecap.png2x Pirate hat
Rainbowclown.png1x Rainbow clown suit
Romanhelmet.png1x Roman helmet
Roman c.png1x Roman legionnaire helmet
Romanuniform.png1x Roman armor
Romansandals.png1x Roman sandals
Roman shield.png1x Roman shield
Clownpriest.png1x Robes of the Honkmother
Clownmitre.png1x Hat of the Honkmother
Skub.png1x Skub
Soviet dress uniform.png1x Soviet dress uniform
Enclaveo s.png1x Enclave suit
Rycliesuni s.png1x Aluminium foil coated suit
Toadhat.png1x Toad hat
Justicehat.gif1x Helmet of justice
Roostermask.gif1x Rooster mask


A stylish vendor to dispense the most stylish bar clothing!
Refill canister: Refill clothes.png

Bardrobe.gif Found at: Bar
Sells ($50)
Tophat.png2x Top hat

Srv headset.png2x Service radio headset
Sl suit.png2x Amish suit
Barmanuniform.png2x Bartender's uniform
Barman skirt.png2x Bartender's skirt
2x Billy donka uniform
2x Billy donka hat
2x Cane
2x Casual bartender suit
Purplebartender.png2x Purple bartender's uniform
Waistcoat.png2x Waistcoat
Purplebartenderapron.png2x Purple bartender apron
Blacksofthat.png2x Black cap
Black shoes.png2x Black shoes
Rag.png2x Damp rag
Rubbershot box.png1x Box of beanbags
Armor.png1x Armor vest
Service module.png1x Dish Drive (machine board)
SGlasses.png1x Beer goggles
Bandolier.png1x Bandolier
Serviceband.png1x Service guard armband

Hacked ($50)
Premium items ($75)
1x DIY Dish Drive Kit ($200)


A vending machine for captain outfits. Why leave style up to fate? Use the Captain's Autodrobe!
Access requirement: Captain

Capdrobe.gif Found at: Captain's Quarters
Sells ($50)
Coatcaptain t.png1x Captain's winter coat

Captainpack.png1x Captain's backpack
Satchel-cap.png1x Captain's satchel
Duffel-captain.png1x Captain's duffel bag
Capshawl.png1x Captain's cloak
Brshoe.png1x Brown shoes
Captainjumpsuit.png1x Captain's jumpsuit
Captain skirt.png1x Captain's jumpskirt
Capcarapace.png1x Captain's carapace
Captainhat.png1x Captain's hat
Captain parade.png1x Captain's parade uniform
Capformal.png1x Captain's parade jacket
Capcap.png1x Captain's parade cap
Captunic.png1x Captain's parade tunic
Supergar.png1x Giga gar glasses
Captaingloves.png1x Captain's gloves
Captain artillery cs s.png1x Captain artillery uniform
Casual captain.png1x Casual captain uniform
Captain suit.png1x White captain suit
Captain cap.png1x White captain hat
Captainfemaleformal s.png1x Very fancy captain uniform
Beret captain.png1x Captain beret

Hacked ($50)
Premium items ($75)
Fancycrown.png1x Magnificent crown


A highly advanced vending machine for buying cargo related clothing.
Refill canister: Refill clothes.png

Cargodrobe.gif Found at: Cargo Bay
Sells ($50)
Coatcargo.png3x Cargo winter coat

Cargotechuniform.png3x Cargo technician's jumpsuit
Cargo skirt.png3x Cargo technician's jumpskirt
Black shoes.png3x Black shoes
Footwraps ca.png3x Cargo footwraps
Fingerless gloves.png3x Fingerless gloves
Cargosofthat.png3x Cargo cap
Cargo headset.png3x Cargo headset
Armband cargo.png2x Cargo guard armband

Hacked ($50)
Premium items ($75)
Mineruniform.png3x Shaft miner's jumpsuit


This most blessed and holy machine vends clothing only suitable for chaplains to gaze upon.
Refill canister: Refill clothes.png

Chapdrobe.gif Found at: Chapel
Sells ($50)
Gangtool-blue.png1x Armaments beacon

Paradox bag.png1x Trophy rack
Urn closed.png10x Urn
Pocketprotector.png1x Pocket protector
Chaplainuniform.png1x Chaplain's jumpsuit
Black shoes.png1x Black shoes
Nunrobe.png1x Nun robe
Nun hood.png1x Nun hood
Holidaypriest.png1x Holiday priest
1x Witch hunter blue suit
1x Fiend suit
1x Fiend cowl
1x Caretaker suit
1x Caretaker cloak
1x Monk robes
Candlebox.png2x Candle pack
Kippah.png3x Kippah
Whiterobe.png1x White robe
Taqiyahwhite.png1x White taqiyah
Taqiyahred.png3x Red taqiyah
Techpriest.png2x Techpriest robes

Hacked ($50)
Plushvar.png1x Ratvar plushie

Narplush.png1x Nar'Sie plushie
Medievaljewhat.png3x Medieval Jew hat
Clownpriest.png1x Robes of the Honkmother
Clownmitre.png1x Hat of the Honkmother
1x goat pope hat

Premium items ($75)
Bishoprobe.png1x Bishop's robes

Bishopmitre.png1x Bishop mitre


This vending machine might not dispense meat, but it certainly dispenses chef related clothing.
Refill canister: Refill clothes.png

Chefdrobe.gif Found at: Kitchen
Sells ($50)
Waiteruniform.png2x Waiter's outfit

Srv headset.png2x Service radio headset
Waistcoat.png2x Waistcoat
Apronchef.png3x Cook's apron
Mimesoftcap.png2x White cap
Mousetrap box.png2x Box of mousetraps
Service module.png1x Dish Drive (machine board)
Chefapron.png1x Chef's apron
Chefuniform.png2x Cook's suit
Chef skirt.png2x Cook's skirt
Chefhat.png1x Chef's hat
Rag.png2x Damp rag
Coatwinter.png2x Winter coat
Serviceband.png1x Service guard armband

Hacked ($50)
Premium items ($75)


A vending machine for dispensing chemistry related clothing.
Refill canister: Refill clothes.png

Chemdrobe.gif Found at: Chemistry
Sells ($50)
Chemistryuniform.png2x Chemist's uniform

Chemistryskirt.png2x Chemist's jumpskirt
Whiteshoes.png2x White shoes
Labcoat chem.png2x Chemist's labcoat
Chempack.png2x Chemistry backpack
Satchel-chem.png2x Chemistry satchel
Chem-bag.png4x Chemistry bag

Hacked ($50)
Premium items ($75)


A vending machine for clothing. Why leave style up to fate? Use the ClothesMate!
Refill canister: Refill clothes.png

ClothesMate.gif Found at: Locker Room
Sells ($50)
A lot of different clothes! [Click for the full list]

Beanie.png3x White beanie
3x Black beanie
3x Red beanie
3x Green beanie
3x Dark blue beanie
3x Purple beanie
3x Yellow beanie
3x Orange beanie
3x Cyan beanie
Beaniechristmas.png3x Christmas beanie
Beaniestriped.png3x Striped beanie
Beaniestripedred.png3x Red striped beanie
Beaniestripedblue.png3x Blue striped beanie
Beaniestripedgreen.png3x Green striped beanie
Beanierasta.png3x Rasta beanie
Kippah.png3x Kippah
Taqiyahred.png3x Red taqiyah
Fingerless gloves.png2x Fingerless gloves
3x Pink scarf
3x Red scarf
3x Green scarf
3x Dark blue scarf
3x Purple scarf
3x Yellow scarf
3x Orange scarf
3x Cyan scarf
Scarf.png3x White scarf
3x Black scarf
Zebrascarf.png3x Zebra scarf
Christmasscarf.png3x Christmas scarf
3x Red striped scarf
3x Blue striped scarf
3x Green striped scarf
Bluetie.png3x Blue tie
Redtie.png3x Red tie
Blacktie.png3x Black tie
Horribletie.png3x Horrible tie
15x Pride pin
Fannypack leather.png3x Fannypack
Fannypack blue.png3x Blue fannypack
Fannypack red.png3x Red fannypack
Headphones.png2x Headphones
Overalls.png2x Overalls
Jeans.png2x Jeans
Jeansclassic.png2x Classic jeans
Camopants.png2x Camo pants
Jeansblack.png2x Black jeans
Khaki.png2x Khaki pants
Whitepants.png2x White pants
Redpants.png2x Red pants
Blackpants.png2x Black pants
Tanpants.png2x Tan pants
Trackpants.png2x Track pants
Black shoes.png4x Black shoes
Plaid red.png2x Red plaid skirt
Plaid blue.png2x Blue plaid skirt
Plaid purple.png2x Purple plaid skirt
Plaid green.png2x Green plaid skirt
Blackskirt.png2x Black skirt
Blueskirt.png2x Blue skirt
Redskirt.png2x Red skirt
Purpleskirt.png2x Purple skirt
White suit skirt.png2x White suitskirt
White suit.png2x White suit
Green suitskirt.png2x Green suitskirt
Teal suitskirt.png2x Teal suitskirt
Hooded raincoat.png2x Raincoat
Bomberjacket.png2x Bomber jacket
Puffervest.png2x Puffer vest
Pufferjacket.png2x Puffer jacket
Letterman.png2x Letterman jacket
Letterman s.png2x Red letterman jacket
Glasses.png2x Prescription glasses
Jamjar glasses.png1x Jamjar glasses
Orangeglasses.png1x Orange glasses
Redglasses.gif1x Red glasses
Navy suit.png1x Navy suit
Really black suit.png1x Executive suit
Burgundy suit.png1x Burgundy suit
Suit.png1x Charcoal suit
White suitBLUE.png1x White suit
Sl suit.png1x Amish suit
Waistcoat.png1x Waistcoat
Tophat.png1x Top hat
Fedora.png1x Fedora
Monocle.png1x Monocle
Sombrero.png1x Sombrero
Classicponcho.png1x Poncho
Kilt.png1x Kilt
1x dress
Striped dress.png1x Striped dress
Sailor dress.png1x Sailor dress
Red evening gown.png1x Red evening gown
Black tango.png1x Black tango dress
Ianshirt.png1x Ian shirt
Nerdshirt.png1x Gamer shirt
Tourist outfit.png3x Hawaiian shirt
Laceups.png2x Laceup shoes
Sandals.png2x Sandals
Cowboy brown.png2x Brown cowboy boots
Cowboy white.png2x White cowboy boots
Cowboy black.png2x Black cowboy boots
Lizardboots green.png2x Lizard skin boots
Footwraps.png3x Footwraps
Militaryjacket.png1x Military jacket
Purplebartenderapron.png2x Purple bartender apron
Purplebartender.png2x Purple bartender's uniform
3x Black striped scarf
3x Pink striped scarf
3x Red striped scarf
3x Green striped scarf
3x Dark blue striped scarf
3x Purple striped scarf
3x Yellow striped scarf
3x Orange striped scarf
3x Cyan striped scarf
Artist scarf.png3x Post-modern scarf
Fez.png3x Fez hat
Ball hat.png3x Puff ball hat
Pinksweater.png2x Pink sweater
Bluesweater.png2x Blue sweater
Blueheart.png2x Blue heart sweater
Mintsweater.png2x Mint sweater
Ntsweater.png2x NT sweater
Victorianblred.png2x Victorian black and red suit
Victorianredvest.png2x Victorian red and black suit
Victorianvest.png2x Victorian black suit
Victorianblackdress.png2x Victorian black dress
Victorianreddress.png2x Victorian red dress
Ladiesvictoriancoat.png2x Black Victorian coat
Ladiesredvictoriancoat.png2x Red Victorian coat
B-overalls-s.png2x Brown overalls
R-overalls-s.png2x Red overalls
Relaxedwearm s.png2x Relaxed suit
Springm s.png2x Relaxed Spring suit
Pinestripe s.png2x Pinstripe suit
Oliveoutfit s.png2x Olive suit
Plaidoutfit s.png2x Plaid suit
2x Hawaiian skirt
Moutfit s.png2x Casual red suit
Cosby.png2x Tacky sweater
Luna s.png2x Work suit
Altshield s.png2x Electronic store work suit
Red camo.png2x Red camo uniform
Work suit.png2x Workout suit
Bluetunic s.png2x Blue tunic
Lightpink s.png2x Light pink jumpsuit
Saaland s.png2x Golden jumpsuit
Navymiljacket.png2x Navy military jacket
Desertmiljacket.png2x Desert military jacket
Denim jacket.png2x Denim jacket
Fur coat.png2x Fur coat
Grimhoodie s.png2x Grim hoodie
Biker.png2x Biker jacket
Varsity.png2x Varsity jacket
Blacksuit.png2x Black suit
Suitjacket black.png2x Black suit jacket
Coatwinter.png2x Winter coat
Coatwinterblue.png2x Blue winter coat
Spesshoodie.png2x Spess hoodie
Zebrasweat.png2x White and black sweatshirt
Tailcoat.png2x Tailcoat
Leather coat.png2x Black leather coat
Trenchblack.png2x Black trenchcoat
Gothcoat.png2x Gothic coat
Gothic s.png2x Gothic suit
White tuxedo.png1x White tuxedo
White dress.png1x White dress
Fancy suit.png1x Fancy suit
SGlasses.png2x Cheap glasses
Threed.png2x 3D glass
FireCrocs.png1x Fire crocs
Winterboots.png2x Winter boots
Ysing.png1x Yellow performer's boots
Bsing.png1x Blue performer's boots
Oreo.png1x Black and white sneakers
Fuzzyslippers.png3x Fuzzy bunny slippers
3x Pride jacket
2x MLM pride jacket
2x Lesbian pride jacket

Hacked ($50)
Tactifool.png1x Tacticool turtleneck

Balaclava.png1x Balaclava
Ushanka.png1x Ushanka
Soviet.png1x Soviet uniform
Fannypack black.png2x Black fannypack
Letterman s.png1x Blood-red letterman jacket
2x Battle jacket
Darkholme.png1x Jabroni outfit
Vapeshirt.png1x Vape naysh shirt
Geisha.png1x Geisha suit
Soviet dress uniform.png1x Soviet dress uniform

Premium items ($75)
Checkered suit.png1x Checkered suit

Mailmanhat.png1x Mailman's hat
Mailmanuniform.png1x Mailman's jumpsuit
Leatherjacket.png1x Leather jacket
Leathercoat.png1x Leather overcoat
Jeansmustang.png1x Must Hang jeans
Letterman n.png1x Blue letterman jacket
Formal hat.png1x Formal hat
Trainmancoat.png1x Trainman coat
Trainmancap.png1x Trainman cap
Infsuit.png1x Russian gangster suit
Pers skinsuit s.png3x Blue skinsuit
1x Punk jacket


A vending machine for dispensing chemistry related clothing.
Refill canister: Refill clothes.png

Curadrobe.gif Found at: Library
Sells ($50)
Pen.png4x Pen

Pen red.png2x Red pen
Pen blue.png2x Blue pen
Pen.png1x Four-color pen
Pen-fountain.png2x Fountain pen
Tonercartridge.png 3x Toner cartridges
Pocketprotector.png2x Pocket protector
Red suit skirt.png2x Sensible suitskirt
Green suitskirt.png2x Green suitskirt
Teal suitskirt.png2x Teal suitskirt
Satchel-explorer.png1x Explorer satchel
1x Treasure hunter suit
1x Colonial suit
Glasses.png2x Prescription glasses
Jamjar glasses.png1x Jamjar glasses
Bookbag.png1x Book bag
Serviceband.png1x Service guard armband

Hacked ($50)
Premium items ($75)


A vending machine renowned for vending industrial grade clothing.
Refill canister: Refill clothes.png

Engidrobe.gif Found at: Engineering
Sells ($50)
Pocketprotector.png3x Pocket protector

Duffel-eng.png3x Industrial dufflebag
Eng backpack.png3x Industrial backpack
Satchel-eng.png3x Industrial satchel
Coatengineer.png3x Engineering winter coat
Enginejumpsuit.png3x Engineer's jumpsuit
Engine skirt.png3x Engineer's jumpskirt
Hazardjumpsuit.png3x Engineer's hazard jumpsuit
Hazard.png3x Hazard vest
Workboots.png3x Work boots
Footwraps e.png3x Engineering footwraps
3x Engineering beret
HardHat.png3x Hard hat
1x Demonic welding helmet
1x Knightly welding helmet
1x Engineering welding helmet
HardHat.png1x Welding hard hat

Hacked ($50)
Premium items ($75)


A machine for dispensing clothing related to genetics.
Refill canister: Refill clothes.png

Genedrobe.gif Found at: Genetics
Sells ($50)
Geneticsjumpsuit.png2x Geneticist's jumpsuit

Geneticswhite skirt.png2x Geneticist's jumpskirt
Whiteshoes.png2x White shoes
Labcoat gen.png2x Geneticist's labcoat
Genepack.png2x Genetics backpack
Satchel-gen.png2x Genetics satchel

Hacked ($50)
Premium items ($75)


A machine with a catchy name. It dispenses botany related clothing and gear.
Refill canister: Refill clothes.png

Hydrobe.gif Found at: Hydroponics
Sells ($50)
Botpack.png2x Hydroponics backpack

Satchel-hyd.png2x Hydroponics satchel
Coathydro.png2x Hydroponics winter coat
Apron.png2x Apron
Overalls.png3x Overalls
3x Botany yellow uniform
Hydroponicsuniform.png3x Botanist's jumpsuit
Hydroponics skirt.png3x Botanist's jumpskirt
Bandbotany.png3x Botany bandana
Hydroband.png3x Hydroponics guard armband

Hacked ($50)
Premium items ($75)


A self cleaning vending machine capable of dispensing clothing for janitors.
Refill canister: Refill clothes.png

Janidrobe.gif Found at: Custodial Closet
Sells ($50)
Janitoruniform.png2x Janitor's jumpsuit

Casual janitor.png2x Casual janitor suit
Denim jacket.png2x Janitor coat
Coatjanitor.png2x Janitor's winter coat
Janitor skirt.png2x Janitor's jumpskirt
Janimaid.png2x Janimaid uniform
Blackgloves.png2x Black gloves
Purplesoftcap.png2x Purple cap
Janitorbroom.png2x Broom
Paint neutral.png2x Paint remover
Flyswatter.png2x Flyswatter
Flashlight.png2x Flashlight
Cautionsuit.png6x Wet floor sign
Signmaker.gif2x Custodial holobarrier projector
Lightreplacer0.png2x Light replacer
Soapnt.png2x Soap
Trashbag empty.png2x Trash bag
Jshoe.png2x Galoshes ($100)
Waterbackpackjani.png2x Backpack cleaner tank ($100)
Janibelt.png2x Janibelt
Serviceband.png1x Service guard armband
Cleaner.png1x Space cleaner

Hacked ($50)
Premium items ($75)


Objection! This wardrobe dispenses the rule of law... and lawyer clothing.
Refill canister: Refill clothes.png

Lawdrobe.gif Found at: Law Office
Sells ($50)
2x Lawyer suit

Lawyer black.png2x Black lawyer suit
2x Black lawyer suitskirt
Lawyer red.png2x Red lawyer suit
2x Red lawyer suitskirt
Bluesuit.png2x Blue suit
2x Blue suitskirt
2x Prosecutor suit
Suitjacket blue.png2x Blue suit jacket
Lawyer purp.png2x Purple suit
2x Purple suitskirt
Suitjacket purp.png2x Purple suit jacket
Blacksuit.png2x Black suit
2x Black suitskirt
Suitjacket black.png2x Black suit jacket
Laceups.png2x Lace up shoes
Lawyerbadge.png2x Attorney's badge

Hacked ($50)
Premium items ($75)


A vending machine rumoured to be capable of dispensing clothing for medical personnel.
Refill canister: Refill clothes.png

Medidrobe.gif Found at: Medbay
Sells ($50)
Pocketprotector.png4x Pocket protector

Duffel-med.png4x Medical dufflebag
Satchel-med.png4x Medical satchel
Medbag.png4x Medical backpack
Emtsoft.png4x EMT cap
4x Green EMT cap
4x Green EMT beret
4x EMT beret
4x Medical beret
Nursehat.png4x Nurse's hat
Sterilemask.png4x Sterile mask
4x Nurse dress
Labcoat.png4x Medical doctor's labcoat
Labcoat emt t.png4x EMT's jacket
4x Green EMT's jacket
Coatmedical.png4x Medical winter coat
4x Paramedic winter coat
Surgicalapron.png4x Surgical apron
4x Medical doctor's jumpskirt
Scrubsblue.png4x Blue medical scrubs
Scrubsgreen.png4x Green medical scrubs
Scrubspurple.png4x Purple medical scrubs
Medicaljumpsuit.png4x Medical doctor's jumpsuit
Nursesuit.png4x Nurse's suit
Whiteshoes.png4x White shoes
Footwraps m.png4x Medical footwraps
Medblueband.png2x Medical guard armband

Hacked ($50)
Premium items ($75)


A rarely used vending machine that provides clothing for Network Admins.
Refill canister: Refill clothes.png

Sigdrobe.gif Found at: Telecommunications
Sells ($50)
Duffel-eng.png1x Engineering duffelbag

Satchel-eng.png1x Industrial satchel
Engiepack.png1x Engineering backpack
Coatsignaltech.png1x Network Admin's winter coat
Signaltech.png1x Network Admin's jumpsuit
Signaltech skirt.png1x Network Admin's jumpskirt Workboots.png1x Workboots

Hacked ($50)
Premium items ($75)


A vending machine designed to dispense clothing known only to roboticists.
Refill canister: Refill clothes.png

Robodrobe.gif Found at: Robotics
Sells ($50)
Diag glasses.png2x Diagnostic HUD glasses

1x Carp welding helmet
1x Fancy welding helmet
1x Demonic welding helmet
Roboticsuniform.png2x Roboticist's jumpsuit
Robotics skirt.png2x Roboticist's jumpskirt
Labcoat.png2x Labcoat
2x robotics steampunk labcoat
2x robotics fancy labcoat
Black shoes.png2x Black shoes
Fingerless gloves.png2x Fingerless gloves
Blacksofthat.png2x Black cap
Bandskull.png2x Skull bandana

Hacked ($50)
Premium items ($75)


A simple vending machine suitable to dispense well tailored science clothing. Endorsed by Space Cubans.
Refill canister: Refill clothes.png

Scidrobe.gif Found at: Research Division
Sells ($50)
Pocketprotector.png3x Pocket protector

Toxpack.png3x Science backpack
Satchel-tox.png3x Scientist satchel
3x Science beret
Coatscience.png3x Science winter coat
Toxinsuniform.png3x Scientist's jumpsuit
Toxins skirt.png3x Scientist's jumpskirt
Labcoat tox.png3x Scientist labcoat
Whiteshoes.png3x White shoes
Footwraps sc.png3x Science footwraps
Sci headset.png3x Science radio headset
Gas mask.png3x Gas mask
Armband sci.png2x Science guard armband

Hacked ($50)
Premium items ($75)


A vending machine for security and security-related clothing!
Refill canister: Refill clothes.png

Secdrobe.gif Found at: Brig
Sells ($50)
Coatsecurity.png3x Security winter coat

Securitypack.png3x Security backpack
Satchel-sec.png3x Security satchel
Duffel-sec.png3x Security duffelbag
Rsecurity.png3x Security jumpsuit
3x Army uniform
Jackboots.png3x Jackboots
Footwraps s.png3x Reinforced footwraps
Beret badge.png3x Security beret
3x Corporate security beret
Secsofthat.png3x Security cap
Bandred.png3x Red bandana
3x Sec military jacket
5x Nam boots
5x Nam gloves
5x Nam jumpsuit
5x Nam flak jacket
5x Nam helmet
5x Redcoat uniform
5x Redcoat coat
5x Tricorn hat
Secskirt.png3x Security jumpskirt
Greysecurity.png3x Grey security jumpsuit
3x Shitcurity uniform
Khaki.png3x Khaki pants
Blueshiftuniform.png3x Blue shirt and tie

Hacked ($50)
Premium items ($75)
Officerblueclothes.png3x Security officer's formal uniform

Officerbluejacket.png3x Security officer's jacket
Officerberet.png3x Security beret


An unsterilized machine for dispending virology related clothing.
Refill canister: Refill clothes.png

Virodrobe.gif Found at: Virology
Sells ($50)
Virologyjumpsuit.png2x Virologist's jumpsuit

Viro skirt.png2x Virologist's jumpsskirt
Whiteshoes.png2x White shoes
Labcoat vir.png2x Virologist labcoat
Sterilemask.png2x Sterile mask
Viropack.png2x Virology backpack
Satchel-vir.png2x Virology satchel

Hacked ($50)
Premium items ($75)




A technological marvel, supposedly able to mix just the mixture you'd like to drink the moment you ask for one. This list is reference to the Bar vendors, other location's contents may vary.
Refill canister: Refill booze.png
Access requirement: Bar

Vendboozeomat.gif Found at:
Boxstation: Bar, Maintenance
Deltastation: Captain's Quarters, Bar, Maintenance
Metastation: Captain's Quarters, Bar, Maintenance
Omegastation: Bar
Sells ($20)
Glass empty.png30x Drinking glass

Shotglass.png12x Shot glass
Flask.png3x Flask
Coffee.png10x Ice cup
Orange juice carton.png4x Orange juice carton
Tomato juice carton.png4x Tomato juice carton
Lime juice carton.png4x Lime juice carton
Milk cream carton.png4x Milk cream carton
Space Cola.png8x Space cola
Tonic can.png8x T-Borg's tonic water
Sodawater can.png15x Soda water
Grenadine.png4x Jester grenadine
Menthol carton.png4x Menthol carton
Alebottle.png6x Magm-Ale
Beer can.png6x Space beer
Malt Liquor.png6x Malt liquor
Ginbottle.png5x Griffeater gin
Whiskeybottle.png5x Uncle Git's special reserve (gin)
Tequilabottle.png5x Caccavo guaranteed quality tequila
Vodkabottle.png5x Tunguska triple distilled (vodka)
Vermouthbottle.png5x Goldeneye vermouth
Rumbottle.png5x Captain Pete's Cuban spiced rum
Winebottle.png5x Doublebeard's bearded special wine
Cognacbottle.png5x Chateau de Baton premium cognac
Kahluabottle.png5x Robert Robust's coffee liqueur
Hcider.png5x Jian Hard Cider
Absinthebottle.png5x Extra-strong absinthe
Grappabottle.png5x Phillipes well-aged Grappa
Disaronno.png5x Luini Amaretto
Sakebottle.png5x Ryo's traditional sake
Applejack bottle.png5x Buckin' Bronco's Applejack
Glass Bottle.png15x Glass Bottle
Glass Bottle Small.png15x Small Glass Bottle

Hacked ($20)
Duke Purple Tea.png12x Duke Purple tea

Fernetbottle.png5x Fernet Bronca

Premium items ($50)
4x Ethanol bottle

Champagne bottle.png5x Eau d' Dandy Brut Champagne
Trappistbottle.png5x Mont de Requin Trappistes Bleu (Trappist)



Spare tool vending.
Refill canister: Refill engi.png
Access requirement: Engineering

Engivend.png Found at: Engineering
Sells ($20)
EngiScanners.png2x Engineering scanner goggles

Welding Goggles.png3x Welding goggles
Multitool.png4x Multitool
Rcd.png5x Rapid Construction Device (RCD)
5x RCD ammo
Grenade.png10x Smart metal foam grenade
Geiger on 1.png5x Geiger counter
Power cell.png10x High capacity power cell
Door electronics.png10x Airlock electronics
Power mod.png10x Power control module
Airalarm electronics.png10x Air alarm electronics
Door electronics.png10x Fire alarm electronics
Spacepodmainboard.png10x Firelock electronics
Construction bag.png6x Construction bag
Laser-level.png3x Laser level

Hacked ($20)
Potato.png3x Potato battery
Premium items ($50)
Utilitybelt.png3x Toolbelt

Box flashbang.png6x Box of smart metal foam grenades
Sheetsnatcher.png6x Stack snatcher


Tools for tools.

Vendyoutool.gif Found at: Primary Tool Storage
Sells ($20)
CableCoils.png10x Cable coil

Crowbar.png5x Crowbar
Welder.png3x Welding tool
Wirecutters.png5x Wirecutters
Wrench.png5x Wrench
Analyzer.png5x Analyzer
T-ray.gif5x T-Ray Scanner
Screwdriver tool.png5x Screwdriver
Glowstick.png3x Glowstick
Glowstick.png3x Red glowstick
Flashlight.png5x Flashlight
Earmuffs.png1x Earmuffs

Hacked ($20)
IGloves.png2x Budget insulated gloves
Premium items ($80)
Utilitybelt.png2x Toolbelt

Upindwelder.png2x Upgraded industrial welding tool
WeldingHelmet.png2x Welding helmet
IGloves.png1x Insulated gloves


NanoMed Plus

Medical drug dispenser.
Refill canister: Refill medical.png
Access requirement: Medical

NanoMed Plus
Medvendor.gif Found at: Medbay
Sells ($25)
Gauze.png8x Medical gauze

Syringe.png12x Syringe
Eyedropper.png3x Dropper
Healthanalyzer.png4x Health analyzer
Bandaid brute.png5x Brute patch
Bandaid burn.png5x Burn patch

2x Perfluorodecalin syringe

Pill18.png5x Insulin pill

Chem bottle template small trans.png
4x Charcoal bottle
Chem bottle template small trans.png
3x Epinephrine bottle
Chem bottle template small trans.png
4x Morphine bottle
Chem bottle template small trans.png
1x Anti-radiation bottle

3x Saline-glucose solution bottle

Chem bottle template small trans.png
3x Toxin bottle
6x Spaceacillin syringe

Handheld scanner.gif2x Handheld crew monitor
Crewpinpointer.png2x Crew pinpointer
Advanced Mass Spectrometer.png4x First Aid Analyzer
Ointment.png2x Ointment
Aointment.png4x Antiseptic Ointment
Bone-gel.png4x Bone Gel

Hacked ($25)
Pill5.png3x Toxin pill

Pill8.png4x Morphine pill
Pill17.png6x Charcoal pill
Hugbox.png1x Box of hugs
Pill Bottle.png2X Mindbreaker Gummies bottle

Premium items ($100)
Synthspray.png2x Synthflesh spray

Pill Bottle.png2x Bottle of psicodine pills
MediPen.png3x Epinephrine medipen
Medicalbelt.png3x Medical belt
Wrench medical.png1x Medical wrench
Radfirstaid.png2x Advanced first aid kit
Pill Bottle.png2X Vitamin Gummies bottle


Wall-mounted Medical Equipment dispenser.
Refill canister: Refill medical.png

Wallmed.gif Found at: Medbay
Sells ($25)
Syringe.png3x Syringe

Bandaid brute.png5x Brute patch
Bandaid burn.png5x Burn patch
Pill17.png2x Charcoal pill
Bone-gel.png2x Bone Gel

Hacked ($25)
Pill5.png2x Toxin pill

Pill8.png2x Morphine pill

Premium items ($100)


Wall-mounted Medical Equipment dispenser.
Refill canister: Refill wallgene.png

File:Nanogene.gif Found at: Genetics
Sells ($25)
Pill Bottle.png2x Mannitol pill bottle

Pill Bottle.png2x Mutadone pill bottle
Pill17.png6x Charcoal pill
PGlasses.png5x Prescription glasses
Disk.gif2x Data disk
Monkey Cube.png10x Monkey cubes

Hacked ($25)
Chem bottle template small trans.png
1x Radium bottle
Chem bottle template small trans.png
2x Mutagen bottle

Monkey Cube.png1x Gorilla cube

Premium items ($100)


Wall-mounted Hypospray Equipment dispenser.
Refill canister: Refill medical.png

Wallhypo.gif Found at: Medbay
Sells ($25)
Hacked ($25)
Premium items (Varies)
5x Hypospray.png Hypospray ($50)

10x Vial (Libital) ($25)
10x Vial (Aiuri) ($25)
10x Vial (Styptic Powder) ($30)
10x Vial (Silver Sulfudiazine) ($30)
10x Vial (Charcoal) ($25)
10x Vial (Perfluorodecalin) ($25)
10x Vial (Epinephrine) ($25)
10x Vial (Sanguirite) ($50)
5x Hypo basic.png Basic hypospray vial kit ($100)
5x Hypo advanced.png Advanced hypospray vial kits ($200)
3x Hypo brute.png Brute hypospray vial kits ($100)
3x Hypo burn.png Burn hypospray vial kits ($100)
3x Hypo toxin.png Toxin hypospray vial kits ($100)
3x Hypo oxygen.png Oxygen hypospray vial kits ($100)



A plant nutrients vendor.
Refill canister: Refill plant.png

Vendnutri.gif Found at: Hydroponics
Sells ($10)
Chem bottle template small trans.png
30x E-Z-Nutrient
Chem bottle template small trans.png
20x Left 4 Zed
Chem bottle template small trans.png
10x Robust Harvest

Pestspray.png20x Pest spray
Syringe.png5x Syringe
Plantbag.png5x Plant bag
Cultivator.png3x Cultivator
Spade.png3x Spade
Plant analyzer.png4x Plant analyzer

Hacked ($10)
Chem bottle template small trans.png
10x Ammonia bottle
Chem bottle template small trans.png
5x Diethylamine bottle
Premium items ($50)

MegaSeed Servitor

When you need seeds fast! Hands down the best seed selection on the station!
Refill canister: Refill plant.png

MegaSeed Servitor
Vendseeds.gif Found at: Hydroponics
Sells ($10)
Ambrosia vulgaris seed.png3x Ambrosia vulgaris seeds

Appleseed.png3x Apple seeds
Bananaseed.png3x Banana seeds
Berryseed.png3x Berry seeds
Cabbageseed.png3x Cabbage seeds
Carrotseed.png3x Carrot seeds
Cherryseed.png3x Cherry seeds
Chanterelleseed.png3x Chanterelle mycelium seeds
Chiliseed.png3x Chili seeds
Cinnamon-seed.png3x Cinnamon seeds
Cocoapodseed.png3x Cocoa pod seeds
Seed-coconut.png3x Coconut seeds
Coffeearabicaseed.png3x Coffee Arabica seeds
Cornseed.png3x Corn seeds
Seed-cotton.png3x Cotton seeds
Seed-cucumber.png3x Cucumber seeds
Eggplantseed.png3x Eggplant seeds
Seed-garlic.png3x Garlic seeds
Grapesseed.png3x Grape seeds
Grassseed.png3x Grass seeds
Seed-korta.png3x Korta nut seeds
Seed-lanternfruit.png3x Lanternfruit seeds
Lemonseed.png3x Lemon seeds
Limeseed.png3x Lime seeds
Seed-onion.png3x Onion seeds
Orangeseed.png3x Orange seeds
Seed-peanut.png3x Peanut seeds
Seed-pineapple.png3x Pineapple seeds
Potatoseed.png3x Potato seeds
Poppyseed.png3x Poppy seeds
Pumpkinseed.png3x Pumpkin seeds
Replicapodseed.png3x Replica pod seeds
Rice seed.png3x Rice seeds
Soybeanseeds.png3x Soybean seeds
Sugarcaneseed.png3x Sugarcane seeds
Sunflowerseed.png3x Sunflower seeds
Teaastraseed.png3x Tea aspera seeds
Tobaccoseed.png3x Tobacco seeds
Tomatoseeds.png3x Tomato seeds
Towercapseed.png3x Tower-cap mycelium seeds
Watermelonseed.png3x Watermelon seeds
Wheatseeds.png3x Wheat seeds
Whitebeetseed.png3x White-beet seeds

Hacked ($10)
Amanitaseeds.png2x Fly amanita mycelium seeds

Libertycapseed.png2x Liberty-cap mycelium seeds
Nettleseed.png2x Nettle seeds
Plumphelmetseed.png2x Plump-helmet mycelium seeds
Reishiseeds.png2x Reishi mycelium seeds
Cannabis seed.png3x Cannabis seeds
Seed-starthistle.png2x Starthistle seeds
Seed porcini.png3x Cave fungus seeds
Seed-x.png3x Strange seeds

Premium items ($50)
Sunflower.png1x Water flower


Plasma Research Vendor

All the fine parts you need in one vending machine!

Toximate 3000
Vendgeneric.gif Found at: N/A
Sells ($200)
Toxinsuniform.png6x Scientist's jumpsuit

BioSuit.png6x Bio suit
BioHood.png6x Bio hood
Tank Transfer Valve.png6x Tank transfer valve
Timer.png6x Timer
Signaler.png6x Remote signalling device
Prox Sensor.png6x Proximity sensor
Igniter.png6x Igniter

Hacked ($200)
Healthsensor.png3x Health sensor
Premium items ($250)

Robotech Deluxe Vendor

All the fine parts you need in one vending machine!
Refill canister: Refill engi.png
Access requirement: Robotics

Robotech Deluxe
RobotechDeluxeVendor.gif Found at: N/A
Sells ($50)
CableCoils.png4x Cable coil

Flash.gif6x Flash
Power cell.png2x High-capacity power cell
Prox Sensor.png6x Proximity sensor
Signaler.png3x Remote signalling device
Healthanalyzer.png3x Health analyzer
Medikit.png3x Empty first-aid kit
Bucket.png3x Bucket
2x IPC revival board

Hacked ($50)
Premium items ($75)



A security equipment vendor.
Refill canister: Refill sec.png
Access requirement: Security

Vendsec.gif Found at: Security Office
Sells ($100)
Handcuffs.png8x Handcuffs

Zipties.png10x Zipties
Flashbang.gif4x Flashbang
Flash.gif5x Flash
Donut1.gif12x Donut
Box writing.png6x Evidence bag box
Seclite.png4x Seclite
Energy bola.gif7x Energy bola

Hacked ($100)
SGlasses.png2x Sunglasses

Donut.png2x Donut Box

Premium items ($150)
Securitywebbing.png5x Security webbing

Coin valid valid.png1x Antag token
Swathelmet.png1x Blue helmet
Blueshift.png1x Large armor vest


Cartridges for PDAs.
Refill canister: Refill smoke.png

PTech.gif Found at: Head of Personnel's Office
Sells ($50)
Normalpda.gif10x PDA
Hacked ($50)
Premium items ($100)


Toy Vendor

Ages 8 and up approved vendor that dispenses toys.
Refill canister: Refill donksoft.png

Donksoft Toy Vendor
Donksofttoyvendor.gif Found at: N/A
Sells ($25)
Saber toy.png10x Foam force SMG

Toy gun.png10x Foam force pistol
Shotgun toy.png10x Foam force shotgun
Swordred.png10x Toy sword
Vxtvul hammer1-1.gif7x Toy Sledgehammer
Foambox.png20x Ammo box (foam darts)
Foamblade.png10x Foam armblade
Baseballbat donk.png10x Toy baseball bat
Syndballoon.png10x Syndicate balloon
Syndicate-black-red.png5x Black and red space suit replica
Syndicate-helm-black-red.png5x Black space-helmet replica
Heretic blade.png1x Plastic replica blade
Rust blade.png1x Rustic replica blade
Ash blade.png1x Metallic replica blade
Flesh blade.png1x Flesh-like replica blade

Hacked ($25)
Foamcrossbow.png10x Foam force crossbow

C20r toy.png10x Donksoft SMG
L6 toy.png10x Donksoft LMG
Watergun.png10x Donksoft hyper-soaker
Katana.gif10x Replica katana
Dualsabergreen1.png5x Double-bladed toy sword

Premium items ($50)

Games Vendor

Fuel your gambling addiction!
Refill canister: Refill games.png

Good Clean Fun
Games vendor.gif Found at:
Boxstation: Library
Deltastation: Gift Shop, Library
Metastation: Gift Shop, Library
Omegastation: Library
Sells ($10)
Deck cards.png5x Deck of cards

Deck uno full.png3x Deck of UNO cards
Dicebag.png10x Bag of dice
Deck caswhite.png3x CAS cards (white)
Deck caswhite.png3x CAS cards (black)
Deck wizoff full.png3x Wiz-Off deck
Hourglass.png2x Hourglass
Bigblue.png6x Turn tracker
Mothsician.png1x Musical moth
Redgolfhole.png4x Red golf hole
Bluegolfhole.png4x Blue golf hole
Golfclub.png4x Golf club
Golfball.png8x Golf ball
Dyespray.png3x Hair dye spray
Bal bag.png3x Balloon box

Hacked ($10)
Fudgedice.png9x Fudge die
Premium items ($25)
Skateboard.png3x Skateboard

Hoverboard Red.png1x Hoverboard

Gift Vendor

A vending machine for the gift shop.

Gift Vendor
Giftsvendor.gif Found at:
Boxstation: Gift Shop
Sells ($50)
Lots of gifts to use and sell! [Click for the full list]

Heartballoon.png3x Heart balloon
Toyballoon.png3x Toy balloon
Toyglock.png3x Toy glock
Toyflaregun.png3x Toy flare gun
Toygrenade.png15x Toy grenade
Bal bag.png3x Balloon box
Teddybear.png5x Teddy bear
Stuffedmonkey.png5x Stuffed monkey
Flowerbunch.png5x Flower bunch
Film.png30x Camera film
Album.png5x Photo album
Photobook.png5x Photo book
Hourglass.png2x Hourglass
Frisbee.png2x Frisbee
Boomerang.png2x Boomerang
Photobag.png5x Photo bag
Bubbleplush.png2x Bubblegum plushie
Plushvar.png2x Ratvar plushie
Narplush.png2x Nar'Sie plushie
Plushie lizard.png2x Lizard plushie
Plushie snake.png2x Snake plushie
Plushie nuke.png2x Operative plushie
Plushie slime.png2x Slime plushie
Plushie inorix.png2x Inorix plushie
Plushie bee.png2x Bee plushie
Moffplush.png2x Moth plushie
Foxplush.png2x Fox plushie
Pkplush.png2x Peacekeeper plushie
Accordion.png1x Accordion
Electric Guitar.png1x Electric guitar
Glockenspiel.png1x Glockenspiel
Harmonica.png1x Harmonica
Recorder.png1x Recorder
Saxophone.png1x Saxophone
Trombone.png1x Trombone
Trumpet.png1x Trumpet
Synth.png1x Synthesizer
Banjo.png1x Banjo
Backpack.png4x Backpack
Syringe.png3x Syringe
Bandaid brute.png2x Brute patch
Bandaid burn.png2x Burn patch

Chem bottle template small trans.png
1x Charcoal bottle
Chem bottle template small trans.png
1x Epinephrine bottle

Beakerlarge.png2x Large beaker
Flashlight.png3x Flashlight
Flare-on.gif1x Flare
Signalling flare.gif1x Signalling Flare
BlueToolbox.png1x Toolbox
CableCoils.png4x Cable coil
Normalpda.gif8x PDA
Cart-e.png2x Power-ON Cartridge
Cart-a.png2x BreatheDeep Cartidge
Cart m.png2x Med-U Cartridge
Cart-chem.png2x ChemWhiz Cartridge
Cart-j.png2x CustodiPRO Cartridge
Cart-s.png2x P.R.O.V.E. Cartridge
Cart-s.png2x Lib-Tweet Cartridge
Pda cartrige.png2x B.O.O.P. Remote Control Cartridge
Cart-q.png2x Space Parts & Space Vendors Cartridge

Hacked ($50)
Psyche.gif1x Psychedelic jumpsuit

Golden Violin.png1x Golden violin
IGloves.png1x Budget insulated gloves
Airlock Painter.png1x Airlock painter
Cart-s.png2x R.O.B.U.S.T. Cartridge
Cart-s.png2x D.E.T.E.C.T. Cartridge
Cart-q.png2x Space Parts & Space Vendors Cartridge
Cart-h.png2x Easy-Record DELUXE Cartridge
Cart-h.png2x HumanRescources9001 Cartridge
Cart-hos.png2x R.O.B.U.S.T. DELUXE Cartridge
Cart-ce.png2x Power-On DELUXE Cartridge
Cart-cmo.png2x Med-U DELUXE Cartridge
Cart-rd.png2x Signal Ace DELUXE Cartridge
Cart-c.png1x Value-PAK Cartridge

Premium items ($75)
Multitool.png1x Multitool

Pda-clear.png1x Antique clear PDA

Liberation Station Toys

An ages 8 and up approved vendor that dispenses toys. If you were to find the right wires, you can unlock the adult mode setting!
Refill canister: Refill donksoft.png

Syndicate Donksoft Toy Vendor
Liberationstationvendor.gif Found at: N/A
Sells ($25)
Saber toy.png10x Foam force SMG

Pistol toy.png10x Foam force pistol
Shotgun toy.png10x Foam force shotgun
Swordred.png10x Toy sword
7x Toy Sledgehammer
Foambox.png20x Ammo box (foam darts)
Foamblade.png10x Foam armblade
Syndballoon.png10x Syndicate balloon
Syndicate-black-red.png5x Black and red space suit replica
Syndicate-helm-black-red.png5x Black space-helmet replica

Hacked ($25)
Foamcrossbow.png10x Foam force crossbow

C20r toy.png10x Donksoft SMG
L6 toy.png10x Donksoft LMG
Foamboxriot.png20x Ammo box (riot darts)
Katana.gif10x Replica katana
Dualsabergreen1.png5x Double-bladed toy sword
Syndi cards.png10x Suspicious looking deck of cards

Premium items ($50)



A magic vending machine.

Vendmagi.gif Found at: Wizard's Den
Sells ($25)
Wizardhat.png1x Blue wizard hat

Wizard-fakeoutfit.png1x Blue wizard robe
Redwizardhat.png1x Red wizard hat
Redwizardrobe.png1x Red wizard robe
Yellowwizardhat.png1x Yellow wizard hat
Yellowwizardrobe.png1x Yellow wizard robe
Sandals.png1x Sandals
Staff.png2x Wizard's Staff

Hacked ($25)
Chem bottle template small trans.png
1x Wizarditis culture bottle
Premium items ($50)


A vending machine full of grenades and grenade accessories. Sponsored by DonkCo(tm).
Access requirement: Syndicate

Vendgeneric.gif Found at: Syndicate Base
Sells ($0)
CableCoils.png5x Cable coil

Igniter.png20x Igniter
Prox Sensor.png5x Proximity sensor
Signaler.png5x Remote signalling device
Timer.png5x Timer
Voice Analyzer.png5x Voice analyzer
Healthsensor.png5x Health sensor
Infared.png5x Infrared emitter
Grenade Casing.png5x Grenade casing
Large Grenade Casing.png5x Large grenade casing
Pyro grenade.png5x Pyro grenade casing
Cryo grenade.png5x Cryo grenade casing
Adv grenade.png5x Advanced release grenade casing
Holyflask.png1x Flask of holy water

Hacked ($0)
Premium items ($0)