Kitchen and Freezer

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For the Guide to Food and Drinks, click here.

Recreational Area
Kitchen & Freezer
Hjuur de skåårning, bork, bork, bork!
Obvious exits West to the Bar, north to maintenance
Purpose For the chef to prepare delicious meals for the crew
Access level
Noteworthy contents A food processor, blender, two microwaves
Clearance Captain, Head of Personnel, Chef
Security level Low
Style Kitchen/Freezer
Balance Requirements No major balance requirements
Other Notes
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The kitchen is the highly visible and usually bloody spawn location and workplace of the Chef. It is located across the hall from Medbay, adjacent to the Bar. It requires Kitchen access to enter.

It includes everything a chef needs to cook nothing but burgers for the hundredth time, including a food processor, a blender, two microwaves, a fryer and plenty of table space. There is even a window that looks into Hydroponics, so the Botanists can supply you with ingredients directly if they don't use the smartfridge.

Then we have the freezer, which on the other hand is a dark and secluded area that houses the Gibber, a device the chef (and devious co-workers) uses to gib people. There is also a chem-master and an ice cream cart.

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