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Note: The Yogstation Lore is currently undergoing rewrite, any lore on this page is subject to change.

For the gas of the same name, see Plasma (Gas)

A miracle substance, this is one of the things SS13 mines and researches. What little NT has been able to glean so far indicates it is an alien element that has never been encountered across human conquered space. It has multiple properties that make it a target for NT to develop into a market ready product.

Areas of specific research include

  • Use as a dense energy efficient fuel
  • Its ability to generate electricity when exposed to radiation.
  • Its extreme volatility and potential as an explosive
  • Reaction of local xenobiology to being exposed to plasma.
  • Utility in multiple chemical reactions with standard earth elements

The States of Plasma

Plasma has a number of different states.

  • Plasma Ore
  • Solid Plasma
    • Plasma Ore can be smelted into Solid Plasma bars using Cargo's ore redemption device.
  • Liquefied Plasma
  • Plasma Gas
    • Atmospherics, Engineering and the Research Division have canisters. Pouring Liquefied Plasma from a container on the floor creates a 1x1 tile of plasma compressed to expand to whatever kPa based on how much liquefied plasma there was.

Most Common Uses

NT research on Plasma

Plasma and compounds with similar properties found on earth