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Found in: Paper Trays and office desks throughout the station
Used for: Request forms, Résumés
Strategy: Make it look professional!
You write on it with a pen. Medical doctors want it for forms, quartermasters want it for paperwork, even the judges want it for forms. Librarians just want it for literature; cultists want it for sinister uses. If you make a mistake, drip some ethanol on it to clear the sheet. You can ask the Chemists for it.

See also: Paperwork

Carbon Paper
Found in: Paper Trays and office desks throughout the station
Used for: Duplicating written papers
Strategy: Duplicate everything!
Carbon paper is duplicate paper, and once filled out it can be separated into a master and a pink copy paper. Used just like Paper
Paper Bundle
Found in: Any combination of two or more Paper
Used for: Stacking papers
Strategy: Stack papers to occupy less space
Use one piece of paper with another to clip them together. This generates a paper bundle, which you can browse through by using the relevant added UI buttons. You can also attach photos to these bundles, if desired.

Found in: Any PDA, Office desks
Used for: Changing your trajectory in space. Writing on paper
Strategy: Aim for the eyes
You can write on paper with a pen, but also on robots and bookshelves. This is essential to the Librarian but not anyone else -- since they take up a whole pocket or backpack slot, most people throw them out immediately or shove them in their PDAs.

See also: Paperwork

Epinephrine MediPen
Found in: All internals boxes, First-aid kits (First-aid kit Burn treatment kit Oxygen deprivation treatment kit Box of hugs)
Used for: Quickly delivering 10 epinephrine to someone
Strategy: Use it on someone, preferably on a person in critical condition
"A rapid and safe way to stabilize patients in critical condition for personnel without advanced medical knowledge." It stops someone in critical condition from accumulating more oxygen damage past 35dmg, or halts oxygen damage if above 35 already.

Found in: Artist's Coven, Crayonboxs
Used for: Used for drawing cultist runes or coloring clothing items
Strategy: Washing a pair of gloves with a crayon will change their color, allowing you to make fake Insulated Gloves
Comes in 8 colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, mime and rainbow.
They come in a Crayonbox.png Crayonbox.

Found in: Cigarette machines
Used for: To look cool or have medication through it
Strategy: Light it with a fire source and put it in your face
A roll of tobacco and nicotine. You can light and smoke these. Can also be filled with 15 units of any chemical.
A nicer, and much rarer, variation of these is the Cigar.png Cigar. It can hold up to 30 units of any chemical. There are several kinds of cigars, some even more sophisticated than others.

Found in: Matchbooks inside the Cigarette machines
Used for: Lighting things up
Strategy: Use it to make fire
The zippo. A cheaper version of this is the Cheap Lighter.png Cheap Lighter, which comes in four different colors.
A more primitive version of these is the Match.png Match, which can be found in Matchbook.png Matchbooks inside the Cigarette machines. Make fire with the match by using it on the matchbook.

Found in: Emergency Toolbox, Hacked Vendomat, all over Maintenance
Used for: Lighting up the darkness
Strategy: If you're using one of these, someone probably fucked up the power system
It sheds light when you click on it, even if it's on your belt or in your pocket. The light sources stack to create brighter light sources, so if you have a flashlight in your belt, a flashlight in both pockets, and a flashlight in each hand, along with a safety helmet on your head, you will SHINE LIKE THE SUN, LEAVING EVERY DARK CORNER EXPOSED TO TRUTH! no longer shine like the sun because coders hate direct sunlight, but produce somewhat more light.

Can be used to tell if non-human creatures are dead or not, with a simple flash of the eyes.
Power goes off every round, so real pros just turn these on and leave them everywhere.
Also of note are Lantern.png Lanterns (found in Mining Dock), which are brighter than flashlights because Cargonia.

Hand Labeler
Found in: Chemistry, Artist's Coven, Toxins Lab, Conference Room, Cargo Loading Area
Used for: Used for labeling items for easier recognition
Strategy: Useful for when making multiply kinds of grenades or bottles and wanting to keep track of which is which
Used to stick a label onto something's name. E.g., Cuban Pete (HONK). Can not be used on people. Can be turned on/off by clicking it in your hand.

Found in: Artist's Coven, Library
Used for: Taking pictures
Strategy: Steal their souls with this! Everyone (that doesn't have a brain) know that cameras steal souls
Can take 10 pictures before having to get a new roll of Film.png film. Pictures can then be attached to news reports created on a newscaster console.

Universal Recorder.png
Universal Recorder
Found in: Detective's Office, Library
Used for: Recording and translating speech
Strategy: Apply it to start recording, apply again to stop
A device that can record to cassette tapes, and play them. It automatically translates the content in playback.
Can be loaded with a new Tape.png tape after the previous one is full.

Found in: Custodial Closet
Used for: Used to clean the floor, angering the entire crew when the halls are wet
Strategy: Fits nicely in a backpack. Dip in the Janitorial Cart, Bucket or in a sink to make it wet. Try mixing ammonia with the water to make a nonslip cleaner.
The Janitor starts with one.

Space Cleaner
Found in: Custodial Closet, Medbay
Used for: A better cleaner than water. Doesn't cause people to slip. Spray to clean up to three tiles or to remove a cobweb. Can also be used to clean clothing
Strategy: Use it in your hand to switch it to smaller pressure for conserving the Space Cleaner
Not to be confused with the liquid created in Chemistry. This is in the end just a spray bottle, and can be filled with anything. You can make more by combining one part ammonia with one part water.

Found in: Custodial Closet, Hydroponics, can be made in an Autolathe
Used for: They can be used by several different jobs as part of their actual duties
Strategy: Fill with water and splash on the floor and make everyone fall
A bucket holds liquid only, most commonly water. It holds up to 70 units.

Light Replacer
Found in: Custodial Closet, can be made in a Protolathe
Used for: Replacing broken light bulbs or making evil traps for people that can't see in the dark
Strategy: Fill with light bulbs or glass sheets and just start replacing those broken lights
An item which uses magnets to easily replace lights. Perfect for the lazy janitor!

Lightreplacer1.pngCan be emagged to unlock mischievous features.

Light Tube.png
Light Tube
Found in: Custodial Closet, Maintenance, can be made in an Autolathe
Used for: Replacing broken lights
Strategy: Apply it to a new light fixture or an old one if its light is broken.
A replacement light tube. Light Bulb.png Bulbs are the lesser used light-source on the station.

Found in: Custodial Closet
Used for: Used for pest control and Grenade construction
Strategy: Place them everywhere in Maintenance, fill a backpack containing the nuke disk with them
Click it in your hand to activate it, then drop it on the floor.

Station Bounced Radio.png
Station Bounced Radio
Found in: Emergency Toolbox
Used for: Used for emergency communication, if when telecomms goes down
Strategy: If the singularity is loose, it may very likely take out the telecommunications room. Other causes of telecommunications failures could be power loss or sabotage. So have one of these handy or find one quick if when shit goes down
The station bounced radio will function similarly to a standard radio headset if you put it in your pocket or in your hand; thus you can use the say ";radio message" function as normal without turning on the microphone to broadcast. In addition, it can support the installation of one encryption key, allowing it to be used much like a radio headpiece, which could open up your ear slot to something like earmuffs, if you desire ear protection.

Using multiple radios can be done with say ":l message" for left hand and say ":r' message" for right hand depending on the hand used to hold each radio.

You can use the standard general channel prefix as well as any specific channel prefixes from an encryption key so long as the radio is in your pocket, belt, or hands, and it will function like a radio headset.

Turning on the microphone will pick up all sounds from the surrounding area and broadcast them.

Can be hacked.

Found in: Primary Tool Storage, Chemistry, Conference Room, Hacked Vendomat
Used for: Used mostly for making bombs and Grenades
Strategy: ?
A timer... it counts down... 3... 2... 1... boom?

Use a Screwdriver tool.png Screwdriver to toggle it between normal and attachment mode.

Prox Sensor.png
Proximity Sensor
Found in: Primary Tool Storage, Robotics, Vendomat
Used for: Used mostly for making bombs/Grenades or robots
Strategy: Screwdriver it, attach it to whatever you want to react to people's presence
This is used to detect people getting close.

Use a Screwdriver tool.png Screwdriver to toggle it between normal and attachment mode.

Remote Signaling Device
Found in: Primary Tool Storage, Research Division, Vendomat
Used for: Can be attached to Igniters for Grenade construction, bomb construction, and a lot less commonly, wires on doors
Strategy: Can be attached to wires on anything with a panel and work like a remote Multitool. If used right, two of these can be used in place of an Multitool
Sends a pulse when it receives a signal with the right code and frequency.

Can be attached to a Proximity Sensor to make a simple alarm system.
Use a Screwdriver tool.png Screwdriver to toggle it between sending and receiving/attaching mode.

Found in: Primary Tool Storage, Chemistry, Vendomat
Used for: Used mostly for starting fires making bombs/Grenades, or stunprods.
Strategy: ?
Use a Screwdriver tool.png Screwdriver to toggle it between normal and attachment mode.

Voice Analyzer.png
Voice Analyzer
Found in: Hacked Vendomat
Used for: Password controlled doors, and Grenade construction
Strategy: Click it to configure trigger word and then attach to nuclear device door bolt wire
A small electronic device able to record a voice sample, and send a signal when that sample is repeated.

Use a Screwdriver tool.png Screwdriver to toggle it between normal and attachment mode.

Infrared Emitter
Found in: ?
Used for: Grenade construction
Strategy: ?
Emits a visible or invisible beam and is triggered when the beam is interrupted.
Use a Screwdriver tool.png Screwdriver to toggle it between normal and attachment mode.

Grenade Casing.png
Grenade Casing
Found in: Chemistry, Made from 1 Metal
Used for: Grenade construction
Strategy: Attach a (trigger)-Igniter Assembly and insert payload
Can hold two Bottles or Beakers.

See the Grenade page for more details.

Found in: Dorms, Medbay, Brig, Prison Wing
Used for: Use it as a cape or in ghetto surgery
Strategy: For cape, put it on your back, for ghetto surgery, see instruction
A surprisingly soft linen bedsheet. Comes in many different colors for different places and for each head of department!

Found in: Gift vendor, emergency toolboxes
Used for: Source of light
A red Nanotrasen issued flare. There are instructions on the side - "pull cord, make light".

A DIY-version of this a Torch.png Torch, you can make one by combining a log with a dried wheat or ambrosia.

A weakened version of this spawns in your bag box. Engineers spawn with a signalling flare, which gives off a more intense bright light.


Mechanical Toolbox
Found in: Engineering, Primary Tool Storage and many places around the station including tool storage and the locker room
Used for: Contains that which are needed whenever you want to construct or deconstruct something.
Strategy: It is very heavy, useful for the beating up of people. Contains the tools all engineers need to have
Contents Description
Screwdriver tool.png Wrench.png Welder.png
Crowbar.png Analyzer.png Wirecutters.png
This toolbox contains many tools needed in the day-to-day lives of engineers and traitors alike. If you want a reliable way to break into an area, then this toolbox has just about all the tools you'll need. If your job is to repair damage, the tools will be needed when you'll have to fix the inevitable mistakes you'll make.

Electrical Toolbox
Found in: Engineering, Primary Tool Storage, Tech storage
Used for: Contains tools which you'll need when fixing or breaking electrical equipment
Strategy: The electrical toolbox is good to have when traitoring. Although you'll likely also need a weldingtool and multitool to be an effective traitor
Contents Description
Screwdriver tool.png Wirecutters.png T-ray.gif Crowbar.png CableCoils.png CableCoils.png CableCoils.png The electrical toolbox's contents are intended to help fix (and break) electrical equipment. Insulated gloves are a must when dealing with electricity though.

Yellow toolboxes have a chance of containing a pair of budget insulated gloves.

Emergency Toolbox
Found in: emergency lockers and storage areas
Used for: Contains tools which are useful in emergencies
Strategy: It is very heavy, useful for the beating up of people. Contains a flashlight which is very useful as well as a crowbar
Contents Description
Flashlight.png or a Flare.png Station Bounced Radio.png MiniFE.png Crowbar.png Emergency welding tool.png The toolbox contains a flashlight (50% chance of a flashlight, or a flare), a crowbar, a station bounced radio, a fire extinguisher, and an emergency welding tool, all of which are useful tools to have when the situation inevitably spirals out of control.

Found in: Cargo Loading Area, Atmospherics Office, Everyone start out with an internals box
Used for: The box is a container that can hold seven items and be stored inside of a backpack
Strategy: Commonly used as a place to store syndicate items as Security will often neglect to search them. It is a terrible melee weapon
Can be folded flat for cardboard by clicking it in your hand when it's empty. It can only hold tiny and small items. Everyone starts with a box that contains a breath mask, an emergency oxygen tank and a medipen, commonly referred to as your "internals box".

Boxes can come in many forms, some can only have specific items in them. Box.pngLightBox.pngImplantbox.pngHandcuffsbox.pngSrybox.pngFlashbangbox.png
A Crayonbox.png Crayonbox holds Crayons.

Found in: Law Office
Used for: A briefcase is a bulky item that can hold up to seven tiny items.
Strategy: Stuff it with whatever and carry it around.
By default it is filled with one pen and six sheets of paper. They are very sturdy, so make a decent weapon (blurs vision when it hits heads). The lawyer and detective get one.
Clothing Backwear Items with Additional Storage Capabilities
Clothing Backwear Items with Additional Storage Capabilities
Clothing Belt Items with Additional Storage Capabilities
Clothing Belt Items with Additional Storage Capabilities


Found in: Medbay, Kitchen, Hydroponics, Garden, Research Division access, most bathrooms/restrooms
Used for: Cleaning your hands and face or other equipment
Strategy: Have empty hands, click on sink to wash yourself, or have a tool in hand and click on sink to wash it
If you have nothing in your active hand, you will wash your face (if targeting the head, eyes or mouth) or your hands (if targeting anywhere else). Suggested uses include washing stun batons, along with other medical items.

Some sinks have a cosmetically different appearance (e.g. Sink alt.png) but all of them work identically.

Found in: Medbay, Dormitory, Research Division access, Prison Wing, Captain's Quarters
Used for: Cleaning yourself, extinguishing people on fire, creating slip hazards
Strategy: You can wash blood-stained items and clothes under a shower as well as yourself. Use a wrench to set a shower for ghetto cryo.
The HS-451. Installed in the 2550s by the Nanotrasen Hygiene Division.

Switch the shower on and off with an empty hand.
Use a wrench to adjust the shower water temperature from normal to freezing, from freezing to boiling or from boiling to normal.
Use an analyzer to identify the shower's water temperature without risking burns. A shower with freezing water can provide a suitable environment for cryoxadone, which will heal more than the burn damage caused by the freezing temperature.

Found in: Medbay, Dormitory, Locker Room
Used for: Personal grooming
Strategy: Click it to change your hairstyle.
Only male characters can change their facial hair but any spaceman can attempt to change the hair on their head.
If broken, you can repair it with a welding tool.

Found in: Restrooms and bathrooms: Locker Room, Dormitory, Captain's Quarters, Prison Wing
Used for: Sanitation, secret storage
Strategy: Use a container on a toilet to fill it with water. Use a crowbar on it to loudly pry off the cistern lid and store up to 2 items in the cistern.
The HT-451, a torque rotation-based, waste disposal unit for small matter.

Paper Tray
Found in: Office desks
Used for: Supplies you with all your paper needs.
Strategy: Take Paper and set your paper-cutting master plans in motion.
Paper Paper Paper. Click it to take a piece of paper, or drag it to your sprite to pick the whole thing up.

Janitorial Cart.png
Janitorial Cart
Found in: Custodial Closet
Used for: Wetting the Mop and transporting the Garbage Bag, Mop, Space Cleaner, Light Replacer and Signs around.
Strategy: If you're the Janitor, fill this with your stuff and drag it around while feeling lightweight.
This is the alpha and omega of sanitation. The container inside can be filled with Space Cleaner instead of plain water.

Found in: One is found in every room
Used for: The same as headsets and Station Bounced Radios, but mostly only if when you don't have access to either of those
Strategy: When a crewman's headset is lost or comms are down and a Station Bounced Radio is nowhere to be found, wall radios are essential to talking with the station at large
Intercom wall radios are an immobile version of headset radios with the same number of frequencies and functions. The AI can use them to publicly broadcast a clandestine conversation or use it to discreetly spy on the talk around the station themselves. Use say ":i message" to operate these hands-free.

Can be hacked.

Water Tank
Found in: Primary Tool Storage, Auxiliary Tool Storage, Maintenance, Engineering, Atmospherics, Custodial Closet, Xenobiology, Hydroponics
Used for: Used to fill something with water
Strategy: Use a container (syringe, beaker, bottle, bucket) on it to get water.
Starts with 1000 units of water.

High-capacity watertanks (Watertank high.png) start with 10000 units of water. These are found in Hydroponics and Atmospherics.

Fuel Tank
Found in: Primary Tool Storage, Auxiliary Tool Storage, Maintenance, Engineering, Atmospherics, Mining Station, Mining Dock
Used for: Refill welding tools with this
Strategy: DO NOT use a lit welder on this. Or do, if you want boom. Causes minor toxin damage when ingested.
Starts with 1000 units of welding fuel.

Filing Cabinet
Found in: Most areas with 'Office' in its name, Security Posts, Vault, Robotics, Testing Lab, Telecommunications
Used for: Store papers, folders and photos in these
Strategy: Store forms (requisition forms and others) and printed forensics scans in these.
The Law Office contains the crew's employment contracts.

Drawers (ChestDrawer.png) are a cosmetic variation of the filing cabinet.

Supply Crate
Supply Crate

Condiment Dispenser
CondiMaster Neo
Found in: Kitchen
Used for: Dispensing condiments
Strategy: Make a mix of condiments and dispense a packet or bottle of it.
Condiment packets and bottles are used in cooking.

Condiments produced: See here for a list of condiments.