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Generic BrigPhysician.png BrigPhysician.png
Brig Physician
Alternative Titles: Security Medic, Security Medical Support, Penitentiary Medical Care Unit, Junior Brig Physician, Detention Center Health Officer
Access: Medbay, Morgue, Brig, Courtroom, Maintenance, Brig Infirmary, Permabrig
Additional Access: Surgery, Cloning, External Airlocks
Difficulty: Medium
Supervisors: Chief Medical Officer
Duties: Tend to those injured in sec, recover dead officers, get murdered by a ling in maints
Guides: Space Law, Guide to medicine, Guide to Wounds, Suit Sensors, Guide to Surgery
Minimum Age: 26
Quote: Uh HoS... I'm fairly certain removing all limbs and sensory organs from the prisoner not only horrifically violates my oath but undoubtedly several laws and treaties.

The Brig Physician is a doctor that helps security staff with medical issues, be it healing an officer or harvesting the organs of tending to prisoners. Due to your unique position on the station, you have many things that you can do; be it making security more machine than man or seeing how many organs are actually required for a prisoner to live. As with everyone else, you are to follow The Law and your supervisor to the best of your abilities. You should also have a good understanding of the medical system (be able to revive people, know surgery, etc.) and have a basic understanding of Space Law, as all staff working closely with security should.

Remember you are not a security officer, even though you have brig access and a mindshield. You should try to help officers do their job, not do it for them. You are not allowed to make arrests or hunt for antagonists. On the opposite end, you should also be cooperative with members of security and do as they say. While you start with access to the security radio channel and brig access and they are both useful for doing your job, they are not a right and can be taken away if abused.

Bare minimum requirements: Patch up prisoners and security officers.

Mining Base
The Brig


As the brig physician, your main priority is to keep personnel in the brig alive and healthy, be it a prisoner who broke into the caps office or an officer that got jumped by a traitor. When the round starts, you have more than enough tools to fix common ailments and wounds, but you probably encounter stuff that the brig infirmary can't treat. If you find a medical issue that you are unable to fix in the infirmary, you should consult the warden or Head of Security if you can take them to the Medbay if they are a prisoner or walk them there if they are security personnel.

Tools of the Trade

As a Brig Physician, you start with plenty of tools to fix up scrapes and minor burns, as well as some other equipment:

Item Description
First-Aid Kit
This will fit inside your backpack, and it has a number of useful items inside that can help you treat injured personnel: Medical gauze Suture.png Suture.png Mesh.png Mesh.png Epinephrine medipen Healthanalyzer.png
Brig Physician's Clothing
The uniform of the starting Brig Physician. While they help you stand out from other doctors, they provide no protection unlike other security uniforms. There is also bag containing different outfits that you can wear located in your locker, in case you lose your current ones or want to play dress up with the rest of security.
Folded roller.png
Roller Bed
Used to move bodies quickly without the slowdown from fireman carry and without trailing blood.
Medical HUDSunglasses
A heads-up display that scans the humans in view and provides accurate data about their health status. In addition, it provides protection from flashes. Wear this at all times.
MedSec Radio Headset
A headset that is a result of the mating between medical and security. It can access both medical (:m) and security (:s) radio channels.
Medical Belt
A belt that can hold most common medical tools and some uncommon ones too. It can hold the same amount as a First-Aid Kit, but it can be worn around your waist.
Handheld scanner.gif/Crewpinpointer.png
Handheld Crew Monitor/Crew Pinpointer
Two devices that make keeping officers alive while they are outside of the brig easier. The handheld crew monitor is a portable computer that displays a varying amount of information of all the crewmembers with suit sensors, while the crew pinpointer is a device that can be used to find crew members if they have their sensors on "Beacon".
Your bread and butter. A machine that can fabricate chemicals and inject them into patients put into it. A useful tool to supplement your basic first aid kit to preserve your supplies.
Optable.png/Crew Monitoring Console.gif
Operating Table/Operating Computer
A table and computer that, when used together with surgical tools, can be used to pacify, heal, borg, or search people for implants. The operating computer can be used to show what step needs to be taken next, the current vitals of the patient, or surgeries that have been researched by science.
Wallmed.gif/Freezer crate.png
Nanomed/Blood Freezer
Both of these combined contain various chemicals and medicines that can be used to treat more exotic damage types and ailments.
Morgue Tray
The final resting place of those who could not escape security's wrath. This should mainly be used for dangerous criminals who may be revived if left in the normal morgue or soulless officers. In all other cases, it may be preferable to take them to the Medbay morgue if soulless or revive them if they have a soul.

While this list is extensive, it's still limited and can't fix everything. You should make sure to stock up on supplies from Medbay for rarer medical issues.

Recovering Officers

Many times, even the best doctors can't save people from dying outside their office. Officers will be jumped in maintenance and curious detectives will get ganged up on by revolutionaries. When this happens, you may need to step out of the brig and bring their dead body to medical. Before you even think of leaving, you should inform security of the death, as they may have to deal with someone with access to the brig and flash protection. Be sure to also relay the location of their death if you know it, as the murderer may still be there looting the body. Once that is taken care of, you should quickly go over the information you have of their death, things like where they died, what damage they took, and what threats the station is currently facing, and decide if you need help recovering the body. If the person who murdered the officer is still there, they probably won't have any issue with killing you too, so it is better to be safe and ask an officer to come with you. If you know where the body is or they are wearing a body camera, go to the location and carefully try to locate it. If you don't know the location they died, you may need to sweep the station for them. Chances are the place of death is in maintenance or a back room, so the best place to start looking is there. If you get jumped while recovering or looking for the body, you should try to run and stay alive if possible as chances are the security officers won't go looking for you. If you do get the body, stick them with an emergency epi pen to preserve their body, get them on a roller bed or in a body bag, and get them in a public place like the hallways or generally accessible rooms. Assess the state of the body, like if they have dead or missing organs, missing limbs, husked, and if they are missing equipment, if they can't be revived in the infirmary take them to Medbay.

Antags and You

As you work closely with security, you will inevitably have to deal with the health risks those who work against Nanotrasen pose to the people you need to keep safe. As there are a wide variety of threats, there are a wide variety of ways to fix the harm they cause, so the following are some small guides of what to do when some are called out:

Traitor.pngGeneric nukesyndie.png Traitors/Nuclear Operatives

Due to the many different types of equipment they can have, syndicate agents will usually bring many health risks. Stay on your toes and be prepared for anything from mind control to bad diseases to explosives. When Nuclear Operatives are found, you should follow officers and be prepared to treat them.

Changeling.gif Changelings

Changelings can be a pain if not handled well. If one is found, you should ask science to research better surgeries and ask the chemists for Rezadone to fix absorbed officers. If one is found to be using a cryogenic stinger, you should get coffee to help those stung. If one is in custody, remember that they can still sting people and use other abilities to escape. Also, remember that they can survive without their brain and can revive when dead, so borging and many other forms of execution are not permanent or won't work.

Cultist.pngServant of ratvar.png Blood/Clockwork Cultist

If a cult has been confirmed to have taken root at the station, you should contact the chaplain, if there is one, and get them to make holy water. Once that is done, you should help the chaplain with de-converting cultists and mindshielding them. If the situation becomes dire, you should help recover officers and quickly revive them so they can continue fighting.

Malf AI.gif Malfunctioning AI

If the AI has been found to be malfunctioning or subverted and the station has not been plasma flooded, weld your vents and wear internals as, chances are, it will be plasma flooded soon. If you are being plasma flooded and the room you are in already has plasma in it, you should turn off the lights so they don't ignite it and you should seek a place without plasma. If you can, go grab or ask an engineer/officer to grab a portable air scrubber to scrub out the plasma in the brig. If you are being NO2 flooded, put on your internals and find others who are asleep and put on their internals or drag them out of the area. If security is fighting the AI, you should follow them and pull them to safety if they are downed and keep the borgs away from them.

Assistant.pngMobster.png Revolutionaries/Gangs

If Revolutionaries and Gangs are found, keep an eye on the officers and heads and make sure they are ok. Assist them in handing out mindshields to the masses. If you don't have a mindshield on hand and need to deconvert a revolutionary, you can apply a blunt object to the head to remind them of their loyalties, though this method is not the best for the patient's brain. Remember, even though you start with a mindshield, crafty revolutionaries or gangs can still convert you, and your brig access and flash protection make you a big target.

Generic wizard.png Wizards

This is your worst nightmare. Even experienced Chief Medical Officers have issues with treating those who have been harmed by their powerful magic. If you have found an officer who has been affected with a wizard's spell, chances are they have something that is either very hard or impossible to cure. If you get overwhelmed, be sure to ask the CMO for help, that is if they haven't been turned into a butterfly.

Shadowbeing.pngDarkspawn.png Shadowlings/Darkspawn/Nightmare


Heretic1.png Heretics




Alien.png Xenomorphs

Xenomorphs are much different than other antagonists, as fighting them isn't the dangerous part, it's what happens if you aren't careful that will kill you. You should stay close to sec and encourage them to not go in one by one, as together they can pull each other away from danger or focus fire to quickly kill xenomorphs. Before you go out to hunt xenos, and also the first thing you should do when xenomorphs are called, is to get facehugger protection. Facehuggers are one of the most potent weapons against the crew, as they take people out of combat for a good amount of time and require surgery to fix. A few common items that protect you are the following:

  • Welding Helmet (mass produced by autolathes, but only protect while down and obscure vision)
  • Any Space Helmet (engineer rig helmet, Standard EVA helmet, Security Hardsuit helmet, etc)
  • Pumpkin Helmets (don't block vision, and can be created en masse by botany by using a knife/hatchet on a pumpkin)
  • Bio Suit Helmets (don't block vision but are limited in number.)
  • Riot Helmet (don't block vision but are limited in number.)
  • An Implanted Hive Node (will probably only happen after the infestation is dealt with, but allows you to carry facehuggers without being attacked)

After the security officers don't wear facehugger protection and get hugged, you should immediately get them away from the front lines and to a surgical table or, in a pinch, a regular table. Next you need to remove the embryo from the victims, this is done by performing organ manipulation on the chest and removing it. If you have a lot of bodies impregnated you can also gut the body by attacking the chest with a circular saw, space the body, or cremate the body, though you should not do this on someone who can be easily revived. If you fail to remove an embryo, they will eventually get chestbursted which gibs them and releases a new xenomorph into the world.

A Quiet Shift

Many times, you will find yourself without people to treat, this time is great to do a variety of things; like stocking up on supplies, getting upgrades for your tools, or checking up with prisoners. One of the best things to do when you find yourself with extra time is to upgrade your office. By default, your sleeper only has the option to mend physical injuries or sedating the occupant, and you may find constantly needing to sedate people to perform surgery on them can eat into your supplies. You should ask an engineer to construct a stasis bed to replace your surgical bed, as it allows you to perform surgeries without needing to use anesthetics, and ask a scientist to upgrade your sleeper for more options. If you can't find anyone to set these up for you, you can also grab a toolbox and some parts and make your own. You may also want to pick up better tools from Medbay if any are researched. Ones that may help are advanced surgical tools to help speed up your operations and cut down on the tools you need to carry, bluespace body bags to quickly move bodies, and advanced health analyzers for more information on what is ailing your patients.

Antag Brig Physician

NOTE: By default, the Brig Physician cannot be an antagonist.

With your brig access, security channel access, and close relationships with security, you can do many things to get your objectives done. If you need to convert an officer, you can put them under and remove their mindshield with the implant removal surgery and then convert them. If you have access to brainwashing, you can do the same and then brainwash them to do your objectives. If there is a threat to the station, you can ask the warden for security equipment or a flash. With your starting medical hud sunglasses, you are immune to flashes and, with a bowman headset which you could ask the warden for, flash bangs. A fun trick that you can do is hide inside your office, as only people with medical access like the medical security officer, Head of Security, and Chief Medical Officer can open it. With your access to medical supplies and tools, you can patch yourself up from most injuries if you slip up or slice people up with the circular saw.


  • When you are not busy with your job, it is a good idea to go to medbay to get stuff that can help with treatment such as chems or better tools.
  • You can disassemble your medical records computer and replace it with other computers, like a camera console to keep an eye on the prisoners or officers.
  • Taking blood samples from officers and other security personnel and keeping it in your office is good for when an officer gets lost in space or cremated, just bring the blood to botany and ask for a pod clone.
    • If you want to stay organized, ask cargo for a hand labeler so you can keep track of which blood sample is who's, or you can print one at an autolathe if you can gain access to one.
  • Your box of body bags are a very versatile tool. Apart from the obvious use of transporting cadavers, they can also be used as crates to move items around that you can fold up and put in your pocket when empty, though you may be stopped by people who think you are moving a body.
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