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Access: None
Additional Access: Anywhere there is darkness
Difficulty: Hard
Supervisors: None
Duties: Spread darkness!
Guides: What's a nightmare?
Quote: "Don't mind me, I'm here to inspect your lights"

Nightmares come into existence via random events and are glass cannons in that they can sabotage the station and deal massive amounts of damage with their armblade but are vulnerable to stuns and sources of light. They have some very strong powers allowing them to traverse walls and easily escape most situations.

Core Abilities

Light Eater (Armblade)

Nightmares have one of their arm replaced by a specialized armblade. Similarly to the changeling armblade, it is a potent melee weapon but it also has a unique ability which turns any light emitting item (flashlight, lamp, welder, etc.) hit with it into dust. If used to hit a person, all of their items which emit light will turn to dust including hardsuits with an active helmet light. This also works on cyborgs too, permanently destroying their headlamp until they get a new one installed.

Shadow Walk

Nightmares have the ability to jaunt and move through doors and walls as long as they are within darkness. Shadow Walk is a very powerful ability which when combined with the light eater can make attempting to fight a Nightmare in a dark area such as maintenance a very dangerous task. However, if the Nightmare attempts to walk into a lit area, they will be forcefully pulled out of their ethereal jaunt.


Nightmares have a few unique organs. If killed, these can be surgically inserted into someone to gain special powers. Nightmares also benefit from these abilities as long as the organs remain within them. Having Nightmare organs implanted into you does NOT make you an antagonist if you weren't one before

Name Organ Effect
Tumorous Mass Brain Turns the host into a Nightmare. Since this is the brain of the Nightmare, attempting to implant this organ into a new host will give control of the host body to the Nightmare
Heart of Darkness Heart Turns one of the host's arms into a Light Eater. Grants the ability to revive if the body of the host is left within darkness.
Burning red eyes Eyes Grants the host night vision.


Nightmares are immune to atmospheric conditions and will evade ranged projectiles while in darkness. However, they cannot fire guns.

Being a nightmare

As a nightmare, you have very powerful abilities but at a severe drawback which is that light will shut down your attacks. You must focus on destroying all lights if you want to win an encounter. Thankfully, your Light Eater, as the name implies is a great way to get rid of any light source. Hitting a person with it will destroy all of their active light sources. You can also use it to disrupt the lighting in an entire area by using the high damage potential to destroy APCs. Your shadow walk ability allows you to quickly get out and in of a battle which is a very useful ability. It allows you to easily pick your fights by jaunting out if you see a group of heavily armed security officers heading your way and jaunt in if you see an easy prey wondering alone.

Fighting a Nightmare

Stay in the light

Nightmares cannot jaunt into lit rooms and will receive constant passive damage if they are in one. Remaining within safe lit up areas such as the medbay will basically guarantee your safety as long as the lights stay on.

Stay close to someone

If you wander alone in dark areas like maintenance, you are likely to face certain death as a single hit with the Light Eater will destroy all lights you may be carrying. Fighting a Nightmare in the shadows is a nearly hopeless task as they can jaunt behind you swinging their armblade while being immune to ranged weaponry. Even if you manage to stun them, they could just shadow walk until their stun wears off. With another crew member, the Nightmare would have to hit you both for complete darkness and a friend can pull you out if you lose your lights. If a Nightmare attacks you they would have to commit as they can't jaunt away as long as there is light.

Bring a spare light (But keep it off)

The Light Eater consumes anything that is emitting light, but turned off flashlights and unused glowsticks won't be destroyed. If you get hit, turn on another light source.

Deny escape

If there are no lights while fighting the Nightmare, it will simply leave if it feels it is losing. Deny escape! You can crack on a glowstick and throw it for a great way to stop a jaunted Nightmare from escaping, or set it on fire while it's manifested so the denial of its escape is attached to it. Be sure to always remain close to the nightmare and deny any escape route as if it escapes to darkness, the Nightmare will recover their health much faster than you will if you even can.

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