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Access: Wherever your job has access to
Additional Access: Anywhere you can break or sneak into
Difficulty: High
Supervisors: None
Duties: Consume people's will and turn into a screamy-monster-thing
Guides: This is the guide
Quote: ?

Darkspawn begin in a similar fashion to the shadowling gamemode, disguised as a normal crewmember with the ability to reveal their true form. If they refuse to do so within 30 minutes, the Darkspawn will be forced to reveal themselves.

After divulging, the Darkspawn get access to the abilities: Pass, Devour Will, and the Psi network. Starting with 3 lucidities, the currency of the Psi network, the Darkspawn can purchase additional abilities from the Psi network. To gain more lucidity, using the Devour Will ability on a humanoid will grant 1 point.

The win-goal of the Darkspawn is to use the Devour Will ability on 15-30 unique individuals (scaling with population), unlock all passive abilities, and use the Sacrament ability.


Icon Name Description Psi Cost Lucidity Cost
Devour will.png Devour Will Baseline. Puts a dark bead in the user's hand that they can use on a conscious human to drain psi and lucidity. The dark bead lasts 3 seconds after being prepared, you have to hit someone before then. Successfully devouring a human's will will completely refill your psi and grant an additional lucidity, as well as knocking them out for 30 seconds. Careful! every point of damage they take means one (1) second of sleep taken away 5 Baseline ability
Pass.png Pass Baseline. Morphs a free hand into a mass of tendrils that have many uses. Examining the tendrils will detail their effects on different intents.
  • On help intent, clicking a tile will throw you to it for 10 psi.
  • On disarm intent, clicking an airlock will force it open for 15 psi.
  • On disarm intent, clicking a bolted airlock will destroy it for 30 psi, with the time it takes being reduced if you have the passive pass upgrade.
  • On harm intent, will throw the tendrils, knocking over whoever it hits for 4 seconds and stunning them for 1 second.
  • Hitting a Cyborg with the projectile will deal 10 damage, cut their headlamp, and stun them for 2 seconds.
  • The tendrils themselves deal 15 damage and break lights instantly in melee.
0 Baseline ability.
Demented outburst.png Demented Outburst After five seconds, unleashes a shockwave that blows over everyone nearby and sends objects flying. Not interrupted by movement and can only be cancelled by going unconscious. 50 psi 2
Simulacrum.png Simulacrum Creates an illusion that mimics you and runs forward for ten seconds. The illusion is revealed when examined. 20 psi 1
Tagalong.png Tagalong Melds with a nearby target's shadow, allowing you to "ride" them into lit areas. Use this in any way you can think of; spying, stealth. This ability is cancelled if the target enters a dark area, as they won't have a shadow anymore. 30 psi 2
Silver tongue.png Silver Tongue Recalls the emergency shuttle if the Darkspawn has access to a comms console. 60 psi 1
Creep.png Creep Prevents you from dying in the light as long as the ability is active. Once cast costs 5 psi per second. 5 psi 2
Time dialation.png Time Dilation Makes you immune to slow down and do actions faster for a minute 75 psi 3
Veil mind.png Veil Mind Converts nearby non-implanted people who have recently had their will devoured into veils, which are loyal to the Darkspawn but can be deconverted with mindshield implants. 60 psi 1

Passive Abilities

Name Effect Lucidity Cost
Mending Sigil 25% Faster Healing in Darkness 1
Lightward Sigil Halved burn damage from light and resistance from dimmer lights. 2
Psi Sigils 25 extra maximum psi. 2
Recovery Sigil Psi regeneration activates faster and regenerates up to 5 more psi. 1
Starlight Sigils Allows the Darkspawn to move safely in space, giving immunity from starlight. 3
Duality Sigils Upgraded pass tendrils, allowing them to drag people to you and stunning them twice as long on harm intent. 1