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Genus: TBD
Homeworld: Lampetus
Central Authority: TBD
Allowed Command Roles: Chief Engineer, Chief Medical Officer
Guides: No external guides

Mothpeople are a mutant race similar to the Earth moth insect, found on Nanotrasen space stations.






Mothfolk are an optional playable race. You can make a mothperson character in the character panel, and change aspects of its appearance such as "skin" color.

Moths attack with their claws to slash and hack people, though this does not deal any additional damage. They are shown to "flutter" when speaking and have unique names (usually joke names that revolve around being a moth).

For gameplay purposes, moths can flutter around in pressurized low-gravity environments (aka the gravity generator dies). However, they get crushed by electric damage, fly swatters and pest spray. Their wings easily burn off too.

Note that as a moth, the AI does not consider you human and is not obligated to listen to you under the Asimov rule set.



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