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Anything Lore related here is subject to massive change, with the current lore reworks. Cheers -Mesalikepie Yogs Lore Director

Genus: TODO
Homeworld: TODO
Central Authority: TODO
Paycheck Modifier: 1.0x
Allowed Command Roles: Not defined
Guides: No external guides

TODO: Can't find any prove in the code for this:

  • Don't need to breathe.
  • Can survive in extreme temperatures.
  • Are immune to the effects of radiation.
  • Can attach limbs from the ground without surgery.
  • Immune to viruses.
  • Healed by toxins.
  • Damaged by anti-toxins.
  • Loses limbs easily.

Universal Recorder.png Foreword

Rotted remains of former humans, brought almost all the way back to life. Unlike the zombies you find in movies, these zombies don't crave your brains despite what they might be compelled to say sometimes. It's perfectly possible to coexist with these zombies, though understanding their slurring speech might drive some to wish it wasn't.

  • Diet
    • Likes: Gross and raw foods, meat
    • Dislikes: None
    • Toxic: None
  • Benefits
    • Have no blood to lose.
  • Drawbacks
    • Moves slowly.
    • Very hard to understand.
    • Very hard to look at.

Arcade Machines.gif Gameplay

How to pick TODO
Customisation None
Special features
  • Very hard to understand speech
  • Does not have blood
AI-interaction The AI does not consider you human and is not obligated to listen to you and an Asimov AI will often respond lethally should they find you harming a Human. However, this also means the AI can allow you to put yourself into harm's way in a positive manner, such as opening an airlock exposed to space to save someone.



Body & Resistances


Medcom.gif Variations

Infectious Zombies

THESE are the zombies you know from the movies. They constantly regenerate and must be beheaded / restrained / gibbed to stop. Their attack will transmit their disease. Luckily they are quite slow. Make sure you are not killing a krokodil-addict though.

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