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Anything Lore related here is subject to massive change, with the current lore reworks. Cheers -Mesalikepie Yogs Lore Director

Genus: Paederia Lanta Poderus
Homeworld: None
Central Authority: None
Paycheck Modifier: 1.0x
Allowed Command Roles: Not defined
Guides: No external guides

Universal Recorder.png Foreword

TODO: Distinguishing Podpeople vs Phytosian!

  • Diet
    • Likes: Light, Vegetables, fruits and grain products since they are cannibals at heart
    • Dislikes: Darkness, meat and dairy products
    • Toxic: Some chemicals listed below
  • Benefits
  • Drawbacks
    • Darkness drains nutrition.
    • If starving, takes damage over time.
    • Tendency to be overweight due to desire to stay in the light at all times.
    • Extra vulnerable to chemicals designed to kill plant life.
    • Takes extra burn damage and heats up quickly.
    • Mutates if shot by a floral somatoray in mutation mode.

Arcade Machines.gif Gameplay

How to pick
  • Can be created in the character creation panel in the game lobby.
  • Can be created in hydroponics via replica pod cloning
Customisation Skincolor, eyecolor
Special features
  • Slower than average humans
  • Your meat can be considered vegetables
  • not attacked by plants and vines
  • Amount of light determines effects ranging from fast oxygen/toxin/nutrition damage to all-type healing and nutrition gain. The healing does not work in cold / hot environments even when sufficient light is given.
  • Mutation of floragun will cause random mutations (20% positive) and raditate + paralyze
AI-interaction The AI does not consider you human and is not obligated to listen to you and an Asimov AI will often respond lethally should they find you harming a Human. However, this also means the AI can allow you to put yourself into harm's way in a positive manner, such as opening an airlock exposed to space to save someone.




The most significant benefit of phytosians is their innate regeneration in light. The regeneration heals toxin, oxygen, brute, and burn damage. It does not work while the phytosian is unconscious, so it will not save you from crit, and is balanced by significantly increased damage from many sources. In darkness, a phytosian will slowly take oxygen damage until they die or find a sufficient light source. Containers like lockers, morgues, and disposal chutes are too dark for phytosians to survive in for long periods.

When directly stunned by a handheld flash, phytosians will heal 5 each of brute, burn, oxygen, toxin, and clone damage, which is helpful because they cannot easily heal cloneloss from cryo.

When thralled by a shadowling, phytosians lose their innate healing in light and damage from darkness, and instead regenerate slowly when within three tiles of a shadowling.

(TODO: factcheck)

Light also provides nutrition for the phytosian. During most rounds, a phytosian will never have to eat, and if you manage to survive long periods in darkness, you will become extremely hungry and slower as a result.

At very low and very high temperatures, including those found in cryo, phytosians will not heal from chemicals or light, making cryo ineffective and potentially deadly (unless some clever doctor sets the cryo freezer to above 150 degrees K).

Body & Resistances

  • Receive 200% burn damage
  • Recieve 200% damage from acid
  • 150% heat-effect
  • 150% cold-effect
  • Special chemical effects:
    • EZ-Nutriment: Oxygen and toxin healing. Decreases addiction?
    • Left4Zed-Nutriment: Heals burndamage, deals toxin damage, 10% chance for mutation /tick (5% positive)
    • RobustHarvest-Nutriment: Heal 2 toxin damage, half initial metabolization rate of toxins and drugs inside body
    • Sugar: Intensifies light-related healing and damage
    • Ethanol: Brain, toxin damage, sleep, confusion depending on booze power
    • Diethylamine: Healing
    • Ammonia: Heal brute and burn damage
    • Saltpetre: Heal burn and toxin damage
    • Plant-B-Gone: 3 toxin damage / tick

Bookcase.png Background


Born on the core-worlds of G-D52, you are a distant relative of a vestige of humanity long discarded. Symbiotic plant-cells suffuse your skin and provide a protective layer that keeps you alive, and affords you regeneration unmatched by any other race. Your physiology is similar, but fundamentally different to a normal carbon life form. The chlorophyll in your epidermis provides passive nourishment and regeneration in light, but your biological processes rely on some degree of light being present at all times. Darkness is your greatest foe. Even the cold expanses of space are lit by neighbouring stars, but the darkest recesses of the station's interior may prove to be your greatest foe. Stripped of light, you will wither and die. Heat and flame are even greater foes, as your epidermis is combustible. Be warned: you will perish quickly should you become so wounded that you lose consciousness in an area void of any meaningful light source.





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