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Short for Personal Data Assistant, PDAs are usually useful to their owners, as they have a variety of functions, such as note keeping and messaging, as well as job-specific functions like controlling the securitron Officer Beepsky and analyzing fingerprints or blood stains, sending deliveries, analyzing the atmosphere around you, scanning for disease or components, checking how much power are in the APCs around the station and causing chaos.

The PDAs message function rely's on the RD's message server. If it is powerless or broken then no one will be able to send messages to each other. The message server also logs your dirty little messages so don't expect to be able to get away with using them to rally a rebellion.

Your primary use of the PDA will likely be the handy flashlight feature it comes with. Once the station descends into chaos, you won't have to go hunting around for a flashlight, as you have a weak one built right in. Just put the PDA in your hand, click it, and click "enable flashlight." This light will also count for the stacking effect other flashlights have.


Some programs require additional access to be installed. All PDAs come with these default programs/features:

  • Messager: Send messages to anyone with a PDA, as long as they have their messages function turned on. Messages are written in your default language.
  • Flashlight: This low powered flashlight can be used to successfully navigate through areas without lighting.

These programs can be installed:

Program Description Access
Budget Monitor This program will allow you to view the financial status of your department(s). Heads of Staff
Crew Manifest Program for viewing and printing the current crew manifest.
ID Card Modification Program for programming employee ID cards to access parts of the station. Heads of Staff
Job Manager Program for viewing and changing job slot availability. Heads of Staff
Implant Tracker This program allows for tracking those implanted with tracking implants. Brig
OverSeer This program allows access to the labor camp camera network. Armory
SecurEye This program allows access to standard security camera networks. Brig
Alarm Monitor This program provides visual interface for station's alarm system.
Atmospheric Scanner A small built-in sensor reads out the atmospheric conditions around the device.
Nuclear Reactor Monitoring This program connects to specially calibrated sensors to provide information on the status of nuclear reactors. Engine
Power Monitor This program connects to sensors around the station to provide information about electrical systems. Engine
Supermatter Monitoring This program connects to specially calibrated supermatter sensors to provide information on the status of supermatter-based engines. Engine
Bot Remote Controller A remote controller used for giving basic commands to non-sentient robots.
Cyborg Remote Monitoring This program allows for remote monitoring of station cyborgs. Robotics
AI Integrity Restorer This program is capable of reconstructing damaged AI systems. Requires direct AI connection via intellicard slot. Heads of Staff
Chemical Scanner A small built-in sensor reads out the chemicals in an item.
Crew Suit Sensor Monitor This program allows for viewing of crew members vitals via their suit sensors. Medical
Lifeline This program allows for tracking of crew members via their suit sensors. Medical
Bounty Board Request Network A multi-platform network for placing requests across the station, with payment across the network being possible.
NT IRN Nanotrasen Internal Requisition Network interface for supply purchasing using a department budget account.
Nanotrasen Bounty Hunter A basic interface for supply personnel to check and claim bounties. Cargo
OverWatch This program allows access to the mining base camera network. Mining
Chat Client This program allows communication over NTNRC network
Energy Harvester Control This program connects remotely to the onboard energy harvester, allowing a chief engineer to control the input rates and check for cashflow. Chief Engineer
NTNet Diagnostics and Monitoring This program monitors stationwide NTNet network, provides access to logging systems, and allows for configuration changes. Network Admin
Nanotrasen Micro Arcade This port of the classic game 'Outbomb Cuban Pete', redesigned to run on tablets, with thrilling graphics and chilling storytelling.
Nanotrasen Micro Arcade: Blackjack Nanotrasen does not permit anyone under the age of 21 to partake in gambling. Requires an NTNet connection.
Nanotrasen Micro Arcade: Minesweeper A port of the classic game 'Minesweeper', redesigned to run on tablets.
Paperwork Printing Program for dispensing paperwork.
Themeify This program allows configuration of your device's theme.
Marlowe Treeby's Art Galaxy This program connects to a Spinward Sector community art site for viewing and printing art. Library