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Clothing is what keeps you warm in the winter, let alone the dead of space. Below are the objects which you can wear.

Short guide to clothes


Hud aligned small.png

Your character has the following slots that are always available:

  • Glasses
  • Hat
  • Neck
  • Mask
  • Ears
  • Jumpsuit
  • External suit
  • Gloves
  • Shoes
  • Back

Jumpsuit unlocks for you:

  • ID slot
  • Belt
  • Pockets

And external suit unlocks for you an external suit storage.

Contents of your pockets are not visible for others, but if someone tries to empty them you do not get a message unless you move. Pockets can hold tiny and small items. They can also hold mining satchel, despite it being a normal-sized item.

If you have a storage item in one of your slots, you can click on it to open it. If you want to take it to your hand, drag it to the hand slot with your mouse. You can also drag an item to your character on the map to open it. This will work with a pill bottle in your pocket, for example, or if you have something in your hands.

Damage protection

There are several types of damage in the game. Various pieces of clothing offer protection for the body parts they cover.

  • Melee
  • Bullet
  • Laser
  • Energy
  • Bomb
  • Biological
  • Radiation

Temperature protection

Some pieces of clothing offer protection from high/low temperatures. High-temperature protection is needed when everything is on fire. Low-temperature protection is needed when you are in space or very close to being in space. Items only protect body parts they cover.


Having a jumpsuit is extremely important. Without a jumpsuit you will not have an ID slot, a belt slot, or any pocket slots. The jumpsuit is also useful in identifying your department at a glance, and so can be used as part of a disguise. In addition, jumpsuits now have a full suite of sensors that can be toggled and adjusted by right-clicking on it. They can give out data to the bridge including your location, your health, and your mortality. Some jumpsuits made to be practical will offer minor protection, which will be noted in it's description. For example, the virologist's jumpsuit has minor projection to biohazards, while the Head of Security's will have a small amount of protection from blunt trauma. Plasmaman jumpsuits prevent plasmamen from being on fire when worn with a plasmaman helmet.

A bit different from the others is the prisoner's jumpsuit. In addition to its distinctive colour, its suit sensors are always on maximum.

You can wash a jumpsuit in a washing machine with a crayon to paint it.

Chameleon jumpsuit.gif
Found in: Everyone starts with one, several more are found in lockers all around the station
Used for: To hide your naked body, jumpsuits provides a belt slot, ID slot and two pockets for storage. They also come equipped with adjustable suit sensors which, when enabled will show useful information about the wearer on crew monitoring consoles
Strategy: Just wear it at all times as they're useful and practical
Jumpsuits are the clothing standard on the station. Everyone starts off with one, which describes which job they do. Additional ones are usually found in the changing room, in the dormitory, in job-specific wardrobes and in the lockers for heads of staff. There are some additional, gimmicky ones in the theater.

Neck Gear

Neckgear holds no practical purpose, but it can really help to put an outfit together.

Found in: Autodrobe, ClothesMate
Used for: Listening to music
Strategy: Place it on your ears, head or neck and turn the headphones on
Unce unce unce unce. Boop!
Found in: ClothesMate
Used for: Looking smart
Strategy: Pair this with a suit to look the part
A neosilk clip-on tie.
Found in: Medbay
Used for: Listening to patient's heartbeat
Strategy: Target this at the patient's chest to listen to their heart
An outdated medical apparatus for listening to the sounds of the human body. It also makes you look like you know what you're doing.
Found in: Autodrobe, ClothesMate
Used for: Looking stylish
Strategy: Wear a scarf to complete your outfit
A stylish scarf. The perfect winter accessory for those with a keen fashion sense, and those who just can't handle a cold breeze on their necks.


Different kinds of hats for various purposes.

Hard Hat
Found in: Engineering
Used for: Providing light in dark areas and slightly protecting your head
Strategy: Wear it to be recognized as a competent engineer
All engineers spawn with one of these on their head. Useful when in the dark or when getting shot by chocolate from a hacked candy dispenser.
An otherwise similar but pressureproof and fireproof version of this is the Fire Helmet.png Firefighter Helmet. They can be found in Maintenance and Atmospherics.

Welding Hard Hat
Found in: Engineering
Used for: Providing light in dark areas and slightly protecting your head, along with protecting your eyes.
Strategy: Wear it to be recognized as an extra competent engineer
A standard hard hat with an added welding visor. Only two exist on the station, one in the engidrobe and a CE version CEWelding.png sits in the CE's personal locker. The same effect can be achieved by wearing a welding gas mask along with your regular hard hat.

Atmospheric Technician's Firefighting Helmet
Found in: Atmospherics
Used for: Providing light in dark areas, protecting your head from fire and pressure, concealing identity
Strategy: Wear it with the firesuit and you'll be cool when on fire.
A firefighter's helmet, able to keep the user cool in any situation.

Welding Helmet
Found in: Engineering, Atmospherics
Used for: Keeping your eyes safe when welding
Strategy: Wear it while using a welding tool, or to get by flashers. Wearing them makes you practically blind. Clicking the Welding Helmet while in hand, will flip it up so it doesn't cover the face
A head-mounted face cover designed to protect the wearer completely from space-arc eye. Cargo can manufacture these with their autolathe or they can order some.

Bio Hood
Found in: Engineering, Medbay, Custodial Closet, Virology
Used for: Bio Hoods and Overalls decreases the chance of being affected by reagents in smoke and also protects from facehuggers
Strategy: A chemist with one of these suits is invincible against against their own smoke bombs, no more suicide gassing
Wear this with the Bio suit to complete the look. They also hide your identity.

Found in: Lockers at Security Office and Security Posts
Used for: To protect your head, your eyes and your headset
Strategy: Wear it
A component of Securitrons and a distinguishing feature of Security Officers (if you're wondering why people are treating you like a piece of shit, it's because the previous shitcurity officer had the exact same uniform as you). Helmets protect against damage to the head very well. Some come with a siren. They can be found in security lockers and Cargo could order more. Every Security Officer spawns with one.

Riot Helmet
Found in: Armory
Used for: To protect your head from melee attacks and your face from facehuggers
Strategy: Wear it
An helmet with marginally better protection from melee attacks, but worse protection from energy weapons. The real value of this helmet is its visor, which protects you from facehuggers.

Cake Hat
Found in: Bar
Used for: To celebrate birthdays
Strategy: Wear it
Comes with a candle that is guaranteed to light any plasma you walk through on fire. Can be used to make a birthday cake.

Plasmaman helmet.png
Plasmaman Helmet
Found in: Plasmamen, Plasmaman Supply Kit
Used for: To prevent exposure of the wearer to oxygen in air
Strategy: Wear it. As a plasmaman, only take it off to join a Revolution or to set yourself on fire!


Plasmaman start off wearing these. If you're set on fire and you're wearing this and the plasmaman jumpsuit, you'll be extinguished as soon as the auto-extinguishing system is ready. Non-plasmamen won't suffocate while wearing one.

Expect a killer to remove this helmet from a dead or dying plasmaman, turning them into a lasting fire.


Different masks can provide you with oxygen, filter out bad gases and germs, hide your identity or make you look cool.

Breath Mask
Found in: It is very common for a crewmate to wear a breath mask, since every employee is provided with a complementary box of internals in their backpack prior to their trip on the arrival shuttle
Used for: They are transparent and cover only part of the face, so can't be used in hiding your identity
Strategy: Used when people with Voice Changers are on the loose
Unlike gas masks, breath masks must be attached to an air tank in order to have any benefit.

Gas mask.png
Gas Mask
Found in: Engineering, Maintenance
Used for: Gas masks can be used in conjunction with a gas tank of any type to set up internals
Strategy: Without internals they will hide your identity, protect your face, and filter out any contaminations in the air. It however does not mask your voice, unlike the Voice changer gasmask, which will change your voice to the voice of the ID you're wearing
A face-covering mask that can be connected to an air supply.

Sterile Mask
Found in: Medbay, on Doctor's faces
Used for: Slight disease prevention
Strategy: Internals provide the same disease blocking benefit as these with the added bonus of being able to breathe from oxygen tanks.
Filters toxic gases and gives a slight defense against airborne diseases.

Found in: Medbay
Used for: Keeping patients quiet
Strategy: Put it on someone's face
Stops those pesky patients from screaming for help!


These items can be worn over your jumpsuit, giving your protection or just to dress up nicely.

Radiation Suit
Found in: Engineering in a L2locker.pngRadiation Suit Closet
Used for: Protecting from radiation
Strategy: Wear it and go near a radiation source
A highly recommended bodywear when being close to the Singularity. Comes with a RadiationSuitHood.png Radiation Suit Hood.

Found in: Engineering, Medbay, Custodial Closet, Virology in a L3locker.pngLevel-3 Biohazard Suit Closet
Used for: Bio Suits and Overalls decreases the chance of being infected by diseases or affected by reagents in smoke
Strategy: Short for biohazardous suit. Protects from direct exposure to chemicals and disease. Wearing one increases your immunity and is one more barrier between you and an acid spill or outbreak
A suit that protects against biological contamination. Comes with a BioSuitHood.png Bio-suit Hood.

Security Bio-suit
Found in: Armory
Used for: Specially designed Bio-suit that provides complete protection from biological exposure akin to a Bio-suit but also provides a minor amount of protection thanks to the built in armour.
Strategy: Short for biohazardous suit. Protects from direct exposure to chemicals and disease. Wearing one increases your immunity and is one more barrier between you and an acid spill or outbreak
A suit that protects against biological contamination and some damage. Comes with a SecBioSuitHelm.png Security Bio-suit Hood.

Found in: Armory, Toxins Lab in an L4locker.pngEOD Closet
Used for: You will not be gibbed by bombs when you wear this.
Strategy: Wear it while tampering with bombs!
A suit designed for safety when handling explosives. Comes with a BombHood.png Bomb Hood.

Found in: Medbay, Science
Used for: Storing medical and scientific items.
Strategy: Wear it. In addition to the suit storage slot a labcoat can hold up to two small items in its pockets, which can be accessed like a backpack or toolbelt.
A suit that protects against minor chemical spills.

Hazard Vest
Found in: Engineering, Atmospherics, Construction Area
Used for: Accessing the suit storage slot
Strategy: This will make you look like a real engineer. It simply allows another storage slot for tools or flashlights. Also a very weak armor
A high-visibility vest used in work zones.

Emergency Firesuit
Found in: Atmospherics, Maintenance, Firesafetycloset.pngFire Safety Closets around the station
Used for: Fighting fires
Strategy: Wearing a firesuit along with a fire helmet will protect you from extreme heat. Slows you down slightly when worn. Wear it in space and it will protect you from the low pressure, though you'll still freeze.
A suit that protects against fire, heat, and pressure.

Atmos firesuit.png
Found in: Atmospherics
Used for: Fighting the fiercest of fires
Strategy: Wearing this firesuit along with the atmos tech's firefighting helmet will protect you from the greatest extremes in temperature. Slows you down to the same degree as the emergency firesuit.
An expensive firesuit that protects against even the most deadly of station fires. Designed to protect even if the wearer is set aflame.

Straight Jacket.png
Straight Jacket
Found in: Medbay, Prison Wing
Used for: Keeping a crazy person restrained
Strategy: Wear it (not recommended) or put it on someone who you want restrained
A suit that completely restrains the wearer. Cannot be taken off without help from someone else.

Grey space suit.png
Space Suit
Found in: E.V.A.
Used for: Spacewalks
Strategy: Wearing this with a space helmet will protect you from the coldness of space. Significantly slows down the wearer.
A suit that protects against low pressure environments. Has a big 13 on the back.

Engineering Hardsuit
Found in: Engineering
Used for: Spacewalks
Strategy: Engineering is provided with two hardsuits to assist with setting up the engine, wiring the solar panels, and repairing hull breaches. Significantly slows down the wearer.
Serves as low-strength armor and has better radiation shielding than standard spacesuits.

Atmospherics Hardsuit.png
Atmospherics Hardsuit
Found in: Atmospherics
Used for: Surviving space and rooms with extreme pressures
Strategy: Atmospherics has one suit for a daring Atmos Tech.
Has excellent heat shielding but no radiation shielding.
Has an inbuilt helmet.

Mining Hardsuit.png
Mining Hardsuit
Found in: Mining Station
Used for: Mining while spacewalking
Strategy: Wearing this with a space helmet will protect you from the coldness of space. Reinforced against brute and blasts, but weaker against radiation than the regular engineering hardsuit. Often enhanced with armored plates from certain asteroid-dwelling creatures.
A special suit that protects against hazardous, low pressure environments. Has reinforced plating.
Has an inbuilt helmet.

Advanced Hardsuit
Found in: Chief Engineer's Office
Used for: Repairing the station while spacewalking
Strategy: Wearing this with a space helmet will protect you from the coldness of space. Has more protection against brute, blasts and radiation than the regular engineering hardsuit
An advanced suit that protects against hazardous, low pressure environments. Shines with a high polish.
Has an inbuilt helmet.

Security Hardsuit.png
Security Hardsuit
Found in: Armory
Used for: Catching criminals while spacewalking
Strategy: Wearing this with a space helmet will protect you from the coldness of space. Additional protection against brute and lasers
A special suit that protects against hazardous, low pressure environments. Has an additional layer of armor.
Has an inbuilt helmet.

Security Hardsuit
Found in: HoS Office
Used for: Catching criminals while spacewalking
Strategy: Wearing this with a space helmet will protect you from the coldness of space. Additional protection against brute and lasers
A special suit that protects against hazardous, low pressure environments. Has an additional layer of armor.
Has an inbuilt helmet. Has better protection than standard Sec Hardsuit.

Medical Hardsuit.png
Chief Medical Officers Hardsuit
Found in: Chief Medical Officers Office
Used for: Retrieving people from space
Strategy: Wearing this with a space helmet will protect you from the coldness of space. Slows the wearer down less than other spacesuits.
A special suit that protects against hazardous, low pressure environments. Built with lightweight materials for easier movement.
Has an inbuilt helmet.

Research Directors Hardsuit
Found in: Research Directors Office
Used for: Conducting experiments with the safety of a space proof bomb suit.
Strategy: Wearing this with a space helmet will protect you from the coldness of space. Slows the wearer down less than other spacesuits.
A special suit that protects against hazardous, low pressure environments. Built with treated armour for protection against bombs.
Has an inbuilt helmet with a diagnostic HUD.

NASA Voidsuit
Found in: Abandoned Satellite
Used for: Spacewalks
Strategy: Wearing this with a space helmet will protect you from the coldness of space. Slows the wearer down less than other spacesuits.
An old, NASA Centcom branch designed, dark red space suit helmet.
Has an inbuilt helmet.

Captain's Armor
Found in: Captain's Quarters
Used for: Spacewalks
Strategy: Wearing this with a space helmet will protect you from the coldness of space. Slows the wearer down less than other spacesuits.
A bulky, heavy-duty piece of exclusive Nanotrasen spacesuit. YOU are in charge!
Comes with a helmet.

Captain's Carapace
Found in: Captain's Quarters
Used for: Protection
Strategy: Wear to avoid death
A special armor vest unique to the Captain. Offers far greater protection than most armor, and displays your authority to the crew.

Body Armor
Found in: Lockers in Security Office and Security Posts
Used for: To protect your chest
Strategy: Wear it
If you're a Security Officer, wear it! It has saved many lives. You can find replacements in almost all Security lockers. If these supplies have been exhausted, the Warden can provide you with some. It's for the protection of one's self in around the chest from brute damage, but not temperature extremes. If you have an open slot in your exo-suit, don't hesitate wearing this armor, it wont slow you down. It also provides you with a handy-dandy exosuit slot for stashing your taser or stun-baton!

Riot Suit
Found in: Armory
Used for: To protect you from melee attacks
Strategy: Wear it
Gives great protection against melee attacks, not very useful if you're attacked with a gun though. Commonly used with the Riot Shield.

Bulletproof Vest
Found in: Armory
Used for: To protect you from bullets
Strategy: Wear it
A vest that will protect you extremely well from projectile weapons like guns. It is useless against energy weapons. Stored in the armory.

Reflective Jacket
Found in: Armory
Used for: To deflect fire from energy weapons
Strategy: Wear it
A blue and white vest that is made to deflect energy weapons. When you are wearing it, there is a chance that energy shots to your chest will be reflected back to the shooter. Useless against projectile weapons. It is stocked in the armory, and can be ordered in a secure crate from the cargo bay. This is a high-risk item.

Armored Coat
Found in: Head of Security's Office
Used for: To deflect fire from energy weapons
Strategy: Wear it
A greatcoat enchanced with a special alloy for some protection and style.


Shoes can look stylish, and they can also help you not go all John McClane on the glass shards.

Found in: Locker Room, Dorms, Arrivals, Medbay
Used for: Protecting your feet from glass, making you walk faster
Strategy: Wear them. Don't take them off unless you're changing them for another pair
A pair of brown shoes.

Clown's Shoes
Found in: HONK!!!
Used for: Squeaking, and making H.O.N.K. mechs
Strategy: Makes that annoying squeaking sound as the clown walks. Slightly slower than normal shoes.
The prankster's standard-issue clowning shoes. Damn, they're huge!

Janitor's Galoshes
Found in: The Janitor's Closet
Used for: They prevent you from slipping on everything but space lube
Strategy: Other crew members will often seek these out to avoid falling victim to the clown or excessive mopping. Reduce your speed
Rubber boots

Magnetic Boots
Found in: Chief Engineers Office, EVA storage
Used for: Preventing you from moving unintentionally in space and being flown away by space wind.
Strategy: Make sure you toggle them on via the object tab for them to work. Prevents unintentional movement whilst EVA and slows you down greatly for careful, deliberate movement
Magnetic boots, often used during extravehicular activity to ensure the user remains safely attached to the vehicle. Also prevent being sent flying away when unwrenching pipes with gasses inside or from the space wind caused by difference in pressure between rooms.

Found in: Prison Wing lockers
Used for: Dressing your prisoners
Strategy: Apply cuffs to shoes, put them on prisoners
Make prisoners wear these to keep them in line. Slows them down considerably.


Can be used to hide fingerprints and protection from certain objects. You can wash gloves with a crayon to change their color.

Black Gloves
Found in: Cargo Bay, Atmospherics, some other places in the station
Used for: Completing a outfit, or hiding fingerprints
Strategy: These gloves give heat protection, so wear them while firefighting and removing lightbulbs
These gloves are fire-resistant.

Budget Insulated Gloves
Found in: Engineering and Primary Tool Storage
Used for: Trolling
Strategy: With all these budget cuts, Nanotrasen cannot afford high quality gloves for all crewmen. Budget gloves usually only provide the half protection from electric shocks most other gloves give, but can sometimes have full protection, 25% protection, or make you take more damage than if you were otherwise bare handed! These are far easier to obtain than regular insulated gloves, so roll the dice with them if you want. Washing gloves with a yellow crayon will name them budgeted insulated gloves, but they will not protect you from shocks.
These gloves are cheap copies of the coveted gloves, no way this can end badly.

Insulated Gloves
Found in: Engineering, tech storage, and ordered by Cargo
Used for: To stop you from being shocked
Strategy: Trade your old gloves in for these, if you're not worried about disease. These handy yellow gloves are much coveted by the crew. While not as stylish as black gloves, they hide your fingerprints just as well and also protect the wearer from electric shock when hacking and manipulating power cables. Throw these gloves in a washing machine with a crayon to change the glove's distinct colour and name so you are not accosted for wearing them.
These gloves will protect the wearer from electric shock.

Latex Gloves
Found in: Latex gloves can be easily secured from the morgue and medbay. They can also be found on the hands of medical personnel
Used for: They partially prevent the passing of disease and leave only partial fingerprints
Strategy: Latex gloves are white and thin, they are the least suspicious of the gloves to be worn because they are so common and so freely passed out. It is far easier to dispose of gloves than it is to wash your bare hands. They can also be blown up into balloons! You will still burn yourself on light bulbs with these. You will only take 30% damage from shocks with these. When washed with a crayon, they become normal gloves.
Cheap sterile gloves made from latex

Nitrile gloves.png
Nitrile Gloves
Found in: There are three pairs of this gloves on the whole station. One in the CMO's office and two in the medbay storage.
Used for: Decreasing a chance of speading a disease and not leaving fingerprints.
Strategy: Thicker and rarer brother of latex gloves. They do not leave fingerprints, they will however leave a nitrile fibers so be wary. Similarly to latex gloves they provide 30% shock resistance.
Pricy sterile gloves that are stronger than latex.

Botanist's Gloves
Found in: Botanist's hands
Used for: Holding some special plant types
Strategy: Holding nettles and growing them to insta-crit people. They also protect against temperature.
These leather gloves protect against thorns, barbs, prickles, spikes and other harmful objects of floral origin.

Combat Gloves
Found in: Derelict, Nuclear Agents, Traitor Uplinks
Used for: Both combat and electrical work.
Strategy: Hiding fingerprints while hacking doors in safety.
These tactical gloves are fireproof and shock resistant.


These items can be worn over your eyes, providing protection, visual information or other things

Health Scanner HUD
Found in: Surgery, CMO's Office, Virology
Used for: Seeing a visual overlay of people's health and disease status
Strategy: Use it to prioritize critical patients...or prioritize your targets
A heads-up display that scans the humans in view and provides accurate data about their health status.

Optical Meson Scanners
Found in: Engineering and maintenance areas.
Used for: Seeing structural layout.
Strategy: Wear these when mining, or seeing where structural damage is though walls. Removes all darkness effects, but you still will not see people or objects until you get close.
Used for seeing walls, floors, and stuff through anything.

Engineering Scanner Goggles
Found in: Engineering.
Used for: Seeing structural layout or seeing under floor tiles.
Strategy: Switch between meson and T-ray scanning when needed.
The Meson Scanner mode lets you see basic structural and terrain layouts through walls, regardless of lighting condition. The T-ray Scanner mode lets you see underfloor objects such as cables and pipes.

Found in: Security Office, Maintenance.
Used for: Protection against flashes, useful when against Revs and flashes, wearing at night and when your vision is augmented.
Strangely ancient technology used to help provide rudimentary eye cover. Enhanced shielding blocks flashes, but isn't strong enough to weld with.

Found in: Security Office
Used for: Combines Sunglasses and Security Scanner
Strategy: Security starts with these, allow you to see a persons ID level and wanted status along with resistance to flashes. You will also get automated notifications from beepsky and brig cells.
Recommended for all security members. In addition to protection from flashes, it provides nifty icons over the heads of everyone you can see. It displays their rank, arrest status, if the have a tracking implant (flashing red dot) or a loyalty implant (green square). Also allows for on-the-fly Security Records management by simply examining your target. You'll also get notified when Beepsky makes an arrest, or when a prisoner is released from the brig.

Welding Goggles.png
Welding Goggles
Found in: R&D Lab
Used for: Welding without receiving eye damage, without a welding mask!
Strategy: Wear it while using a welding tool, or to get by flashers. Wearing the Welding Helmet makes you practically blind. Clicking the Welding Helmet while in hand, will flip it up so it doesn't cover the face
Protects the eyes from welders, approved by the mad scientist association.

Science Goggles.png
Science Goggles
Found in: Chemistry, R&D Lab
Used for: Nothing
Strategy: Wear them and do science
My eyes! The goggles do nothing!

Found in: Theater
Used for: Healing eye damage, blinding people without hurting them.
Strategy: Wear this to slowly heal your eyes. Or just not see, if you want that.
Covers the eyes, preventing sight.

Night Vision Goggles
Found in: Abandoned Satellite, Nuclear Agents.
Used for: Seeing people in the dark.
Strategy: Wear these when you know a power outage is about to happen.
You can totally see in the dark now!

Prescription Glasses
Found in: Just about anywhere in the Medbay
Used for: Helping crew members with eye aliments see.
Strategy: Wear these, nullify nearsightedness while worn.
Made by Nerd. Co.


Different kinds of things which go on your back. Most people will wear a backpack, satchel or dufflebag at all times.

Found in: Dorms lockers, normal crew members may spawn wearing one
Used for: Storing unneeded crap
Strategy: You're going to want this. It's used for storing stuff, but, keep in mind that a backpack cannot store everything, such as toolboxes and other backpacks. But can generally store everything else. You also have a limited storage space.
You wear this on your back and put items into it.
Most jobs have their own variety of backpack: Medpack.png Medical Backpack, Secpack.png Security Backpack and Clownpack.png Giggles von Honkerton, to name a few.

Found in: Dorms lockers, normal crew members may spawn wearing one
Used for: Storing unneeded crap
Strategy: Functionally identical to the backpack, but it looks more fashionable.
You put this on your back slot and put items into it. Most jobs have their own variety of satchel. The Satchel.png Leather Satchel works the same as any satchel or backpack.

Found in: Dorms lockers, normal crew members may spawn wearing one
Used for: Storing more unneeded crap
Strategy: Functionally similar to the backpack, but can hold more things at the expense of slowing you down.
You put this on your back and put items into it. Most jobs have their own variety of dufflebag.

Found in: EVA
Used for: Propelling yourself in space
Strategy: Put it on your back and switch it on to maneuver in space or low-gravity areas.
The jet pack is a backpack slot item filled with either Carbon Dioxide or Oxygen. Since it has no air intake and carries its own fuel, it is actually a rocket pack, but the game can't seem to tell the difference so here we are. This item allows one to maneuver in a frictionless environment by firing either an expendable gas or a precious air supply out the back. Two black jetpacks filled with CO2 spawn in EVA. Syndicate operatives start with compact Oxygen-filled harnesses. The Captain has a unique oxygen-filled jetpack.

For proper use of a jetpack, remember these simple rules:

  • Jetpack-black.gif Black jetpacks are filled with carbon dioxide by default. Using these jetpacks as internals will knock you unconscious and suffocate you.
  • Refill JetPack.gif blue jetpacks with oxygen, not air (if you wish to use it for your internals, otherwise fill with any gas).
  • Always set it to 16-25 pressure if you aren't using the emergency mask from your starting box. If you still have that, hurry up and find something else!
  • Always toggle it on when you want to move or need to move quickly, but toggle stabilization off if you're just drifting so as to not waste your supply and remain untrackable.

Most jetpacks are too bulky to be stowed in a backpack.

Hardsuits can be upgraded to have an integrated jetpack, which works with a gas tank in the suit storage slot. Advanced hardsuits start off with one of these installed.

Void Jet Packs may also be found in [REDACTED], which are filled with oxygen.


Belts are a type of containers that can only hold specific items. They are to not be confused with belt slot of character's inventory. Belts that exist in the game are:

Tool Belt
Found in: Engineering or in maintenance, and on a engineer. Can be made at hydroponics through the biogenerator or ordered through mechanical maintenance crates
Used for: Toolbelts can hold some kinds of tiny items, most commonly tools
Strategy: They are worn as a belt and hold the same amount as a toolbox, though they are less useful as weapons. Sometimes the clown will steal these and hack EVA, just get your toolbox and robust him.
Can hold: Crowbar, Screwdriver, Welding tool, Wirecutters, Wrench, Multitool, Flashlight, Cable coil, T-ray scanner, Analyzer
Can hold various tools, such as:

Medical Belt
Found in: Medbay
Used for: Holding medical items
Strategy: Like the Utility Belt, but for holding medical items only. Think of these as your medkit- but on a belt. It can hold multiple medkits worth of medical gear.
Can hold: Health analyzer, DNA-Injector, Dropper, Beaker, Bottle, Pill, Syringe, Dispensed-beaker, Zippo lighter, Cigarette packet, Pill bottle, Medical box, Penlight.
Can hold various medical equipment, such as:

Security Belt
Found in: Warden's locker, Security Office lockers
Used for: Holding security stuff
Strategy: Like the utility belt, but for security uses only.
Can hold: Flashbang, Handcuffs, Flash, Glasses, Shotgun ammo, Magazines, Donuts
Can hold security gear, such as:

Found in: Custodial Closet
Used for: Holding janitorial supplies
Can hold:


These little devices are issued to every crew member upon arrival on the station. Every job, no matter how insignificant, gets some form of headset. In order to talk to the station with it simply type say ;(your text here).

Different branches of the station get a unique headset with its own private channel. In order to use this channel type in say .h (your text here). And your message will be broadcast to others with the same type of headset. Note that this does not work on the basic model. You can tell the basic model by its black coloring and lack of label.

All headsets are equipped with a standard encryption key used for the common channel. Screwdrivers can be used to remove the encryption keys and use them in a different headset. All department headsets come with two keys. Use your headset in hand to manually enable or disable keys, or change your default channel.

Here is a list of channels and how to access them. Examining your headset also shows you all possible channels. # and . can be used instead of :

.c = Command
.s = Security
.e = Engineering
.u = Supply
.m = Medical
.n = Science
.v = Service

Using .h will connect you with your default department's channel.

Other uses:

.b = Binary (For AI and cyborgs)
.a = Alien
.g = Changeling
.i = Intercom
.h = AI Holopad (For AI)
.o = AI Private (For AI)
.w = Whisper
.w = Darkspawn
.l = Left Hand
.r = Right Hand
.t = Syndicate/Traitor (For when you have a Syndicate encryption key)
.y = Central Command

Command Staff's Headset
Found in: Captain's Quarters locker, on the Captain's ear.
Used for: Normal radio chat as well as all department channels.
Strategy: Use this to coordinate all departments.
The headset of the heads.

Captain's headset:
.c - command, .s - security, .e - engineering, .u - supply, .v - service, .m - medical, .n - science

Head of Personnel's headset:
.c - command, .u - supply, .v - service

Head of Security's headset:
.c - command, .s - security

Chief Engineer's headset:
.c - command, .e - engineering

Research Director's headset:
.c - command, .n - research

Chief Medical Officer's headset:
.c - command, .m - medical

Engineering Radio Headset
Found in: Engineering lockers, Atmospherics lockers, Engineer's ear, Atmos tech's ear.
Used for: Used for engineering channel to report damage and to make sure that somebody has checked the engine recently.
Strategy: Use to coordinate repairs.
When the engineers wish to chat like girls. To access the engineering channel, use .e.

Medical/Genetics Radio Headset
Found in: Medbay lockers, Doctor's ear.
Used for: Talking to various jobs throughout the medbay via the medical channel.
Strategy: Use this to order things from chemistry or inform geneticists of bodies that need cloning.
A headset for the trained staff of the Medbay. To access the medical channel, use .m. Genetics get an extra channel to .n - science.

Supply Radio Headset
Found in: Cargo Bay lockers, Mining Dock lockers. The ears of the QM, Cargo Techs and Miners.
Used for: The Quartermaster and his slaves to talk to one another about the supply chain.
Strategy: Allows miners and techs to communicate with each other.
A headset used by the QM and his slaves. To access the supply channel, use .u.

Science Radio Headset
Found in: Robotics lockers and R&D Lab lockers. Roboticist's and Scientist's ear.
Used for: Communication in the science department.
Strategy: Has access to the science channel.
A sciency headset. Like usual. To access the science channel, use .n.

Security Radio Headset
Found in: Security Office lockers and the ears of anyone in the security department.
Used for: Coordinating security and requesting arrest orders via the security channel.
Strategy: Don't let traitors get their hands on these.
This is used by your elite security force. To access the security channel, use .s.

Standard/Service Radio Headset
Found in: Any civilian's ear, as well as Medbay's patient lockers, Dorms and Locker Room lockers, and any public locker.
Used for: Annoying people, screaming for help, letting people know that the singularity is out.
Strategy: None.
A standard radio headset. Carries no additional encryption keys. Nothing fancy, except the Bartender, Chef and Botanists all share a .v - service channel.

Found in: Prison Wing and Engineering
Used for: Blocking out sound, Torturing people.
Strategy: Pretty much the only defense against loud HONK mechs. This only stops sound from coming in.
Protects your hearing from loud noises, and quiet ones as well.