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Stand.gif Guardianspirits.gif
Guardian Spirit
Alternative Titles: Stands, Holoparasites, Guardians
Access: Depends on the type of spirit
Additional Access: Wherever your summoner takes you
Difficulty: Medium
Supervisors: Whoever summoned you
Duties: Follow your summoner and do what he says; don't die.
Guides: This is the guide

A holoparasite, also known by its magic variant as a guardian spirit, is a special being that is bound to the single person that summoned it. It is summoned through either a deck of tarot cards for the magic version, or a parasitic nanomachine injector for the machine version. The nanomachine injector can be purchased by traitors.

The only difference between the magic and tech versions are their summon methods and appearance. They both have access to the same abilities. This means that traitors can get an ally that Wizards are also able to get!


A holoparasite is a special ghost-like being that lives inside of its master. It can communicate with its master telepathically (and the master can communicate back), as well as emerge from and retreat back into its master at will. If the Holoparasite tries to escape its master and moves too far away, it will automatically be moved back to them. The Holoparasite itself is technically invincible on its own, but upon taking damage, the damage is transferred to its master, albeit at a lower amount. If the master dies, the spirit dies, as well. When the user dies, their body is instantly consumed and dusted by the Holoparasite's need for their life energy, preventing cloning.
This means that the master and the spirit will have to watch out for each other to ensure the survival of both.

Types of Holoparasites

Before summoning, the summoner can choose a guardian's stats (from A to F), a major ability, and minor abilities using 15 points in the guardian creator's menu. Increasing a stat costs 1 point per rank, while abilities have different costs generally scaling with their practicality.

The guardian can be set to "Ranged" for 3 points, giving it a ranged projectile attack.

Attack: Increases the guardian's damage by 5 per rank, at A rank the guardian can smash walls. If the guardian is ranged, it will instead increase their projectile damage by 2.5 per rank.

Defense: Decreases the guardian's damage transfer by 20% per rank, down to 25%.

Speed: Increases the guardian's attack speed.

Potential: Increases the power or length of the guardian's major ability, or decreases its cooldown.

Range: Increases the guardian's range by 2 tiles per rank. At F rank the guardian cannot move on its own and will stay "behind" its summoner.

The Holoparasite can select a Battle Cry that they will automatically shout on attacking. This is limited to six letters. For instance, putting in "ORA" for the battle cry will make you shout "ORA!!"

Assassin - 3 points

The guardian can enter stealth by switching modes while manifested, causing it to become nearly invisible, and making its next attack to do massive damage and ignore armor. However, it becomes briefly unable to recall after attacking from stealth. Cooldown is decreased by the potential stat.

Explosive - 4 points

The guardian has a medium power attack that may explosively teleport targets. Can turn any object, including objects too large to pick up, into a bomb by alt-clicking them, dealing explosive damage to the next person to touch it. The object will return to normal after the trap is triggered or after a delay. The guardian can also manually activate traps to create a single tile heavy explosion on the trapped item's tile. Bomb lifespan is increased by potential stat.

Frenzy - 3 points

The guardian passively increases its and its summoner's movement speed slightly, and it can charge at people by attacking them directly while they are within its range. It also gets an ability that allows it to teleport behind and immediately attack anyone within its range. Requires a C rank in the range stat or above.

Gravitokinetic - 3 Points

Attacks will apply a field of heavy gravity on the target, slowing them and making them drop held items. Can alt-click ground to manually place heavy gravity fields. Moving over twice the guardian's potential stat in tiles away from the fields will remove them.

Healing - Non-Purchasable

The guardian has a second mode that causes its punches to heal whatever they hit by 1.5 times the guardian's potential stat. This ability is exclusive to Mysterious Arrows, and cannot be purchased in the Holoparasite Injector/Wizard Deck.

Limited Healing - 2 points

Functionally identical to healing, except the guardian cannot heal its summoner.

The Hand - 4 points

The guardian can attack an item or person directly, teleporting anything on its tile towards it. Cooldown is decreased by potential. You can teleport items such as lockers, too.

Predator - 2 points

The guardian can track anyone down if it can find a fingerprint or blood sample. At B rank potential or above, the guardian can tell what Z-level the target is on if it's different, tracking is more proficient at higher potential as well.

Scout - 1 point

The guardian turns near invisible and incorporeal, capable of moving anywhere on the current Z-level, but it cannot interact with its environment.

Time Erasure - 4 points

The guardian can "skip" a period of time, making it and its summoner completely invisible and invincible but causing them to be pacified for the duration, while spawning illusionary copies of them at the spot it was activated. Potential increases duration of skipped time.

Snares (Minor) - 1 point

The guardian can create surveillance snares which alert it and its summoner when they are crossed.

Teleport Pad (Minor) - 3 points

The guardian can create a teleport pad and teleport items and people to it by alt+clicking them. Has a short delay between beginning a teleport and the teleport taking place.

General Tips

  • There is no best ability for a Holoparasite. Despite Scout being known as one of the worst abilities, there are many situations where it beats others.
  • The Hand is quite possibly one of the best abilities if you were to have no skill in Holoparasites. It has quite a simple ability, and anyone can use it. It is the easiest ability to accomplish a hijack objective. Do not rely on just this ability though! Experiment!
  • The "Explosive" ability does not actually cause a physical explosion, instead simply creating trap explosions; these normally either damage a singular tile, or a singular target. It is not good for crowd control.
  • A special thing about the Healing and Limited Healing abilities of a Holoparasite is that they can heal anything. This includes Objects, and other things such as Cyborgs and Mechs. You could keep a Gygax mech in commission while fighting a Blob for a long time, as it also has infinite punching speed while healing non-organics.
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