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Access: Whatever your job is
Additional Access: Any place you or fellow vampires have access to
Difficulty: Medium
Supervisors: Lilith
Duties: Drink people's blood, create new Vampires.
Guides: This is the guide

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Vampires are creatures of the night - predatory beings of occult origin who feed on crew members for their blood (if they have any). They have assimilated into the crew and must feed off of other crew members to gain new powers.

Vampires worship Lilith, who in exchange for their humanity gives them immortality and eternal youth in exchange for a neverending hunger for blood.

Vampiric Powers

Name Description Cost Cooldown Unlocked at
Rejuvenate Flush your system with spare blood to remove any incapacitating effects.
Helps recover from stuns and stamina loss.
0 usable blood 20 seconds 0 total blood
Hypnotize A piercing stare that incapacitates your victim for a good length of time. 20 usable blood 0 seconds 0 total blood
Shapeshift Changes your name and appearance. 50 usable blood 180 seconds 75 total blood
Vampiric Vision Your vision greatly improves. (what the fuck does this do????) N/A N/A 75 total blood
Cloak of Darkness Toggles whether you are currently cloaking yourself in darkness. 0 usable blood 1 second 100 total blood
Diseased Touch Touches your victim with infected blood giving them Grave Fever, which when left untreated, causes toxic building and frequent collapsing. 50 usable blood 0 seconds 175 total blood
Bat Form Transforms you into a bat. 15 usable blood 20 seconds 200 total blood
Chiropteran Screech An extremely loud shriek that stuns nearby humans and breaks windows as well. 20 usable blood 10 seconds 215 total blood
Summon Bats You summon a pair of space bats who attack nearby targets until they or their target are dead. 30 usable blood 120 seconds 250 total blood
Regeneration Your rejuvenation abilities have improved and will now heal you over time when used. N/A N/A 255 total blood
Mist Form This spell turns your form ethereal, temporarily making you invisible and able to pass through walls. 30 usable blood 30 seconds 300 total blood
Revive Revives you, provided you are not in the chapel. 0 usable blood 100 seconds 350 total blood
Full Potential You have reached your full potential and are no longer weak to the effects of anything holy and your vision has been improved greatly. N/A N/A 420 total blood
Summon Coat Allows you to summon a Vampire Coat providing passive usable blood restoration when your usable blood is very low. 100 usable blood 0 seconds 420 total blood
Lilith's Pact You drain a victim's blood and fill them with new blood, blessed by Lilith, turning them into a new vampire.
A mindshielded crew member cannot be made into vampires and the vampire created is not loyal to you.
400 usable blood 0 seconds 450 total blood

Usable and Total blood

Total blood is the sum of all the blood you gained, it cannot be used and displays how much more blood you need to complete your objective.

Usable blood is the blood you have available to use for your powers. Once a power is used, your usable blood is used and once drained must be replenished by feeding or by wearing your Vampire Coat.

Defeating the Joestar bloodline


Weaknesses and Strengths

Before trying to become the evilest being ever to grace the station you must know your own weaknesses.

Being an unholy vampire, you are weak to holy things. This includes the Chaplain, Holy Water, and the Chapel. The Chaplain's bible when it comes into contact with you will set you alight in holy flame, this is extremely deadly and if you are unprepared can be fatal. Holy water also has the same effect, both when it comes into contact with you and when you come into contact with floors blessed by it. Merely being in the Chapel exposes you to its holy aura beginning a process of your certain death: at first, your skin will flake but will soon develop into you combusting into flames until you exit the Chapel, concluding with you being incinerated. The last and de facto weakness of Vampires is starlight. Vampires going out into space will be exposed to starlight causing them to burn in a similar fashion to being exposed to the Chapel's holy aura. Even with EVA gear, vampires are subject to being exposed to starlight.

However, being a vampire also has its perks.

Coffins will heal you while you are in them, luckily for you, the only readily-made coffins on the station are located in the Chapel meaning you have to make one with wood. As you accumulate more blood, your powers will also grow, the extent of your powers are from a single-target stun to making your own antagonist. Eventually, your full potential will be reached resulting in you no longer being weak to the effects of anything holy.

Finding a victim

Starting off, you will need to use a secular form of stun such as a stunprod in order to feed off of someone, but once doing so you will able to use the usable blood gained to use Hypnotize. Preferably, your victims will need to be in a secluded area so you can peacefully feed on them. Getting Maintenance access to prowl on unaware maint dwellers will be a massive boon. Later on, Hypnotize will cost a minimal amount of blood allowing you to pick off people easily without the need of a stun weapon.

Achieving your objectives

As a vampire you have 3 objectives:

  • Objective #1: Extract 400-700 units of blood.
  • Objective #2: Steal/Assassinate/Maroon/Kill AI/Free Objective.
  • Objective #3: Escape on the shuttle or an escape pod alive and without being in custody.

Objective #1 is completed through sucking blood from crew members until your Total blood reaches your target amount.
Objective #2 is more tricky (unless it is a free objective). You can gain access to anywhere with Mist form to steal high-value items, and stun single targets with Hypnotize to pick them off. However, if you are tasked with killing an AI you are in for a challenge: you have no abilities to stun silicons and are non-human if found out. You will have to rely on mundane methods to assassinate an AI.
Objective #3 will be relatively easy if you were stealthy, however, if you were found to be a vampire consider taking an escape pod.

Security, Hamon warriors, and you

The most prominent danger to you is Security and the Chaplain.

Security Officers are equipped with Disablers capable of dealing stamina damage at range and Stunbatons capable of instantly stunning you in melee combat. Luckily for you, your first and costless ability, Rejuvenate, allows you to recover from stamina damage and stuns. Paired with your other abilities, a single officer can be quickly dispatched by negating their stunning capability and hypnotizing them. However, if a group of Officers attacks you then you will need to use your abilities along with any other weapon you may have. Chiropteran Screech will stun multiple people while Summon Bats will attack anyone in sight, and in a pinch, Bat Form will enable you to vent crawl for a quick escape. Furthermore, any damage that you may sustain from an encounter can be healed by being in a coffin or using your rejuvenate ability when you have unlocked regeneration.

Until you have reached your full potential, the Chaplain (and their holy items) are by far the most dangerous threat to you. A Bible, whether it be theirs or a printed one from the Library, will set you on fire on contact, and they are equipped with a null rod that can take the form of a variety of weapons. As well as this, their fort is imbued with the power of Hamon their deity which will incinerate you if you are present in there for too long. Generally, Chaplains are oblivious to the ongoings on the station unless they are directly called by Security for their aid, however, do not rule out that you will never encounter them or anyone with a Bible. Most importantly, DONT ENTER THE CHAPEL.

Being a successful Vampire Hunter



Once you learn there is a vampire on the station, if possible, try not to leak this information publicly. Vampires have an ability to change their appearance and name at will. When combatting vampires, you should travel in groups in hopes of encountering one with backup; vampires are fully capable of picking off single targets with ease but struggle with dealing with large groups. You should also employ the Chaplain and carry Bibles to effectively combat a vampire, a single hit off a bible sets them alight and the Chaplain's holy water works the same way.

However, if the vampire has reached its full potential, your only hope of stopping such a creature is through the sheer might of whatever secular equipment you have.

Chaplain, Hamon warrior

As the Chaplain, you are the greatest fear of any vampire that has not reached their full potential. Your Bible will set any vampire on fire and your Chapel is a haven that any vampire would not dare enter unless they had a death wish. Once you are alerted to the presence of vampires, distribute Bibles by printing them from the Library and bless water tanks so that Holy Water is readily available to any would be vampire hunters.

However, if the vampire has reached its full potential, you are merely as useful as any other assistant in standing up to such a creature.

Jobs on Yogstation


Command Captain, Head of Personnel, Head of Security, Chief Engineer, Chief Medical Officer, Research Director
Security Head of Security, Security Officer, Warden, Detective, Lawyer
Engineering Chief Engineer, Station Engineer, Atmospheric Technician, Signal Technician
Science Research Director, Scientist, Roboticist, Geneticist
Medical Chief Medical Officer, Medical Doctor, Chemist, Geneticist, Virologist, Paramedic, Psychiatrist, Mining Medic
Supply Head of Personnel, Quartermaster, Cargo Technician, Shaft Miner, Mining Medic
Service Janitor, Bartender, Cook, Botanist, Lawyer
Civilian Assistant, Tourist, Clown, Mime, Chaplain, Curator, Clerk
Non-Human AI, Cyborg, Positronic Brain, Drone, Personal AI, Construct, Golem, Ghost
Antagonists Traitor, Changeling, Nuclear Operative, Vampire, Blood Cult, Clockwork Cult, Gangster, Wizard, Abductor, Xenomorph, Revenant, Space Ninja, Holoparasite, Swarmers, Blob, Devil, Obsessed
Special Centcom Official, Death Squad Officer, Emergency Response Officer, Ian, HONK Squad Officer
Races Humans, Lizardperson, Flyperson, Plasmaman, Phytosian, Preternis, Miscellaneous