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Access: Wherever your job has access to
Additional Access: Wherever you can gain illicit access to
Difficulty: Medium
Supervisors: None
Duties: Complete your objectives, then murder your target and escape!
Guides: This is the guide
Quote: I overheard my family talking about me downstairs today. All I could make out was my name, and "job".

You have developed a brain trauma, and with it you're a creep the obsessed!

Creepy Mechanics!


There is a low chance that a random event will take place which will make someone a Obsessed. There is no announcement, and the Obsessed has no tells right away, so you're safe.


Mood will always be enabled if you are chosen to be an obsessed. It will disable if you get cured (if it's off in your preferences). Mood will always be annoying you while the obsession is around, but it isn't all bad. At first, it seems that these objectives give you away easily, and the mood penalties are hard to work with! ...And that's true! But with these tips, you can make it a little easier for yourself. Since having high mood and talking almost always outs you, and you can control how long you spend away from your obsession, you can effectively tank your own mood before spending time around them to be able to talk to them for a bit, which is great for getting the heat off your back.

Have a reason

Especially when you start doing your objectives, your obsession might starting getting suspicious. A good way to stay off someone's radar is to have a reason to be near them. Changing your job to theirs, asking them for help with something (remember, don't be on full sanity when you do this or you'll spaghetti out).

Job related excuses

Would it be weird for you to hug someone 5 times in engineering as your starting job? Yes! Would it be weird if you did that but as a greyshit assistant? Less so. You can use your job to excuse a lot of weird things.

Do your objectives in order of how suspicious they are

Some of the objectives are a lot more suspicious than others. Doing these first makes the next objectives more difficult, as if the obsession is suspicious they might warn their co-workers.
Finish murdering co-workers first, because the obsession does not see this.
Then, maybe some low suspicion objectives like hugging, or just spending time around the target.
Finally, some objectives like stealing the heirloom can be done after they are dead, but this is either the easiest or the hardest objective depending on what their heirloom is, and if they lost it. Maybe do this early if you think they are going to misplace their heirloom or are getting suspicious.

Creepy Counterplay!

Cure the trauma

You don't have to kill them, you can just cure their Erotomania with surgery. They won't go easy though, so make sure you have them restrained and with security nearby.


If the Obsessed can't find you, their mood will tank after a few minutes. If you know there is someone following you, you can have security looking for someone extremely sad in the hallways.

Antagonists on Yogstation


Individual Antagonists Traitor, Internal Affairs, Changeling, Vampire, Wizard
Team Antagonists Blood Brothers, Nuclear Operative, Blood Cult, Clockwork Cult, Gangster, Heretic, Darkspawn
Mid-Round Antagonists Abductor, Xenomorph, Revenant, Space Ninja, Holoparasite, Swarmers, Blob, Obsessed, Eldritch Horror
Rare Antagonists Devil