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“They’re a Mirage of Red Clouds, one day they are there. One day they are not.” - Nanotrasen Grand Admiral Foster when asked to describe the Syndicate to Journalists in an interview in the year 2554

What is the Syndicate

The Syndicate is a collective of multiple influential corporations and many more less influential corporations who seek to oppose Nanotrasen for a plethora of reasons, and are aided by various paramilitary groups and other organizations who may also wish to oppose Nanotrasen. Initially founded by Cybersun Industries, Donk Corporation, and Waffle Corporation, there are plenty of reasons an organization joins the Syndicate, some hold grudges over business deals, others have a hatred for Nanotrasen and their monopoly or perhaps they just want a piece of Nanotrasens cake. Whatever their reason, they are the main threat to Nanotrasen today.

They are Armed They are Dedicated They are Dangerous. And they will stop at nothing to achieve their goal of bringing down Nanotrasen, no matter the cost.

Syndicate Hierarchy and Government


Initially, the Syndicate lacked a Hierarchy, and even today the idea of Autonomy among each of the members is highly sought and respected. However, thanks to the diplomatic, and sometimes not so diplomatic, suggestions of the bigger corps, the Syndicate was reformed into a more centralized organization with a planned agenda. Hierarchy:

  • Leaders: The Officers
  • Very Influential Members: First Rank
  • Less Influential Members: Second Rank


Assembly of Ranks

Every year, or upon demand of at least three of the five Officers, all member organizations of the Syndicate meet in an undisclosed location to discuss pressing matters. The Assembly tackles issues brought up by members focused on the next steps to subdue Nanotrasen. This is effectively a “Legislative” body within the Syndicate, but it’s only to determine the bigger picture for the next year. The Ranks are updated every 5 years based on company or organization influence and performance, but having an ally Officer goes a long way to climb up the ranks.

The Council

There are 5 Officers which make up the Council, which are the 5 most powerful groups within the Syndicate. The Officers are elected every 10 years by the Assembly of Ranks in a vote where performance as a company and as a Syndicate member are both highly important, with every First Rank vote counting as two and every Second Rank vote counting as one. Only First Rank members can be appointed as Officers.


Foundation - 2520-2537

After the signing of the Soul Act in 2480 and the subsequent secession wars, the Commonwealth began signing a plethora of new contracts with corporations for technology necessary to win their internal conflict. However, it was clear that most of these contracts were given to Nanotrasen, due to their unparalleled sway in Commonwealth politics. As such, Cybersun industries, Donk Co., and Waffle Co. banded together, forming the basis of what would become the Syndicate. Their initial efforts were mostly political and economic, dealing with court cases, lobbying, market manipulation, and political power plays. Many other corporations and groups who also had reason to disdain Nanotrasen caught wind of this new triad, and joined their efforts, spanning the 17 years of foundation for the Syndicate. However, all members realized, after 17 years, that if they wanted to truly hinder or impede Nanotrasen, they would need to change their strategy into something more… Violent.

Mobilization - 2537-2550

In 2537, after years of struggling, the Syndicate had failed to make much progress against Nanotrasen. The megacorporation was still the favorite of the Commonwealth, and the constituents of the Syndicate wanted results, sooner rather than later During what is now known as the “Mobilization” period, several new factions had formed in or joined the Syndicate, such as “The Committee”, a group of oftentimes extreme marketing and public relations experts and professional corporate diplomats, who work tirelessly to grow Syndicate influence within the Commonwealth’s corrupt inner circle of politicians, including the most senior of senators.

A controversial addition during this time was of the notoriously ruthless Warlords known as the “Gorlex Marauders”. They are feared and respected even by the most experienced security experts amongst Nanotrasen for their sheer viciousness, and their proven ability to board and detonate a warhead within top of the line Nanotrasen stations. Not many know the real reason for their involvement with Syndicate, but the running theory is that Nanotrasen had disputes with them in their home system, which led the Marauders to ally themselves with Nanotrasen’s biggest enemy.

It was during this period that the bigger corporations such as Cybersun sought to “Unite” the Syndicate by creating institutions to centralize it as an organization. Something which many small corporations and even some big corporations oppose to this day. The Rank system of the Syndicate, along with The Council, were created in the year 2543, but only came into effect in 2545. During this period the Syndicate suffered from internal schisming and infighting.. Due to these complications, the Syndicate was much less active up until the year 2550, where they made a stunning reemergence.

Present Day - 2550-2556

2550 was the year of the Nanotrasen Odyssey Exposition, a decennial show of force in the corporate world for Nanotrasen to illustrate their progress to the public, and to their investors and allies. 2550 was a dark year for the Exposition, due to a massive bioterror attack orchestrated by the Syndicate which resulted in the deaths of thousands of civilians and Nanotrasen personnel, including parts of the Board of Directors. However, no links were ever officially found between the attack and the Syndicate. Nanotrasen did try to bring the matter to the courts and even the legislative branch of the Commonwealth itself, to no success. This terrorist attack, known as the “Failed Odyssey” or the “Toxic Odyssey” was the first and biggest of many blows to Nanotrasen over the last 6 years. It conveyed a message of unity and power from the Syndicate, as well as showing them to be unafraid to take bold action. Nanotrasen has since doubled their security budget in an effort to prevent attacks of that scale from happening again. However, the Syndicate has never been more active. This is the time period we find ourselves in today, a time where the competition between Nanotrasen and the Syndicate is at its peak, and everyone holds their breath as the balance of power seems to swing like a pendulum.

No matter what happens, always remember: We are armed, We are dedicated, and We are Dangerous.

Syndicate Factions

The Officers

Cybersun Industries

Some call them the leader of the Syndicate, others call them merely an associate. The truth is, Cybersun is the largest and one of the most influential members of the Syndicate. They are also one of the original 3 founding members, so they sit at the top of the chain amongst the Officers. This does not make their authority unlimited however, and if multiple Officers were to come together, Cybersun could be pressured to concede on some issues. Cybersun’s influence on the Syndicate as a whole is also immense, though many members of the Syndicate dislike or even outright hate Cybersun due to their focus on centralizing the Syndicate. Additionally, they are one of the main direct aggressors against Nanotrasen, as a substantial number of operatives hidden within Nanotrasen are alleged to work for Cybersun. On the public side of things, Cybersun is a corporation well known for their progress in the medical and human augmentation fields. Some of their patents put many of Nanotrasen’s best medical advancements to shame.

Operative Notes: Donk Co. and Waffle Co. Operatives are not to be trusted, but try to avoid outright hostility unless it’s necessary. The Committee are our allies and friends, work with them and assist them if possible. Mechanized Gears are a branch group of ours, and as such they should be treated with trust. Lastly, make sure that there are no traces of Cybersun being involved in any of your activities.

Donk Corporation

Donk Co. does not have a “normal” corporate history. Originally, their founders were a successful group of pirates who raided the corners of the known galaxy and even the unknown, but eventually moved on to become a corporation whose main products were foods and weapons. This relative prosperity for the pirates-turned-businessmen continued for a time, until they got swindled in a major deal by Nanotrasen. This maneuver cost them a fortune and almost bankrupted the entire corporation itself, which sparked off a century-long feud between Donk Co. and Nanotrasen.

They reside in a state of cold war against Waffle Co. Their sworn nemesis within the Syndicate. During the more unstable periods of the Syndicate mobilization age, Donk Co. and Waffle Co. were in a state of all out war against each other. The reason for the war itself was actually a minor political scandal in the Commonwealth, as Donk Co. had secretly been bribing Commonwealth and Corporate officials in Waffle Co. properties as a form of corporate espionage. However, it ended up escalating when it was revealed when Waffle Co. was doing the exact same thing.

If Cybersun is the alleged kingpin of the Syndicate, then Donk Co. is its treasurer. Donk Co. is one of the most financially important members of the SSyndicate, managing many of the funds for SSyndicate research projects, along with other projects that require funding. As such, they have a good standing with many of the Second Rank corps and often draw their votes in.

Operative Notes: Waffle Co. Operatives are to be treated with the highest distrust and eliminated if they attempt to subvert our objectives, The Gorlex Marauders are to be trusted. Most other Syndicate operatives are not to be trusted. If you have to kill innocent people to get in your goals, feel free to do so, but avoid carnage if you can. Our motto is: “Get In, Get done, and Get out.”

Waffle Corporation

Founded and run by a family that is best described as “Insane but efficient.” The Waffle Corporation is best known for producing the world’s best waffles, combining various exotic and rare materials into a delightfully tasteful waffle. Their signature recipe is a well-kept secret from even some of the highest ranked employees, and those that do know it are forced to sign numerous non-disclosure agreements.

Waffle Co. within the Syndicate is well known for their brutal, and sometimes comedic, attacks due to most of their high ranking members being absolute lunatics. Though their methods are entirely questionable, and sometimes unhinged, the results are clear, so while many would like to see them eradicated from the Syndicate, or the universe on the whole, many in the Syndicate see them as a necessary evil.

Despite being Supported by Donk Co., Waffle Co. also gives their support to the Gorlex Marauders mainly because they enjoy seeing Nanotrasen stations being blown to bits and pieces are prone to providing them some of their more exotic technologies, a specialty of Waffle Co. Aside from exotic weaponry, Waffle Co. is also one of the leaders in animal related products ranging from simple commodities to rare delicacies coupled with some of the best leading experts on food scientists.

Operative Notes: Trust no one, not even yourself or your fellow Operatives. We encourage humorous and chaotic terrorism against Nanotrasen. This means that we may send multiple operatives with opposing objectives. Be Creative, be Loud, Be Remembered.

The Committee

Founded by high ranking members of the former Bosyn-Powell Front, a corporation that was financially destroyed by Nanotrasen, The Committee of External Affairs (Or simply known as The Committee) is not a corporation, but rather an extreme marketing and public relations team. They manage most of Syndicate diplomacy, this includes influencing the Commonwealth Senate and local planetary governors.

They aren’t fond of killing innocent targets and prefer a more diplomatic approach and as such aren’t very fond of the “wilder” factions in the Syndicate such as Waffle Co and the Gorlex Marauders. Their preferred method of warfare is often done under the table or behind closed doors. Economic crashes, political deals, power plays and even cover ups for major Syndicate crimes are all orchestrated to the finest degree by The Committee. They are the voice of the Syndicate to the rest of the Commonwealth, and it is a role they have been perfecting for decades and decades.

However, a preference for diplomacy does not mean The Committee should be underestimated. Many Nanotrasen officials who have angered the Committee have disappeared without any further trace ever being found.. As is known to a select few, The Committee is just as ruthless as any of the Officers, and they possess an entire branch dedicated to special operations whose ability to kill, sabotage and steal are nothing short of legendary. Not much is known about these operatives, aside from the fact they hold a presence as a First Rank faction due to the Committee applying very careful influence and pressure.

Operative Notes: Waffle Co. and Marauder Operatives are not to be associated with. They will always cause a mess, make sure to not be caught with them as it would implicate us in their actions. Always trust and assist fellow MI13 operatives. All other Syndicate operatives should be examined first before approaching them to assist them or ask for their assistance, as we do not associate with those who take a loud approach to problems..

Rights and Welfare Consortium

The Rights and Welfare Consortium (or RAWC), is the largest non-governmental organization (NGO) in the Commonwealth. They are the leaders of many causes, and control most if not all other NGOs within the Syndicate. They have a large amount of zealous, dedicated manpower at their disposal and the means to carry out large scale operations.

One might question themselves why the SSyndicate would even bother with things such as “animals rights” or “the environment” but the reality is, as of the last few decades these issues have been gaining traction amongst the people in the Commonwealth. What was initially thought of as a slight trend by the corporate world, turned out to be the beginning of a movement. Where most corporations saw a threat, The Committee saw an opportunity. With careful manipulation through media and political stunts, The Committee were able to make Nanotrasen hated across all of the Commonwealth by multiple NGOs, this was done through a large scale media campaign which sought to make Nanotrasen look like a much bigger evil than the Syndicate.

Ever since that decision, many smaller NGOs flocked to the Syndicate where they felt that RAWC would represent them. They were partially right, but also partially wrong. In the time that RAWC spent in the Syndicate, its ruling body became too involved with the perks of being a part of the Syndicate. Some would even say that they’re now looking to make profits instead of actually fighting for just causes. Whether it may be true or not, RAWC is still a critical component in attracting manpower to the Syndicate, and as such has a well secured position as the 5th and newest Officer.

Operative Notes: Trust your fellow Syndicate agents, we may have been the ones who brought them into the fold. Assist Committee Agents in any way you can, they are our greatest ally within the Syndicate. Ensure that you proceed with a sense of ethics and avoid unnecessary bloodshed and destruction, especially that of innocent creatures such as animals.

Notable Rankers

MI13 (First Ranker)

Not much is known about MI13, as they’re usually out of reach of most Syndicate members. They tend to carry out the most important missions for The Committee. They value secrecy and stealth, preferring to do their objectives without causing any interference where it is not necessary.

Very rarely do these operatives actually get taken in alive though, as they opt for a quick and permanent way to die over being taken captive. The few that security officers managed to take in though were resistant to advanced interrogation techniques, and any attempts to extract memories from them were just as useless. It’s likely that many of the assassinations and terrorist acts carried out against Nanotrasen were perpetrated by MI13, but the truth is, we will never know.

Operative Notes: Do not reveal your true identity to anyone, this includes other Syndicate agents, they will compromise you to avoid a death penalty. If you are going to be taken captive, proceed to eliminate yourself in the fastest and least recoverable way possible. Should you fall into captivity, we will activate countermeasures to avoid any information being extracted. Proceed with extreme caution, avoid being seen, and avoid killing where it’s unnecessary.

The Gorlex Marauders (First Ranker)

Originally, the Marauders were a ferociously nationalist terrorist organization formed by some of the more zealous haters of the Interstellar Soviet Union who believed the Commonwealth was actually being infiltrated by soviet agents who were seeking to cause a communist uprising from inside. Whether their claims are true or not is any man’s guess.

A collective effort between Cybersun and The Committee would end up opening talks between the Syndicate and the Marauders. The terrorists needed weapons, and the Syndicate needed a military force. It took some effort, but the collective efforts of Cybersun, the Committee, and even Donk Co. and Waffle Co. would sway the Marauders over to the Syndicate by stating that Nanotrasen was secretly part of a ploy to destroy the Commonwealth.

They are known for their aggressive, destructive, and loud tactics. They have been known to send squadrons of well armed and well trained men to attack Nanotrasen stations and destroy them, usually through a compromised onsite nuclear device.

If you see a red hardsuit with green glowing eyes, you best run for cover.

Operative Notes: You may trust other Syndicate agents at your discretion. Employ as much force as necessary to achieve your objectives and take down as many of those Nanotrasen loving bastards down with you if you have to. Remember, this is more than just a war. The fate of the Commonwealth lies in your hands!

The Tiger Cooperative (Second Rank)

The Tiger Cooperative are a bunch of religious fanatics who prefer more traditional weaponry over “overrated” things such as “lasers” and “energy” weapons. Don’t be mistaken though, they are quite effective at causing destruction.

Not many know much about the Tiger Cooperative’s religion outside of the fact that they worship a previously dead religion of a long extinct alien race known only as the “Exolitics”. While they get weird looks from most Syndicate members, they are still well known for their capability of raising hell on Nanotrasen stations.

Operative Notes: Do not associate too much with other Syndicate operatives, they are unenlightened to the truth. If they make themselves useful, make use of that. Death is a preferable alternative to failure. Complete your tasks with as much firepower as you require, and remember that even in death, you will be called upon for the day where all untruths are to be purged.

Mechanized Gears Enterprises (Second Rank)

A branch group of Cybersun, Mechanized Gears focuses on engineering and robotics. They also produce some of the most capable saboteur operatives the Syndicate can provide. These engineers are capable of using explosives to achieve whatever objective they are given. They’re not fond of destroying stations as a whole though. They much prefer controlled explosions as a way to sabotage Nanotrasen activities.

Their robotics department is also highly skilled and rumor has it they’re attempting to compete with Nanotrasen in AI development. However, there have been no confirmed AIs produced by Mechanized Gears Enterprises.

Operative Notes: Trust all Cybersun operatives, they are our parent corporation and as such they will be working with us. Avoid contact with any Tiger Cooperative members, as they are primitive and savage. We encourage the use of explosive devices in a controlled and necessary manner. Do not just blow up the station you’re on because you feel like it, our preferred method is sabotage, not mass destruction.

Falcon Shipping (Second Rank): Falcon Shipping is involved in more than just mail deliveries, as about 35% of shipments amongst the Commonwealth go through Falcon. Thanks to this, Falcon Shipping has secured a good amount of influence with some of the smaller corporations within the Syndicate. Falcon is also responsible for the smuggling of illegal goods and individuals for the Syndicate, running a large network of smugglers and intelligence agents that allow them to infiltrate even the most hidden facilities. More often than not, Falcon operatives are actually aboard Nanotrasen stations to carry out high risk assassinations or theft in return for large sums of money rather than pushing the syndicate agenda.

Operative Notes: We don’t actually care about Syndicate affairs or even the Syndicate agenda that much, if other Syndicate agents need the help, we can always use the favours later. Make sure to minimize damage and casualties.