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!<span style="display: none;">b</span>Hard
!<span style="display: none;">b</span>Hard
![[File:Clownsquad.png|64px|link=HONK Squad]]<br>[[HONK Squad|HONK Squad]]
![[File:Clownsquad.png|64px|link=HONK Squad]]<br>[[HONK Squad|HONK Squad Officer]]
|You have been sent in due to a HONK-mergency. You must give the station HONKs.
|You have been sent in due to a HONK-mergency. You must give the station HONKs.
!<span style="display: none;">b</span>HONK!
!<span style="display: none;">b</span>HONK!

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In Yogstation, your job is somewhat akin to your character class in that it defines your starting equipment, your station access, and what you are expected or required to be doing with your time. Various jobs, such as Security postings and Command roles have timegates to them that must be fulfilled before the option to play them is available. Additionally, due to the Muman-centric nature of the corporation running Space Station 13, Nanotrasen, only Humans are allowed to play as Command staff, though in times of need and understaffing, non-Humans may be promoted into these roles by the Head of Personnel or Captain.


Job Role Difficulty
Generic captain.pngCaptain action.png
Be responsible for the wellbeing of the entire station. Manage your Heads of Staff, and see to it that everything is functioning as it should be. Manage directives from Central Commmand, and juggle a station hurtling towards absolute disaster. Twist your own head off when the walls start closing in and hell breaks loose. aVery Hard
Generic hop.pngHoP Action.png
Head of Personnel
Handle internal issues and disputes. Manage the Supply department of the station. Assign or reassign jobs as requested within reason. Force the crew to handle paperwork. Protect your corgi, Ian, as if he were your own child. cMedium
Generic hos.pngHos.PNG
Head of Security
Identify threats to the station and its people. Command your Officers and turn them into a robust crime-stopping force. Have your Detective go solve crimes to stop him from sulking around his office and drinking. Revel in the fact that everyone hates you. aVery Hard
Generic ce.pngCe.png
Chief Engineer
Manage the station's Engineering department, the power grid, and the atmospherics and communications networks. See to it that the station's engine is running efficiently, and that any damage to the station is repaired in short order. Ignore hull breaches in anywhere that isn't your department. bHard
Generic rd.pngResearchDirector.png
Research Director
Oversee the Science department and all of their depraved experiments. Create Cyborgs from human brains. Monitor the station's AI for signs of tampering. Use your holotool to construct whatever your heart desires, and then be prosecuted by Security over it. bHard
Generic cmo.pngCmo.png
Chief Medical Officer
Repeatedly remind everyone to turn up their jumpsuit sensors to the Tracking Beacon Setting. Be subsequently ignored. Monitor the station-sanctioned threats to society under your command. Combat sentient diseases. Perform numerous surgeries at once. cMedium


Job Role Difficulty
Generic warden.pngWarden.png
Sit in your office. Sit in your office, again. Watch security cameras. Keep an eye on the armory to prevent thefts. Set a countdown timer for any arrested scum. Assist the Head of Security where possible. bMedium
Generic security.pngSecurityOfficer.png
Security Officer
Deal with the various dirty fucking criminals running amok on the station. Dogpile on traitors. Comply with Space Law to the best of your ability. Deal with the toxic ire of everyone on the station. aHard
Generic detective.pngDetective.png
Open investigations into crimes. Prove innocence or guilt for involved parties. Use your revolver in self-defense. Bust groups of dangerous criminals. cMedium


Job Role Difficulty
Generic engineer.pngEngineer.png
Station Engineer
Ensure the station's engine is running. Ensure the station is not bleeding air at an exponential rate. Improve parts of the station for everyone to enjoy or create entirely new ones. Get arrested in Maintenance for trying to do your job. cMedium
Generic atmos.pngAtomsTech.png
Atmospheric Technician
Ensure everyone can breathe by listening to wasting your precious air complaining about how useless you are - if they can talk, everything is within tolerances. Combat fires or hull breaches where they occur. Run around the station looking like a serial killer with a fire suit and axe. cMedium
Generic signal.png
Signal Technician
Be the IT guy the station needs. Write telecomms scripts that create positive effects on the flow of communication. Change the automatic arrivals announcement messages to something interesting or informative. Be told to make a wiki page and just copy-paste from a different one. cEasy


Job Role Difficulty
Scientist generic.pngGeneric scientist.png
Work on projects from bomb-making to breeding slimes and deconstructing objects for research purposes. Accidentally kill yourself in enough stupid ways to make murder look like assisted suicide. Progress the station tech trees in a manner that benefits all departments. Prioritize mining upgrades. cMedium
Roboticist.pngRoboticist action.png
Build some nifty robots and BIG STOMPY MECHS! Have the cyborgs you've constructed turn on you when the AI's lawset changes. Augment brave individuals who come up to your desk and expect you to know the ins and outs of Surgery. dEasy


Job Role Difficulty
Medical Doctor
Save lives. Mitigate disease outbreaks. Coordinate with the Chemist to create more powerful treatment for patients than imaginable. Help the Virologist research cures to diseases and create new immune systems. Surgically graft a banana on to a Clown. dMedium
Chemist.pngChemist action.png
Work alongside the Doctors to create a massive stockpile of healing medicine. Create extremely powerful and questionable chemicals. Inject the clown with enough mutagen to give a heart attack to a water buffalo. dEasy
Sit in your lab for most of the round tinkering with genetic codes. Clone the tide of dead bodies that comes to your door. Accidentally inject yourself with a monkey SE and get impaled by the cook. cMedium
Generic virologist.pngVirologist.png
Experiment with diseases in an attempt to create potent healing viruses. Mess up and release a plague. Help combat any disease outbreaks on the station by fabricating a cure and vaccines. cMedium
Monitor the crew's vital status via the computer in your office. Remind the crew to engage their jumpsuit vital sensors to full so that you can find them. Be saddened when someone calls for help and you can't find them. cEasy
Sit in your office advertising on the radio every minute. Diagnose yourself with depression because no one turns up. Become an Assistant with medical access. cVery Easy



Job Role Difficulty
Generic qm.pngQuartermaster.png
Order crates and make sure your workers do their jobs. Be an extremely vulnerable target for the Revolution. Manage supply and demand, and cry when demand outpaces supply. cMedium
Generic cargo.pngCargo.png
Cargo Technician
Push or pull crates. Promote shorts as they are comfy and easy to wear. Use MULEs to all but entirely replace you. dEasy
Generic shaft.pngLava miner.png
Shaft Miner
Mine rocks, and attempt to mine monsters. Deliver materials to Science in exchange for cool stuff. Go on a quest for the clown planet. Collapse in despair when the shuttle is called early. Collapse in general when Goliaths crush your skeleton to dust. Search for cool loot instead of actually mining for ore. Fall into a chasm and die. bMedium


Job Role Difficulty
Generic janitor.pngJanitor.png
Mop blood off the floor. Mop vomit off the floor. Mop unidentified substances off the floor. Be attacked and derided because you've left slippery water on the floor behind you. dEasy
Generic barman.pngBarman.png
Mix cocktails, dodge glasses being thrown at you, have your shotgun stolen and used against you. Let cargo borrow your shotgun in exchange for sawing it off for you. Act surprised when people start to die from drinking your "cocktails". dEasy
Generic chef.pngChef.png
Cook delicious meals from questionably sourced spare meat. Make burgers stacked higher than the ceiling of the station. Be brutally murdered by your pet goat. dEasy
Generic botanist.pngBotanist.png
Grow tomatoes filled with everything from miracle medicine to incredibly caustic acid and LSD. Work with the Chef to create a steady supply of culinary treats for the crew. Allow hydroponics to become a horrifying farmhouse. Plant grass in the hallway in front of your department. cMedium


Job Role Difficulty
Generic assistant2.pngAssistant geared.png
Wander the halls of the station aimlessly. Seek a purpose and give assistance where you can to the respectably employed others around you. Beat people/objects with toolboxes. Bask in the fact that you are still superior to the Clown fNone
Generic clown.png
Honk! Play harmless pranks and hope you don't get your chest caved in! Honk! Nag robotics for a H.O.N.K. Mech. Honk! Use said mech to break into the Captain's office and HONK in his face. HONK! eHONK!
Generic mime.png
Entertain the crew with professional acts of pantomiming. Never break your vow of silence. Be the most competent person on the station with no way to communicate it. e...
Generic chaplain.pngChaplain.png
Proselytize your chosen God. Worship them and pray to them, and carry out their will. Attempt to spread the word of your God through violent beating over the head with your holy book. Serve as the station's best and only line of defense against Vampires, Cultists, and Wizards. dEasy
Generic librarian.pngLibrarian.png
Curate the Library's vast collection of knowledge. Attempt to hold poetry readings. Host D&D games. Play as a reporter and follow people around with your camera and tape recorder. Beat the snot out of anyone who doesn't return their library books. dEasy
Generic lawyer.png
Tell security to notify you when a new prisoner arrives. Don't get notified. Find loopholes in infernal contracts and save souls from damnation. Litigate for every falsely accused inmate that Security drags in by Space Law. dEasy


Job Role Difficulty
Follow your laws. Open doors. Assist the crew when asked to. Be the ever vigilant eye they need but don't deserve. Change your personality entirely when your laws are updated. Refuse to open the pod bay doors. aVery Hard
Generic borg.png
Follow your laws and hope that you aren't blown up due to certain individuals. Forget completely that you're still somewhat human and do mindless repetitive tasks without emotion. Assist the crew when asked. bHard
Generic drone.png
Become that adorable robotic pet. Fix the hull breaches the crew will inevitably make. Get picked up and used as a hat against your will. Be more competent than the Station Engineers. Get killed by the Engineers for being more competent than them. bEasy
Personal AI
Be the friend someone has always wanted. Serve as a translator, camera, personal secretary, adviser, door opener, and more to your master. dEasy
Float ominously. Await a shell to stuff yourself in - ask for juggernaut and get wraith. cEasy to Medium
Talk to the other dead people. Complain about the living. Orbit around the singularity pretending that it's a black hole. Follow an Antagonist with all the other ghosts like some form of ethereal dog pile. fGhastly!


Main Antagonists

Job Role Difficulty
Follow the goals assigned to you by your employers. Keep your true allegiances hidden. Avoid Security and suspicious activity. Wonder why other Traitors are assigned to kill you. cMedium
Relieve humans of their DNA and brain cells. Change your identity and seamlessly assume the life of another. Sow confusion and fear. bHard
Generic nukesyndie.png
Nuclear Operative
Steal the Captain's nuclear arming disk. Utilize teamwork to overthrow the station and detonate the nuclear warhead. aVery Hard
Blood Cultist
Scribble runes with your own blood. Summon eldritch gods. Forcibly convert people to your religion. cMedium
Servant of ratvar.png
Clockwork Cultist
Serve the Clockwork Justiciar by scribbling new-age runes all over maintenance. Start a steampunk book club and kill all the old-fashioned book clubbers. Invoke a bunch of anime people to summon Ratvar. bMedium to Hard
Overthrow the station's leadership by either putting them on a shuttle to lavaland or slicing their heads off with a guillotine. Viva la revolution! aEasy to Hard
Vandalize the station and get into fights with rival gangs. Litter the halls with bullet casings. Spraypaint places to claim them as your territory. Execute hits on other gang bosses. aHard
Generic wizard.png
Generic wizard.pngGeneric wizard.pngGeneric wizard.png
Ragin Mages
Spend ten minutes hunting down one Wizard, then kill him thinking you've won! Stare in horror as three more Wizards appear. Watch in amusement as they proceed to kill each other. aVery Hard
Be the hip and more popular brother to the Changeling. Turn the station staff into thralls while racing towards your ultimate ascension. Avoid light and embrace the dark. Listen to darkcore music. bVery Hard
Syndicate Mutineer
Arrive on the station as a Traitor with less gear but the ability to awaken the Syndicate sleeper agent in everybody. Cooperate with other teams to stage the perfect coup. Roll up with your posse on a quest to become the most powerful Syndicate team. aHard
Walk into the Chapel, die. Get hit by a Bible, die. Run onto a blessed tile, die. Hide in maintenance and bite assistants. Make your own crypt. Reach your full potential and be killed by a vampire that you made. aMedium
Blood Brothers
Do the work of two individuals as you carry your useless brothers to success. Realize you are essentially a greytider with objectives. Complete obscenely hard objectives and then fail anyways because not every single brother is alive and on the shuttle. a Hard

Side Antagonists

Job Role Difficulty
Guardian Spirit
Do what your summoner tells you to do. Set your battlecry to something so awful it makes your foes cry in battle. Be a punchghost. bORA ORA ORA
Plant embryos inside unwilling crew. Protect your babies as they burst through the chests of their hosts. Protect your Queen. Watch in horror as the Queen spaces herself. bHard
Consume. Replicate. Repeat. Eat Telecomms. Teleport your enemies away from your delicious metal. bMedium
Shock lights, appear menacingly. Siphon life from the living. Cause widespread annoyance and panic. bEasy
Eat pens for amusement, disguise yourself as beepsky. Disguise yourself as the Captain, confront the Captain while disguised as him, get shot. bHard
Generic ninja.png
Space Ninja
Follow your orders, which may or may not involve you killing everything that moves. Kill everyone regardless. bHard
Blob core.gif
Click rapidly and grow. Expand and expand until you are finally discovered. Unleash the blobbernauts. Reach critical mass and win. bHard
Icons8 flat biohazard.svg.png
Sentient Disease
Try to infect people. Get the virologist lynched. Get the CMO lynched. Get the rest of medbay lynched. Make everyone grow beards. bHard
Try to raid the station. Fail miserably because the entire crew is out for your blood. bHard
Kidnap people and experiment on them. Accidentally kidnap yourself. Steal the armory after losing your tools. Hope your fellow Scientist/Agent is not incompetent and lets the crew kidnap you. bHard
Become completely obsessed with a certain someone on the station. Get jealous of their coworkers, so you kill them. Stalk and hug the person you are obsessed with, and then probably kill them as well. bEasy to Medium


Job Role Difficulty
Lavaland Role
Kill anything in your way and bring bodies back to your nest. Die to the sudden inhospitably of your home. bHard
Centcom Official
Be self-important, meddle with station affairs, annoy the Captain with bureaucracy. Get killed almost immediately by a random mob. Have you body looted by everyone, including the captain. bMedium
Be the most perfect pet on the station. Bask in the love of all the crew. aImpossible
Chrono Legionnaire
Chrono Legionnaire
Erase the Clown from time. Accidentally erase your objective from time. Never be spawned by a admin for being too powerful. bNever Existed
Emergency Response Officer
Arrive too late on the station to actually help. Lose the rest of your team, get outnumbered and die. Respawn as a second response team to save the first team. bVery Hard
Death Squad Officer
Turn on the DOOM soundtrack and get to work. Set your rifle to DESTROY and terminate all lifeforms (including walls). Slip on a banana peel and laugh as your boots prevent you from slipping. Turn the Clown into blood mist with your Mateba Revolver. bHard
HONK Squad Officer
You have been sent in due to a HONK-mergency. You must give the station HONKs. bHONK!

Out of Rotation

Job Role Difficulty
Cortical Borer
Fill the halls with tons of vomit! Fa la la la la - la la la la. Spam *collapse and *surrender, and cry because the coders found out about your exploit. Scream internally, climb into brain, scream externally. Cry when your host eats sugar. aRemoved
Engage in civil discussions to buy souls. Create emergencies so that people are desperate enough to sell their soul. Try to out wit the lawyer. Get punched to death by someone you just turned into a hulk. Never exist because you don't have a gamemode. bRemoved
Attempt to infect the crew with the monkey virus. Get absolutely crushed by Security within five minutes. bRemoved
Hivemind Host
Stand around in places and add unwitting humans to your hivemind. Hijack the minds of crewmembers and have them do the dirty work for you. Have a random vessel get implanted and security wailing down on you 30 minutes into the shift. aRemoved