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Fire Extinguisher
Found in: Extinguisher Lockers, Xenobiology
Used for: Extinguishing fires and the lives of unaware command staff, ghetto jetpacks
Strategy: A fire extinguisher will spray water across the room to put out fires or change your direction in space
This has multiple uses, from ghetto space travel to rocketing yourself down a hallway strapped to a wheeled chair, even to its intended purpose. Easily the best weapon against Slimes. A Chaplain can bless the water in a fire extinguisher to bless an entire stretch of hallway at once. Will need refilling at a Water Tank.

Holds 100 units of water.

Miniature Fire Extinguisher
Found in: Emergency Toolboxes, Internals Box
Used for: Putting out small fires, ghetto jetpacks
Strategy: A fire extinguisher will spray water across the room to put out fires or change your direction in space
Functionally the same as a normal fire extinguisher, but has a smaller capacity and can fit into your pockets. Will need refilling at a Water Tank.

Holds 30 units of water.

Emergency Oxygen Tank
Found in: Atmospherics Office, Emergency Lockers, Internals Box
Used for: As the name suggest, used as an emergency oxygen supply. It's not a question about if you need it, it's a question of when you need it, keep one with you at all time
Strategy: Stuff it in your pocket, belt, or suit slot and leave it there, you'll need it
A small oxygen tank that you can wear in your belt slot or in the suit slot of various suits. It is typically kept at approximately 16 kPa, which provides just enough oxygen for you to breathe in. Oxygen tanks of all sizes can be filled by Atmospheric Technicians and are used with a breath mask to set up an internal air supply. Resists pressures up to ~2500 kPa before leaking.

Oxygen Tank
Found in: Tank Storage Unit, Emergency Lockers, Mining Outpost EVA
Used for: Mostly used for hardsuits as it nicely fits in to the suit slot, but is sadly too big for a pocket. Also used for bomb making
Strategy: Don't forget one of these when you grab a hardsuit. Put it on your back if you don't have a space suit.
An oxygen tank with a large capacity and a much slower oxygen consuming rate. A must for miners who like to stay in space for long times. Resists pressures up to ~2500 kPa before leaking.

Plasma tank.png
Plasma Tank
Found in: Tank Storage Unit
Used for: Used for the Singularity Engine and bomb making
Strategy: Handle with care
These plasma tanks are used by Engineers for radiation collection from the Singularity Engine, by Scientists for bombs, and your typical scoundrel for lighting fires with a flamethrower or releasing toxins into the air. Plasma is the most hunted resource by NanoTrasen. It's the reason you are here. Resists pressures up to ~2500 kPa before leaking

Atmospherics Gear

Welding Helmet
Found in: Engineering, Atmospherics
Used for: Keeping your eyes safe when welding
Strategy: Wear it while using a welding tool, or to get by flashers. Wearing them makes you practically blind. Clicking the Welding Helmet while in hand, will flip it up so it doesn't cover the face.
A head-mounted face cover designed to protect the wearer completely from space-arc eye. Cargo can manufacture these with their autolathe or they can order some.

Atmospheric Technician's Firefighting Helmet
Found in: Atmospherics
Used for: Providing light in dark areas, protecting your head from fire and pressure, concealing identity
Strategy: Wear it with the firesuit and you'll be cool when on fire. Doesn't work without the firesuit
A firefighter's helmet, able to keep the user cool in any situation.

Atmos firesuit.png
Found in: Atmospherics
Used for: Fighting the fiercest of fires
Strategy: Wearing this firesuit along with the atmos tech's firefighting helmet will protect you from the greatest extremes in temperature. Slows you down to the same degree as the emergency firesuit. Doesn't work without the helmet
An expensive firesuit that protects against even the most deadly of station fires. Designed to protect even if the wearer is set aflame.

Black Gloves
Found in: Atmospherics, Cargo Bay
Used for: Completing a outfit, or hiding fingerprints
Strategy: These gloves give heat protection, so wear them while firefighting and removing lightbulbs.
These gloves are fire-resistant.

Hazard Vest
Found in: Atmospherics, Engineering, Construction Area
Used for: Accessing the suit storage slot
Strategy: This will make you look like a real engineer. It simply allows another storage slot for tools or flashlights. Also a very weak armor.
A high-visibility vest used in work zones.

Tool Belt
Found in: Engineering, Maintenance
Used for: Toolbelts can hold some kinds of tiny items, most commonly tools
Strategy: They are worn as a belt and hold the same amount as a toolbox, though they are less useful as weapons. Sometimes the clown will steal these and hack EVA, just get your toolbox and robust him.
Can hold various tools, such as:
  • Crowbar.pngCrowbar
  • Screwdriver tool.pngScrewdriver
  • Welder.pngWelding tool
  • Wirecutters.pngWirecutters
  • Wrench.pngWrench
  • Multitool.pngMultitool
  • Flashlight.pngFlashlight, penlight and seclite
  • CableCoils.pngCable
  • T-ray.gifT-ray scanner
  • Analyzer.pngAnalyzer

Atmospherics Hardsuit.png
Atmospherics Hardsuit
Found in: Atmospherics
Used for: Burning spacewalks
Strategy: Engineering is provided with two hardsuits to assist with setting up the engine, wiring the solar panels, and repairing hull breaches. Significantly slows down the wearer. Spaceproof.
A special suit that protects against hazardous, low pressure environments. Has thermal shielding.

Backpack firefighter tank.png
Backpack Firefighter Tank
Found in: Atmospherics
Used for: Fighting fires, cleaning up plasmafloods
Strategy: A backpack water tank that can switch between firefighting modes as the situation calls for it.
A backpack water tank used for firefighting. It can switch between three different modes:
  • Extinguisher: Functions like a normal extinguisher.
  • Resin Launcher: Shoots balls of resin that expand into firefighting resin foam. Good for clearing entire rooms. Costs 50 units of water to launch on a 5 second cooldown.
  • Resin Foamer: Makes individual tiles of firefighting resin foam where you press. Good for getting into tight spaces and navigating more complex room setups. The tank starts with 5 charges and regenerates 1 every 5 seconds.

Holds 300 units of water.

T-ray optical.png
Optical T-Ray Scanner
Found in: Atmospherics
Used for: Seeing under floor tiles
Strategy: Use these to plan out wires and pipes.
When activated it will reveal wires and pipes under the flooring, as well as Critters and Creatures inside pipes, as well as make cloaked people flicker.


Air Alarm
Found in: Every room with atmospherics
Used for: Sniffing the atmospheric status near it, sending alerts if something isn't right and controlling the room's vents and scrubbers
Strategy: Install it in a room wall and it'll find the vents and scrubbers in the room automatically
To use an Air Alarm, first swipe your Id regular.png ID card across it to unlock it. Then click the Air Alarm with a free hand to access it's control panel.
Control panel options:
Activate Atmospheric Alarm: Self Explanatory. The Alarm will show on the Atmos Alert Computers and alerts the AI.

Scrubbers Control: Controls the scrubbers in the area. Select specific gases to be filtered. Choose between two settings for the scrubbers, scrubbing and syphoning.

  • Scrubbing will slowly drain any gases set to filter in the air of the tile they are on, and transfer it to their pipe. Really, really slow with N2O.
  • Syphoning will do the same, except indiscriminately and drain all gases on their tile.

Vents Control: you control vents through the air alarm. There are the following settings:

  • External on, Internal off: will drain/add air from the tile the vent is on to make it reach the selected pressure. All air being moved goes into/comes out of the pipe the vent is attached to. Set to 0 to drain air, or pressurise to specific levels.
  • Both on: completely useless. Don't bother.
  • External off, Internal on: Drains/adds air to the tile to get the pipe attached to the selected pressure level. Setting a vent to internal and the desired pressure to 0 causes ALL gas which enters the pipe to be shunted out onto the tile.

Set Environmentals Mode: you can select a preset mode for the scrubbers and vents in the area:

  • Filtering: Default mode, scrubbers are set to "Filter", vents are set to keep the area at normal pressure (101kPa).
  • Draught: scrubbers are set to "Syphon" and vents are On.
  • Panic: scrubbers are set to "Panic Syphon" and vents are Off.
  • Replace air: scrubbers are set to "Syphon" and vents are Off. Nearly identical to "Panic".
  • Off: Both scrubbers and vents are Off.

Sensor Settings: Let's you change the minima and maxima for pressure, temperature and specific gases to automatically activate the alarm.

Activate Panic Syphons: They turn all vents off and set all scrubbers to syphon. You *can* do better than that, but most of the methods involve setting vents to suck, and if you need a panic syphon, then sucking contaminated air into Distro kinda sucks.

Guide to building an Air Alarm.

Guide to hacking an Air Alarm.

Fire Alarm
Found in: Every room
Used for: Automatically closes the fire doors in case of fire
Strategy: Pull leaver to close down an area so only people with Crowbars can leave
Used to toggle all fire doors in an area. Can be quickly toggled by shooting at it with a taser or also by hitting with a melee weapon.

Guide to building a Fire Alarm.

Tank Dispenser.png
Tank Storage Unit
Found in: Engineering, Atmospherics, Mining Station, E.V.A., Toxins
Used for: Distributing air and plasma to those who need it
Strategy: Just choose what you need
Immovable dispenser filled with 10 oxygen tanks and 10 plasma tanks (except the ones located in E.V.A. and Mining Station have only oxygen tanks).

Found in: Maintenance, Atmospherics, Toxins Lab
Used for: Used for holding and transporting gases like Oxygen, Plasma gas and the like
Strategy: Place around hallways, wait for Assistants to open them for no reason
When new and before use, or when almost fully emptied, a label can be selected from its interface. This will change its color to indicate what it may contain (or fooling people into thinking it contains Oxygen and not Plasma)

Can be made with 10 sheets of Metal.

Portable Pump
Found in: Locker Room, Atmospherics, Hallway outside the Atmospherics office
Used for: Filling a room with air. Can also be use to suck the air out of a room
Strategy: Set the pump direction to out, set your target pressure (most likely 101.3 kPa), turn it on, and it re-pressurizes a room until its air runs out
Out with the good air. It both sucks and blows. Be sure to connect it to the blue ports outside Atmospherics to fill it up with delicious air mix beforehand.

Portable Scrubber
Found in: Locker Room, Atmospherics, Hallway outside the Atmospherics office
Used for: Cleaning the air from Plasma gas and other unwanted gasses. Also used for emptying Plasma Tanks and Oxygen Tanks
Strategy: Pull it to the leak, put it on maximum power and turn it on
In with the bad air. Flip it on to filter out the bad gases very slowly. Connect it to the red ports outside Atmospherics to empty it out once it's full. Make sure you also re-fill the area with clean oxygen.

Space Heater
Found in: Maintenance, Atmospherics
Used for: Heating up a cold area
Strategy: Set heat to high and drag it along with you to prolong a spacesuit-less space walk
Made by the Space Amish, it can reliably heat up a room to livable temperature. Uses a Power Cell to function. All Space Heaters come default with a 1000 watt power cell -- keep it in mind if you need a free cell.

Found in: Medbay, Atmospherics
Used for: Cooling/heating gasses in pipes, Cryogenics Chamber
Strategy: Make a Canister with chilled Oxygen, give it to R&D
Will cool/heat any gasses in the connected pipes. Can be used to cool down gasses that come in through waste after a fire.

Guide to building a Freezer/Heater.

Pipe Dispenser
Found in: Atmospherics
Used for: Making pipes and pumps
Strategy: It is still possible to dispose of pipes and pumps into it when it's in movable-mode
Using a Wrench.png Wrench will toggle it between movable- or dispensing-mode.

When in dispensing-mode and in a powered room, it can dispense pipes and pumps for use.
You are able to dispose of unwanted pipes and pumps by using them on the Pipe Dispenser.

List of dispensable items:
  • Regular pipes: The station is infested with these things and you want to add MORE!? Place down manual valves to crush the hopes and dreams of any would-be plasma flooding AI.


  • Connector: Used to attach canisters, pumps or scrubbers to a pipe network. If you can't get a pipe network easily to the filter loop, an empty canister can be a good substitute.
  • Unary vent - See: Vent. Once placed down it will have to be turned on by activating it at an Air alarm terminal.
  • Gas pump: The basic pumps you'll find all over Atmospherics. Good for precise pressure levels. Goes up to 4500 kPa.
  • Passive gate: Think of it as a one-way manual valve, but electronic. Doesn't pump gas, but lets certain pressure through. Can let up to 4500 kPa pressure through. It should be noted that its on status can be easy to miss, being just a small red/green light.
  • Volume pump: A bit like the gas pump, but pumps via volume rather than going for pressure. 200 l/s (~9000 kPa) is its max output. Faster than a gas pump (you can fill canisters up past the standard 4500 kPa pressure!), so best used in systems where precise pressure isn't needed (such as anything to do with the waste loop).
  • Scrubber: Self explanatory, scrubs the nasty out of things, or acts like a vacuum. Like unary vents, needs to be turned on by an Air alarm terminal after wrenched into place.
  • Meter: Wanna know how much gas (and its temperature) is in a pipe? Use these.
  • Gas Filter: Them big ol' blocks of things that ring Atmosia, takes certain gasses out. Filters them, if you will.
  • Gas Mixer: Like a filter, but mixes gasses instead of filters. There is one in Atmosia that mixes nitrogen and oxygen.

Heat Exchange:

  • Pipes: H/E pipes transfer temperatures between the environment and gas within'. Besides looking spiffy, you can place some in space to super-duper cool gasses, or create a burning length of death pipe.
  • Junction: Turn that regular pipe network into a H/E network, and back again! After all, you have to get that gas safely into space somehow!
  • Heat Exchanger: These strange and esoteric devices equalize the temperature between two pipe networks without actually mixing the gasses. To use, place them facing each other. (So you're going to need at LEAST a 1 X 4 area to set this up.)

Disposal Pipe Dispenser
Found in: Atmospherics
Used for: Making disposal pipes and other disposal equipment. Mostly used for repairs or making experimental transit-systems
Strategy: Dispose of the entire waste system extra pipes you dispense by dragging them onto the disposal unit
Using a Wrench.png Wrench will toggle it between movable-mode and dispensing-mode.

When in dispensing-mode and in a powered room, it can dispense pipes and other disposal equipment for use.
Despite not being able to pick them up with your hands, you can drag the pipe onto the dispenser to dispose of extras.
See information here how to modify the existing ones or make your own disposal pipes.