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Note: The Yogstation Lore is currently undergoing rewrite, any lore on this page is subject to change.

Nanotrasen is the primary faction on Space Station 13, with the crew working for them. They care more for the bottom line than anything else.


What is Nanotrasen?

Nanotrasen (NT) is a massive company with virtual monopolies in many industries in known space. Their main goal is to achieve maximum profit. Nanotrasen, under the Soul and Self Ownership Act of 2480, can ‘own’ individuals (more precisely, their souls). This includes, but is not limited to the workers of Space Station 13. Nanotrasen’s headquarters is located on Earth itself, and it is one of the oldest companies in Commonwealth history. Additionally Nanotrasen is in the middle of a three-decades-long cold war with its competitors: a group of Nanotrasen competitors named the Syndicate.

Origins of Nanotrasen

Nanotrasen was founded in 2051 as a research company, by Emma Johnson. Its goal upon founding was to perform research into advanced laser and transportation technology. This research led to a breakthrough nine years later in the form of new and improved laser weaponry. Nanotrasen supplied many of the weapons used by The Commonwealth in the Great Systems War. This led to massive profit for the company through sales and massive government subsidies. The company then used these profits to take over large portions of the medical, manufacturing, mining, construction, and power industries.

Structure of Nanotrasen

Station Structure

Nanotrasen encompasses a collection of around 50 systems close to one another, and these are divided into sectors based on a Central Command. Each Central Command can have anywhere between three to three hundred stations in their specific sector. Most stations have specialized uses such as mining stations, prison stations, cargo and transportation stations, research stations, and manufacturing stations.

Mining Stations

Mining Stations are solely built for the extraction of mineral wealth. These stations generally consist of a basic security department, a cargo department, and a mining department. They are generally planetary based, though space-based mining stations are not uncommon.

Mining is generally completed through the utilization of NT brand proto-kinetic accelerators. The miners either mine a local asteroid belt, or harvest a planet's riches. Raw materials yielded from these operations are used to further Nanotrasen’s interests and drive down their internal construction and supply costs..

Cargo and Transportation Stations

Cargo Stations are generally built as midway refueling ports and transportation hubs of Nanotrasen and the Commonwealth of Orion. These stations are found in deep space, far from the nearest planetary port.

These stations are characterized by their stark contrast between the cargo and transportation areas. The hubs are characterized by extravagant and expensive restaurants, hotel areas for layovers, and many other amenities for travelling customers and workers. The cargo areas of these stations are full of massive warehouses of goods and ores ready for transport to anywhere in Commonwealth space.

Manufacturing Stations

Manufacturing Stations are built as massive factory zones which process the ore harvested by mining stations into a variety of products. These manufacturing stations are commonly planetary based and are integrated with towns of workers working at these stations. Most workers at manufacturing stations have not sold their souls to Nanotrasen and instead work as normal employees. The products of these stations vary greatly, but generally supply the planet they are based on along with exporting additional civilian and military products.

Research Stations

Research Stations are built staying true to the original foundation of Nanotrasen, to push the frontiers of technology. Generally, they are planetside facilities studying simpler things, to achieve maximum profit. However, spaceside research stations are not uncommon. These stations are the most valuable among any of Nanotrasen stations and are generally kept secret from the public. Space Station 13 is one of these stations.

These stations are kept close to whatever they are researching, along with varying in purpose and size. Research Stations size can be anywhere from large facilities of thousands of workers to stations of a mere sixty. Their purpose as well varies greatly, and can be anything from microbiology to genetics, to plasma research. The sky is the limit with these stations. Additionally, most of these stations are run through specialized subsidiary companies.

Prison Stations

Prison Stations are secretive facilities deep in the frontier regions. These facilities are generally not known to the public, with their brutal nature being kept secret from even the most trusted security members. Instead of transferring captured enemy agents to the Commonwealth, they are commonly brought to one of these deep-space stations.

These stations are characterized by their secrecy making their design. The stations themselves are housed in asteroids, oftentimes in uninhabited systems. The stations are run by the Emergency Response Forces, to interrogate captured agents extracting all useful information from them, and then executing them. These stations are illegal, and are not known to the Commonwealth public.

Division Structure

Nanotrasen is organized into several cooperating departmental divisions, all subservient to the Board of Directors. These divisions cover several sectors of Nanotrasen’s work with them being the Nanotrasen Research, Nanotrasen Mining Corp. (NMC), Nanotrasen Universal Shipping (NUS), Nanotrasen Emergency Medical (NEM), Nanotrasen Construction, Nanotrasen Manufacturing, Nanotrasen Peace Forces, Nanotrasen Marketing, and the Internal Affairs Agency.

Nanotrasen Research

Nanotrasen Research is the oldest of any of the subdivisions of the Nanotrasen company. They handle all research for Nanotrasen and are the most funded. The research division is responsible for technological innovations of cloning, lasers, and AIs. Nanotrasen Research is also in charge of appointing the Research Director of any station.

Nanotrasen Mining Corp

Nanotrasen Mining Corporation is the subdivision of Nanotrasen in charge of all mining operations. The men and women who work for the NMC are known to be grizzled veterans, adrenaline junkies, and/or suicidal. This group has the highest rates of death among any division, and are currently under investigation by Commonwealth reporters. On Space Station 13, they are combined with cargo, due to the small size of the station. On Mining Stations, Nanotrasen Mining Corp appoints a Mining Foreman and Quartermaster to run their facilities.

Nanotrasen Universal Shipping

Nanotrasen Universal Shipping is in charge of all of Nanotrasen’s shipping, but they also assist in shipping mail and gifts between Commonwealth planets, along with having their subdivision labeled Nanotrasen SpaceLines. This department is run by Quartermasters appointed by the NUS. They keep Nanotrasen goods and personnel moving, along with transporting Commonwealth personnel and cargo between planets.

Nanotrasen Emergency Medical

Nanotrasen Emergency Medical keeps NT personnel healthy and (if needed) happy. They keep the station safe from viruses, and most all minor and major injuries. Any functional station will have some form of medical team to assure employee safety and longevity. This department also is in charge of keeping crew psychology in check, as much of Nanotrasen’s work is both physically stressful and mentally straining. The NEM appoints Chief Medical Officers to all Nanotrasen stations.

Nanotrasen Construction

Nanotrasen Construction is in charge of building and maintaining all Nanotrasen facilities. They consist of two major divisions, Engineering and Atmospherics. Engineering is the larger of the two, primarily in charge of all construction projects, station designs, and power creation. Nanotrasen Construction has created many cities for the Commonwealth and provides power for many worlds in Commonwealth space. Atmospherics primarily keeps people breathing on Nanotrasen Stations and uninhabitable worlds. Nanotrasen Construction is considered to be among the best and cheapest builders across civilized space. They are also in charge of appointing the Chief Engineers for any Nanotrasen Station.

Nanotrasen Manufacturing

Nanotrasen Manufacturing is in charge of creating a multitude of products for the Commonwealth. From refrigerators to knives, to vending machines, to computers, Nanotrasen can produce nearly anything. However, they specialize in producing weaponry. Their laser weaponry manufacturing is unmatched and provides the Commonwealth with nearly all of their laser weapons. This division is also characterized by the unique aspect of not owning their workers' souls. They are in charge of appointing Overseers to Nanotrasen Factories.

Nanotrasen Security Forces

Nanotrasen Security Forces consist of local security teams found on every station. These teams are led by a Head of Security appointed by the Sector Commander in charge of the sector. Local security teams are generally lightly armed and are lightly trained. These teams have largely been tasked with keeping rowdy crewmembers in check. In the current day, Nanotrasen Security Forces have gained more funding and support due to rising and open tensions between Nanotrasen and the Syndicate. Local security teams handle the day to day law-keeping operations on Nanotrasen stations.

Nanotrasen Marketing

Nanotrasen Marketing is in charge of advertising and public relations with the common citizen. They are well-funded, despite Nanotrasen’s near-exclusive presence in the Commonwealth, due to the large number of controversies the company can face. Their large scale marketing campaigns are renowned among the Commonwealth, with the Marketing Team owning several of the best space racing teams. They are the most known of any Nanotrasen Department and appoint a Chief of Sales to all Central Commands.

Internal Affairs Agency

The Internal Affairs Agency is the department within Nanotrasen that handles human resources and corporate espionage affairs. This includes activities that include but are not limited to:

  • Spearheading legal teams to pursue lawsuits against companies infringing on patents, space law, and trade agreements
  • Dealing with all incidents of corporate espionage investigations
  • Handling social conflict among crew members

Additionally, the Internal Affairs Agency is known to plant agents within the crew to investigate these incidences of corporate espionage in a peaceful quiet manner.

The Emergency Response Force

The Emergency Response Force is Nanotrasen’s primary asset protection group. The Emergency Response Force is separated into two distinct groups. Elite teams composed of highly trained members from Nanotrasen’s Central Command, Security Force, Emergency Medical, and Construction teams. As well as a general force responsible for large scale peacekeeping operations. The general forces are split in between two groups: the Nanotrasen Peacekeepers who are tasked with pacifying a station undergoing a large scale riot and the Amber Task Force who are deployed to stations with hostile environments where man power is more valued over the trained Emergency Response Teams.




Subsidiaries of Nanotrasen

Nanotrasen has several major subsidiary companies falling underneath the jurisdiction of the previously stated divisions and their respective directors.

Hephaestus Weapons Solutions

Hephaestus Weapons Solutions is the company handling most of Nanotrasen’s research endeavors in regards to weapon technologies. Created as a subsidiary of Nanotrasen during the latter years of the Great Systems Wars, Hephaestus Weapons Solutions has successfully advanced laser weaponry creating superior hybrid laser-disabler weaponry. Hephaestus Weapons Solutions works primarily under the Research Division Director and Security Division Director.

Blue Cross Medical

Blue Cross medical provides all of Nanotrasen’s medical supplies and has become one of the largest medical providers across all of Nanotrasen space. Originally a once-powerful independent company, Nanotrasen purchased Blue Cross Medical twenty years after the Great Systems War, due to Blue Cross Medical’s power management sinking their stock prices. Blue Cross Medical works under the NEM Director and the Research Division Director.


HayeTech is a subsidiary agricultural research company. HayeTech is Nanotrasen’s beginning attempt to breach into the agricultural industry. This company is the newest of all Nanotrasen’s subsidiaries and is well funded. In response to this company's creation, relations between Donk Co. and Waffle Co. have improved slightly out of fear of Nanotrasen breaking into the industry long dominated by these two companies. HayeTech is overseen by Manufacturing Division Director and the Nanotrasen CEO directly.

Chimeric DNA Technologies

Chimeric DNA Technologies is Nanotrasen’s genetic research company. Responsible for early innovations in cloning, chemistry, sleepers, and stasis pods. This company was originally founded in the USR as a state-owned company, but post-war was absorbed by Nanotrasen in a large purchase of old USR companies. Since that time, Chimeric DNA Technologies has become the leader in genetic technologies. Chimeric DNA Technologies is overseen by the NEM Director and Research Division Director.


ThinkTronic is Nanotrasen’s advanced mobile device technology company. Responsible for laptop innovations and the PDA, ThinkTronic is one of Nanotrasen’s more successful subsidiary companies. Created by Nanotrasen after the Great Systems War, ThinkTronic has worked on revolutionizing the mobile device industry for 200 years. Unlike other Nanotrasen Industries, ThinkTronic is still the minority company in the mobile device industry. ThinkTronic is overseen by the Research Division Director and Manufacturing Division Director

Employees of Nanotrasen


Nanotrasen is one of the few companies employing people of all races, making it the only major semi-equal opportunity employer. They, however, do not have a zero-tolerance policy on xenophobia. Corporate culture among employees of Nanotrasen results in nearly 98% of heads of staff being Human with few opportunities for non-human employees to rise in status.


Two heads on every station are independently appointed by the local Central Command Director. These two are the Head of Personnel and the Captain. These two assure the station departments are well run and keep the station profitable. The other heads are appointed by their respective divisions.

Independent Contractors

The station also runs many independent contractors on space stations, which do not fit under any specific division. Their soul contracts are generally much shorter, and generally under a year. On stations, these contractors are seen in the service department, such as botanists, artists, chaplains, curators, bartenders, and chefs. They generally, however, do not get the upward possibilities that other departments get.


Nanotrasen Research has recently made breakthroughs in artificial intelligence and cyborg technology resulting in the Man-Machine Interface. The human turned cyborgs are highly illegal across all of Commonwealth space and are kept highly secret. These programmed workers Nanotrasen hopes to bring across the Commonwealth, to begin working on tasks all across Commonwealth space to increase profits.

Additionally, any breakthrough in the field of positronic brains is highly illegal across all of Commonwealth space. Any discovery or usage of these technologies on Space Station 13 are highly classified and illegal. Due to manpower limits on Space Station 13, Nanotrasen encourages the usage of these “borgs” to fulfill many duties.

Clowns and Mimes

Clowns and Mimes technically fall under the independent contractors, but their true loyalty resides in their two respective worlds. These two worlds which occupy the same system have been in a bitter prank war for many years. Nanotrasen has managed to broker a peace between these two nations and has employed them across Commonwealth space to improve morale among station crews.


Assistants are the lowest level a Nanotrasen worker can be. Generally, younger employees learning new jobs, these assistants are loved by Nanotrasen for their cheap cost-effective labor. Being demoted to an assistant can occasionally also happen to employees, as a disciplinary action. Their duties generally consist of doing menial labor for their colleagues for little pay or respect.

Nanotrasen Administration

The Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is the group leading Nanotrasen publicly. It is made up of one Director from every division of Nanotrasen, and the Nanotrasen CEO. These ten individuals run all of Nanotrasen. Each Director is not only in charge of making decisions on the board, but they also run their division as a whole. These individuals are:

  • NT CEO: Quentin Zandar
  • Research Division Director: Francois Chabert
  • Mining Division Director: Virgo Cimber
  • NUS Division Director: John Muller
  • NEM Division Director: Penelope Peletier
  • Construction Division Director: Edgar Heck
  • Manufacturing Division Director: Jonas Heider
  • Security Division Director: Eduarda Asencisio
  • Marketing Division Director: Noah Hawkins
  • IAA Division Director: George Zandar

The Philanthropy Society

The Philanthropy Society claims to be a collection of the Commonwealth’s richest individuals interested in donating money to aid the poor of the Commonwealth. In reality, it is a rich man's club of Nanotrasen businessmen and Nanotrasen-bribed public officials. They influence many Commonwealth colonies and events. Not only do they give a private talking space between these two groups, but their effect on the public perception of Nanotrasen is unmatched. Their gifts to the public have had a great impact on public opinion regarding Nanotrasen. Oddly, several members of the Commonwealth Senate are a part of this group.

Overview of Nanotrasen in Current Day

Nanotrasen has been, for centuries, the largest and most powerful company across known space. In recent decades, the Syndicate has challenged Nanotrasen’s long time monopoly on several industries. Since the Syndicate's founding, the Nanotrasen Board of Directors have become terrified of this recent development. To attempt to maintain their technological superiority, Nanotrasen had invested large sums to bribe Commonwealth senators to gain authority to build the first plasma research station. This action, has raised tensions between the Syndicate and Nanotrasen to an all-time high, threatening the status quo. All of the known galaxy have their eyes on the situation, wondering what will happen next.