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Note: This page is moderated and can be referenced in ooc issues, such as ban appeals, complaints, reports, etc. This may not apply to the pages this page links to.

General Rules

When in doubt, human naming rules can be used for any race unless otherwise stated below.

  • No names of famous people or things, real or fictional
    • Silicons, clown/mime, and wizards are exempt from this portion of the rule as long as the name is thematically appropriate
  • No titles or honorifics (Mr, Dr, -san, etc)
    • Silicons, clown/mime, and wizards are exempt from this portion of the rule as long as the name is thematically appropriate
  • No obscene words (including words that sound similar, even if the spelling is different)
  • If you are unsure or need ideas for names, the default names can be used as a reference
  • The max length of a name is 42 characters, however, using more than 30 characters is discouraged


  • Must have a first and last name
  • Middle initials are permitted, and middle names can be used as long as the character count is not exceeded
  • Must use a name that would be reasonable for a human to have in our world
    • Ex: Jacob Johnson, Micah J Collins
  • Human names are allowed to have a nickname in place of a middle name, so long as they are bounded by '
    • Ex: Jacob 'Jimothy' Johnson, Micah 'Zippy' Collins


  • A verb, then an adjective or preposition, then a noun, all conjoined with dashes.
    • Ex: Verbs-The-Nouns, Swims-Under-Bridges, Counts-Little-Numbers, Observes-Besides-Disaster.
  • Draconic name: First name followed by a clan name, conjoined with a dash. Should generally sound alien, such as using a lot of vowels in a name or none at all. Not inherently restrictive, but two human names shouldn’t be conjoined.
    • Ex: Rixitul-Usii, Vextri-Sthn, Rei-Savatum, Fuula-Ghren


  • Any lizard or mothperson name is valid, in addition to human names.
    • Ex: Vulgaris Monstrata, Deeza-Zytl, Waters-The-Lilies, Anthony Dirkin
  • The single name of any plant. A surname may be added.
    • Ex: Cabbage, Grape Smith, Nettle, Coffee Talgot


  • Any noun that refers to an object followed by roman numerals. Elements from the periodic table are preferred (but not required).
    • Ex: Gold IV, Carbon XXXII, Leopard LXI, Herald V


  • Their names tend to be pun-related or latin-sounding in origin. First names often take latin stems and sounds, generally ending with an a, e, or s, while surnames tend to end with an a, i, or s. However, these are trends that do not need to be followed.
    • Ex: Moffus Regalia, Cewlgaia Sanguis, Angelica Absconditi


  • Any celestial body, object, or concept, followed by roman numerals.
    • Ex: Centauri VI, Borealis LX, Sol III
  • A single word name or nickname, no surname.
    • Ex: Pulvolis, Eteriua, Baclar


  • An adjective followed by a noun, typically an object.
    • Ex: Strong Iron, Wise Brick, Vast Atlas
  • A shadow name/vxtrin name, difficult to pronounce and alien. Can string together up to three different sections using apostrophes.
    • Ex: Krst'staun, Vxy'trmn'hul, Xhlri
  • A robotic name that can use numbers, dashes, and periods.
    • Ex: PL-935, 6.7-RL9, R.A.Z.O.R


  • A single word name or nickname, potentially followed by a surname. The first name typically restricts itself to two or three syllables, ends with a vowel, and utilizes uncommon letters or letter combinations, such as "x" "v" "y" "gh" "aa" "thr", and so on.
    • Ex: Gaathryn, Xyna, Thryv, Alei, Saavi
  • Cannot use human names


  • Any valid posibrain or cyborg name, though non-acronym names should use proper capitalization of nouns (such as Spark instead of SPARK).
    • Ex: SHIV-936, H.E.L.P.E.R, Salient 3.1, Carter 3-S50
  • Cannot use human names


  • Cannot use human names
  • May have up to 3 words for a name
  • Words can be in all caps
  • Name may include numbers
  • Name may have letters separated by periods to denote an acronym
  • Silicons are permitted to have names of famous people or things, real or fictional as long as the name is thematically appropriate.
  • Ex: Door Opener, S.U.B.V.E.R.T.E.D., HAL 9001