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Animation showing where the many deaths occur on Boxstation.

Boxstation is the main map played on Yogstation. This is due to the familiarity with the map, the simplistic layout and the fact that the map rotation is weighted towards it.

The map is based around the central "circle", with hallways leading off in all four directions. The circle features the command section: the captain office, HoP office, teleporter room, AI chamber/upload and the bridge are all placed here. Leading off north is the security wing: the detective office, the lawyer office, courtroom and brig are all placed here. Leading off east is the main wing: service, medical, science and escape are all placed here. Leading off south is the engineering wing: engineering, gravity, tech storage, atmospherics and telecomms are all placed here. Leading off west is arrivals.


BoxStation (also known as tgstation or yogstation) was first made public in the year 2011 by one of the oldest coders, Noize, and several other unknown collaborators. The preceding map was the Goonstation's Devstation (Ovary Station/Uterus Station), which was supposedly the origin as to why SS13 is described as a "nonsensical metal deathtrap".

The Beginning

Old BoxStation (then known as the tgstation) with Prison Station and all

In the beginning, Security was much smaller because of the Prison Wing was located in an off-station satellite (then called Prison Station). The Research Division was located behind Medbay, and "Med-Sci" was the most populated sector of the station. Toxins was set ablaze almost every other round, and the way the map was made meant that the R&D Lab burned down with it. Virology used to be part of the Research Division as well, and Xenobiology held metroids. Robotics was part of the Engineering department at the time.


For a long time, Boxstation stagnated in content, with very few people willing to dedicate themselves to improving Boxstation. Many people felt that Boxstation was due to be replaced due to this inactivity in the face of other popular stations. However, from early 2013, an admin/coder called Ikarrus took the leading role in BoxStation's development, updating and expanding maintenance and generally bringing the station up to code. Due to Ikarrus's development, it spurred a large number of people to suddenly start mapping for Boxstation.

As of late 2014, Ikarrus stopped regular updates to Boxstation leaving Steelpoint as the primary leading map developer of Boxstation. Wjohn was another notable mapper for early Boxstation, specialising in major remaps of areas.

12 May

Adds 2 cyborg rechargers to box by wejengin2. This change adds another recharger to the bathrooms, and one in the SMES room. Signs indicating recharger locations are placed around the station.

26 April

The process of gulagging has been made easier. Put the prisoner into the new Gulag Processor near the shuttle, and they will automatically be stripped by TheGamerdk. This reverts the change made on January 26 in favor of part of the gulag teleporter system.

The new gulag processor.

21 April

The syringe guns are now in the medical lockers instead of in the open by Hopek. The old placements were outside surgery and on a table in storage.

8 April

Made an average around 7-10 out of the 240 solar panels on box station not be set up by Hopek.

3 April

Adds a second locker to hydroponics by wejengin2.

24 March

Added 4 new variations to the bomb testing range by Hopek. This change makes the bomb testing site on this map randomise between premade rooms. Targets will be different, some will have more windows, etc.

17 March

Added 5 placement variations to morgue by Hopek. This change makes the morgue on this map randomise between premade rooms.

10 March

Added 9 new variations to dorms by Hopek. This change makes the dorms rooms on this map randomise between premade rooms. Some will have glass tables, different colored carpets, etc.

9 March

Replaced a Medbay sleeper with a stasis bed by Hopek.

2 March

All external airlocks on boxstation are now the cycling kind by Monster860. A new version of cycling areas was made and added onto the map. These are featured at any double external airlock. Cycling areas support the ability to cycle between two rooms of different atmospheres and control how much you want to allow the two rooms' air to mix.

18 February

Xeno console is back by Hopek. In 2019, the xenobiology consoles were removed due to balance reasons. Since then, there has been a rework on xenobiology, making it harder to breed slimes. This PR takes advantage of the nerf and adds back a console.

15 February

Reworked medbay! The observation room is now public by Hopek. Previously, the public had to ask to be let inside Medbay if they wanted to observe a surgery. This change adds a public airlock leading directly from the main hallway into the observation room. It also adds a window leading into the cloning room.

The new observation room.

26th January

Boxstation has a prisoner locker room, located south of the labor camp shuttle dock by Ktlwjec. Due to Boxstation having no teleporter to transport prisoners and store their items, a small locker room has been added south of the brig labor camp area.

The new locker room.

7th January

Command EVA suits added to the station by Ktlwjec. Before Yogstation rebased to TG, this was a feature on Boxstation. This change moved the materials to the top section of EVA, but still in the command section, and replaced the tables with the new EVA suit storage units. This change allows the HoP to have access to a space suit, as they were previously the only head of staff without easy access to one.

The old EVA design.

3rd January

Mining medic locker moved off the station by Ktlwjec. The reason for this is the placement on this map blocks the mining vendor, unless a locker next to it is moved or opened. The locker is now placed on the mining base in the mining medic's office, where it was originally intended to be.

The old mining medic locker placement.

Major Early Changes

Science, Medbay, and the Brig went through the most significant changes throughout development.

  • Medical and Research departments were separated from MedSci.
  • Supply department had access changes, and integrated mining with cargo. Mining used to be completely separate, with their own main hall access and shared no spaces with cargo.
  • The singularity was held indoors before. SMES Cells were moved to a separate room while the Singularity's containment security was increased with the addition of a layer of reinforced walls.
  • Prison Station was merged with the rest of the Brig. We had "Donut Brig" but it was horrible as prisoners were able to circle the warden's office and evade his captors for an absurd length of time. After mappers got fed up with how the Security Department occupied such a disproportionate amount of station real estate, they went and implemented a more efficient design.
  • AI started out in the middle of the station, moved to the Science department for a brief while before going back to the middle, then moved to an off-station AI Satellite. Debate continues as to where the AI should be held.
  • Maintenance saw an overhaul, increasing in size and complexity.

Notable Images

Very old Mining Outpost.
Old Head of Personnel's Office.



  • 2010-11-15 The first version of the map, tgstation.1.3.1.dmm, is added to the code by Noize.


  • 2011-2-7 Chapel moved from south of Escape to north of Escape and Toxins moved from northwest of Engineering to the east side of the station, into Science Division, by Errorage.
  • 2011-5-7 Mailroom was made part of cargo by Superxpdude.
  • 2011-7-10 Virology made airtight by Superxpdude.
  • 2011-8-28 Med-Sci (Medical-Science Department) divided into Research Division and Medbay by Superxpdude.
  • 2011-9-18 Washing machines added by Errorage.
  • 2011-10-15 Prison Station (off-station prison satellite) removed by trubblebass.


  • 2012-1-15 Telecommunications added by Doohl.
  • 2012-2-12 Public auto-lathe removed by Errorage.
  • 2012-2-23 Mint removed by Petethegoat.
  • 2012-4-25 Hydroponics moved northeast from the bridge across the hallway. Library shifted south-east from the bridge across the hallway. Bar and kitchen moved right of hydroponics. 7 brig cells removed, 4 remain. Security made much more compact. Various other structural changes by Ikarrus and Flazeo.
  • 2012-11-10 Maintenance access requirement removed from primary tool storage by Petethegoat.
  • 2012-12-12 Robotics moved to the starboard side, next to the Science Department by Ikarrus.
  • 2012-12-30 HoP's Office moved from the starboard side of Bridge to the port side by Ikarrus.


  • 2013-2-13 Departmental Security added by Ikarrus.
  • 2013-2-18 Telecommunications moved from the Telecomms Satellite to the centre of the station and AI was moved to the Science Department by Ikarrus.
  • 2013-2-24 AI moved back to the center of the station and Telecommunications moved to next to engineering by Ikarrus.
  • 2013-11-5 Labor Camp added by AlexanderUlanH.
  • 2013-11-9 Telescience added by Iamgoofball.



Major Changes (2018-2019)



Maps on yogstation


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