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Maps on yogstation


In Rotation BoxStation, AsteroidStation, IceMeta, NVS Gax.
Not In Rotation DeltaStation, EclipseStation, KiloStation, OmegaStation, RuntimeStation.

Map Rotation

The server uses a unique map rotation feature that will swap between maps based on player map preferences, these being located in your character setup page. The game is weighed to use Yogstation (Boxstation) as the default map but will, depending on player preferences, have a higher chance to use another map.

The current map is located in the 'Status' tab.

In Rotation

These maps are currently in rotation, and can be selected and played on.

Yogstation (Default)

Click the image to view it in full.

Yogstation is a variation of BoxStation, the widely regarded "official" map of SS13. It may be confusing at first, but it is actually neatly organised, so that every department gets their own wing. The Command Sector is in a centralised location, holding the Bridge and the AI Upload. Other departments extend out into various wings around the command sector; medical, science and service are located east, engineering is located south and security is located north.

Key Points

  • The station is heavily central on the starboard wing - all the action happens there.
  • There are several small crevices to perform distasteful acts.
  • Maintenance is designed to provide an outer shell to most of the station.

Recent Changes

  • Command EVA suits have been added to EVA. Useful for the HoP who doesn't start with one.
  • Mining medic locker moved off the station.
  • The small maintenance room north-east of atmospherics rotates between a detective room and a roleplaying room.


Asteroid station is currently in alpha testing, please report any issues to the GitHub.

Click the image to view it in full.

AsteroidStation is a med-highpop size map with a population of 40-80 players in mind. A station built into an asteroid, the mining areas and hidden ruins therein should provide extra space and activities in higher pops, while not causing the station to feel too large or empty on the lower end. Gives a sweet spot of a modern map while not going overboard on size. Created by MenacingManatee.

Key Points

  • The station consists of: 1 large asteroid containing the main station, 2 medium-sized asteroids, and 3 small asteroids.
  • The mining area contains a few hidden ruins that can be discovered each round.
  • The station is built around the research department at the center, with departments spread out around it.
  • The AI satellite is south-east of the station, accessible via teleport pads from the bridge or the RD's office, with additional access via catwalks from engineering.
  • The station only has 3 solar arrays compared to Box's 4, with one of them being extra large to compensate.


Click the image to view the original version of the map in full.

IceMeta, or MetaStation, is a map capable of sustaining between medium to high population counts. The station is connected to 2 mining levels below it, and is surrounded by a snowy forest. It features spread out and spacious departments, but an ultimately easy to remember layout once you've played it some. It was originally created as a space map, but was recreated in 2023 by N3D6.

Key Points

  • It is geared towards higher populations than BoxStation.
  • Key areas are more evenly spread to reduce local overcrowding.
  • It feels much more open - attacks in public are harder to get away with.
  • It has a large maintenance system covering most of the station, useful for stealthier tactics.
  • There are in-game maps and direction signposts on the walls of the station to help you find your way.
  • It has a large cargo bay, and larger medbay, brig, and bridge.
  • Be careful when exploring outside the station, as snow storms can strike at any moment!


Click the image to view it in full.

NVS Gax is a lowpop (0-40) station modelled after a ship (with a follower AI ship) the likes of Atlas from other servers. Departments are clear and compact, while leaving open space for busy areas (Medbay and Security). Created by baiomu.

Key Points

  • This map is best suited for 0-30 players.
  • Medbay is centered prominently in the middle.
  • Many departments have a foyer of their own to interact with the people inside, notably Science.
  • Service is condensed into one part of the map, with a nearly shared maintenance like box or meta.
  • Command is at the front of the ship, while Engineering is at the back.
  • Maintenance is much, much smaller, accounting for a tiny portion of this map.
  • AI satellite accessible via space, teleporter or shuttle.

Not in rotation

These maps are not in rotation.


Click the image to view it in full.

A map designed for lower populations without sacrificing some jobs and departments like Omega. Kilostation most notably contains two large asteroids connected to the station that can be used for mining, and has a more run down theme. It was created by Okand37.

Key Points

  • It is geared towards lower populations than BoxStation.
  • Departments are very compact to encourage player interaction.
  • The station has a proportionally large maintenance area compared to its size.
  • Low traffic areas like the bar and library are centered to encourage their use.
  • Hostile mobs and unusual loot are present around the station and its connected asteroids.


Click the image to view it in full.

EclipseStation was created by Mayhem, intended for a much larger population than any other map. It is a lot different than other maps, with arrivals in the center of the station and telepads scattered around. The map has a lot of room, with some hallways stretching out to 5 tiles wide, preventing the station from feeling cramped at any time.

Key Points

  • This map is best suited for 60+ players.
  • A very large map, with plenty of room and empty maintenance.
  • Gas miners.


Click the image to view it in full.

OmegaStation was created with the intention of being a low population alternative to other larger maps. Due to the small size and lack of head offices, many traitor target items are either inside regular department lockers, the vault or engineering secure storage. OmegaStation has suffered from a history of poor maintenance, leading to desperate spessmen committing HoPline suicide en masse after arriving here.

Key Points

  • The map is best suited for 20 players or less.
  • Captain and HoP are the only Heads of Staff.
  • There are less available slots for certain jobs.
  • There are some removed areas, such as Law Offices, Head of Staff Offices, Genetics, Virology and Toxins.

Recent Changes

  • Plastic flaps removed from the map, as there are no round-start MULEbots to use them.
  • Window shutters added to the exterior windows.
  • Autumn added to Cargo.

YogsDelta (Deltastation)

Click the image to view it in full.

Yogsdelta, or DeltaStation, is a map heavily influenced by Meta and Box, with a large centralised bridge area. Intended for higher populations, the map features a more fleshed out and spacious interior lushly decorated and accommodating a large number of potted plants. A large maintenance with a number of useful half-built rooms and areas give antagonists a large variety of spacious areas to make their on-station bases and hiding places.

Key Points

  • This map is best suited for 50+ players.
  • An expansive maintenance is included with this station, largely recognized as a 'second station' with a number of areas, tools, items and machines.
  • The Supermatter is located in Atmospherics.

Recent Changes

  • Command EVA suits have been added to EVA. Useful for the HoP who doesn't start with one.
  • Mining medic locker moved off the station.
  • Breaching shotguns and specialised breaching ammo added to the armory.


Click the image to view it in full.

Runtime Station is designed to test new features without having to load a whole new station every time.

Key Points

  • All doors bear no access.
  • Has a simple engine room.
  • Has two large testing areas.
  • Spawns with fully equipped medical/RnD/engineering areas and a rudimentary atmos setup (no scrubbers).
  • Roundstart mice spawns and space/lavaland ruins can be disabled in config.

Reason for exclusion

  • Not designed to be played on. This map is for testing purposes only.