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Achievements in SS13 function the same as achievements in most other games: you complete a certain task and then the achievement is given to you.

Achievement Requirement
Back to Carbon Get cremated.
Badass Syndie As a traitor, complete your objectives without buying any items.
Blood Rites As a member of blood cult, summon Nar-Sie.
Breath of Life Perform CPR on someone...
Clocking In As a servant of Ratvar, summon Ratvar.
Count de Ville As a vampire, complete your objectives.
Delta Alert As a nuclear operative, score a major or minor victory.
Down with Nanotrasen As a revolutionary, complete your objectives.
Duke of Ducats As the QM, have a million cargo credits by the end of the round.
Flatlined You died.
From The Shadows As a revenant, complete your objectives.
Green Text As an antagonist, achieve your first green text.
Grey Goo As a blob, complete your objectives.
Honest Work Set up one of the solar arrays as part of the Engineering team.
I have built my organization upon fear As a gang leader, take over the station.
I Live Again As a roboticist, create a cyborg.
I'm givin' it all she's got, Captain! As Chief Engineer, produce more than three megawatts of power.
Isaac Clarke Survive a full round as part of the Engineering team.
Kick Ass and Chew Bubblegum Kill Bubblegum, the king of slaughter demons.
King of Credits As the QM, beat the current record of cargo credits.
Lifesaver Successfully defibrillate someone.
Master of Blood As a cult master, summon Nar-Sie.
Mission Failed, We'll Get'em Next Time As an antagonist, fail your objectives.
Nice and Toasty Get set on fire in a fire-resistant suit.
Quadruple Cross As an external affairs agent, complete your objectives.
Ratvar's Hand As the Eminence, summon Ratvar.
Reverse Card As a member of the crew, deal a humiliating defeat to the nuclear team.
Scholars of the Arcane As a wizard, complete your objectives.
Space Aids As a sentient disease, survive and complete your objectives.
The Dark Shadow As a shadowling, ascend successfully.
The Thing As a changeling, complete your objectives.
Triple Cross As an internal affairs agent, complete your objectives.
Turf War As a gang member, take over the station.
Viva la Revolution! As a head revolutionary, complete your objectives.
Yaaaahr! As member of the pirate crew, collect sufficient bounty from the crew.
You wouldn't get it As a clown operative, score a major or minor victory.