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DeltaStation was first released by Okand in the winter of 2016 and was first added to Yogstation's rotation in 2018. Delta is a map heavily influenced by Meta and Box, with a large centralised bridge area. Intended for higher populations, the map features a more fleshed out and spacious interior lushly decorated and accommodating a large number of potted plants. A large maintenance with a number of useful half-built rooms and areas give antagonists a large variety of spacious areas to make their on-station bases and hiding places.

Some key points about DeltaStation:

  • This map is best suited for 50+ players.
  • An expansive maintenance is included with this station, largely recognised as a 'second station' with a number of areas, tools, items and machines.
  • The Supermatter is located in Atmospherics.

15 April

Adds a gift vendor by wejengin2. The clerk office originally had a gift vendor before the Yogstation rebase, where it got lost. This change adds it back.

7 January

Adds back command EVA suits by Ktlwjec. This change allows the HoP to have access to a space suit, as they were previously the only head of staff without easy access to one.

3 January

Moves mining medic locker to lavaland base by Ktlwjec. The locker is now placed on the mining base in the mining medic's office, where it was originally intended to be.

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