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OmegaStation is a map created by Okand37 and revived by DotLyna. It is designed to be a lowpop map.

Heads of staff are limited to one Captain, one Head of Personnel, one Chief Engineer, one Head of Security and one AI. Jobs such as medical doctors and engineers have their available slots reduced to accommodate the smaller station size.

Due to the small size and lack of head offices, many traitor target items are either inside regular department lockers, the vault or engineering secure storage.

Removed Jobs:

8 November

Added new spare id locker in captains room by JamieD12. Removes the spare ID from the Captain's locker and moves it to a cabinet on the wall.

24 September

NT has sent their finest engineers to fix omegastation by redmoogle. This adds HoS and CE to the station, increases the size of some rooms and adds disposals.

4 July

Added Cryopods by JamieD12. Adds cryopods to the locker room.

2 June

omega gets a nanite lab! by wejengin2. Adds the nanite lab and the holotool.

1 June

Tweaks to sm loop on omega by wejengin2. Updates the SM loop.

21 April

moves the autolathe on omega by FLME. Due to the lack of population on this map, the autolathe is often impossible to reach without breaking into Cargo. This change moves it to the hallway outside Cargo.

20 April

Puts a prisoner console in brig on Omegastation by JamieD12. This changes adds a prisoner console to the brig.

15 April

Adds a gift vendor by wejengin2. This change added a gift vendor to the station's library.

12 January

Firelocks by Ktlwjec. This change added a bunch of firelocks due to the addition of MonsterMos.

4 January

Removes plastic flaps by Ktlwjec. Plastic flaps are designed to work with MULEbots, this station has none so the plastic flaps got removed.

3 January

Moves mining medic locker to lavaland base by Ktlwjec. The locker is now placed on the mining base in the mining medic's office, where it was originally intended to be.

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