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Crates are a container for items. Especially large items -- such as corpses, lockers, and certain robots or equipment -- cannot fit inside. Just because an item comes packed in a crate when the Quartermaster receives it doesn't mean it will go back inside once the crate is opened, either! The people at the supply depot have strange ways indeed.

Supply Crates are ordered at Cargo Bay by either a Cargo Technician or the Quartermaster. You can also send them a request via PDA or the Requests Console. More crates can be found around the station.

Give Onto the QM his Dues

The Quartermaster can order a whole lot of crates and he usually wants the crate back after you've taken your supplies. They are worth a certain amount of points which can be used to get more supplies for the station's whole benefit. The quartermasters like it when people bring crates, and will often give things without hassle to people with crates brought in.

Crate Locks and Access

Just like the rest of the station, crates have variable levels of access. The QM can't unlock anything that is locked by default, for various reasons, the primary one being it would be pointless to make because all crates go through the QM anyway. Security crates can be opened by security personnel and those with higher access, et cetera. An emag can get into locked crates, however, or you can get resourceful...

Ordering Crates

Cargo starts off with 5,000 supply points.

Additionally, you can receive supply points by shipping items back to CentCom:

  • You will get 500 supply points per crate.
  • Correctly accepted supply manifests (station name, number of crates in shipment, and contents listed on manifest are correct and manifest is stamped with any stamp other than the DENIED stamp) give 1 supply point.
  • Correctly denied supply manifests (stamped with the DENIED stamp) give a full refund of the cost of the package, minus the cost of the crate.
  • Incorrectly denied supply manifests cause the station to lose supply points equal to the cost of the package, minus the cost of the crate.
  • Every 5 plasma sheets will give you 1 supply point.

Both stamped supply manifests and plasma sheets must be returned in the shuttle to count. It is required to place them inside a crate, or a special kind of crate. So long as it's stamped correctly and inside of the shuttle, you'll get points.

Following is a list of the crates available and their contents.


Name Cost in supply points Contents Access required Notes
Emergency equipment 3500 1x floorbot Floorbot.gif

2x medbot Medibot.gif

5x air tank OxygenTank.png

5x gas mask Gas mask.png

Internals crate 1000 2x gas mask Gas mask.png

3x air tank OxygenTank.png

Firefighting Crate 1000 2x emergency firesuit Firesuit.png

2x gas mask Gas mask.png

2x flashlight Flashlight.png

2x oxygen tank OxygenTank.png

2x fire extinguisher FireExtinguisher.png

2x firefighter helmet Fire Helmet.png

Firefighting Watertank 1000 1x backpack firefighter tank Atmospheric
Radiation Protection Crate 1000 2x radiation suit helmet

2x radiation suit

Weed control crate 1500 1x scythe Scythe.png

1x gas mask Gas mask.png

2x anti-weed grenade Flashbang.gif

Metal foam grenade crate 1000 1x box of metal foam grenades Flashbang.gif
Special Ops supplies 2000 1x box of EMP grenades Emp grenade.png

3x smoke bomb Flashbang.gif

1x parapen Pen.png

1x incediary grenade Flashbang.gif

Null crate 14000 1x Syndicate Bundle Hidden – use emag on cargo console to reveal


Name Cost in supply points Contents Access required Notes
Security Supplies crate 1000 1x box of flashbangs Flashbang.gif

1x box of teargas Flashbang.gif

1x box of flashes Flash.gif

1x box of handcuffs Handcuffs.png

Helmets crate 1000 3x helmet Helmet.png Security
Armor crate 1000 3x armor Armor.png Security
Stun Batons crate 1000 3x stun baton StunBaton.gif Security
Wall Mounted Flashes crate 1000 3x wall mounted flash Security
Lasers crate 1500 3x laser gun Laser gun.png Security
Stun Guns crate 1500 3x taser Hybrid taser.gif Security
Disabler crate 1500 3x disabler Energy Gun.gif Security
Riot helmets crate 1500 3x riot helmet Riothelm.png Armory
Riot suits crate 1500 3x riot suit Riot.png Armory
Riot shields crate 2000 3x riot shield RiotS.png Armory
Bulletproof armor crate 1500 3x bulletproof vest Bulletproofvest.png Armory
Swat crate 6000 2x swat helmet

2x swat suit

2x security gas mask Security Gas Mask.png

2x security belt Secbelt.png

2x combat gloves

Combat knife crate 3000 3x combat knife Armory
Ablative armor crate 2000

2x ablative vest Ablative.png

Combat Shotguns crate 2000

3x combat shotgun

3x bandolier

Energy Guns crate 2500

2x energy gun

Incendiary weapons crate 1500

1x flamethrower

3x plasma tank

3x incendiary grenade

Loyalty implants crate 4000

1x lockbox (loyalty implants)

Armory Contains 1 loaded implanter and 3 implants
Tracking implants crate 2000

1x tracking implant kit

Armory Contains 1 loaded implanter, 1 implantpad, 1 locator and 4 implants
Chemical implants crate 2000

1x chemical implant kit

Armory Contains 1 loaded implanter, 1 implantpad and 5 implants
Exile implants crate 3000

1x exile implant kit

Armory Contains 1 loaded implanter and 5 implants
Security Barriers 2000

4x deployable barrier

Forensics Crate 2000

1x detective scanner

1x evidence box

1x camera

1x tape recorder

1x white crayon

1x detective hat

WT-550 Auto Rifle Crate 3500

2x WT-550 Auto Rifle

WT-550 Rifle Ammo Crate 3000

4x WT-550 Rifle Ammo

Standard Firing Pins Crate 1000

2x Firing Pins

Security Clothing Crate 3000

2x Navy blue security jumpsuit

2x Red security jumpsuit

2x Navy blue security beret

1x Navy blue warden jumpsuit

1x Red warden jumpsuit

1x Navy blue warden beret

1x Navy blue Head of Security jumpsuit

1x Head of Security jumpsuit

1x Navy blue Head of Security beret

Standard Justice Enforcer Crate 6000

1x Helmet of Justice

1x Sechailer



Name Cost in supply points Contents Access required Notes
Fuel tank crate 800

1x fuel tank

Oxygen Canister crate 1500

1x oxygen canister

Nitrogen Canister crate 2000

1x nitrogen canister

Carbon Dioxide crate 3000

1x carbon dioxide canister

Toolbox crate 1000

3x electrical toolbox

3x mechanical toolbox

Insulated Gloves crate 2000

3x insulated gloves

Powercell crate 1000

3x high-capacity power cell

Engineering Gear crate 1300

3x tool-belt

3x hazard vest

3x welding helmet

3x hard hat

2x meson hud

Solar Pack crate 2000

21x solar panel assembly

1x circuit board (solar control)

1x tracker electronics

1x paper- 'going green! setup your own solar array instructions.'

Emitter crate 1500

2x emitter

CE Office
Field Generator crate 1500

2x field generator

CE Office
Shield Generator crate 2500

2x anti-breach shield generator

CE Office
Grounding Rod crate 1700

4x grounding rods

CE Office
P.A.C.M.A.N. Generator crate 2500

1x p.a.c.m.a.n. generator

Singularity Generator crate 5000

1x gravitational singularity generator

CE Office
Tesla Generator crate 5000

1x tesla singularity generator

CE Office
Collector crate 2500

3x radiation collector array

CE Office
Particle Accelerator crate 3000

1x electromagnetic acceleration chamber

1x particle accelerator control console

3x electromagnetic containment grid

1x particle focusing EM lens

1x alpha particle generation array

CE Office
Space Suit Crate 3000

2x space suit

2x space helmet

2x breath mask

Supermatter Shard crate 10000

1x supermatter shard

CE Office


Name Cost in supply points Contents Access required Notes
Medical Supplies crate 2000

x2 antitoxin bottle (charcoal)

x2 epinephrine bottle

6x morphine bottle

2x toxin bottle

2x large beaker

4x insulin pill

1x medical gauze

1x box of beakers

1x box of syringes

1x box of bodybags

First Aid Kits crate 1000

4x first-aid kit

Bruise Treatment Kits crate 1000

3x brute first-aid kit

Burns Treatment Kits crate 1000

3x burn first-aid kit

Toxin Treatment Kits crate 1000

3x toxin first aid

Oxygen Deprivation Kits crate 1000

3x oxygen deprivation first aid

Virus crate 2500

1x flu virion culture bottle

1x rhinovirus culture bottle

1x epiglottis virion culture bottle

1x liver enhancement virion culture bottle

1x (fake)GBS culture bottle

1x magnitis culture bottle

1x Pierrot's Throat culture bottle

1x brainrot culture bottle

1x hallucigen virion culture bottle

1x anxiety culture bottle

1x beesease culture bottle

1x box of syringes

1x box of beakers

1x bottle of unstable mutagen

CMO Office
Blood Pack Variety Crate 3500

1x Empty blood bag

1x A+ Blood

1x A- Blood

1x B+ Blood

1x B- Blood

1x O+ Blood

1x O- Blood

IV Drip Crate 1000

1x IV drip machine

Defibrillator Crate 2500

2x defibrillator


Name Cost in supply points Contents Access required Notes
Robotics Assembly Crate 1000

3x proximity sensor

1x electrical toolbox

1x box of flashes

2x high-capacity power cell

Circuit Crate ("Ripley" APLU) 3000

1x APLU "Ripley" construction and operation manual

1x circuit board (Ripley central control module)

1x circuit board (Ripley peripherals control module)

Circuit Crate ("Odysseus") 2500

1x circuit board (Odysseus peripherals control module)

1x circuit board (Odysseus central control module)

Plasma assembly crate 1000

3x plasma tank

3x igniter

3x proximity sensor

3x timer

Toxins Lab
Shield Generators 2000

4x shield generator

Tank Transfer Valves 6000

2x tank transfer valve

RD Office
Nitrous Oxide Canister crate 3000

1x Nitrous Oxide canister

BZ Canister crate 4000

1x BZ canister

Atmospheric or RD Office
Freon Canister crate 6000

1x Freon canister

Atmospheric or RD Office


Name Cost in supply points Contents Access required Notes
Food crate 1000

1x flour sack

1x space milk

1x soymilk

1x egg box

1x universal enzyme

1x sugar

1x meat

3x banana

Pizza crate 6000

1x margherita pizza

1x mushroom pizza

1x meat pizza

1x vegetable pizza

High-yield Clown-grade Cream Pie crate 6000

1x bag filled with cream pies

Contraband, the crate is named 'Party equipment crate'
Monkey crate 2000

1x monkey cube box

Party equipment crate 2000

1x box of drinking glasses

1x shaker

1x Wrapp Artiste Patron

1x College Girl Goldschlager

2x Magm-Ale

4x space beer

Cow Crate 3000

1x cow

Goat Crate 2500

1x goat

Chicken Crate 2000

1x chick

Corgi Crate 5000

1x corgi

1x pet collar

Cat Crate 5000

1x cat

1x pet collar

1x cat toy

Pug Crate 5000

1x pug

1x pet collar

Fox Crate 5000

1x fox

1x pet collar

Hydroponics Supply Crate 1500

2x Plant-B-Gone

2x ammonia bottle

1x hatchet

1x cultivator

1x plant analyzer

1x botanist's leather gloves

1x apron

Potted Plant Crate 700

5x random potted plant

Seeds Crate 1000

1x pack of berry seeds

1x pack of corn seeds

1x pack of eggplant seeds

1x pack of tomato seeds

1x pack of soybean seeds

1x pack of wheat seeds

1x pack of carrot seeds

1x pack of sunflower seeds

1x pack of chanterelle mycelium

1x pack of potato seeds

1x pack of sugarcane seeds

Exotic Seeds Crate 1500

1x pack of nettle seeds

3x pack of replica pod seeds

1x pack of plump-helmet mycelium

1x pack of liberty-cap mycelium

1x pack of fly amanita mycelium

1x pack of reishi mycelium

1x pack of banana seeds

1x pack of egg-plant seeds

Butterflies Crate 5000

1x Box of Butterflies

Hydroponics Watertank Backpack Crate 1000

1x Watertank

Beekeping Starter Crate 1500

1x Apiary

3x Honey Frame

1x Queen Bee

1x Beekeeper suit

1x Beekeeper helmet

1x flyswatter

Beekeper Suit Crate 1000

2x Beekeeper suit

2x Beekeeper helmet

Bartending Supply Crate 2000

3x Booze-o-mat refill

3x Coffee vending machine refill

Snack Supply Crate 1500

3x Snack vending machine refill

Softdrinks Supply Crate 1500

x3 Soft drink vending machine refill

Cigarette Supply Crate 1500

3x Cigarette vending machine refill


Name Cost in supply points Contents Access required Notes
50 Metal Sheets 1000

50x metal

20 Plasteel Sheets 3000

20x plasteel

50 Plasteel Sheets 5000

50x plasteel

50 Glass Sheets 1000

50x glass

50 Wood Planks 2000

50x wood planks

50 Cardboard Sheets 1000

50x cardboard

30 Sandstone Blocks 1000

30x sandstone bricks

50 Carpet Sheets 1000

50x carpet sheets


Name Cost in supply points Contents Access required Notes
Shaft Miner Starter Kit crate 2500

1x compact pickaxe

1x pair of optical meson scanners

1x automatic mining scanner

1x cargo radio headset

1x ore bag

1x explorer suit

1x explorer gas mask

MULEbot Crate 2000

1x mulebot

Conveyor Assembly crate 1500

6x conveyor belts

1x conveyor switch

1x set of instructions

Water tank crate 600

1x watertank

High Capacity Water Tank crate 1200

1x high-capacity watertank

Water Vapour Canister crate 2500

1x water vapour canister

Art Supplies Crate 800

2x easel

2x 19x19 canvas

2x 23x19 canvas

2x 23x23 canvas

2x rainbow crayons

Bureaucracy crate 1500

1x rolling chest drawer

1x film cartridge

1x hand labeler

1x hand labeler paper roll

1x paper bin

3x pen

3x folder

2x clipboard

Toner crate 1000

6x toner cartridge

Janitorial supplies crate 1000

3x bucket

1x mop

3x wet floor sign

1x trash bag

1x space cleaner

1x damp rag

3x cleaner grenade

Janitorial Cart and Galoshes crate 2000

1x janitorial cart

1x galoshes

Janitor backpack crate 1000

1x janitor backpack watertank

Replacement lights 1000

3x box of replacement bulbs

High-traction floor tiles 2000

30x no-slip floor tiles

Plasmaman Supply Kit 2000

2x plasmaman jumpsuit

2x plasmaman helmet

2x plasmaman internal tank

Standard Costume crate 1000

1x Giggles Von Honkerton

1x clown shoes

1x clown wig and mask

1x clown suit

1x bike horn

1x mime's outfit

1x black shoes

1x white gloves

1x mime mask

1x beret

1x suspenders

1x bottle of nothing

Wizard costume crate 2000

1x wizard's staff

1x wizard robe

1x wizard hat

1x sandals

Collectable hat crate! 20000 Three random items out of:

collectable paper hat

collectable top hat

collectable captain's hat

collectable beret

collectable welding helmet

collectable flat cap

collectable pirate hat

collectable kitty ears

collectable rabbit ears

collectable wizard's hat

collectable hard hat

collectable HoS hat

collectable Thunderdome helmet

collectable SWAT helmet

collectable slime hat

collectable police officer's hat

collectable xenomorph helmet!

ultra rare Pete's hat!

Contraband crate 3000

Five random items out of:

rolled-up poster (multiple types)

DromedaryCo packet

Ambrosia Deus seeds

dope necklace

Hidden – requires hacking to reveal
Laser Tag Crate 1500

3x red laser tag gun

3x blue laser tag gun

3x red laser tag armor

3x blue laser tag armor

1x red laser tag helmet

1x blue laser tag helmet

Laser Tag Firing Pin Crate 2000

1x laser tag firing pin box

Hilarious Firing Pin Crate 5000

1x hilarious firing pin box

Religious Supplies Crate 4000

2x holy water

2x bible

2x chaplain hoodie

2x burial garments

It costs so much because the Space Church is ran by Space Jews. Bibles are of the secret storage variety.

Book Crate 1500

1x Codex Gigas

3x random manuals

3x random books

Corporate Posters Crate 800

5x corporate poster

Toy Crate 5000

Random 5 prizes usually found in arcade machines

Autodrobe Supply Crate 1500

1x autodrobe refill

Formal-wear crate 3000

2x formal assistant jumpsuit

1x blue lawyer suit

1x blue lawyer jacket

1x purple lawyer suit

1x purple lawyer jacket

1x black lawyer suit

1x black lawyer jacket

1x waistcoat

1x blue tie

1x red tie

1x black tie

1x bowler hat

1x fedora

1x flatcap

1x beret

1x that

3x laceup shoes

1x charcoal suit jacket

1x navy suit jacket

1x burgundy suit jacket

1x checkered suit jacket

1x tan suit jacket

1x lipstick (of random color)

Lots of very expensive items. You gotta pay up to look good!
Foam Force Crate 1000

8x toy shotgun

Foam Force Pistols Crate 4000

2x toy pistol

2x toy pistol ammo box