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The following page is out of date and/or needs to be revised. If the page's guide needs revision, see here for an example.
The revision reason is: "Some parameters should be reviewed. Especially jobtitle seems removable"
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Short details of a race, intended use in race-articles like Humans and Lizardpeople.


Parameter Example Description
headerbgcolor darkgreen Backgroundcolor of the header Default: "#bbbbbb"
headerfontcolor white Fontcolor of the header Default: "#000000"
imagebgcolor lightgray Default: "#cccccc"
img_generic Human.png Default: "<jobtitle>.png"
img Default: "<jobtitle>.png"
specietype HUMANS Type of the species, meant to be uppercase. Put in the header on top. Default: "UNDEFINED"
jobtitle TODO: Not really sure what this parameter is for. Maybe remove?
speciename Human Name of the species. Put under the image. Default: "name"
genus Homo Sapiens Sapiens Biological genus of the species. Default: "Not defined"
homeworld Earth Name of the species homeworld. Default: "Not defined"
central authority United Earth Government Name of the biggest / central authority within the species society. Default: "Not defined"
paycheck 0.6x Paycheck modifier for the species Default: 1.0x
Default: allowed command roles Head of Security, etc. Information on species-specific allowed Command roles for Non-Humans. Default: "Not defined"
guides No external guides Links to external guides about the species. Default: "Not defined"



name Genus: Not defined
Homeworld: Not defined
Central Authority: Not defined
Paycheck Modifier: 1.0x
Allowed Command Roles: Not defined
Guides: Not defined


|headerbgcolor = darkgreen
|headerfontcolor = white
|genus = Homo Sapiens Sapiens
|imagebgcolor = lightgray
|img_generic = Human.png
|img = 
|specietype = HUMANS
|speciename = Human
|homeworld = Earth
|central authority = United Earth Government
|paycheck = 0.8x
|allowed command roles = N/A
|guides = No external guides
|quote=I sure do love all these squishy organs contained inside my skin by my skeleton!
Genus: Homo Sapiens Sapiens
Homeworld: Earth
Central Authority: United Earth Government
Paycheck Modifier: 0.8x
Allowed Command Roles: N/A
Guides: No external guides