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Simplified map.

MetaStation is a fully-functioning map available on Yogstation as an alternative to the default map, if players vote it in using the map-vote system. It was previously the default map on the TG servers Badger and later Basil, and various edited versions have run on NoxStation, VG, and Paradise Station.

Some key points about MetaStation:

  • It is geared towards higher populations than the default map.
  • Key areas are more evenly spread to reduce local overcrowding.
  • It feels much more open, attacks in public are harder to get away with.
  • It has a large maintenance system covering most of the station, useful for stealthier tactics.
  • There are in-game maps and direction signposts on the walls of the station to help you find your way.
  • In general everything is larger. The escape shuttle has more seats, there is a large cargo bay, a larger medbay, brig and bridge.

15 April

Adds a gift vendor by wejengin2. The clerk office originally had a gift vendor before the Yogstation rebase, where it got lost. This change adds it back.

23 February

Moved the null rod by Ktlwjec. The null rod on this map was originally placed inside a hidden area that required the chaplain to find a false wall in order to collect their null rod. After many complaints, the null rod was finally moved onto an open table in the chaplain's office.

3rd January

Mining medic locker moved off the station by Ktlwjec. The reason for this is the placement blocks the mining vendor on Boxstation, so for consistency purposes all other mining medic lockers had to be moved. The locker is now placed on the mining base in the mining medic's office, where it was originally intended to be.

The old mining medic locker placement.



Date Changelog
  • Added a cautery in Robotics.


Date Changelog
  • Adds windoors to areas with plastic flaps.


Date Changelog
  • Added extra grounding rods to the engine area to stop the tesla destroying some cameras. The main sign-conduction issue had already been fixed.
  • Added missing circuit boards to tech storage to match current box boards - exosuit fabricator, circuit imprinter, teleporter, and AI integrity restorer boards.
  • Added some glass, metal, and more wire to the bar backroom closet to allow for easier remodelling.
  • Added a selection of blank canvas to art storage and some easels to maint.
  • Added cameras to each xenobiology containment pen so the slime computers don't bug out so often.
  • Added missing indoor window pane in atmos by one of the computers.
  • Added a custom name to the armory securitron, which now also starts active and will by default detain unknowns and those holding guns without clearance.
  • Added formal uniform crate to the armory anteroom.
  • Adjusted layout of the aft arm of the engine area, making it a separate maint tunnel which is part of the engineering escape pod area.
  • Adjusted positions of some machines in the cargo office and QM office so the cargo APC and other items can be accessed properly again.
  • Adjusted interrogation access - now anyone with brig access can get in, such as the lawyer.
  • Anchored the O2 lockers in the engine room airlocks to stop them being dragged out by spacewind every time the airlocks are used.
  • Fixed glass sheet stacks in engineering having 12 sheets not 50.
  • Fixed the mutli-belt typo.
  • Fixed maint autodrobe incorrectly requiring theatre access.
  • Fixed some of the emergency shuttle exit airlocks requiring certain access levels.
  • Moved the portable flashes out into the armory anteroom, adding racks to where they were, which hold extra flashes, tear gas grenades, emergency doughnuts, and a rack of barrier grenades.
  • Moved HoP keycard authentication device so it can be reached without having to clamber on a table.
  • Replaced an empty canister in toxins with a fourth O2 canister.
  • Replaced some blood and gibs present on roundstart with their correct 'old' variants.
  • The cloning APC now starts unlocked.
  • Removed version suffix on filename in keeping with other maps.


Date Changelog
  • Added lethal shotgun ammo locker and rubber buckshot boxes to the armory
  • Added independent area designation to armory (formerly part of brig control)
  • Added more flashes to the AI chamber to give AIs more delaying power against borg attacks
  • Added camera monitor to AI chamber foyer letting borgs see in to open the blast door
  • Added windows to the mailroom conveyor to stop mail falling off it
  • Added a few posters to non-command non-security areas of the station
  • Added more twists and turns to some of the long, straight paths in maintenance
  • Added winter boots to various lockers in the locker room
  • Gave roboticists access to the R&D lab
  • Moved AI holopads off vents on the MiniSat walkway
  • Remove most autorifles - one remains in the warden's locker.
  • Removed posters from command/security areas
  • Removed random grille spawns blocking areas of maintenance
  • Removed duplicate intercom in the teleporter room
  • Renamed Secure Lab to Xenobiology again for slime management system
  • Added security auto rifles to the armory without spare magazines
  • Added the arrivals auto-announce system to telecomms
  • Added Ian's dog bed to the HoP office
  • Added greater pixel offset between robotics roundstart glass/metal sheets
  • Added bulb lights to each xenobiology slime pen
  • Added light-switch to crematorium
  • Added missing non-secure sec wardrobe at arrivals checkpoint
  • Added the new prototype RD hardsuit, replacing the one at the toxins launch bay
  • Added viewing areas to the MiniSat walkways
  • Changed SWAT helmets on the NSS Viva / whiteship to NT variants
  • Improved the Station-MiniSat access foyer and added command-accessible space airlock
  • Fixed missing wire in arrivals maint
  • Fixed research access airlocks having medical airlock sprites
  • Fixed secure lab maint. airlocks having command airlock sprites
  • Fixed old-style 4-pane window in disposals
  • Fixed unpowered waste outlet airpump in space by the secure lab
  • Fixed Secure Lab xeno pen camera not showing up on the monitor outside
  • Moved turbine control computer so it now recognises the turbine properly again
  • Moved windows in maint medbay so vent camera can't see in
  • Added lethal shotgun ammo locker and rubber buckshot boxes to the armory
  • Added independent area designation to armory (formerly part of brig control)
  • Added more flashes to the AI chamber to give AIs more delaying power against borg attacks
  • Added camera monitor to AI chamber foyer letting borgs see in to open the blast door
  • Added windows to the mailroom conveyor to stop mail falling off it
  • Added a few posters to non-command non-security areas of the station
  • Added more twists and turns to some of the long, straight paths in maintenance
  • Added winter boots to various lockers in the locker room
  • Gave roboticists access to the R&D lab
  • Moved AI holopads off vents on the MiniSat walkway
  • Remove most autorifles - one remains in the warden's locker.
  • Removed posters from command/security areas
  • Removed random grille spawns blocking areas of maintenance
  • Removed duplicate intercom in the teleporter room
  • Renamed Secure Lab to Xenobiology again for slime management system
  • Added security auto rifles to the armory without spare magazines
  • Added the arrivals auto-announce system to telecomms
  • Added Ian's dog bed to the HoP office
  • Added greater pixel offset between robotics roundstart glass/metal sheets
  • Added bulb lights to each xenobiology slime pen
  • Added light-switch to crematorium
  • Added missing non-secure sec wardrobe at arrivals checkpoint
  • Added the new prototype RD hardsuit, replacing the one at the toxins launch bay
  • Added viewing areas to the MiniSat walkways
  • Changed SWAT helmets on the NSS Viva / whiteship to NT variants
  • Improved the Station-MiniSat access foyer and added command-accessible space airlock
  • Fixed missing wire in arrivals maint
  • Fixed research access airlocks having medical airlock sprites
  • Fixed secure lab maint. airlocks having command airlock sprites
  • Fixed old-style 4-pane window in disposals
  • Fixed unpowered waste outlet airpump in space by the secure lab
  • Fixed Secure Lab xeno pen camera not showing up on the monitor outside
  • Moved turbine control computer so it now recognises the turbine properly again
  • Moved windows in maint medbay so vent camera can't see in
  • Altered the AI chamber so it is (hopefully) somewhat more secure
  • Added AI liquid dispensers to the AI chamber foyer and two adjacent siderooms
  • Added far more varied blob spawn locations
  • Added (provisionally) a 2% chance roundstart xeno egg in the secure lab test chamber
  • Added photocopier to security office and warden's office
  • Added shutters to the armory for ease of arming security
  • Adjusted club spawner to mostly spawn russian roulette revolvers, somtimes syndicards, rarely ninja stars
  • Adjusted MiniSat powergrid - it is now independent of the station, but easy to hook up
  • Fixed issue with z2 where part of the syndicate mothership wasn't designated properly causing depowered TC console
  • Fixed invisible doors: starboard emergency storage, brig infirmary maint, both fore solar control room doors
  • Fixed missing revenant spawners and Marauder entry points
  • Fixed a few blob spawn locations being dangerously close to fueltanks
  • Fixed duplicate CMO stamp on their desk
  • Fixed a few access issues on maint. doors around research
  • Fixed heat passing through toxins burn chamber glass doors
  • Fixed missing Pugley IV sprite
  • Moved north-west nuke op shuttle location further away from the station
  • Moved routing manifold segment of disposals which routes to Captain's Office adjacent to the office, under a camera, so it can more easily be checked for tampering
  • Replaced the walls connecting MiniSat walkway to the MiniSat proper with girders or lattices for better visibility
  • Replaced now-destructible shuttle turf at the bombsite with indestructible centcom-style turf
  • Switched general intercom outside AI chamber to the private AI channel
  • Added one roll of cable coil to the bartenders' backroom closet
  • Added shutters to the detective's office, improved various other ones
  • Adjusted layout of the MiniSat so that telecomms is easier to access and sabotage
  • Adjusted layout of execution chamber
  • Fixed missing window on the emergency shuttle
  • Fixed ~260 tiles having active atmos interactions on roundstart
  • Fixed RD RC and AI integrity restorer being inaccessible
  • Fixed broken sprite under spare office door
  • Fixed newscaster behind perma basketball hoop
  • Fixed AI core cameras incorrectly being on SS13 and MiniSat camera networks
  • Fixed output direction of counterfeit exosuit fabricator
  • Granted theatre and bartender access to all maint doors on the top-right of the service area
  • Moved disposals unit in virology so you can throw bottles into it from the desk
  • Added a fuel output pipe to atmospherics that connects directly to the incinerator turbine
  • Added a filtration set-up on one of the rows of canister ports in atmospherics
  • Added heater/freezers connected to the distro, mix tank output, and pure gas output loops
  • Added more walls and privacy shutters to the corporate showroom
  • Added missing health HUDs back to medbay
  • Added departmental management consoles for each head of staff
  • Added more security lockers to the brig
  • Added rubber buckshot to the ammunition locker in the armory
  • Added stacks of warning cones to security and engineering
  • Added a basketball and hoop to perma
  • Added privacy shutters to chemistry and improved the ones in research and genetics
  • Added an air vent to the chapel mass driver
  • Added a wrench to the warden's office for setting up flashers
  • Adjusted some tiles outside security for better symmetry
  • Adjusted layout of the teleporter room to make it less crowded
  • Adjusted layout of the HoP's office to make managing paperwork easier
  • Adjusted layout of the warden's office so they can better view the three brig cells
  • Enlarged the emergency shuttle - making the brig, medbay,and the bridge each 1 tile higher
  • Enlarged and improved the incinerator room
  • Fixed beakers outputting below chemical dispensers in various places
  • Fixed SMES cells being designated part of the CE's office
  • Fixed broken TV and nuke sprites in the corporate showroom
  • Fixed Mopficcer Sweepsky's name
  • Fixed comms console on the emergency shuttle counting as station-based for autocall checks
  • Fixed (possibly) the central wall block at the toxins test site - it should now be indestructible again
  • Moved chemistry smartfridge up so it can be accessed from the medical lobby
  • Replaced the second securitron, Inspector Johnson, with a patrolling medibot version
  • Replaced the secure lab chemical dispenser with a portable variant
  • Switched the locations of the AI core SMES and primary AI to stop lasering the AI from the door
  • Switched the directions of the cargo conveyor belts - the longer belt is now the input belt
  • Updated Centcom z-level to current version, with added gun/device 'museum' at the escape shuttle dock
  • Added extra signs to help navigate between departments
  • Added conveyor belt levers to the cargo shuttle
  • Added some more air vents to the minisat
  • Added commemorative plaque to random tile which has been in deep space for some time
  • Added condimaster to bartender's backroom
  • Added stack of regular glass to EVA table for regular-glass repairs
  • Added missing cargo tech locker to cargo bay
  • Replaced all flooring in research firing range with disguised reinforced tiles
  • Replaced screwdrivers in botany crate with wirecutters
  • Fixed various issues with the wizard den, syndicate outpost, and missing abductor ship
  • Fixed (hopefully) various issues with bot patrol routes
  • Fixed conveyors on the cargo shuttle going to the wrong way
  • Fixed virology break 'romm' typo
  • Fixed emergency shuttle brig being blue and not counting as brig for antag redtext
  • Fixed pipe near minisat teleporter occasioanlly resulting in teleported ventcrawlers
  • Fixed broken bartender's closet
  • Fixed misaligned air scrubber in the cargo bay
  • Fixed camera names in experimentation lab and bar backroom
  • Fixed odd ventcrawl movement at a vent near arrivals
  • Fixed missing tile icons around the library
  • Moved mopficcer sweepsky the cleanbot to the center of the station, starting on auto-patrol
  • Removed duplicate TV screens in the library private study rooms
  • Added extra hammer and gavel to the courtroom locker
  • Added a fluff book to the vault safe
  • Added three power control boards to the derelict
  • Fixed disconnected APC in secure lab / xenobiology
  • Fixed bar camera names
  • Fixed name of newly added basketball
  • Fixed item path compile issue with biohazard lockers in medbay
  • Added (provisionally) a public autolathe to the RD lobby
  • Added (provisionally) a set of chemistry machines to xenobiology (aka secure lab)
  • Added (provisionally) another independent set of shutters in the HoS office protecting the upper space viewing window
  • Added (provisionally) two drones to the derelict station, as well as some metal, glass, fuel, two duffel bags and an airlock painter
  • Added more gear to the vault safe including an anonymous identity and a silenced pistol
  • Added insanity wing to the prison, rearranged it slightly, neatened reeducation room
  • Added derelict auxiliary atmospherics chamber just outside the atmos external airlock, for burn-chamber construction etc.
  • Added a disposal unit to the lower chemistry lab desk and rearranged it to be more usable
  • Added a box of silver IDs to the HoP's room
  • Added two shot-glasses to the maint. bar
  • Added eggs to the Recovery Shuttle kitchen
  • Added fully-functioning biogenerator to the Recovery Shuttle on roundstart
  • Added throwing-stars to the armoury random contraband gun spawner
  • Added teleport computer and missing air alarm to bridge
  • Added collectable HoP hat to the corporate showroom
  • Added heater to maintenance medbay
  • Added basketball to maintenance
  • Added suit storage unit to HoS' office
  • Added hammer and gavel to the courtroom
  • Updated a lot of item paths - banana pies, brig door timers, most pets, and roundstart secure lab slimes
  • Updated syndicate shuttle, station, and CentCom to current Boxstation versions
  • Improved NT recovery shuttle (white ship) - it can now dock at mining, has a transit effect, and a slightly altered central room
  • Removed non-functional gun charger from the shuttle bridge
  • Rearranged robotics to give it more open space
  • Rearranged R&D slightly, removed incorrect "mineral storeroom" designation
  • Rearranged lower chemistry machines to be more usable
  • Replaced biohazard containment blast doors around toxins with shutters to stop obscuring open doors
  • Replaced one of the newscasters in the chapel with a notice board
  • Renamed chapel 'mortuary' to funeral parlour
  • Fixed soulstone shard in chaplain's office being cult/wizard use only - now anyone can use it again
  • Fixed not being able to hide behind plants
  • Fixed ERT response room having incorrect map
  • Fixed overlapping air alarm and fire alarm between showroom and gateway
  • Fixed overlapping no smoking sign and alarm in R&D
  • Fixed overlapping station intercom and map south of gateway
  • Fixed vendors on recovery and emergency shuttle being depowered
  • Fixed incorrect area designations in atmospherics
  • Fixed duplicate science satchels in scientist lockers
  • Fixed broken point redeemer consoles on the labour camp shuttle
  • Added a new NT recovery ship in deep space, which replaces most functionality of the white ship which is now an immobile derelict. The new recovery ship is stocked with some helpful but relatively innocuous gear, and has machine frames with some machine boards allowing it to be more easily decked out with useful machinery for, as an example, colonising the derelict. The retro laser has been moved here as well.
  • Added a firing range to research, made robotics/mech bay more compact
  • Added protective gear and some more tables to the experimentation lab
  • Added an extra airlock to space just east of the holodeck in maint
  • Added more fruit variety to the garden
  • Adjusted area designations so that emergency maintenance access works better
  • Adjusted carp spawns - they're fewer and further away from the station
  • Adjusted layout of xenobiology to make it look a little better
  • Fixed missing disposals pipe and scrubber outlet in virology
  • Fixed missing privacy shutters in medbay examination rooms
  • Fixed missing target control in security's firing range
  • Fixed missing tables in telecomms
  • Fixed missing law office shutters
  • Fixed extra glass stack on floor of engineering
  • Fixed some cargo conveyor units being assigned to the wrong control stick
  • Fixed extra corner pipe under manifold in the incinerator room
  • Fixed invisible chairs at the arrivals lounge
  • Fixed left cryo tube appearing under the window behind it when open
  • Changed access level of space airlock adjacent to security pod to security only
  • Includes soda and booze dispenser additions to the bar, courtesy of Mandurrrh
  • Includes modifiable bar sign, also courtesy of Mandurrrh
  • Added missing drinks showcase to the bar.
  • Added missing slot machines to the casino.
  • Added missing maintenance loot spawners throughout maintenance.
  • Added missing intelliCard to RD office.
  • Added missing atmospheric technician lockers to atmospherics.
  • Added missing Janicart and Secway to the custodial closet and brig, respectively.
  • Added missing blast doors under cell windows in xenobiology.
  • Added missing blast doors under windows around the HoS' office.
  • Added a drinks shaker to the Captain's quarters.
  • Added more department direction signs.
  • Added vendomat and slot machine to the ghetto bar.
  • Added a variety of winter coats to dorms and one to each department that has a sprite.
  • Added a zippo lighter, and cigarette and coffee vendors, to the council room.
  • Switched direction of conveyer-belts in cargo bay for easier tagging and mailing of ordered crates.
  • Fixed lack of security batons in brig security lockers - they are intentionally absent from departmental lockers.
  • Fixed chapel shutters not working.
  • Fixed a few instances of incorrectly empty medkits on roundstart.
  • Fixed a missing disposals pipe in the brig control room.
  • Fixed tiles in the south-west of the central hallway incorrectly being area-designated as space.
  • Fixed tiles in the south-west of the central hallway incorrectly being area-designated as space.
  • Fixed mushroom pizza causing compile issue
  • Renamed telescience lab to experimentation lab
  • Other minor alterations
  • v40BII - Fixed tequila item path compile issue
  • Fixed brig desk door controls not working
  • Fixed missing version info on arrivals commemorative plaque
  • Fixed rogue blast door west of HoP office
  • Fixed metal-glass table in genetics - now all-glass
  • Fixed incorrect helmet variant in the armory
  • Added medical surplus storeroom and adjusted aspects of medical storage
  • Added ClothesMate vendor to the dormitories
  • Changed bridge colour scheme to dark-tile base
  • Various other minor adjustments and fixes
  • Major updates to allow compatibility with current code - many thanks to Allura, who did this.
  • Small fixes to piping and posters, and a few other things
  • Addition of conveyor from cargo bay to mail-room


Date Changelog
  • Added an intellicard to the RD's office.
  • Added an extra bucket to perma.
  • Added some more interesting gear to the re-education chamber.
  • Added a scrubber and vent to the re-education chamber control room.
  • Added brig door entry buttons and flash control to the brig desk.
  • Added missing flashes to the left and right AI chamber slots.
  • Added missing control and magnet for the target at the shooting range.
  • Added missing air-alarm to the AI upload foyer.
  • Added missing air alarm to art storage.
  • Added shutters to the chapel's space-facing windows.
  • Added the CE's new advanced magboots.
  • Fixed missing wire and pipe at the labour camp.
  • Fixed missing consoles on the labour shuttle.
  • Fixed green tiles under medbay desk.
  • Fixed first two brig doors appearing under blast doors when open.
  • Fixed some doors in research appearing under blast doors when open.
  • Fixed ore unloader not working at the (disused) mining processing area.
  • Fixed a wide assortment of incorrectly placed wires and pipes.
  • Fixed a missing wire and some incorrectly-placed walls at the labour camp.
  • Gave specific IDs to every GPS.
  • Incorporated the new syndicate space suits from Giacom's update on BoxStation.
  • Moved the mineral redemption machine to the cargo office.
  • Removed lots of decorative reinforced windows from toxins.
  • Replaced air canister in the prisoner education centre with CO2 for quietly gassing people.
  • Replaced all outdated references to "/area" with "/area/space".
  • Added a lot more helpful gear and wall mounted flashers to the emergency shuttle.
  • Added some seclites to the map.
  • Added the new HoS wardrobe locker, replacing their filing cabinet.
  • Added an arcade to the mining break room.
  • Added alternative backpacks to virology, chemistry, botany, and science lockers.
  • Added (provisionally) a security camera monitor to the security post at the departure lounge.
  • Added (provisionally) biohazard doors to toxins and xenobiology, independently toggleable from the RD's office.
  • Added (provisionally) a borg charger to the escape shuttle, along with some tools for repairs.
  • Added AI holopads to botany, lower xenobiology, EVA, virology, and the gravity generator.
  • Added an extra pair of magboots and an extra jetpack to EVA.
  • Added spare gambling table parts to barman's backroom gear closet.
  • Anchored the secure evidence locker to the ground for added security.
  • Dirtied up tiles in maintenance a little to make it look more derelict.
  • Enlarged the departure lounge security post so one prisoner can be buckle-cuffed to a chair there.
  • Fixed a number of maintenance doors not unlocking correctly when all-access is declared.
  • Fixed green medbay at mining - it is now blue, too.
  • Fixed odd naming of smoke spellbook.
  • Fixed missing wiring to the electrified grille windows top-left of the wall surrounding the AI upload module.
  • Moved the cargo status screen over the window outside mining one tile left.
  • Named the doors to the Maltese Falcon Casino correctly.
  • Removed the syndicate space suit from the abandoned mining outpost as it was used to escape the gulag.
  • Removed alternative jumpsuits from some wardrobes as they didn't have proper sprites
  • Replaced the sleeper in the gulag with some bruise packs and a health analyzer to discourage escapes.
  • Replaced shuttle doors with the new real airlock variants.
  • Stopped the AI Upload starting bolted - if it should be, the AI can do this.
  • Fixed path issue with medbay sign preventing compile.
  • Implemented blue medbay, despite thinking green looks that bit nicer.
  • Added missing prison intercom which can receive but not send.
  • Added a small new security post to escape, which may help in maintaining order during evacuation.
  • Added a "TAKE ONLY WHAT YOU NEED" sign to the mineral storeroom, in vain hope.
  • Added more descriptive names to many research division cameras.
  • Fixed incorrect area designation in upper area of the gambling section of the maltese falcon.
  • Replaced dirt piles in the garden with proper hydroponics trays, and removed trays from breakrooms.


  • Added the gravity generator, just above engineering. It's more vulnerable than on Box.
  • Rearranged the incinerator room so the turbine computer works, also added a camera to monitor the vent.
  • Added three tear gas grenades to the armory.
  • Fixed some layout issues above the mining dock.


  • Fixed missing air alarm in the incinerator room.
  • Overhauled the labor shuttle and prisoner education rooms, their locations are switched and improved.
  • Added more interesting filler items to the medbay and research lobbies.
  • Added donk pockets to the prison and all break rooms.
  • Added sink to the cargo warehouse.
  • Added a cleanbot to security backroom storage (Mopfficer Sweepsky).
  • Added a cleanbot to medbay backroom storage (Scrubs, MD).
  • Added three sheets of plasma to virology again.
  • Added big sunglasses to the lawyer's office, only one pair though.
  • Added a variety of newscasters and entertainment monitors to various areas.
  • Added various suits and assistant formal wear to the dorm wardrobes.
  • Added a few more suits to the laundry area.
  • Added a few spare GPS units around the station.
  • Added an intercom behind the bar.
  • Moved sink in robotics, in the surgery section.
  • Renamed NanoTrasen cleanbot to Cleanbot Exhibit.
  • Removed extra cell charger in cargo bay on the rack by the desk.
  • Added a poncho and sombrero to maint.
  • Added missing request console to engineering.
  • Added barricades to the mining smelter as in a recent box update.
  • Added mining GPSs to the mining outpost as in a recent box update.
  • Added a multi-tool to telescience.
  • Added a labeller to mining outpost EVA room.
  • Altered brig infirmary somewhat, adding a morgue tray.
  • Fixed various overlapping-objects issues on opposite sides of walls.
  • Gave detective access to the maint. door in firing range.
  • Made surgery observation public-access.
  • Made Sergeant Araneus vulnerable to oxygen deprivation, and CO2/toxins damage.
  • Removed sleeper console on mining.
  • Removed rogue hydroponics tray from the research lobby.
  • Updated cell paths so map compiles again.
  • Fixed issues preventing the map from compiling.
  • Fixed double-layer of windows on top-left of AI satellite.
  • Fixed blast door appearing below conveyor in disposals (hopefully).
  • Updated mining to the new version, slightly modified with transport pipes and the mint.
  • Updated R&D to include the new ore-dropoff closet.
  • Added buttons outside the shutters for gateway, teleporter, and EVA, to allow emagging.
  • Added a disposal unit to engineering foyer.
  • Added a freezer to toxins (provisionally).
  • Added an ID-locked closet in the evidence room, accessible by armory-level or detective-level IDs.
  • Added a spare syringe to the brig infirmary.
  • Added wirecutters to warden's room.
  • Added a tiny chapel garden.
  • Added more salt and pepper to the bar area.
  • Added a single 8-use AI liquid dispenser to the AI upload (provisionally).
  • Moved barman's disposals unit back to behind the bar, rahter than in his storeroom.
  • Removed shower behind cloning console.
  • Replaced chemmaster with condimaster in maint. medbay.
  • Rearranged armory - flashers are now at the sides so they get pushed around less.
  • Fixed issues preventing map compiling.
  • Fixed securitron pathing issues, and added lockers, dorms, recreation area and court to their patrol route.
  • Fixed windows behind cryo tube showing through it.
  • Fixed shooting range access being detective only.
  • Fixed hazard stripe placement in maint east of botany.
  • Fixed boxing ring name on glass door in the fitness shower.
  • Added fire alarms to the dorms, locker room, and holodeck.
  • Added two animal pens to the garden, containing a cow and two chickens.
  • Added a hydroponics tray to the medbay, research and engineering break rooms and the cargo warehouse.
  • Updated all R&D, robotics, and telescience consoles and machines to their current box version to try and get them to start linked.
  • Moved CMO privacy shutters button to top-left corner of their office.
  • Removed blind-spot at research division entrance
  • Fixed issues preventing map compiling.
  • Updated nuke op shuttle and base to current version.
  • Replaced the dining area in the maltese falcon with a gambling den.
  • Altered the layout of botany so it's easier to tend more plants.
  • Altered securitron pathing around engineer to avoid maint use.
  • Added random spawners to maintenance which spawn trash or grilles.
  • Added a loot spawner to the gambling area in the bar which has a 1/3 chance to spawn a russian revolver.
  • Added a gun spawner to the armory, spawning one gun a round, mainly stetchkins, sometimes combat shotguns, very rarely deagles or metabas.
  • Added fire extinguishers to the dorms and locker room.
  • Added a practice bomb to the armory.
  • Added a mirror to genetics.
  • Added arrow tiles to the mint input and output.
  • Added a morgue-tray to robotics
  • Added a news broadcaster to the CMO's office.
  • Added a news broadcaster to the cargo office.
  • Added Sergeant prefix to HoS' spider's name.
  • Added privacy shutters to the CMO, RD, and CE offices.
  • Added brig entrance flasher button to warden's office and rearranged it somewhat.
  • Moved newscaster and AI message console closer to AI so they hear messages from them.
  • Moved meson scanners and flashlights on racks at the mining camp to the top of the pile so they're easier to see.
  • Removed two windows from the CE office to the starboard primary corridor.
  • Removed all sleeper consoles.
  • Gave the detective firing range access.
  • Updated waistcoat path so map compiles again.
  • Added a waistcoat to the locker room.
  • Updated AI upload boards to the new paths so the map compiles again.
  • Updated arcade boards in tech storage, they now work again.
  • Fixed area designation on the nuke op shuttle so the door doesn't vanish.
  • Fixed missing air supply pipe near fore-port solar access.
  • Fixed the medbay morgue door access level, now it's medbay-only.
  • Fixed input-direction of the coinpress, it is now west of it.
  • Fixed genetics access levels, RD can get into genetics but not medbay, now.
  • Fixed privacy shutter in shooting range (again, for real this time).
  • Fixed lights-out events being limited to engineering only - now they can happen all over.
  • Added (provisionally) windows surrounding the upload consoles to prevent quick-subverting.
  • Added gambling tables to the maint. bar.
  • Added air alarms to arrivals.
  • Added miners to the mailroom access list.
  • Added a camera to the kitchen cold-room.
  • Added an all-in-one telecoms unit to CentCom.
  • Added an MMI to maint.
  • Added a multi-belt to maint, which can hold bigger things.
  • Added more extinguishers around the medbay foyer.
  • Added an intercom to the HoS' office.
  • Added a mounted flasher to the brig entrance.
  • Added desklamp to the CE office.
  • Changed AI upload and armory cameras to motion cameras.
  • Moved the air supply vent in the incinerator room two tiles up to give more space for renovation.
  • Moved wall and fire locker near the transit shuttle.
  • Removed duplicate air alarm in engineering corridor.
  • Removed access restrictions to the supply space bridge buttons, and nearby doors.
  • Replaced tinted windows between cargo bay and mailroom with normal ones.
  • Replaced tinted window at arrivals secpost with normal one.
  • Added missing air alarm to the bar.
  • Updated mining and stacker machines to use new input/output vars.
  • Changed tiles in hydroponics to grey from white.
  • Made the toxins test site camera give off light.
  • Adjusted tile colours on the main hallways slightly.
  • Adjusted securitron waypoints so they no longer travel through the execution chamber.
  • Fixed privacy shutter on the firing range appearing above grille.
  • Fixed unnecessary reinforced table in botany.
  • Other small fixes.
  • Overhauled a lot of the crew quarters areas.
  • Updated clown shuttle to current BoxStation variant.
  • Updated tcommsat z-level teleport to current BoxStation variant.
  • Swapped locations of tech storage and auxiliary tool storage.
  • Added another lightbulb to the west side of the cryo room.
  • Added a reclassification board to robotics.
  • Added robocop, quarantine, safeguard, and T.Y.R.A.N.T. boards to the AI Upload.
  • Added a bucket and mop to medbay.
  • Added a teleport beacon to mining.
  • Added Wags-His-Tail to the janitorial closet.
  • Added fore, aft, starboard and central teleporter beacons to the station.
  • Added a sink to virology.
  • Added a PDA cartridge dispenser to the HoP's office
  • Added a coin-press to mining.
  • Added tower-cap seeds to the garden.
  • Added stools at the kitchen hatch.
  • Fixed shield generators in engineering secure storage starting bolted to the ground.
  • Fixed new toxins filter being dense (you can now walk over it) and moved it slightly.
  • Fixed HoS office blast doors not being dense (you can no longer walk over them).
  • Fixed incorrectly aligned tiles in research.
  • Fixed missing hazard plating east of kitchen/botany.
  • Fixed layer var of the PANDEMIC, beakers shouldn't appear below it now.
  • Fixed incorrect belt type in a locker in maint, it is now a regular tool-belt.
  • Fixed unconnected air vent in the unisex showers.
  • Fixed duplicated bulb in janitor's closet.
  • Moved the captain's spare ID from their desk to their quarters.
  • Moved lighting around in the bar to try and make it darker and seedier.
  • Moved the fire alarm under the status display in cargo office.
  • Removed gag from theatre storage.
  • Removed a table under the MiniSat borg charger that was blocking it.
  • Removed access requirements for the mining shuttle computer.
  • Adjusted the bridge slightly.
  • Adjusted blast door button in nuke-op shuttle so it can be used from outside too.


Date Changelog
  • Moved lightbulb on top of vendor in medical storage.
  • Removed Christmas items.
  • Removed ID requirement from the counterfeit fabricator.
  • Replaced all arcades with random-game arcades.
  • Added suit storage unit to toxins launch area to allow for test site remodelling.
  • Added missing air alarm to toxins launch area.
  • Added medical eyepatch, blindfold, and earmuffs to the linen bin outside surgery.
  • Fixed medical secpost having a cargo security locker, and fixed incorrect secpost area designation below medbay.
  • Incinerator gas removal vent now starts off, and the incinerator air alarm should now be all-access.
  • Improved toxins, which is now larger, better laid out, and has a gas filter and disposals unit.
  • Implemented Giacom's latest update to the labor camp.
  • Minor alterations to the layout of the incinerator turbine. The turbine vent is now easier to see.
  • Added a space-access airlock to the bottom-right of the main atmos room.
  • Added monkeysuit mask to the black-market shop.
  • Added a camera to the AI Upload Foyer.
  • Added missing APC to telecoms storage.
  • Added packs of cards to the library, bar, prison, spare office, and maint. bar.
  • Replaced combat gloves in security gear room with normal black "security" gloves.
  • Removed duplicated intercom in the chapel.
  • Removed manual outlet values from atmospherics.
  • Moved toxins launch camera so AI can see launch control.
  • Moved the tube light from the HoP queue glass panels to the wall.
  • Fixed some broken pipes in the labour camp.
  • Fixed some broken cabling on the turbine.
  • Fixed some broken cabling at the mining north outpost.
  • Named more cameras in various locations.
  • Standardised naming of telecoms areas.
  • Standardised camera name format.
  • Works with recent updates.

Key Changes:

  • Added Giacom's new disposals layout with crusher.
  • Added Christmas trees to various areas and a festivus pole to research's break room.
  • Added a santa outfit to the Captain's quarters.
  • Added a disposal rapid transit system to the mining outposts.
  • Added EuroNumbers' fixed turbine generator to the incinerator as a backup power source.
  • Altered layout of the Minisat teleporter room so you can push things into the portal (like AIs for example).
  • Altered the layout of the escape dock and chapel - they are both slightly nicer and more open.
  • Moved the medbay security post to above the medbay desk, and moved some stuff in medbay storage.
  • Moved the incinerator next to atmos, and where it was is now a derelict mech bay / robotics in maint.
  • Fixed one of the toxins test subjects being named "Unknown", rather than "Test Subject".
  • Improved the layout of virology and made it less claustrophobic.

Minor Changes:

  • Moved a poster in the maint. black market which appeared over a window.
  • Added (provisionally) two more pipe dispensers to the construction room above arrivals.
  • Added intercoms specifically to CE office, engineering entrance airlock, and tech storage.
  • Added some flavour text to the AI potted plant, likely the AI's only friend.
  • Added a silencer to the contraband locker in the armory.
  • Added MiniSat monitors to the HoS's Office, CE's Office, AI Upload foyer and bridge, to prevent malf AIs taking over all the MiniSat APCs too easily.
  • Added missing interrogation room monitor and put the camera on a special interrogation-room-only camera network.
  • Added missing detective-level access to the security office, gear room, interrogation and monitoring room, and evidence room.
  • Added a bat to the chapel.
  • Added a new pet for the HoS.
  • Added an autodrobe to the maint. costume room.
  • Added a syndicate detonator to the nuke op ready room.
  • Added the new Orion Trail arcade machine to the zone of quiet contemplation at the top of the dorms.
  • Add a monkey suit and xeno suit to the maint. black market shop.
  • Altered tile colour in the station command hallway - it is now grey, rather than blue.
  • Altered security bot waypoints to try and prevent them using the captain's quarters maint area and disrupting EVA shutters.
  • Replaced carpet in the atmos piping back-area with black tiles.
  • Changed the layout of the engineering foyer maint. tunnel slightly.
  • Named the cameras in escape and the cameras on the MiniSat exterior walkway.
  • Improved various other cameras.
  • Improved intercom coverage.

Key Changes:

  • MiniSat turrets now start deactivated.
  • Moved MiniSat turret control buttons to outside the entrances of each room.
  • Added named cameras to a lot of the station, more to come in further updates.
  • Added a black market shop to maintenance and slightly adjusted the area around it.
  • Added exile implants to the gateway atrium, and electrified the windows.
  • Overhauled the maint. bar, now called "The Gobbetting Barmaid"

Smaller Changes:

  • Added more orange jumpsuits and shoes to the brig holding cell.
  • Added electric shavers to robotics and medical surgery areas.
  • Added a togglable shutter to the teleporter room, giving access only to the portal section.
  • Added wrench to outer armoury area so the warden can toggle portable flashers
  • Added igniters to toxins.
  • Added chef and bartender access level to maint. doors leading to the maint. bar.
  • Added more donk pockets to the kitchen and various parts of maint.
  • Added tube lamp to mining ore collection area on request.
  • Added named cameras to security, crew quarters, cargo, atmoshperics and engineering.
  • Added named cameras to the all primary hallways and arrivals.
  • Added three sheets of plasma to virology on roundstart.
  • Added a photocopier to the HoP's office.
  • Re-added the glass around the chef's mulebot delivery area.
  • Moved tube lamp in cargo bay by the orders console to prevent burnt hands.
  • Moved the security console in the engineering security post to try and stop stop EMPs breaking it.
  • Removed tinted windows for Research Foyer
  • Removed un-needed r-wall opposite the kitchen.
  • Fixed being unable to reach top-right corner of the detective's desk.
  • Fixed AI core flasher appearing over cyborg statue.
  • Fixed EVA oxygen tank dispenser sometimes appearing over oxygen tanks.
  • Fixed missing pipe manifold on the MiniSat meaning a few vents were unconnected.
  • Fixed some airless plating on the disposals mass driver to try and prevent items sliding off it.
  • Fixed tiles under the corporate showroom window accidentally being wooden panelling.
  • Fixed a floating light switch in the lawyer's office.
  • Fixed access level on theatre maint. door, it is allows either theatre access or maint access.
  • Fixed access levels on maint. access to EM storage at medbay and research. Both now allow staff or maint. access.
  • Improved test site - test subjects no longer freeze to death & are named correctly.
  • Improved the layout of arrivals.
  • Electrified the council chamber windows.
  • Added missing wiring to the auxiliary restooms.
  • Added missing lamp to the medbay secpost.
  • Added microwaves to perma, the security office (replacing the snack vendor), and cargo.
  • Added a port emergency storage room near arrivals.
  • Added ore crate to labour camp.
  • Added urinals to the auxiliary and normal bathrooms.
  • Added wall under chemistry smartfridge.
  • Moved detective maintenance access door so it can't be blocked by their new morgue tray.
  • Moved a snack vendor from the central hallway loop to the bar.
  • Allowed sec, detective and lawyer to use the maint. doors exiting the tunnel right of security and left of dorms.
  • Allowed sec, cargo and mining staff to use the tunnels left of security and between security and cargo.
  • Improved toxins test site layout, distanced it from the station, and better integrated the toxins personnel air-lock.
  • Improved telecomms layout.
  • Fixed some incorrect virology access levels.
  • Fixed incorrect tile type under hydroponics backroom maint. door (144, 111, 1).
  • Improved the transit tube spacedust/meteor shield.
  • Added camera to chemistry.
  • Added pepper spray dispenser to medbay security post.
  • Added more potted plants to the arrivals lounge.
  • Added EVA Shutter and Gateway Shutter buttons near the actual shutters.
  • Added "PhotoSynthetic Plant" to the AI core, replacing the toy.
  • Added brig emergency storage room behind the brig medical room.
  • Added more fire safety lockers around maint. and in each EM storage room.
  • Added arcade machine to the fitness rooms to make up for the loss of the one at dorms.
  • Added unique orange hardhat and orange gloves to construction area.
  • Added meson scanners to the CE office.
  • Added an extra securitron that starts its patrol from escape - "Inspector Johnson".
  • Added a functional (but switched-off) CleanBot Exhibit to the corporate showroom.
  • Added a dead plant to the labour camp.
  • Added more xeno spawns to new maint. rooms.
  • Added lots of costumes and lipstick to one of the maint. rooms.
  • Added more fluff gear to the maint. room closest to the engineering foyer.
  • Added some science satchels to the telescience room.
  • Added a lot more budget insulated gloves.
  • Added a second prison wing lock-down control just outside the prison, and moved the prison APC so shunted malf AIs can see it.
  • Added a mini-morgue to the detective's office.
  • Re-added auxiliary bathrooms opposite mailroom, left of the library.
  • Adjusted paper tray at south side of the cargo bay, should not be hanging off the edge of it any more.
  • Adjusted the layout of the lawyer's office to better use space.
  • Moved the tube-lamp from the firelock near arrivals, between the arrivals and transit shuttle docks.
  • Removed unneeded privacy shutter button and lightswitch from detective's office.
  • Removed robocop law board from AI upload secure case.
  • Removed the space computer/buttons by the armoury.
  • Removed disposal unit under kitchen fridge.
  • Removed tile in the syndie shuttle that prevented syndies pushing things into the teleporter.
  • Rearranged security office and officer gear room.
  • Rearranged a few items at the MiniSat, and improved the positioning of the turrets.
  • Replaced turrets at the MiniSat with real turrets with correct area designations.
  • Replaced the MiniSat SMES cell with wiring to the station and a backup generator.
  • Fixed wiring to the holodeck.
  • Fixed wiring to medbay security post.
  • Fixed double stacked window at 110, 80, 1.
  • Fixed white tile instead of plating at 85, 84, 1.
  • Fixed unnecessary rwalls at 66, 94, 1 and 119, 76, 1.
  • Fixed broken disposal units at the warden's office and security locker room.
  • Fixed xeno maint. access - it is now scientist level access.
  • Made it possible to hide behind all potted plants on the station.
  • Made windows between chapel and escape tinted.
  • Made all 3 securitrons on station-stronger (higher health).
  • Made prison wing blast doors more visible by bringing them forward a tile.
  • Moved the holopad behind the bar and expanded the table for mixing drinks.
  • Electrified some windows in security that were missed.
  • Improved maintenance bar and maintenance medbay.
  • Added missing assistant, HoS, security officer, janitor, clown and mime spawns.
  • Added hydroponics watertank backpacks.
  • Added missing panes of glass on the top-left walkway of the MiniSat.
  • Added missing brig and prison lockdown buttons to the warden's office.
  • Added missing prison lockdown blast doors.
  • Added missing power cable in prisoner processing.
  • Added various holopads around the station.
  • Added missing windows in the walk-way around the MiniSat.
  • Added missing lights to AI upload foyer.
  • Removed a wall under interrogation monitoring access.
  • Removed extra windoor on the chapel mass driver.
  • Fixed numerous access level issues in the brig.
  • Fixed areas of chemistry not being correctly set, might have caused power issues.
  • Fixed tcomms monitors not working due to incorrect network vars.
  • Fixed AI upload windows not being shocked.
  • Fixed HoS office windows not being shocked.
  • Fixed HoS office shutters starting invisible (rather than visibly open).
  • Fixed warden's office and security office not having shocked windows.
  • Fixed security office and shooting range not being seperate areas.
  • Fixed missing wires at the windows by the prisoner shuttle.
  • Fixed missing pipe in maintenance medbay.
  • Fixed door not bolting in unit 1 of the bathrooms.
  • Moved tcomms computer station to the MiniSat to get the computers to work again.
  • Set AI Upload cameras to also be part of the "AIUpload" network, so AIs can quickly jump to them.
  • Fixed emergency shuttle console issue.
  • Fixed arrivals newscaster - it is no longer a security variant.
  • Improved Janitor closet and Central Emergency Storage
  • Added secure briefcase to Captain's Office.
  • Improved Captain's Quarters.
  • Massive wide-ranging overhaul to the map.
  • Security has been completely redesigned and has a labour camp shuttle.
  • Engineering has been vastly improved.
  • Atmos is now more reasonably sized and has no burn chamber.
  • Medbay has been slightly rearranged.
  • Research now has the Telescience Lab.
  • The Chapel has been moved to escape.
  • Maintenance has been improved.
  • A wide array of other changes, too many to list.
  • Added missing mining consoles.
  • Added extinguishers to escape.
  • Added windows to the labour camp shuttle.
  • Added some hidden cash near security.
  • Moved a lightbulb in the garden so it isn't on top of a sink.
  • Correctly updated to accommodate code changes (previous update was not done correctly).
  • Re-added missing tinted window to the confession booth in the chapel.
  • Updated the commemorative plate correctly.
  • Note: This version does not work as it was created in an outdated codebase by mistake.
  • Changed the desert eagle in contraband locker to a stetchkin. Also added more drugs to the locker.
  • Added the prisoner labour camp, more or less identical to the one recently added to Box Station.
  • Updated the wizard's besheet at the wizard's den.
  • Updated some shuttle areas and computers to the new standard.
  • Added virology smartfridge.
  • Added chemistry smartfridge.
  • Added more fire extinguishers to security.
  • Added cable coils to chemistry.
  • Added more briefcases to the map.
  • Added secure briefcases for each head and the detective.
  • Added bookbinder and photocopier to library.
  • Removed anomalous rwall by janitor's closet.
  • Updated maint. doors so they should all unlock correctly when heads use the emergency maint. all-access protocol.
  • Updated bomb test site camera so it should no longer runtime.
  • Updated the commemorative plaque near arrivals, which now displays the normal message and the map version number.
  • Fixed prison monitors just ouside the prison and in the lawyer's office.
  • Fixed genetics lab being visible to the public hallway, causing Beepsky to try and attack the monkeys within.
  • Turned pumps (but not taps) on by default for O2/N2 to airmix in atmos.
  • Pipe instances switched from defining 'color' to 'pipe_colour'
  • Thus the map runs on BYOND 500
  • Added a pet lizard to the HoS' office.
  • Added slightly more starting energy to the SMES cells.
  • Added welding supplies to atmos.
  • Added emergency showers to atmos, toxins, medbay and chemistry.
  • Added auxiliary escape airlock to maint. between escape and xenobiology.
  • Added vice-officer and mailman jumpsuits in a wall somewhere.
  • Added costume vendor to somewhere in maintenance.
  • Re-added missing CMO locker.
  • Removed all but one normal non-synthetic flash from robotics.
  • Replaced Stetchkin in the armoury with a Desert Eagle.
  • Fixed library study access levels.
  • Fixed donut box on the emergency shuttle being empty.
  • Fixed Research EM Storage access level, it is now Research Access, as intended.
  • Fixed mining shuttle space-bridge button being the wrong access level, it's now mining, as intended.
  • Moved costume room rack to give more space around the vendor.
  • The kitchen and its backroom are now larger.
  • Hydroponics' backroom is smaller and the lockers are now in the lab.
  • Bartender's backroom has been rearranged.
  • Removed the science access tunnel and expanded robotics and mech bay accordingly.
  • Removed the genetics access tunnel and rearranged genetics, giving it a front desk.
  • Adjusted the morgue doors, replaced light box with a pair of latex gloves.
  • Made the funeral parlour window properly double-windowed.
  • Removed shields from teleporter front, added wire dots to teleroom and gateway.
  • Removed superfluous pressure tanks.
  • Added extra repair items to mech bay.
  • Switched janitor's room and aux bathrooms.
  • Updated the library, realigned the doors so they connect to cargo and the command hallway.
  • Re-added Ian.
  • Updated the HoP's office, made the queue longer, moved the office to the topside, made the aux bathrooms smaller.
  • Added tool closet to atmos.
  • Updated all camera monitors to use lists under their network var.
  • Added prison monitor to the warden's office, as the HoP already has one.
  • Moved the CMO's crew monitoring console to the medbay desk, and gave them a fancy crew records laptop instead.
  • Added microwaves to the engineering, medbay and research break areas. If it prevents the chef having fun, I'll remove them.
  • Improved the engineering foyer, adding a proper break area and disposal unit.
  • Added maintenance access door to the bottom-left of cargo bay.
  • Added shutters to the HoP line, Papers, Please style. The grilles are also electrified.
  • Removed chem-master behind dispenser in chemistry.
  • Added two extra cargo shuttle-time monitors to cargo bay.
  • Added AI holopads to the council chamber and moved the one in the bridge.
  • Added an AI holopad to escape so the AI can wave goodbye to the crew.
  • Added RD access to tech storage, to see how it goes.
  • Added entertainment screens to all head offices.
  • Removed customs airlocks and controls for the arrivals sec post, I never heard of anyone using them.
  • Removed extra 'cyborgs for dummies' book from robotics.
  • Removed left-most plastic flaps from the prison conveyor for clarity and ease of use.
  • Fixed the disposals unit in the CE's Office.
  • Switched left-most borg charger and fueltank around in mech bay for ease of movement.
  • Moved doors for accessing the shuttle slightly to make the escape walkways less vulnerable to damage.
  • Classed the tile on which the AI Chamber door is as part of the AI upload, so turrets there will shoot you when you're on it.
  • Added a missing Janitor spawn point for roundstart.
  • Added named security cameras to the atmos gas tanks.
  • Added missing hazard plating to bridge maint.
  • Added a seperate council chamber blast door system, seperate from the bridge system.
  • Added a cyborg charging station to the AI Upload foyer, removing the status computer.
  • Removed sinks next to trays in botany, they're now further away again by the walls.
  • Removed unneeded light switch on HoP's security record console.
  • Removed unneeded, unconnected pipes from atmos, under the grilles.
  • Removed tinted glass from inner side of science areas.
  • Removed windows into EVA to make it somewhat more secure.
  • Removed window into the gateway to make it more secure.
  • Removed organ bags, because their name reverted to evidence bags when used. Will try and add a new variant to the code in future.
  • Altered location of an intercom outside the library, it now looks less ugly.
  • Altered AI Core protective windows, they are now much more visible.
  • Altered the HoP's office, it is now one tile shorter.
  • Altered custodial closet and bridge maint, both are now one tile larger, vertically.
  • Fixed custodial closet not being connected to the powernet.
  • Fixed Gateway being designated part of the Teleporter area, causing powernet issues.
  • Fixed cargo bay to supply corridor doors having the wrong access level.
  • Fixed some needlessly hard to access atmos piping around the locker room and garden.
  • Altered the layout of the locker room, reducing the size of the laundry area.
  • Added an extra camera to the locker room to prevent unintentional blindspot.
  • Added an extra camera to the right of tech storage to prevent unintentional blindspot.
  • Added a minor reference to the talking postcard broken server affair, may it go down in history.
  • Removed unnecessary space poster from disposals which was a pain for the AI as it covered an APC on the wall's other side.
  • Added missing security camera to north-east central hallway.
  • Added missing camera to art storage
  • Added airlock paints to art storage and engineering, as in BoxStation
  • Added a lockbox to the bridge.
  • Added the PDA painter machine to the HoP's office.
  • Added organ bags (renamed evidence bags) to the organ freezer in surgery.
  • Added a seedy new auxiliary bathroom*laundry area where the old gateway was.
  • Added lots of handy sinks to botany to make it more efficient than its competitors.
  • Added a grinder to the ghetto medical area.
  • Added lots of fun new items to the theatre backstage room.
  • Added the new costume vendor to the threatre backstage room.
  • Added some more helpful gear to the emergency shuttle.
  • Moved security hardsuits, they are now next to the HoS' office.
  • Moved the teleporter room to the right side of the old EVA area.
  • Moved the gateway room to where the old teleporter room was, with a nice ready room.
  • Removed chairs from surgery observation which blocked vent visibility.
  • Removed most tools from the ghetto medical area to compensate for the addition of the grinder.
  • Fixed some oddities with Pugley III's name and altered his description.
  • Fixed (possibly) the topmost door in the prison access tunnel not opening in the greytide event.
  • Altered the layout of the HoP's office, it is now a little fancier.
  • Altered the layout of the QM's office, which is now clearer and simpler.
  • Altered the layout of the janitor's office, it's now much larger and nicer.
  • Altered the layout of the central emergency storage closet, next to the bridge.
  • Altered the layout of the emergency shuttle bridge so you can't get stuck buckled in chairs.
  • Altered the layout of EVA, which is now greatly streamlined and has 8 space suits.
  • Altered the tiles in the meeting area by the council room, it now looks cleaner.
  • Altered the emergency-recovery-airlock area of the emergency shuttle to make it easier to sneak aboard.
  • Updated plaque tile.
  • Removed a light switch on a table in the Detective's Office
  • Removed intercom on a table in Tool Storage
  • Added a hidden basketball to the map somewhere
  • Added ice cream vat to kitchen storage.
  • Fixed drinks with old paths possibly causing compile issues.
  • Rearranged the Chapel to be more imposing and less comfortable.
  • Fixed some tiles not having the correct area designation in the chapel.
  • Updated all other non-station z-levels.
  • Fixed all 18 tiles which had active air calculation before roundstart.
  • Moved locker in engineering security office to try and prevent EMPs hitting it.
  • Moved airlock poster in disposals to prevent controls being covered from some angles.
  • Research Division mulebot delivery window now has correct name and access.
  • Research Division mulebot window is now on the main research hallway, not in the break room.
  • Removed a duplicated status display blocking the RC console in telecomms.
  • Genetics access doors are no longer incorrectly all-access.
  • Medbay Storage now has two doors for easier access.
  • Added plasma coin to Captain's Quarters
  • The AI Chamber has been rearranged and should now be more secure.
  • The AI Chamber blast door has been replaced with a normal bolted door to allow AI replacement.
  • The security desk now has an extra window increasing visibility of the corridor above the AI.
  • The Atmos burn chamber now starts only partially built, requiring time and some plasteel to finish.
  • Added Pugley III, the loveable four-legged test subject.
  • Numbered the pens in Xenobiology.
  • Moved a scrubber in the Research Division entrance airlock.
  • Added two loaded beanbag riot shotguns to the armoury.
  • Added a loaded 10mm pistol to the armoury in the contraband locker.
  • Added some other harmless contraband to the locker for flavour.
  • Added a deactivated securitron in the armoury.
  • Added entertainment monitors to break rooms.
  • Added map version number to the desc text on the floor plaque near arrivals.
  • Cargo bay blast doors are now visible on round-start.
  • Added holopads to a variety of locations.
  • Removed duplicated vent from toxins launch area.
  • Added some flashlights to maintenance.
  • Added some more cameras to remove blind-spots
  • Removed extra launch control from toxins.
  • Added tachyon-doppler array to the toxins test launch area.
  • Removed lockboxes from the CMO, RD and CE offices as they cannot open them.
  • Adjusted a tile in surgery so it looks a little neater.
  • Every job that has special local maint. access can now also access the nearest public-hallway maint. door too.
  • The brig to courtroom defendant box tunnel is now correctly brig access.
  • Corrected access levels around hydroponics and science maint.
  • Fixed access level on all external airlocks from maint. Most were previously incorrectly all-access.
  • Outer maint. door at medbay storage room is now correctly general maint access.
  • Incorrect area designation fixed under snack vendor at the bottom-left of the central hallway.
  • Added some costumes to maintenance, as requested.
  • Updated the atmos rig suit to new entry and sprite.
  • Moved telecomms around a bit so no machines are blocked, like the RC computer was.
  • Added two metal foam grenades each to both engineering and atmos, on top of their metal piles.
  • Replaced all incorrectly added holotables.
  • Fixed vars on the Commemorative Plaque, hopefully fixing the rare frozen-arrivals bug.
  • Cyborgs now spawn at AI upload foyer again, giving roboticists a chance to spawn emags before they come asking for batteries.
  • Added some missing SPACE ACCESS warning posters.
  • Added a single margherita pizza to a hidden room.
  • Removed one cable coil from each solar control room, now there is just the one in space on the solar proper.
  • Added IDs and PDAs to bridge, on the HoP's side.
  • Added missing keycard authenticator device to the bridge and Captain's Quarters.
  • Added lockboxes to all head's offices.
  • Library backroom intercom is now correctly wall-mounted.
  • Slightly adjusted disposals layout again.
  • Removed most reinforcement from the outer-layer of the station hull.
  • Sec offices at science and engineering are more vulnerable, as in other depts.
  • Research now has only layer of rwalls that snake around a bit, is more vulnerable.
  • Removed some rwalls around the AI upload foyer.
  • Removed a few rwalls around EVA and HoP office.
  • Expanded Captain's bathroom, better shower now.
  • Removed lots of unnecessary reinforced tables.
  • Adjusted tiles in robotics operating theatre, now looks nicer.
  • Added missing muzzle and prisoner IDs to prison.
  • Switched shower and toilet in captain's quarters.
  • Fixed AuxSci and AuxGenetics corridors, now normal sci access and genetics access respectively, so long as unbolted.
  • Re-added condimaster to botany, also moved blender to front room
  • Removed non-functional chemical bottles from botany.
  • Moved kitchen around to be more functional, also one-tile indent added from the main corridor.
  • Slightly adjusted flavour text on the memorial plaque in the funeral parlour.
  • Gave chaplain and librarian access to their own maintenance doors.
  • Rogue lightbulb in janitors closet has been removed.
  • Fixed cameras in research and medbay break rooms, virology and xenobiolgy entrances and airlocks detecting motion. Should now be as normal again.
  • Removed unnecessary extra camera in toxins lab.
  • Added secure briefcase to captain's room in the unmarked closet.
  • Removed extra RC console in robotics.
  • Removed reactive teleport armour from the RD's office desk, as there is another copy in the RD's locker anyway.
  • Added one Atmos Hardsuit in atmos and one Emergency Medical Hardsuit to CMO's office. Can easily be removed if too helpful.
  • Removed some superfluous wires at the brig.
  • Updated syndicate bomb path, now map works again.
  • Fixed airless tiles in maint room closest to toxins test area.
  • Cyborgs spawn in robotics, not AI upload.
  • Removed light behind cryo tube.
  • Changed research department again, adding top desk and moving disposals.
  • Updated CentCom z-level to be as in current box.2.1.2.
  • Updated space under shuttle to be transit sprites.
  • Fixed tiles around locker room / aux tool storage.
  • Bridge overhauled, now has lots more computers.
  • Replaced HoP's seraph model with paper tray.
  • Fixed PA camera not appearing on correct lists.
  • Rearranged R&D again a little, re-added matter bins.
  • Rearranged robotics, added table for acid beaker.
  • Seperated vending machines from morgue entrance.
  • Fixed name of door to research department atmos control room.
  • Added newscaster to warden's office.
  • Removed extra wardrobe in locker room.
  • Small adjustment to engineering.
  • Better camera placement in cargo/supply and other places.
  • Medbay Isolation Rooms are now Patient rooms.
  • Medbay and Research have been reorganised.
  • Escape has been enlarged and is now harder to barricade.
  • Genetics now has patient lockers.
  • There are now some patient lockers outside the morgue.
  • Drastic reduction in tinted windows
  • Some cameras are now better named, such as in break rooms.
  • 3 specialised maint. rooms - bar, surgery, farm.
  • Added cameras to solar control rooms.
  • Added donuts in a few places.
  • Replaced food vendor in bridge with drinks vendor.
  • Captain's desk in bridge now has access windoor.
  • Windoors removed in a lot of places, escape too.
  • Atmospherics no longer has uber-glass windows.
  • The Theatre now has shutters with a switch.
  • Adjusted space-bridge. Works better now.
  • Many other minor fixes and adjustments.
  • Rearranged items in engineering, a little easier to use now.
  • Made theatre bigger by getting rid of wasteful doublewalls near it.
  • Better camera distribution in the dorms and science.
  • Moved camera off glass in the Garden.
  • Added hazard stripes to maintenance in central command module
  • Added Ian Shirt + Latex Gloves + Tie-dye shirt in hidden places
  • PA camera is now EMP-proof
  • Missing holopads added to robotics and R&D
  • Science guard locker is now the correct type (not engineering locker)
  • Pointless windoor in robotics removed, as well as those in the funeral parlour and tool storage.
  • The CMO now has access to the genetics auxiliary access bolt control buttons.
  • Morgue acccess added to chef and roboticist.
  • Made a multi-purpose half-built space-platform above arrivals.
  • Reduce tinted windows, replaced them all with full-tile-tined-windows, walls, or normal windows again.
  • Made the art room a bit better
  • A few other small fixes and changes
  • Added bolt controls to auxiliary genetics and robotics access doors. They are labelled RD-Only for clarity.
  • Moved disposals and mulebot delivery from the Mech Bay to Robotics. The destination tag is still the same.
  • Moved around some things in robotics, welding goggles are more visible.
  • Corrected CentComm transit shuttle positioning in arrivals - it now lands properly without a space gap.
  • Rearranged dorms to be three tiles wide
  • Altered the Lawyer's Office, it is now more accessible in line with Miggles' suggestion, and also larger.
  • Fixed broken disposals north of Medbay, and in the Medbay break room. The whole disposals loop works again.
  • Removed unneeded disposals pipes by the gateway room.
  • Removed glass around cargo disposals conveyor to stop window-hitting spam.
  • Fixed single space tile in the Janitor's Closet.
  • Medbay security office has correct access level rather than all-access.
  • Added airlock entry to Research, as in boxstation.
  • Added a good few fire-fighting lockers in public areas
  • Many other small bug fixes.
  • Add sink to robotics for cleaning bloody surgery gear
  • Improved layouts of Medbay, Research and Supply departments
  • Added large test chamber to Xenobiology.
  • Tinted a great deal of windows to make life easier for traitors
  • More snack machines, but all are public and so a little more risky, but this should help encourage more player interaction.
  • Fixed problem with syndicate shuttle doors.
  • Added internal tunnels to singularity arms.
  • Made more airlocks viable for spacing people.
  • A few other changes.
  • Fixed lots of small bugs.
  • Now compiles again, after being broken by 'range' var removal
  • Numerous small fixes applied after some small playtesting
  • Emitters around singulo engine now start welded and ready to go
  • The dormitory space area has been changed. See attached image.
  • All major departments now have their own atmos loop to sabotage.
  • E.V.A. storage has been reworked to be nicer
  • Engineering foyer maintenance door now opens for atmos techs too
  • Supply Mailroom maintenance door is now for supply-access only
  • Singularity cameras are now EMP-proof
  • Added P.A.C.M.A.N. portable generator to engineering storage
  • All S.M.E.S. units are as vanilla, with 50k outputs and inputs at roundstart
  • Missing disposals pipes re-added in the warehouse and interrogation room listening desk
  • Missing camera in misc. research has been added, shows up both on the telescreen in the room and the station-wide CCTV system
  • Research break room now has the correct area designation, one tile was set as 'space'
  • Missing Starboard Maintenance APC has been added behind the bar
  • Aft Maintenance APC has been moved from behind the medbay sec desk to the more central aft maintenance between escape and research.
  • Missing Port Maintenance APC has been added between the chapel and library
  • Area designations around the vault have been improved, preventing teleportation-to-space incidents
  • Area designations around port/fore areas of maintenance have been changed to better suit their names.
  • Fore Maintenance APC has been named correctly (previously EVA Maint APC), and moved up slightly, by the inner brig corridor.
  • Extra floating lightswitch removed from genetics
  • Medbay breakroom maintenance door is now medical-access only
  • HoP desk shutter has been replaced with a blast door to make it easier to click the windoors
  • Extra newscaster removed from HoP's office
  • Missing Request Console added to HoP's office
  • Missing virology bed added
  • Curtains in the chapel funeral parlour should now be open, not just appear open
  • Lovely dressers have been added to the captain's office and some rooms in the dormitories
  • A missing wardrobe has been added to cabin 4 of the dorms
  • Various objects moved around in the Captain's Quarters, and a razor and flask have been added.
  • A box of glorious medals has been added to the Captain's office.
  • Lights have been removed from space at entrances to virology and xenobiology external modules
  • Other locations with space tiles - bridge, etc - now have a space area designation, to prevent teleporting-to-space issues with wizards
  • Robotics consoles have been replaced with current vanilla versions and the area designation changed too, hopefully this will fix any issues syncing
  • Inner brig blast doors are now below the actual doors, so you can still use the doors when the blast doors are closed
  • Cloning door id fixed
  • Intercom added to HoP's office
  • Replaced Janitor's Wagon with new Janitor's Cart
  • Replaced all station bounced radios with the 'off' variant
  • Updated holodeck to be as current main /tg/station
  • Fixed a small mistake on the incinerator's disposals pipe.
  • Widened a lot of maintenance
  • Overhauled maintenance between disposals and tool storage via cargo and by the vault.]
  • Made engineering pod look like it could actually launch.
  • Fixed name of cloning exit button.
  • Updated to latest /tg/ revision, fully compatible with current code again.
  • Added interrogation viewing room and intercom. Still no camera, so still hidden from AI.
  • The bar is now about a third smaller, not so bloated. Maintenance in the area has been expanded.
  • Extended maintenance, added space bridge above supply shuttle bay, tunnel above dorms, moved toxins vent.
  • Science can now be effectively barricaded with shutters, and all windows are tinted.
  • Dorms cabin 5 changed to nice viewing window.
  • Cleaned up virology tables a bit
  • Reduced number of seed extractors in the garden.
  • Removed cigarette machine from library.
  • Fixed a few little bugs.
  • Fixed mass driver path being blocked at disposals.
  • Fixed cameras not working in the toxins test area
  • Improved positioning of chem dispenser and fixed low number of beakers and single large beaker
  • Updated Xenobiology to the current layout of 2 opposing columns of 3 cells.
  • Improved the chapel mass driver, incinerator disposals outlet, and defunct solar.
  • A few other small fixes and adjustments.
  • Added Ian again
  • Fixed (hopefully, under testing) the bizarre freezing atmos problem
  • Added a three-tier shield to the atmos chambers, made of grilles.
  • Changed firedoors to be under virtually all normal doors, but no windows. They're actually *under* them now.
  • Fixed a variety of other smaller bugs found during playtesting on Sibyl #1 today - thanks everyone who helped out.
  • Fixed being able to access settings on the toxins burn chamber from maint.
  • Fixed many other little visual issues
  • Made some changes to the shuttle to make it nicer
  • Fixed some problems with the atmos burn chamber being a bit clunky. It's more usable now.
  • Got rid of table between sleepers in the emergency shuttle. Sleepers should be fine now.
  • Remade the AI upload foyer so servers are not doubled unnecessarily.
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