Identification Card

What is an Identification Card?

An identification card, or ID card, is an item used for identification on board the station, as the name implies. Every worker of Space Station 13 is issued an identification card. Your ID has your name, occupation, and a device that broadcasts your access to the station's autonomous systems, which is used both to identify the holder and open up airlocks the worker has access to. For example, the Quartermaster has access to the Cargo Bay and Quartermaster's Office, while Assistants do not. ID cards can have their access modified by the Captain or Head of Personnel using an Identification Console. When your face is covered, your ID card is the only way of identifying you.

Examination will show you the name, job, age and bank balance of the person it is registered to. This is useful in determining whether an ID card is stolen, whether the person has gained access illicitly, whether the person is old enough to drink, and whether the person is who they say they are.

When examined, you will see the following:

That's John Doe's ID Card (Assistant).
A card used to provide ID and determine access across the station.
It is a tiny item.
John Doe's ID Card (Assistant) looks pretty robust! It'd probably be able to withstand acid!
John Doe's ID Card (Assistant) is made of fire-retardant materials.
The card indicates that the holder is 23 years old.
The account linked to the ID belongs to 'John Doe' and reports a balance of $30.

Types of ID Cards

There are a few different types of ID cards. Most cards will be customised versions of the standard ID card depending on the owner's job. For example, clowns have a rainbow colored ID card, and the Warden has a red ID card.

  Standard ID: Standard identification card issued to the general staff.

  Command ID: Special silver identification card issued to the Heads of Staff. These ID's allow access to the Bridge, have the ability to call/recall the Escape Shuttle, edit access permissions on other ID cards, as well as having access specific to each head.

  Captain's ID: The Captain's gold-coloured all-access ID card. A spare starts in the Captain's quarters. Desired by all.

  Centcom ID: Issued only to Centcom officials, including Death squad officers.

  Prisoner ID: Issued to prisoners, so they can be identified on the crew monitoring console and keep track of labor points. Has no access.

There are other types of identification cards, such as agent cards, which can copy access from other cards. They are favored by the Syndicate, and can also provide the user with a new identity, providing they cover their face.