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  • Strong boy
  • Male
  • 22 years old. Bday is 04/04. Shower me with gifts
  • The most valuable member of community

Early Years

Born as the second child of a nuclear family, lil' Matías showed early promise in the fields of Mathematics, Languages, Arts, Music, History, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Religion, Philosophy and Sports. As gifted as he were, he struggled against his peers, since his autismo was definitely a challenge to overcome, which has failed up to this day.

Teen years

Ths is a dark spot in history, where high school was a battle against inferior minds and delinquents but our famous student always came on top. In this period he trained under the tutelage of 4th Dan, Jerez, in the art of Kenpo Karate, earning the renowned purple belt but, sadly, his promising career ended when he had to sacrifice most of his time to the next feat.

College years

This story is still being written, but so far he has excelled in his class, being part of the select group known as the "worst 5".