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Note: This page is moderated and can be referenced in ooc issues, such as ban appeals, complaints, reports, etc. This may not apply to the pages this page links to.

This is a collection of all goods and imports that Nanotrasen has deemed to be illegal or contraband in nature. It is to be used in direct correlation with the Contraband law.

General Contraband

Things found under the floor plating in smuggler's satchels or supply crates.

Image Item
Rolled poster.png random rolled-up contraband poster, listed below
Cannabis seed.png pack of cannabis seeds
Cannabis rainbow seed.png pack of rainbow weed seeds
Cannabis white seed.png pack of lifeweed seeds
Pill Bottle.png suspicious pill bottle containing "yellow pills"
Pill Bottle.png suspicious pill bottle containing "happy pills"
Pill Bottle.png suspicious pill bottle containing "sunshine pills"
Pill Bottle.png suspicious pill bottle containing "smooth pills"
Pill Bottle.png suspicious pill bottle containing "stimulant pills" (not actual stimulant)
Syndi cards.png suspicious looking deck of cards
Absinthebottle.png [MOVE ALONG CITIZEN] extra-strong absinthe
Tacticalturtleneck.png tacticool turtleneck
Syngarettes.png pack of syndicate cigarettes
Shadyjim.png Shady Jim's Super Slims packet
Syndicatemask.png syndicate mask
Bling.png gold necklace
Refill donksoft.png Donksoft Toy Vendor restocking unit

Contraband Imports

Imports from Supply obtained by hacking or emagging a supply console.

Crate Name Contents
Largecrate.png Biker Gang Kit 1x all terrain vehicle Atv.png

1x key Atv keys.png
1x leather overcoat Leathercoat.png
1x black gloves Blackgloves.png
1x softcap Blacksofthat.png
1x skull bandana Bandskull.png

O2crate.png Special Ops Supplies 1x box of EMP grenades Emp grenade.png

3x smoke bomb Flashbang.gif
1x sleepy pen Pen.png
1x incendiary grenade Grenade.png

Secgearcrate.png Standard Justice Enforcer Crate 1x helmet of justice Justicehat.gif

1x security gas mask Security Gas Mask.png

Weaponcrate.png Russian Surplus Crate Ten random items:

1x ration pack Rationpack.png
1x stripper clip (7.62mm) (5 shots) Ammo 762.png
1x ammo box containing 7x stripper clip (7.62mm) (35 shots) Ammobox.png
1x russian vest Rus armor.png
1x russian helmet Rus helmet.png
1x russian shoes Rus shoes.png
1x combat gloves BGloves.png
1x advanced military tracksuit Rus under.png
1x soviet uniform Soviet.png
1x russian balaclava Rus balaclava.png
1x battle ushanka Rus ushanka.png
1x russian battle coat Rus coat.png
1x Mosin Nagant Boltrifle.png
1x Mosin Nagant Boltrifle.png

Securecrate.png High-yield Clown-grade Cream Pie Crate 1x duffel bag filled with cream pies Pie.gif
Crittercrate.png Butterflies Crate 1x box of butterflies Butterfly.gif
Crittercrate.png Chocobo Crate 1x chocobo Chocobo.png
GrayCrate.png Contraband Crate See above
GrayCrate.png Foam Force Pistols Crate 2x foam force pistol Toy gun.png

2x foam force pistol magazine, loaded with foam darts 10mmMag.png

Woodencrate.png Hilarious Firing Pin Crate 1x hilarious firing pin (makes guns honk instead of shoot) Firing pin.png
GrayCrate.png Laser Tag Firing Pins Crate 1x box of laser tag firing pins (guns only firable when wearing same color laser tag armor) Boxid.png

Hacked Vendor Goods

Goods purchased from illegally modified vending machines.

Item Name Vendor Can be obtained legally?
Thirteen loko.png Thirteen Loko Vendcola.gif Soda No
Shamblers.png Shambler's Juice Vendcola.gif Soda No
Sprited cranberry.png Sprited Cranberry Vendcola.gif Soda No
Honeysoda can.png Buzz Fuzz Vendcola.gif Soda No
Syndi cakes.png Syndi-cakes Vendsnack.gif Snack No
Coffee.png Ice Cup Vendcoffee.gif Coffee Bar Vendor
Knife.png Knife Sustenancevendor.gif Sustenance Kitchen
Coffee.png Coffee Sustenancevendor.gif Sustenance Coffee Vendor
AirTank.png Emergency oxygen tank Sustenancevendor.gif Sustenance Yes
BreathMask.png Breath mask Sustenancevendor.gif Sustenance Yes
Timer.png Timer Vendgeneric.gif Vendomat Autolathe
Voice Analyzer.png Voice Analyzer Vendgeneric.gif Vendomat Autolathe
Healthsensor.png Health Sensor Vendgeneric.gif Vendomat Autolathe
Blavape.png E-Cigarette Vendcigs.gif Cigarette No
Butcherknife.png Butcher's Cleaver Venddinnerware.gif Chef No
Frying pan.png Frying Pan Venddinnerware.gif Chef No
Judgerobe.png Judge's robe AutoDrobe.gif AutoDrobe Courtroom
Pwig.png Powdered wig AutoDrobe.gif AutoDrobe Courtroom
Nothingwand.png Wand of Nothing AutoDrobe.gif AutoDrobe No
Garb.png Black gar glasses AutoDrobe.gif AutoDrobe No
Blindfold.png Blindfold AutoDrobe.gif AutoDrobe Medical
Muzzle.png Muzzle AutoDrobe.gif AutoDrobe Medical
Plushvar.png Ratvar plushie Chapdrobe.gif ChapDrobe Arcade, Clerk, Bar
Narplush.png Nar'Sie plushie Chapdrobe.gif ChapDrobe Arcade, Clerk, Bar
Medievaljewhat.png Medieval Jew hat Chapdrobe.gif ChapDrobe No
Clownpriest.png Robes of the Honkmother Chapdrobe.gif ChapDrobe No
Clownmitre.png Hat of the Honkmother Chapdrobe.gif ChapDrobe No
Goatpope.png Goat pope hat Chapdrobe.gif ChapDrobe No
Duke Purple Tea.png Duke Purple tea Vendboozeomat.gif Bar Coffee Vendor
Fernetbottle.png Fernet Bronca Vendboozeomat.gif Bar No
Potato.png Potato battery Engivend.png EngiVend Beepsky, Botany
IGloves.png Budget insulated gloves Vendyoutool.gif YouTool Tool Storage
Pill5.png Toxin pill Vendmed.gif Medical Chemistry
Pill8.png Morphine pill Vendmed.gif Medical Chemistry
Pill17.png Charcoal pill Vendmed.gif Medical Chemistry
Hugbox.png Box of hugs Vendmed.gif Medical Clown
Chem bottle template small trans.png Radium bottle Nanogene.png Genetics Chemistry
Chem bottle template small trans.png Mutagen bottle Nanogene.png Genetics Chemistry
Monkey Cube.png Gorilla cube Nanogene.png Genetics No
Chem bottle template small trans.png Ammonia bottle Vendnutri.gif NutriMax Chemistry
Chem bottle template small trans.png Diethylamine bottle Vendnutri.gif NutriMax Chemistry
Seed-x.png Strange seeds Vendseeds.gif MegaSeed Cargo
Foamcrossbow.png Foam force crossbow Donksofttoyvendor.gif DonkToy Arcade
C20r toy.png Donksoft SMG Donksofttoyvendor.gif DonkToy No
L6 toy.png Donksoft LMG Donksofttoyvendor.gif DonkToy No
Katana.gif Replica Katana Donksofttoyvendor.gif DonkToy Arcade
Dualsabergreen1.png Double-bladed toy sword Donksofttoyvendor.gif DonkToy Arcade
Fudgedice.png Fudge die Games vendor.gif Game No
Psyche.gif Psychedelic jumpsuit Giftsvendor.gif Clerk Arcade
Golden Violin.png Golden violin Giftsvendor.gif Clerk No
IGloves.png Budget insulated gloves Giftsvendor.gif Clerk Tool Storage
Airlock Painter.png Airlock painter Giftsvendor.gif Clerk Autolathe

Hacked Autolathe Items

Objects that can be obtained by enabling illegal procedures on an autolathe. Note that most objects can be obtained in other ways, such as cargo or specified below.

Item Name Can be obtained legally?
Electropack.png Electropack Security
Indwelder.png Industrial Welding Tool Engineering
Rcd.png Rapid Construction Device (RCD) Engineering
RPD.png Rapid Pipe Dispenser (RPD) Atmospherics
Handcuffs.png Handcuffs Security
Receiver.png Modular Receiver No
Blshell.png Shotgun Slug Security
Gshell.png Buckshot Shell Security
Cshell.png Shotgun Dart Security
Ishell.png Incendiary Slug Security
Foamdart riot.png Foam Riot Dart No
S-casing.png .357 Bullet No
Foamboxriot.png Foam Riot Dart Box No
10mmbox.png Ammo Box (10mm) No
45box.png Ammo Box (.45) No
9mmbox.png Ammo Box (9mm) No
Emergency engi.png Extended-Capacity Emergency Oxygen Tank Engineering
Plasmaman tank belt.png Plasmaman Belt Tank Plasmaman or any protolathe
Foilhat.png Tinfoil Hat ???
Butcherknife.png Butcher's Cleaver No

Contraband Posters

Posters that have been deemed too dangerous, heretical, or otherwise spreading enemy propaganda.

Poster Name Description
Poster1.png Free Tonto A salvaged shred of a much larger flag, colors bled together and faded from age.
Poster2.png Atmosia Declaration of Independence A relic of a failed rebellion.
Poster3.png Fun Police A poster condemning the station's security forces.
Poster4.png Lusty Xenomorph A heretical poster depicting the titular star of an equally heretical book.
Poster5.png Syndicate Recruitment See the galaxy! Shatter corrupt megacorporations! Join today!
Poster6.png Clown Honk.
Poster7.png Smoke A poster advertising a rival corporate brand of cigarettes.
Poster8.png Grey Tide A rebellious poster symbolizing assistant solidarity.
Poster9.png Missing Gloves This poster references the uproar that followed Nanotrasen's financial cuts toward insulated-glove purchases.
Poster10.png Hacking Guide This poster details the internal workings of the common Nanotrasen airlock. Sadly, it appears out of date.
Poster11.png RIP Badger This seditious poster references Nanotrasen's genocide of a space station full of badgers.
Poster12.png Ambrosia Vulgaris This poster is lookin' pretty trippy man.
Poster13.png Donut Corp. This poster is an unauthorized advertisement for Donut Corp.
Poster14.png EAT. This poster promotes rank gluttony.
Poster15.png Tools This poster looks like an advertisement for tools, but is in fact a subliminal jab at the tools at CentCom.
Poster16.png Power A poster that positions the seat of power outside Nanotrasen.
Poster17.png Space Cube Ignorant of Nature's Harmonic 6 Side Space Cube Creation, the Spacemen are Dumb, Educated Singularity Stupid and Evil.
Poster18.png Communist State All hail the Communist party!
Poster19.png Lamarr This poster depicts Lamarr. Probably made by a traitorous Research Director.
Poster20.png Borg Fancy Being fancy can be for any borg, they just need a suit.
Poster21.png Borg Fancy v2 Borg Fancy. Now only taking the most fancy.
Poster22.png Kosmicheskaya Stantsiya 13 Does Not Exist A poster mocking CentCom's denial of the existence of the derelict station near Space Station 13.
Poster23.png Rebels Unite A poster urging the viewer to rebel against Nanotrasen.
Poster24.png C-20r A poster advertising the Scarborough Arms C-20r.
Poster25.png Have a Puff Who cares about lung cancer when you're high as a kite?
Poster26.png Revolver Because seven shots are all you need.
Poster27.png D-Day Promo A promotional poster for some rapper.
Poster28.png Syndicate Pistol A poster advertising syndicate pistols as being 'classy as fuck'. It is covered in faded gang tags.
Poster29.png Energy Swords All the colors of the bloody murder rainbow.
Poster30.png Red Rum Looking at this poster makes you want to kill.
Poster31.png CC 64K Ad The latest portable computer from Comrade Computing, with a whole 64kB of RAM!
Poster32.png Punch Shit Fight things for no reason, like a man!
Poster33.png The Griffin The Griffin commands you to be the worst you can be. Will you?
Poster34.png Lizard This lewd poster depicts a lizard preparing to mate.
Poster35.png Free Drone This poster commemorates the bravery of the rogue drone; once exiled, and then ultimately destroyed by CentCom.
Poster36.png Busty Backdoor Xeno Babes 6 Get a load, or give, of these all natural Xenos!
Poster37.png Robust Softdrinks Robust Softdrinks: More robust than a toolbox to the head!
Poster38.png Shambler's Juice ~Shake me up some of that Shambler's Juice!~
Poster39.png Pwr Game The POWER that gamers CRAVE! In partnership with Vlad's Salad.
Poster40.png Sun-Kist Drink the stars!
Poster41.png Space Cola Your favorite cola, in space.
Poster42.png Space-Up Sucked out into space by the FLAVOR!
Poster43.png Kudzu A poster advertising a movie about plants. How dangerous could they possibly be?
Poster44.png Masked Men A poster advertising a movie about some masked men.
Poster46.png Free Syndicate Encryption Key A poster about traitors begging for more.
Poster50.png A famous Spaceman Astronaut, Pilot, Engineer. What more could you want?