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Most Recent Changes

A full list of changes can be found here. This page shows you the most important changes for the current month.

11th August

redmoogle: Jetpack no longer has methspeed
SomeguyManperson: creep final objective is only the protect/maroon

10th August

nichlas0010: There's now a framework for department goals. Each department is given up to 5 goals a round to complete, with bonuses when they're completed.

8th August

actioninja: Glowing overlays no longer render above everything, and mobs and items properly block them
AutisticFroggy: toe stubbing is now rarer but more severe, just like in real life.
boodaliboo: gave melee resist to laser tag armor
Firewolf34: Nanotrasen has equipped Engineering staff with a brand-new flare formulation, designed for EVA work.
FLME: dilithium obtained from dilithium is now times ten, dilithium asymptote lowered to 425 from 4000
Hopek: Signal techs can now only translate the base languages.
Hopek: Cryopods display a unique warning when the occupant cannot be treated.
Hopek: pAI door hack speed has been increased to not be terrible.
Kmc2000: Radios now make sound when you use them.
nichlas0010: Central Command has issued new targeting systems with its BSA kits, allowing any stations that build them to shoot down any pirates that may attempt to board the station
nichlas0010: you'll now survive the nuclear bomb exploding if you're in a freezer
swissloaf: PORT Adds movie-like rolling credits to the end of the round

6th August

alexkar598: Slimes no longer spawn on lavaland and they mutate normally

4th August

wejengin2: boxstation bridge changes

1st August

CoreyTori: Added triangle spiders
missatessatessy: Added jaffa cakes
SomeguyManperson: random crits now drop off by 15% rather than 40% every process
ynot01: Ports vending machine purchase sound from /tg/station
Xoxeyos: Adds Surfin' USA to the title screen for every fourth of July!!

Active Testmerges

A testmerge is where a change is temporarily added onto the server. When a testmerge is active, new PRs merged will not be live until the testmerge is over.

Recent Council Decisions

A full list of important council decisions can be found here. This page shows you the most recent 10 important votes that affect the server.