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Most Recent Changes

A full list of changes can be found here. This page shows you the most important changes for the current month.

30th October

boodaliboo: Removed ashwalkers medical kit

29th October

Marmio64: Gulag gets a harmonica to jam out on. Also gets a pepperspray refiller.
ynot01: objectives for morph and nightmare

28th October

JamieD1: Bedsheet Wearing - Spooky - Click in hand to adjust, old interact been moved to alt click
Marmio64: gubbucks naturally spawn on lavaland

27th October

EOBGames: improves and extends gulag a bit
JamieD1 (Port): Skeletons can now play themselves like a xylophone
jcatjmeow: Reinforced windows are harder to get through
jcatjmeow: heads can't roll shadowling
Marmio64: all lavaland mushrooms now have unique alcohol reagents when fermented
Marmio64: Adds bug cheese
Mqiib: New customization options for lizards and polysmorphs!
MrHorizons: Medical doctors, paramedics, and CMOs now shout "clear!" just before defibrillating someone.
SomeguyManperson: new lavaland gear made from large amounts of butcher results from lavaland mobs!
SomeguyManperson: pacifism no longer prevents boxing
tralezab: Adds Shuttle Catastrophe
Xoxeyos: Adds new station prefixes for Halloween and Friday the 13th.
ynot01: You can no longer make cult golems unless you are cult
ynot01: you cannot use a sentience potion on Ghost of Poly
ynot01: Intelligence potion now has a cooldown of 20 seconds

25th October

boodaliboo: tweaked necropolis chest drop rate
deathride58: flashlights will now make sounds when toggled on/off
JamieD1: Makes Vampire not end on antag death and instead mulligan
Marmio64: Adds a mixable tribal variant of tricord, and a shaman headdress.
MonsWTF: Adds the L.A.M. to Toxins.
MrHorizons: Added guides to hydroponics and plants as books in various maps' botany.
SomeguyManperson: humans, lizards, and plasmamen now like grilled foods
SomeguyManperson: greed will now properly gib people who run out of health using it
UselessTheremin: pets in various locations of omega
Veeblefetzer: Adds some new maint templates
Xoxeyos: Adds Red Signal, created by the Mechanisms to the Halloween Title Screen.
Xoxeyos: Adds Unforgiving Cold to the Halloween Title Screen, created by VectorManDingo.
Xoxeyos: Adds Lucifer, My Love, to the Halloween Title Screen, created by Twin Temple.

24th October

AdamElTablawy: wizard can only roll with 35 players or higher instead of 20
AdamElTablawy: Itching powder is now just a reagent, not a toxin. Nothing has changed.
boodaliboo: Added snowmen and a new christmas exclusive recipe to make them
boodaliboo: Added santa suit and hat to autodrobe
boodaliboo: tweaked poppys hardhat drop method
boodaliboo: how you get from champion hardsuit
boodaliboo: Added the ability to make rolling papers with a biogenerator
boodaliboo: Added bamboo seeds to ashwalker ruin
boodaliboo: Added butterflies and a survival medipen
boodaliboo: re enables abandoned zoo as a possible space ruin
DiamondSentinel: Clown bug has been retired from passive gold slime pool and moved to hostile. He knows what he did.
EdgeLordExe: Added a new Tourist/Assistant tier role: Artist! He spawns with a few art supplies already in his backpack.
Fikou and Twaticus for sprites (thank you too tralezab and whoever else helped): Adds the Grill, which can be powered by coal and wood, increases food nutritional value, taste, and adds grill marks.
JamieD1: Map and Flare are now a preference toggle
JamieD1: Fixes Job prefs and makes them have a nice new layout
LemonInTheDark: Contaminated objects will now glow bright green until cleaned, remember to quarantine rouge free golems.
Marmio64: Makes hecksuit melee, bullet, laser, energy resistances be 75/40/40/40 respectively.
Marmio64: Adds a new virus: The Sleepy Virus
Marmio64: Walls are tougher
Marmio64: Takes time to build most windows
Marmio64: adds a tiny bit of nutriment to cave fungus
nichlas0010: Nanotrasen would like to remind the personnel that lighting your emergency flare and using it to burn your emergency map is against standard operations procedure
redmoogle: Chem heaters heat up linearly now
redmoogle: Increase Roundstart Cyborgs to 2
SomeguyManperson: stunbatons won't stun you if you catch them
SomeguyManperson: strength mutation will now allow you to carry people faster
SomeguyManperson: everyone can now craft makeshift laser rifles, not like you'd want to
SomeguyManperson: necropolis seed no longer gives you an omega fuck you when you cure it
SomeguyManperson: necropolis seed symptom has had its slowdown halved
SomeguyManperson: the snake created on a hippocratic oath rod user's death is now controlled by them
SomeguyManperson: several CQC balance changes to make it more viable
The0bserver and Stewydeadmike: Added 6 new food items that use peas
wejengin2: removes most bodies from random maint

23rd October

jcatjmeow: Added a whole new bunch of maint rooms
Marmio64: Pepperspray stuns, confuses, and blinds you for longer, among other things.

22nd October

alao3alao3: Added Reinforced walls to all Boxstation Execution variants.
Marmio64: Experimentor can't steal Ian anymore. Only Runtime. Fuck Runtime though.
Marmio64: Added a harmonica to every perma prison
redmoogle: Service channel is now readable

20th October

AdamElTablawy: The buzzkill grenade box is now 6 telecrystals rather than 15
MrHorizons: Certain bar variants on BoxStation now have properly-equipped kitchens.
SomeguyManperson: security ERT suit on lavaland replaced with a security hardsuit
Takahiru: mballoon

19th October

Darkstick: Replaces the atmospheric burn test holodeck program by lava incinerator program

18th October

AdamElTablawy: Makes it so that heads of staff cannot be traitors anymore.
Altoids: It is no longer possible for the station to be Captained by a 17-year-old roundstart, nor for any doctor to be under the age of 24.
Altoids: The Locker Staff now takes a measurable amount of time to recharge, and only has two charges maximum.
ATHATH: Adding a symptom to a virus that already has 4 or 5 symptoms in it no longer has a chance of removing a random symptom from that virus.
JamieD1: Adds Hardsuit Specific Flag for Medical Sprays / Patches
Marmio64: Each spellcard now deals 3 damage instead of 2, letting each use of the spell deal up to 105 damage instead of 70.
Marmio64: Shadowling empowered thrall buff
Marmio64: Clockcult marauder now has +30 health and +3 damage.
redmoogle: Buffs Antenna Mutation
SomeguyManperson: heads can't roll roundstart bloodcult (can stil lbe converted)
SomeguyManperson: heads can't roll vampire (can still be converted)
SomeguyManperson: heads can't roll darkspawn
SomeguyManperson: changes vampire hypnotize to be a sleep stun but makes it cost blood

17th October

boodaliboo: Added a santa suit that isnt space proof and added it to the autodrobe
boodaliboo: Added a new snow golem name
Crossedfall, ThatGuyThere03: Added frank the turtle
Kmc2000: The donator item system has been changed to allow for ckey specific custom items. (You'll have to re-select your items)
FLME: announcementConsole = 1 instead of 0 on all the quartermaster request consoles
JamieD1: Gives tablets to HoS
JamieD1: Revert "changes vampire hypnotize to be a sleep stun but makes it cost blood or something i guess this is supposed to be better since its prebase code"
jcatjmeow: Removes meatball man
nichlas0010: Syndicate agents now have more money available to them as they also get paid by their syndicate benefactors
redmoogle: The majority of brain traumas are now silent
redmoogle, MrDoomBringer: The orbit menu now has an Auto-Observe button! No more sifting through the lame observe menu to snoop in people's backpacks! Also, you can refresh the orbit menu now.
redmoogle, MrDoomBringer: The orbit menu now shows the total number of ghosts orbiting something
silicons: Baystation instruments are here!
SomeguyManperson: AI repair consoles are now twice as fast
SomeguyManperson: chaplains can't be heretics to their own religion
swissloaf: Changes AGE_MIN from 17 to 18
TheObserver-sys, TripleZeta, and Stewydeadmike: Added 3 new plants
UselessTheremin: new ruin to chill at

16th October

boodaliboo: gave cmo sunglasses and a tablet
Moja10: Removed the ability for Geneticists to acquire Xray
SomeguyManperson: vampires now get two abilities, glare and hypnotize. Gaze is an instant short stun while hypnotize is a delayed longer stun-mute that costs blood to use. Neither work through flashproofing.
SomeguyManperson: classic/telescopic batons now have a cooldown between hits of 3 seconds down from 4

14th October

AdamElTablawy: removes the removal of patches and sprays not working on thickmaterial stuff
Hopek: Heads of staff now spawn in the conference room to promote higher RP and familiarization.
JamieD1: Lavaland vents now turn off, but pressure needs to be reintroduced before they turn back on
Takahiru: Skillcapes
wejengin2: 110 random maintenance rooms from templates

12th October

FLME: removes the turbine vent control blast door for lavaland syndies
JamieD1: Can not cryopod people with no mind / or admins that have ghosts

11th October

alexkar598: Makes yellow toolboxes spawn with budget insuls 50% of the time instead of real gloves 10% of the time
SomeguyManperson: snowball damage 20 stamina
SomeguyManperson: meteors are no longer effected by 0g floating
SomeguyManperson: burn test program for holodeck now contains substantially less burn

9th October

boodaliboo: Added new botany flowers
MrHorizons: Made the white ship chosen for each map independent of it.
redmoogle: Dead simple mobs now dont slow down
SomeguyManperson: ash drakes now actually speak draconic

8th October

boodaliboo: tweaked shock touchs instability
SomeAngryMiner: Added new bamboo things
wejengin2: "Rock a Bay" from God Hand as lobby song
ynot01: Sleeping Carp now only deflects with throw mode on in return for a price reduction

7th October

redmoogle: Makes Jukebox noises toggleable
SomeguyManperson: The cook can now dunk the meatball man into a food processor to create meatballs

6th October

FLME: tweaked a few things on meta
PrinceKirze: Chief Engineer's energy harvester pumps its money straight to cargo instead of engineering
PrinceKirze: Toxins explosions now pump their generated money to cargo instead of RnD
SomeguyManperson: CQC has been reworked entirely and is now available in the traitor uplink

5th October

JamieD1: Nerfs Meatball Man

4th October

Buggy123: The Nanotrasen Meateorology Department has reported that the station is passing through a extra-meaty region of space. Meaty Ore storms may sometimes be substantially larger. This still wouldn't be particularly dangerous, if not for the Meatball Man...
JamieD1: Thralls and Shadowlings now cannot be implanted.

3rd October

Ktlwjec: Snappop shuttle description changed to be accurate.
Mqiib: Adds Polysmorph digitigrade leg option (and some other tweaks to the race)
MrHorizons: Allowed armbands, medals, and the bone talisman and codpiece to display over suits.
redmoogle: Swarmer damage is now sane
SomeguyManperson: WT autorifle can now fire in 2 round bursts
SomeguyManperson: new ammo for the WT rifle: rubbershot rounds for less than lethal bullets, which deal 20 stamina damage per hit but have no armor penetration
SomeguyManperson: 4.6x30mm bullets have 20 AP up from 0, and their AP variants have 50 AP up from 40
WolvesandTrees: Improved the sprites for Flower Bulb and Vine

2nd October

JamieD1: Slime grenade explosion tweaks
JamieD1: Adds Stop with the Space man thing to round end sounds.
jcatjmeow: Dabbing has been removed.
jcatjmeow: Added a proper brig to snappop, added a door, added flashers and a fake chasm brig tile. Removed the real chasm and the greentext book from the snappop shuttle.

29th September

FLME: minor icebox improvements

28th September

ynot01: Removed the banhammer

27th September

Akrilla: Baton changes from TG along with an antag bola nerf
Partheo: canister labeling and coloration has been updated to a new standard. make sure to pay attention to their labels!
wejengin2: meta emt office has windows now

25th September

redmoogle: You can now disassemble wooden barricades with a crowbar
ynot01: Added urns to the ChapDrobe, for storing cremated remains

Active Testmerges

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Recent Council Decisions

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