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Most Recent Changes

This page shows you the most important changes for the current month.
A full list of changes can be found here. A full changelog can be found here.

1st February

MajManatee: L6 is no longer just a better minigun
@thegoldencat413 @Chubbygummibear @cuackles @cowbot92 @Mqiib @slicerv and saucecat: Adds the buster arm
TheRyeGuyWhoWillNowDie: riot shotguns are two-handed

Active Testmerges

A testmerge is where a change is temporarily added onto the server. When a testmerge is active, new PRs merged will not be live until the testmerge is over.

Recent Council Decisions

A full list of important council decisions can be found here. This page shows you the most recent 10 important votes that affect the server.