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Most Recent Changes

This page shows you the most important changes for the current month.
A full list of changes can be found here. A full changelog can be found here.

11th February

githubuser4141: Changed the MK-II Ripley's speed to 3 (indoors), and 1.75 (outdoors.) Changes the admin-only Nukie Ripley's speed to 3 indoors, 1.5 outdoors.
MajManatee: I love massive holes. Chasms are back now that miners get a jaunter.
MajManatee: Removes mod disks from loot pool, and makes them orderable from cargo. Also adds a KA crate.
Moltijoe: Nanite heart runs your nanites on each life tick
Moltijoe: IPC martial buffs
Mqiib: Unfucks darkspawn veils but they're still weaker
SomeguyManperson: drakelings attack cooldowns are now slightly faster
Xander3359: Crusher can now be carried in 1 hand, wield it before using or you will fumble.
ynot01: Darkspawn has been moved to a midround event instead of a gamemode
ynot01: Nightmare has been removed from midround rotation

10th February

Aquizit: Adds new Personnel HUD type
Majkl-J: Airlocks and doors can now be barricaded
Moltijoe: Added a chemical that purges nanites
Moltijoe: Lizards now regrow their tail after 30 minutes
Moltijoe: Mining medic now gets a laptop with overwatch installed
Moltijoe: Brig physician laptop also starts with lifeline and crew monitor
ReddicusDragon: makes catsip healthy by removing corn syrup
ReddicusDragon: Felinid language has been forcibly added to every nook and cranny of history, including native speakers' brains where it was previously.
SapphicOverload: multilingual costs 2 points instead of 3
Skrem7: True semi-auto shotguns + racking medium/heavy ballistics requires both hands + removes outdated stechkin animations
Skrem7: Oddjob syndikit special has a spare magazine for its deagle now
ToasterBiome, Jacquerel: Falling into a chasm doesn't delete your body and someone can fish you up
ToasterBiome: you can now copy the access of a airlock by hitting it with airlock electronics
ynot01: Added the Reusable Autosurgeon to the uplink for 5TC
ynot01: Added box of shotgun darts disguised as beanbag slugs to the uplink for 2TC

9th February

Skrem7: L6 re-tweak (we're rolling it back (kinda))
TheGamerdk: It now takes approximately 6 seconds to cremate someone, if you're stuck inside alive, resist!
ynot01: Big Heretic revamp (finally)

8th February

BurgerBB: Killing the MALF ends the round.
ReddicusDragon: Felinid language has been forcibly erased from every nook and cranny of history, including native speakers' brains.
Tattle: Clogged vents event now only lasts for 1 seconds
ThatLing: Passive vents can now be constructed using the RPD

7th February

JamieD1: Renables Shadowling
ToasterBiome, Aquizit: NVS Gax Arrivals redesigned to allow free miner ship

6th February

00ze-cyclone: Uranium eating aegun, second try
Mqiib: Shimmyjimmies ion bolts to be less "why are they like that" and more "hey that kinda makes sense"
ToasterBiome: New ruin: Lavaland corn maze
ynot01: Foam darts now deal stamina damage if you're holding a toy gun

5th February

ktlwjec: Snail emoji for OOC.
LazennG: tweaked buster arm moves
ynot01: Prematurely cancelling desynchronizer now has serious downsides and nerfed max time
ynot01: Added all (non-holiday) roundstart race languages to Multilingual quirks
ynot01: Neural overclocker autosurgeon is now single use

4th February

Skrem7: slugs have even more damage falloff and overall shotgun pellet reworks
Skrem7: spread for LWT-650 and K-41s DMRs has been set to 2, from 5
ynot01: Added some info to cloaker belt
ynot01: Made cult runes even harder to tell apart from fake ones

2nd February

ynot01: Disabled CentCom Raven Cruiser

1st February

MajManatee: L6 is no longer just a better minigun
@thegoldencat413 @Chubbygummibear @cuackles @cowbot92 @Mqiib @slicerv and saucecat: Adds the buster arm
TheRyeGuyWhoWillNowDie: riot shotguns are two-handed

Active Testmerges

A testmerge is where a change is temporarily added onto the server. When a testmerge is active, new PRs merged will not be live until the testmerge is over.

Recent Council Decisions

A full list of important council decisions can be found here. This page shows you the most recent 10 important votes that affect the server.