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Most Recent Changes

This page shows you the most important changes for the current month.
A full list of changes can be found here. A full changelog can be found here.

23rd December

alexkar598: Hexane no longer allows you to see dead chat and instead makes you immune to radiation
redmoogle: Makes nanites more accessible, giving them a separate research point type
redmoogle: Abductors nolonger mutate
redmoogle: Removes seedlings from ruin

22nd December

2cwldys: Finger snapping. use *snap to snap your fingers.
maxion12345: Reverts adam's removal of burst autorifles
swissloaf: Adds Snooty Fox
wejengin2: Adds "Endless Space" by SolusLunes into lobby songs
Xoxeyos: Adds "Tentacles!" to H.P. Lovecraft's Birthday!

20th December

AdamElTablawy: A couple cargo nerfs via gun crate prices
alao3alao3: Adds icemoon transit shuttle ruin
boodaliboo: Ports new crossbreeds
Hopek: Amber task force gets airlock Jimmys vs jaws of life just like the peacekeeper ERT.
redmoogle: Rapid Service Fabricators are now craftable in the servicelathe and autolathe
UselessTheremin: added the wampa cave, a hoth themed ruin for the ice moon.
UselessTheremin: changeling and nightmare armblades are now acidproof
wejengin2: some ion laws changes
Xoxeyos: The threat level is no longer announced over the station's announcement comm.

15th December

UselessTheremin: anesthetic tank and mask to the robotics lab

12th December

AdamElTablawy: adamantine armor has been toned down a little bit
boodaliboo: Added pea wine and a way to distill it
boodaliboo: Added vision correction to monocle
boodaliboo: Added heart of freedom to meaty ores
boodaliboo: Added brute and bomb resist to rad suit
boodaliboo: tweaked christmas start date
boodaliboo: tweaked artists pay
boodaliboo: Added giga drill to mining vendor
boodaliboo: permabrigs toilets cistern is open roundstart
Magicut101: Adds a Bone Pickaxe to the primal tab in crafting
Marmio64: adds nightmare jaunt to slings
Marmio64: edits void jaunt icon to ethereal jaunt
Marmio64: Lots of wizard academy changes, including but not limited to the removing of player references.
Marmio64: Adds new bounties
Marmio64: Tweaks the price of some existing bounties, and also makes the game give more bounties roundstart.
Marmio64: Chem heaters now scale based on max temperature
SomeguyManperson: clock cultists will now have a drastically slowed warp-in to the station after converting 20% of living players. The slower warp-in will not effect clockwork tiles, make sure to set something up on station!
SomeguyManperson: cyanide will now turn carpets cyan when applied as intended
SomeguyManperson: the ark now generates plain spaghetti instead of spaghetti with tomato sauce, tomatoes will have to be sourced on station
SomeguyManperson: you can now buy the post modern scarf in the clothesmate
SomeguyManperson: the cola vendor in perma has been replaced with an ULTRA SHAMBLERS vendor
SomeguyManperson: nuka cola no longer gives a speed boost when drank. Nuka cola now gives a 50% resistance to damage slowdown

11th December

alao3alao3: Added a gym holodeck program

9th December

TheReddDragon: A compromise was reached. Xenomorphs, drones, and slimes cannot be translated

6th December

Altoids1: Fixes several bugs with Goldgrubs, allows them to eat titanium and have more ore in their tummy
boodaliboo: Added 2 seedlings to space zoo
JamieD1: Atmospherics Patch
JamieD1: Makes Polysmoprh Playable by All
SomeguyManperson: the WT autorifle can no longer be dual wielded
ynot01: Made retro floor slightly darker to ease the eyes

5th December

boodaliboo: Removed some mines from russian lavaland ruin
maxion12345: Drones are now fitted with beacons that announce their location when connecting and disconnecting from the drone network. Go greet your drone comrades!
maxion12345: Drones have been fitted with a wireless data feed, enabling them to remotely view station alarms and act accordingly.
redmoogle: Add the ability to link and create blastdoors/shutters
TheReddDragon: Removes slimes and drones from NTSL translation

4th December

Xoxeyos: Adds Silent Night, by Christopher Lee, to the Christmas playlist.

2nd December

alao3alao3: Added a path to Morgue from Medical. Adds an APC to psych office and gives it it's own area.

1st December

Caldony: The sect of the Ever-Burning Candle has been officially recognised by NT and can now be practiced legally in the chapel.
redmoogle: Adds Five Layer Burrito

Active Testmerges

A testmerge is where a change is temporarily added onto the server. When a testmerge is active, new PRs merged will not be live until the testmerge is over.

Recent Council Decisions

A full list of important council decisions can be found here. This page shows you the most recent 10 important votes that affect the server.