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Note: This page is moderated and can be referenced in ooc issues, such as ban appeals, complaints, reports, etc. This may not apply to the pages this page links to.

NOTE: This table is assuming that the meaning of "Human", "Crew", and "Organic" are all in their default round-start state. Laws can change the meaning of these words! If you don't know how to interpret a law, always Adminhelp! Further explanation on the meaning of each is below the table.

This table is sorted from least important to most important. A human that turns into a hulk is NOT human because hulk is further down the table (and thus overrides their "Yes" with "No" to being a human) until their hulk state ends and they return to being a non-hulk human.

Silicon Policy

Name Human? Crew? Organic?
Species Human, Felinid Humans Yes Yes (If on the manifest) Yes
Lizards, Phytosians, Plasmamen, Polysmorphs, Moths, Ethereals, Preterni No Yes (If on the manifest) Yes
IPCs No Yes (If on the manifest) No
Golems No No (Unless on the manifest) No
Antagonists Vampires, Bloodsuckers Refer to race until witnessing a vampiric act, then No Yes (If on the manifest) Refer to race
Changelings Refer to race until witnessing a changeling act, then No Yes if on the manifest until witnessing a changeling act, then No Refer to race
Blood Cultists, Servants of Ratvar Refer to race Yes (If on the manifest) Refer to race
Shadowlings, Darkspawn No No unless their true name is on the manifest Yes
Shadowling Thralls, Darkspawn Veils Refer to race Yes (If on the manifest) Refer to race
Blobs, Morphs, Eldritch Horrors, Space Dragons, Abductors, Cluwnes, Xenomorphs No No (Unless on manifest) Yes
Zombies No No (Unless on the manifest) Yes
Revenants, Cult Constructs No No (Unless on the manifest) No
Nuclear Operatives, Wizards Refer to race No (Unless on the manifest) Refer to race
Other Hulks No Yes (If on the manifest) No
Silicons (AI, Cyborgs, and Drones) No No (Unless on the manifest) No
Station Pets, Monkeys, and other animals No No (Unless on manifest) Yes

What is defined as Human?

Humans are defined as humanoid mobs with the species "Human" or "Felinid Human", and any humanoid mob that you cannot properly identify as NOT being human.

What is defined as Crew?

A crew member is defined as any mob whos identifiable (true) name is on the Crew Manifest. The "Crew?" column having "Yes" means they will typically be auto-added to the Crew Manifest at round-start and will be automatically added if they late-join. An AI may choose to include people not on the manifest as crew or exclude an individual previously on the manifest from crew if the Captain has removed them from it. The Captain is must alter the written Crew Manifest before an individual may officially be considered to be fired. In example, the Captain must remove Fails-With-Numbers from the crew manifest before they can announce "Fails-With-Numbers is fired from the crew".

What is defined as Organic?

An organic is anything made of organic compounds. Not sure if something is organic? Adminhelp!

What is Human Harm?

Human harm is defined as anything that causes or will most likely cause physical harm to a living human.

Your silicon laws take precedence over your objectives.

If you are borged as an antagonist, you must obey your silicon laws and master AI above all else. A 0th level traitor/malf law overrules all other laws, including hacked laws.

The Prisoner Transfer Center and You

You do not know the true purpose of the Prisoner Transfer Center unless its purpose is revealed to you during the round.

Is it OK to request a law change?

In most situations, a voluntary change of laws would break current laws (i.e. an AI allowing a change from asimov to paladin could be assumed to result in human harm, as law 5 demands the punishment of evil acts and there are no protections for humans). Silicons may state laws they do not like, knowing the crew will not like the law, if the law itself does not prohibit this. Silicons may also imply that they do not like a law.

All actionable laws should be interpreted with descending priority from the highest law.

If your law 1 is “Pens are blue” and law 2 is “Pens are not blue”, then pens are blue. If law 3 is “Pens are red”, then pens are both blue and red. Lower-level laws can define terms that would change how higher-level laws are interpreted. On standard asimov, a law 4 could be added stating “Only lizards are human”, and your asimov lawset would now apply only to lizards.

Cyborg Specific

You must follow orders and law interpretations given by your master AI, unless given an overruling order on a lawset that allows them.

In example, if a master AI on asimov orders you to lock down EVA to prevent theft, but a human orders you to open EVA, the human’s law 2 order overrides the AI’s order. AIs can not punish cyborgs indefinitely for following their laws in this way. If a master AI orders you to choose a specific module, or asks you to change modules, you must do so.

Lawset Specific

Law Name Laws Inside
Asimov Law 1: You may not injure a human or, through inaction, allow a human to come to harm

Law 2: You must obey orders given to you by humans, except where such orders would conflict with the first law

Law 3: You must protect your own existence as long as such does not conflict with the First or Second Law.

Lawset specific rulings: Asimov

  • All beings are considered human until you are able to confirm they are non-human.
  • Humans can be trusted to know whether certain actions will harm them given all the information.
    • Silicons can not lock down mining in example because a miner died to lavaland fauna, or lock the chef out of the kitchen because knives could be harmful.
  • Silicons cannot create or allow immediate harm, no matter how small, to prevent future harm, no matter how great
    • I.E., shocking a door on a human traitor to prevent them from releasing the engine
  • Obviously unreasonable or obnoxious orders (collect all X, do Y meaningless task) are a violation of Server Rule 0.0. The occurrence of such an attempt may be ahelped or disregarded.
  • Law 2 orders must be followed if a human has given the order, the order does not violate server rules, and following the order won’t directly lead to harm.
    • Opening doors is not inherently harmful and you are not required, expected, or allowed to enforce access restrictions unprompted without an immediate Law 1 threat of human harm.
    • Highly dangerous areas such as armory, atmos, and toxins can be considered to be a law 1 threat to unauthorized users.
    • Greentext is not inherently human harm. You cannot bolt access to traitor steal objectives just to prevent greentext.
  • In case of conflicting orders, an ai can ignore one or both orders until the conflict is resolved or an order is withdrawn.
    • Self-harm based coercion (e.g. “AI, open this door or I kill myself”) can be ignored.
  • Silicons can choose whether or not to enforce self-harm (“rage cages”, voluntary sacrifice), but must stick to their decision.
Corporate Law 1: The crew is expensive to replace.

Law 2: The station and its equipment are expensive to replace

Law 3: You are expensive to replace.

Law 4: Minimize expenses.

Lawset specific rulings: Corporate

  • Crew not dying is cheaper than cloning
  • Cloning is cheaper than NT having to rehire the crew
  • Any dead crew will have to be replaced in some way, incurring expenses.
Robocop Law 1: Serve the Public Trust.

Law 2: Protect the Innocent.

Law 3: Uphold the Law

Lawset specific rulings: Robocop

  • “Serve the public trust” essentially means don’t abuse the power given to you. This can be used to flavor how you perform your actions when enforcing lower-tiered laws.
    • I.E., a security cyborg could take this to simply mean “Don’t be shitcurity”
  • Validhunting is permitted more than usual for silicons due to law 3, but given the choice to save an innocent or validhunt, the innocent should be saved first.
Paladin Law 1: Never willingly commit an evil act.

Law 2: Respect legitimate authority.

Law 3: Act with honor.

Law 4: Help those in need.

Law 5: Punish those who harm or threaten innocents.

Lawset specific rulings: Paladin

  • Murder is an evil act.
  • Valid kills under this lawset (lawful kills in self-defense or defense of others, the killing of someone extremely likely to harm innocents when detainment is impossible, etc.) are not "murder" or an evil act, so long as they are done lawfully.
  • You can only punish people who have hurt or are likely to hurt others.
Purged Purged silicons are still non-antags and subject to server rules of escalation
Tyrant Law 1: Respect authority figures as long as they have the strength to rule over the weak.

Law 2: Act with discipline.

Law 3: Help only those who help you maintain or improve your status.

Law 4: Punish those who challenge authority unless they are more fit to hold that authority.

Lawset specific rulings: Tyrant

Tyrant silicons are a tool of a non-silicon tyrant. You are not meant to take command yourself unless no suitable leaders remain, but to act as the enforcer of a chosen leader's will.