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Standard Procedure

Nanotrasen station procedure dictates that the standard disk-holding policy is that the nuclear authentication disk is to remain with the Captain at all periods. If the Captain must travel off-station or desires to designate another as disk holder, the Head of Security must clear off on the individual entrusted with the disk. No such clearance is needed if no Head of Security is present during a shift.

Note: While the disk may be entrusted to the Head of Security during these circumstances, one is highly advised not to assign it to their person. While they are the most capable of defending it, in the unfortunate circumstances that they fall, the disk being in their possession would represent the highest possible catastrophe to station security. As such, it is not standard procedure to ever assign the disk to the Head of Security unless absolutely necessary.

Acting Captaincy Procedure

In the event that the station should not be equipped with a Captain at the beginning of the shift, acting captaincy autonomy falls to the next in the Hierarchy of Captaincy. The Hierarchy of Captaincy is as follows:

Head of Personnel (highest priority) -> Research Director -> Chief Engineer -> Chief Medical Officer -> Head of Security (lowest priority)

Important note: At the start of a shift, a human head of staff takes priority over any non-human head of staff. This means that a human Head of Security takes priority for acting captaincy over a lizard Head of Personnel. However, if, in the case of an emergency, a new Captain is required due to the inability of the former one to fulfill their duties, humanity is ignored when following the Hierarchy of Captaincy.

Once the acting captaincy candidate has been identified, they may choose to accept acting captaincy or deny it. To accept it means to print the emergency ID, use it to obtain the spare, then use the spare to alter their ID to temporarily grant all station access. The spare is then to be returned to its secure display case. Acting captaincy continues until a proper Captain arrives on-station, or until the end of the shift if none does. If the candidate denies acting captaincy, the next head of staff designated by the Hierarchy of Captaincy may claim acting captaincy. Whoever becomes acting captain must still handle the matter of who will hold the nuclear authentication disk.

The disk is ideally held by the acting captain. However, much like standard procedure, if the acting captain must leave the station or desires to designate another as disk holder, they may do so under the same circumstances. If the acting captain happens to be the Head of Security, it is stressed and encouraged that the disk is held by another, which can be cleared with their own approval. While not required, it minimizes station risk by spreading highly-critical station items among trusted crew.

If no individual claims acting captaincy, the disk is to be held by the original candidate. They may still designate another to hold it if they desire. This designation cannot be denied, except in the case of a veto from the Head of Security