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See The history of SS13 for more about the Byond version of Space Station 13.

Over the years, there have been many attempts at remaking Space Station 13. This is a list which hopes to document the various remake attempts and games inspired by Space Station 13. With the sheer number of failed remake attempts, "SS13 remakes" became an in-joke among Space Station 13 developers.

Surely someone will make it happen one day! :D


"Standalone" Space Station 13

Standalone Space Station 13 was announced in December 2011. It was a closed source remake attempt by developers from Goonstation in C#'s XNA framework, which initially showed a lot of potential. After a few years, however, updates become very infrequent. The project was officially closed in January 2015 and open-sourced


Complex/Ion was a remake attempt announced in September 2011. It was an attempt to port Space Station 13 to C++ and OpenGL, ran by Baystation12.

Java Port

A Java port attempt was announced in October 2011. The intention was to use the LWJGL (Lightweight Java Game Library) framework to interface with OpenGL. The attempt did not show any progress, citing technical reasons.

Space Station 13 in 3D

Another remake attempt was announced in July 2011 citing GLUT and C as the development framework.

Space Station: Source

Discussions were underway to remake Space Station13 in 3D in source.


Very briefly, a remake attempt was made to recreate Space Station 13 in Unity3D, called UnitySS.

Minecraft SS13

An attempt was made to create a Space Station 13 mod for Minecraft. The mod added some Space Station 13 graphics to the game, however did not go far past this.

Commercial attempts

Some commercial attempts were made to either recreate Space Station 13 or make a game inspired by it.


Primulus was a top down 3D game, made in Unity, which was developed by two Baystation12 developers. They released a technical demo, however ended up abandoning the game after failing their kickstarter campaign. The technical demo featured a single player 3D environment, atmospheric simulation, user interaction with objects, ability to use objects with machines on the station, and a tutorial.


Centration was a first-person 3D game, initially developed in Unity, later remade in Unreal Engine. The game was developed by Angry Engineers Entertainment, founded by one of the very early developers of vanilla Space Station 13. The game was released on Steam Early Access. Its reviews were initially very hopeful and positive. The Unity version of the game featured a multi-player environment where characters could move around a pre-built space ship and interact with a small selection of machinery, which allowed them to open/close airlocks and toggle lights. The version was scrapped for alleged technical limitations of the engine and replaced with a version made in Unreal Engine. This version featured another pre-built station with physics objects and lens flare. Lots and lots of lens flare. The Unreal version however never included working multi-player. Centration was officially abandoned and made unacquirable on Steam in 2015.


Barotrauma is a 2D online multiplayer game taking place in a submarine travelling through the icy depths of Jupiter’s moon Europa. The bone-crushing pressure outside the submarine, the strange creatures inhabiting the ocean and the potentially dangerous equipment and machines on board ensure that the tiniest slip can turn the game into a chaotic struggle for survival. While it may be a space submarine and not a space station, it's clearly heavily inspired by Space Station 13.