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Articles in need of editing, reviewing or deletion. For prioritised tasks, ask on #wiki-and-mentor.

Tagged for work

Apart from straight-up adding an article to a category, there are different templates like Template:Needs_revision, which will not only display a informational box, but also assign a category as well. This way we can go through the categories to check what is on the TODO-list.

When tagging articles, make sure to use ~~~~ wherever possible, since this will automatically insert your post-details like this: Helpful Herbert (talk) 23:30, 24 April 2020 (UTC).

Category What to do How to mark (insert anywhere in the article)
Category:Candidate for deletion If you have the rights to delete articles, go ahead and check the relevance of the marked article and delete accordingly. {{Delete|to set an example|~~~~}}
Category:NPA Add missing images, often extracting them from the gamefiles first {{NPA}}
Category:Citation needed Do some digging, most likely in the code. Or just ask people in #development-public. {{Citation needed}}
Category:Pages_with_broken_file_links Add missing images or replace broken images with new images. Autogenerated, nothing to do here
Category:Needs_revision This is kind of a bit of everything. In most cases (re)writing (missing) sections and fact-checking by code-diving is needed.
{{Needs revision
|reason=Full review required
Category:Needs_critical_revision Expect a lot of rewriting-work.
{{Needs critical revision
|reason = The guide on this page is out of date.
|user = ~~~~
Category:ContentTemplates This is not exactly a review list, but these articles change quite often, so checking them once in a while won't hurt. [[Category:ContentTemplates]]
Category:Stub An article that has been created but not filled with content yet. This is the good stuff, if you like writing articles from scratch. {{Stub|to set an example|~~~~}}
Category:Outdated images Map-related images need to be updated. {{Outdated}}

For a full list of relevant categories check the full list of entries below.

Other 'lists'

  1. Sift through Special:AllPages (don't forget to hide redirects), or Special:Random articles by clicking the link in the menu.
  2. Browse Special:Categories and think about how to improve the structure of articles and categories.
  3. If you understand a bit of programming, check merged PRs on git. Ask first, if you don't know the difference between a merged, a closed and an open PR. Make sure to reference the PR-id in your edits.
  4. Check Special:RecentChanges for errors in edits. Maybe someone overwrote a section without noticing.

Pages in category "WikiCoordination"

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