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Hello! Thank you for taking the time to visit my page! My username is Kettle but my real name is Kt Lwjecska (I am Polish).
I became a memeber of Yogstation 13 back in 2009 when Lelf from Yogscast (currently known online as Xantam) decided to stop streaming games and instead focus on creating one ultimate game that we all would love.
In the UK I am currently on the Yogstation swim team (goYeorgzg!), taking part in weekly sessions at the Liverpool Aquatics Centre in Bristol. In my spare time I plan our monthly spelling bee and also help run our Secret Santa, where we gift each other donator or server boosts for Discord.
It’s been wonderful watching everyone thrive in the community and I really enjoy our annual meet-up with Yogstation memebers from around the globe!


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A list of the lobby music used on YogStation13.

lobby music can be found here you moron ---> LINK to exact git file

Past it here so I don't have to look it up to see if its what I meant


click here [[File:arrow right image]]Guide to prs for peabrains

setting up
  1. Make an account on github
  2. Install on the default settings: https://git-scm.com/downloads
  3. Open git bash
  4. Type: git config --global user.name "Name"
    1. Replace "Name" with your Github name
  5. Type: git config --global user.email "email address"
    1. Replace "email address" with your Github email
  6. Install, when given an option choose OpenSSH not TortoisePLink: https://tortoisegit.org/
  7. Press fork, then click your name: https://github.com/yogstation13/Yogstation-TG
  8. Go to your fork, click clone or download, copy the download link
  9. Make a folder in My Documents. Right click folder -> git clone -> URL: paste the download link -> ok
  10. Inside your folder, a new folder will appear. Right click this folder -> tortoise git -> settings
  11. Remote -> remote -> upstream -> (URL) https://github.com/yogstation13/Yogstation-TG.git -> add new/save -> Yes, Yes, Ok
  12. Right click the folder again -> tortoise git -> pull. Remote (upstream), Remote branch (master)
  13. Make sure you have "Show hidden files" on to see all the full files and folders

make a new branch

  1. Right-click folder, tortoisegit, fetch..., remote "Upstream", "ok"
  2. Right-click folder, tortoisegit, switch/checkout.... Branch "...", + remotes, upstream, master, "ok". Create New Branch - name whatever. "Ok"

make a pr

  1. Make any changes you want
  2. Right-click folder, Git Commit
  3. Commit and push to origin
  4. Go to https://github.com/yogstation13/Yogstation/pulls, wait for an option to appear that will let you make a pr with your edits

for maps

  1. Download python 3.7 https://www.python.org/downloads/. Check add python as PATH.
  2. \tools\mapmerge2 -> requirements-install.bat.
  3. \tools\mapmerge2 -> PrepareMaps.bat
  4. \tools\mapmerge2 -> mapmerge.
  5. Choose the number or numbers of the maps.