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PubbyStation was first added to yogstation's rotation in 2018. It was created by Pubby, who stated that his goal was "to create a lowpop map derived from my favorite parts of Box and Meta." It shares quite a bit in terms of layout with other popular maps while retaining a distinct identity thanks to its unique design and features.




  • Tesla and singularity engine setup options.
  • A sequestered space monastery for the chaplain and curator, accessible by shuttle or transit tube.
  • An aesthetically pleasing, open-concept design.

Command and Security

  • Easy-access transit tube between the bridge and AI satellite. Keep your friends close!
  • An ergonomic security office setup with workout facilities.
  • An inescapable permabrig.


  • Snazzy central cafeteria with spacious food preparation facilities.
  • Hydroponics wing with a public biogenerator and easy-access DNA scanner.
  • Janitorial closet complete with living quarters and emergency public access shutters.


  • Emergency smoke machine in chemistry.
  • Humane jungle habitat for test monkeys in genetics.
  • Reinforced virology lab, connected to the main station ventilation system for added security.


  • Open-concept central experimentation room.
  • Separate R&D, robotics and experimentation facilities.
  • A sizeable asteroid fit for explosive excavation.


  • Solars, singularities and teslas.
  • Dual-access to the telecommunications satellite.


  • Classy departures bay with an aesthetic statue garden.
  • Public-access auxiliary base designer.
  • Hidden hobo hideaways in the deepest recesses of the maintenance shafts- abandoned speakeasies and illegal animal fights galore!


Yogstation Changes

2019 Changes

Date Changelog
  • Paystands can be found in the warden's office, perfect for collecting fines.

2018 Changes

Date Changelog
  • Air alarms are now correctly locked.
  • Adds the clerk office.
  • Adds the psych office.
  • Adds the paramedic office.
  • Moves the gravity generator room to be linked to engineering.
  • Places the main piping on layers 2 and 3.

TG Changes

2019 Changes

Date Changelog
  • Fixed the tcommsat air injector being in an unpowered area.
  • Fixed engineering cameras that were missing EMP protection.
  • Fixed two medbay disposals that weren't connected to the disposals network.
  • Fixed a vent on the AI sat that was not connected to distro.

2018 Changes

Date Changelog
  • The fridge in Pubbystation's public monastery kitchen is no longer locked by default.
  • Public autolathes have been removed.
  • Pubby now has a Christmas tree in the library during the festive season.
  • Plastic flaps that weren't protected by windoors now had them added to prevent players from just crawling through them.