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So you want to be a doctor? Medical Doctor.png Welcome to the guide that will teach you how to be one.


Alright, head to the Medical Storage, take the Medical HUD Healthhud.png, Medical Belt, and load up on at least a Toxin Kit, open a secure medical locker and grab those nitrile gloves. Now head to the left and find the box of medical masks and put one on. Medbay.png Now make sure you have a Chemist, or your job will get a whole lot harder, as not having a chemist means that you won't be able to get some extremely helpful and needed Chems. Complain at science to upgrade your department if they want to live. And Yell Suit Sensors for every second the AI does not.


So, a person has just walked into med-bay (Presumably not to greytide), how'd you tell what they need? Well first you need to assert yourself, announce that your here to help him, you should have a First-Aid kit in your hand, open it and take out the medical scanner, and when you're not using it shove it into your pocket. Now if you for whatever reason do not have a medical scanner (And you call yourself a doctor?!) you can shift-click to get a quick visual analysis, Bleeding, Bruising and Burns, and if they look pale which means they are low on blood.

Lets assume that you have a Medical Scanner, click on the patient, and you'll receive a nice complete view of there state, There limbs respectively Head, Chest, Right Arm, Left Arm, Right Leg, Left Leg, and the damage is colour coded for convenience, Red meaning brute, Yellow meaning burns, Green meaning Toxins, and Blue meaning Oxygen Deprivation, they will also come with damage numbers, you'll use this information roughly to treat them.

Critical.gif Dead.png

Another important part of the Diagnosis is responsive, are they Awake? Unconscious? In Critical? And hopefully not Dead. This will heavily affect the way you treat the patient. If they are dead, a good thing to look at is the time of death, as you are not likely to revive someone who died 1 hour ago compared to 1 minute ago, doesn't mean you shouldn't try though.


So this person has stayed still long enough for you to click them? Now comes the hard part, but before that you'll need to decide what to do with them. If you have a critical patient it is usually a good idea to epipen them, and perfom CPR on the way to Cryo, as this (generally) greatly increases the survival rating of said patient.

To deal with each type of damage there is usually more than one option, we'll cover some of these. And do not administer more than 30u of anything, as you play you'll get the jist of how much damage needs how much chems. To be safe administer 10u at a time.

Brute Damage
Styptic Powder(Brute Patches)
Synthflesh patches
Bruise Packs
Burn Damage
Silver Sulfadiazine(Burn Patches)
Toxin Damage
Penetetic Acid
Oxygen Deprivation
Medical Gauze Or Treat Brute Damage

Advanced Diagnosis

Alright so, you suspect that their may be something more wrong with your patient but how do you tell? Blood Loss will show up on medical scanner (Very Bottom) Cellular Damage will show up on the medical scanner (Top) Blindness and Deafness will need to be communicated by the patient Brain Damage will be evident by stupid expression when shift clicking them Overdosing this will be evident by the toxin damage pilling up and over 30u of anything (General guideline as they will usually be crying help me anyway ), and 20u of drugs

Advanced Treatment

So they have stayed in med-bay for 1 minute and haven't died yet, it looks like their fine, but they may not be.

Blood Loss
IV Drip. Here is a table for blood types, X means no Clear means go
Recipient O- O+ A− A+ B− B+ AB− AB+
O- X X X X X X X
O+ X X X X X X
A- X X X X X X
A+ X X X X
B- X X X X X X
B+ X X X X
Brain Damage
Treat with Mannitol
Cellular Damage
Treat with Mutadone
Calomel to purge all of those chemicals out (Do in 5u dosages unless you know what you are doing)
Penetetic Acid to counter act any chemicals (Do in 5u dosages unless you know what you are doing)

Tools and Equipment

So now that you know what your medication does lets teach you how to administer it.

Health Analyzer

It has two modes, Chemical analyzer and Health Analyzer, the chemical mode will show if a patient is addicting to any chemicals and if he or she is overdosing on any chemicals. The Health Analyzer, shows current health, whether they are healthy, injured, critical or dead, the percentage of health, Blood Type, Blood Level, and Damage levels.

On Touch Chemicals

Anything that disperses chemicals into the bloodstream through skin application.

Swallow Chemicals

You swallow it and chemicals disperse into the bloodstream.

Direct injection Chemicals

Directly injecting it into the bloodstream.

On limb Healing

Targets specific limbs, and quickly heals small chuncks or the whole limb in the case of the Banadage.


Which can be washed and reused, just make sure you remember which type it is.

Bruise Packs
Sleeper Sleeper.gif

The sleeper is optimal for most situations, and can help deal with even code black patients, it can be upgraded to be more useful but for now it is limited to


((To load a patient in click-hold and drag into the sleeper))

Cryo Tubes

These are heavy duty, chemical eating monsters, for when someone is in critical and is on the brink of being lost, normally only used for code blacks, but they also need to be set up properly.

Wrench the air canisters contained in glass, so that they have a tube coming out of them Use the console and set it to the lowest temperature ((By clicking the leftmost "-" Button 3 or so times)) And Open the Cryo Tubes, and put the beakers of Cryodoxane into them ((Open Cryo Tube, load a patient in click-hold and drag into the tube, and turn on))


Surgery has many applications including, removing bombs in a person, putting bombs in a person, sex changes, face changes, and brain removal. For the most part surgery is done by following steps on the computer. More to come


Bring back dead people that aren't too badly damaged, and still have a soul in them, then chuck em into a working cryo or pump with Epinephrine.

((To use place in backpack slot, grab paddles, activate paddles in hand, and you'll offhand them, then target a dead player's chest))

Department Facilities

For when you need to figure out why the clown can punch through walls/Has exploded/Or is puking blood every 5 seconds.

Chemistry Chemist.png

Here you can bug the chemists for all the useful drugs you'll need or other special orders, they also have the capability to create grenades, set you on fire, and produce narcotics, most of the time they will put the useful things into the storage unit where you can take them out at a whim.

Virology Virologist.png

Usually the cause of any major plague rampaging through the station, or why the CMO can run at 60 Mph, hopefully they will be producing vaccines and the like too, but don't count on it.

Genetics Geneticist.png

This contains the almighty cloner, for bringing back people that the DeFib can't, usually you can bug the AI to make this Emergency Access or the CMO to give you access.