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Not In Rotation AsteroidStation, DiscStation, RuntimeStation, YogsDonut

DiscStation, last updated 2015/10/15.


DiscStation is a partially-functioning map available on the yog codebase as an alternative to the default map. It is currently maintained by JackHunt.

The map is based around large, 5-wide corridors and spaced out departments to distribute traffic evenly. For speedy transportation around the station, transit tube stations are arrayed around the inside and there is a transit hub on the tip of the Starboard arm. Escape pods are located at the top of each arm, at arrivals on the base of the Starboard arm and below recreation at the aft of the station. Maintenance is much less angular than on other maps and often bends and twists making it hard to keep track of targets and hard to navigate speedily.



Alt text
AI/Silicon Areas in DiscStation


Alt text
Command Areas in DiscStation


Alt text
Medbay in DiscStation


Alt text
Research Department in DiscStation


Alt text
Recreation Zones in DiscStation

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