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[v·e]Cultist 2.png


Very Hard to Rage Inducingly Impossible


Anywhere you can break into


Complete your unholy tasks and rejoice. Convert all the nay sayers to your side. Spend 30 minutes screaming at your fellow cultists to stand around a rune for more than 2 seconds. Rush Nar'Sie and cry when he eats your sacrifice target. Spam Juggernauts until the station is a sea of black, grey and red. Go insane as you watch your amazing cult rapidly devolve into another Revolution.


None provided

Arania's Guide, transferred by Blukey.

You are the Cultist!

Do you know how many times I’ve seen cults fail because some ‘enterprising’ or self-proclaimed ‘robust’ cultist decided that they could take the entire security force on their own? Too bloody many.

Spoiler alert - Being a cultist doesn’t give you access to super-murder-invincibility-death powers.
Okay, it does, but not right off the bat. You need to earn your dark powers of blood-splattering Nar-sie endorsed death.
And when I say ‘earn’, I of course mean sciencing the shit out of that magic. But first, we’re going to start with the basics.

The Basics

Congratulations! You have been selected by the Geometer of Blood to be its agents of darkness on the mortal plane! You should feel honoured.
Do you feel honoured yet? Good.

If you are one of the lucky few selected at start-of-round as a cultist, you will have been gifted the following items and information-

  • A piece of paper than can be used to spawn any three talismans.
  • The rune words for ‘Blood’, ‘Join’, ‘Self’, and ‘Hell’
  • Two Objectives, the first of which will always be ‘Sacrifice such-and-such’

At this point, it’s entirely okay to be very confused. That’s what I’m here for. Lets go through each of those in order.

The Paper

This is a special item only ever granted to round-start cultists. When you use it, it will bring up a menu that allows you to summon any three talismans.

What’s a talisman, you ask? A talisman is a piece of paper that has been imbued with the power of a rune. Many runes have talisman equivalents, and talismans are by far one of the most useful tools you will use as a cultist.

Of course, you probably don’t know what a rune is, either, but we’ll get to that. What you should do at this point is scroll through the list until you find the option to spawn a talisman that will give you an Arcane Tome, and use that. Ignore all the other options, at this point, you will only spawn something you really don’t need, and use up your talisman summons that could be used for more valuable shit. (Like soulstones and artificer shells).

When you do this, another piece of paper will spawn at your feet. This is a talisman, a piece of paper imbued with the dark powers of the Geometer, for you to serve it.

Okay, It’s a piece of magic paper that you can use to do funky shit with.

Pick it up, and use it. This will, in turn, destroy the talisman, dropping an Arcane Tome at your feet. Pick it up, and put that shit away, because if security so much as glimpses that on you, they will beat the snot out of you and throw you into perma before you can utter ‘Shitcurity’.

Congratulations. You now have the basic, but by far most vital, tool you will need to serve Nar-Sie’s whim.

The Book and the Runewords

The Arcane Tome you have just summoned is the single most valuable tool for you, as a cultist. You need it to invoke the dark powers of the Geometer (via runes), and it also allows you to communicate with your fellow cultists.

Yes, communication. You’re going to need to do it, so before you do anything else, find somewhere secluded where you won’t be immediately spotted, get out your tome, use it in hand, and select the ‘Communicate’ option. In the pop-up box that appears, you should announce yourself to your brothers, tell them your name, and your position. This will be broadcast to all other cultists in BRIGHT RED BOLD LETTERING. So you can’t miss it.

Newly-converted cultists will also have a ‘Communicate’ verb in a ‘Cultist’ tab. This functions much the same way, but at the cost of inflicting 80 brute damage to the user. It goes without saying, only use this in a dire emergency (such as getting stuck in perma without a tome). Constructs can use it without a health cost (We’ll get to constructs later)

Obviously, you should pay attention to cult chat, because this is the method you’re going to use to coordinate your actions.

Also, make sure to append any chat as a cultist with your name, since you can’t tell people apart in cult chat. Do it, lest cult comms devolve into an endless back and forth of ‘who are you?’

Next, you should add the four starting runeword translations to your tome. Use the tome in hand again, but select ‘Notes’ this time. This will bring up a list with 10 entries. This is where you set the runeword translations that will allow you to perform ever more arcane acts. Go through the list, and set the translations for your four starting words. This will grant you access to a basic set of runes, enough for you to complete your objectives, at the very least, but alot of the more fun options will be unavailable.

We’ll get to how to unlock more runes a bit later on.

  • Arcane tomes have a variety of ancillary functions, which can be of use, depending on circumstances.
  • You can make ghosts visible by attacking them with the tome
  • By smacking a cultist with it, any holy water in their bloodstream gets converted to unholy water. Unholy water acts as a general stimulant, giving you increased speed and paralysis/stun resistance, at the cost of a bit of brain damage. In a non-cultist (how you’d manage to extract the unholy water for weaponisation, I have no idea. Ask a chemist) it just hurts them (even mix of tox, burn, oxy, and brute damage)
  • In a pinch, the tome can be used as a weapon, dealing 5-20 damage per hit.
  • Hitting another tome with your own tome gives you the option to copy your translation notes to the target tome, allowing you to easily hand out completed tomes to the newly-converted, and pass on your knowledge to your fellow cultists so they can take advantage of your research.
  • Hitting a scribed rune with your tome will remove that rune, useful for removing incorrectly-scribed or useless runes

The Objectives

As a cultist, you will always have two objectives, and one of them will always be a ‘sacrifice’ objective.

For your first objective, you will need to sacrifice a heathen crewmember’s soul to your master. This target will either be the Chaplain, or someone who at round-start has a loyalty implant (Captain, Head of Security, Detective, Warden, Security Officer). We’ll cover the nitty-gritty of sacrifices in a bit.

For your second objective, you either have a 50:50 chance of having to summon Nar-Sie (How lucky for you), or to have a certain number of your brethren escape the station on the shuttle (Either 10, or 15 if the round-start population is at least 30 players).

Escape is fairly self-explanatory (I would hope). Summoning Nar-Sie, on the other hand, is a mite more complicated, and requires coordination. We’ll cover the mechanics of runes (including summoning the Geometer) in a later section.

Blood Magic

All a cult’s abilities flow from runes, arcane arrangements of dark symbols, scribed in blood on the station floor. It is through these that you will invoke the dark powers of the Geometer, in order to further its divine whim.

In order to scribe a particular rune, you must have all the appropriate translations for the runewords (finding runeword translations will be covered in a bit). Assuming you have them, you can scribe the desired rune by selecting the ‘Scribe a rune’ option from your arcane tome, and selecting the rune. You will take a small amount of damage (Very small. <=1) in the process of scribing the rune.

Once scribed, the rune can be activated by clicking on it with an empty hand. Some runes (noted below) require more than one cultist standing adjacent to the rune. Each rune (with the exception of ‘Armor’ and ‘Summon Construct Shell’) has a set rune shape and color, noted in the table below. They also have a set incantation for when the invocation is successful (also noted below, but this is less useful to you. I’ve just included them as a matter of completeness.)

Rune Name Words Effect Incantation
Teleport.png Teleport Travel Self X When scribing this rune, you will be prompted for a ‘destination word’, which can be selected from any of the runewords you currently have translated.When you activate the rune, you will be immediately teleported to another teleport rune with a matching destination word (if there is more than one potential rune with the same destination word, your arrival point will be random randomly selected from them) Sas’so c’arta forbici!
Teleport Other.png Teleport Other Travel Other X Like the teleport rune above, you will need to supply a destination word to make this rune function.Unlike the teleport rune, this doesn’t teleport you, it will teleport whatever is on top of the rune that isn’t nailed down (people, gas canisters, Pun-Pun…).Also of note, this rune will fail if there is more than one other Teleport Other rune with a matching destination word (And you’ll get 5 damage for your trouble), so it’s only good for setting up point-to-point networks. Sas’so c’arta forbici tarem!
Summon Tome.png Summon Arcane Tome See Blood Hell Destroys the rune, creating an empty arcane tome in its place. Pretty simple (be sure to whack it with your own tome to copy over the runeword translations, otherwise it’s going to be a bit useless for whoever it gets handed out to) N’ath reth sh’yro eth d’raggathnor!
Convert.png Convert Join Blood Self Requires three cultists standing adjacent to the rune in order to work. Immediately converts the person standing on the rune to your cause, provided they are not loyalty implanted, the Captain, the Chaplain, or holding a null rod. Mah’weyh pleggh at e’ntrath!
Summon Narsie.png Summon Nar-Sie Hell Join Self Requires nine cultists standing in a 3x3 square centred on the rune.The effects of this rune depend on your objectives. If you have the objective to summon Nar-sie, then congrats, this will fulfill that objective, bring the Geometer herself to the mortal plane, and call the shuttle on a three-minute delay.If your objective is not to summon Her, then successfully invoking this rune will instead fill the veins of all involved cultists with Hell Water.What does hell water do? It sets you on fire. And it will keep setting you on fire until you either die or it gets all filtered out of your bloodstream. Tok-lyr rqa’nap g’lt-ulotf!
EMPrune.png EMP Destroy See Technology Destroys the rune, creating a short-ranged EMP. Ta’gh fara’qha fel d’amar det!
Blood Drain.png Blood Drain Travel Blood Self When activated, it will drain between 1 and 25 health from anyone standing over a Blood Drain rune, and give that health to whoever activated the rune.If you absorb more than 50 health in a single go, you will be consumed by ‘blood hunger’, which will force you to consume an equal or greater quantity of health (Not all in one go, obviously, otherwise you’ll just re-inflict yourself with blood hunger again) in order to cure (or you can wait for it to wear off, but you’ll take damage fairly constantly while you wait) Yu’gular faras desdae! Havas mithum javara! Umathar uf’kal thenar!
Raise Dead.png Raise Dead Blood Join Hell For this, you will require three things - A living sacrifice, a corpse, and a ghost. Both the corpse and the ghost need to be on top of the rune to be invoked, while the living sacrifice can be on ANY ‘Raise Dead’ rune. Upon invokation, the living sacrifice will be gibbed, and the ghost will take control of the corpse (which will be healed of all damage, and turned to your cause) Pasnar val’keriam usinar! Savrae ines amutan! Yam’toth remium il’tarat!
Hide.png Hide Hide See Blood Makes all runes within a 9x9 square, centred on the ‘Hide’ rune (including the hide rune) invisible. Kla’atu barada nikt’o!
Reveal.png Reveal Blood See Hide Makes all hidden runes within an 11x11 square, centred on the ‘Reveal’ rune, visible. Nikt’o barada kla'atu!
Astral Journey.png Astral Journey Hell Travel Self Ghosts you without killing you. While ghosted, your body will take 10 damage every 2 minutes or so. You can only re-enter your body so long as it is atop an astral Journey rune (it doesn't have to be the original rune). Make sure you're standing on top of this rune when you activate it, otherwise you're gonna be pretty screwed. Fwe’sh mah erl nyag r'ya!
Manifest.png Manifest Blood See Travel Requires both you and a ghost to be standing atop the rune when you invoke it.When invoked, a simple body will be created atop the rune, and the ghost given control of it.You will take 2 damage every minute or so to keep the body alive. Stepping off the rune (either voluntarily or not) destroys the body. Gal'h'rfikk harfrandid mud’gib!
Imbue.png Imbue Hell Technology Join Imbues a piece of paper with the power of an adjacent rune, turning it into a talisman. Talismans will be covered in detail a bit later. H'drak v’loso, mir'kanas verbot!
Sacrifice.png Sacrifice Hell Blood Join To use this rune, you will need to place a sacrifice (either willing or not) atop the rune, and then invoke it. The effects and requirements vary depending on what you are trying to sacrifice:
  • If the sacrifice is your sacrifice target objective, you will require three cultists standing adjacent to the rune. Success will grant you 3 new runewords
  • If your sacrifice is a living human who is not your sacrifice objective, you will still need three cultists adjacent to the rune. Success grants 1 new runeword
  • If your sacrifice is a dead human who is not your sacrifice objective, you can invoke the rune by yourself. You will have a 60% chance to gain a new runeword
  • If your sacrifice is a monkey, living or dead, who is not your sacrifice objective, you can invoke the rune by yourself. You will have a 30% chance to gain a new runeword.

In all cases, a successful invocation gibs the sacrifice, leaving behind all their clothing, IDs, bags, and the like. If there was a ghost in the body when it was sacrificed, there will also be a soulstone holding the sacrificed soul within it, for your use.

Barhah hra zar’garis!
Raise Dead.png Wall Destroy Travel Self Makes the tile the ‘Wall’ rune occupies impassable, at a cost of 2 health. Can be toggled on and off as needed. Khari’d! Eske'te tannin!
Summon Cultist.png Summon Cultist Join Other Self Allows you to summon any unrestrained cultist to the rune. Requires three cultists standing adjacent to the rune in order to work. Invoking this rune inflicts 25 damage to all three cultists involved, and destroys the rune. N'ath reth sh'yro eth d’rekkathnor!
Free Cultist.png Free Cultist Travel Technology Self Allows you to free a cultist from any of the following restraints-
  • Chair buckling
  • Handcuffs
  • Legcuffs
  • Muzzles
  • Welded Closets
  • Locked Secure Closets
  • Locked DNA Scanners

Invoking this rune inflicts 15 damage to the user, and destroys the rune.

Khari’d! Gual'te nikka!
Deafen.png Deafen Hide Other See All non-cultists within a 13x13 square centred on the rune are rendered deaf. The rune is destroyed in the process. Those holding a null rod are immune to the effects. Sti’ kaliedir!
Blind.png Blind Destroy See Other All non-cultists in line-of-sight of the rune are rendered blind. The rune is destroyed in the process.Additionally, those affected have a 5% chance to acquire the Nearsight disability. Those who gain this disability have a further 10% chance of recieving the Blind disability.Those holding a null rod are immune to the effects. Sti’ kaliesin!
Summon Narsie.png Blood Boil Destroy See Blood Requires three cultists standing adjacent to the rune in order to work.All non-cultists in line-of-sight of the rune immediately receive 102 damage (even brute/burn split), with a 5% chance of being gibbed. Those holding a null rod are immune to the effects.Additionally, all other runes in line-of-sight of the Blood Boil rune have a 10% chance of exploding (-1,0,1 blast). Invoking this rune inflicts 15 damage to all three cultists involved, and destroys the rune. Dedo ol’btoh!
Communicate.png Communicate Self Other Technology Allows you to communicate with other cultists, much the same way as through your Arcane Tome or the ‘Communicate’ verb. O bidai nabora se’sma!
Stun.png Stun Join Hide Technology Stuns and weakens everyone in light-of-sight of the rune, destroying it in the process. Fuu ma’jin!
Random Armor Hell Destroy Other Equips you with a full set of cult armor (Hood, robes, shoes, backpack) and cult blade. The rune is destroyed in the process.The cult blade can be stored inside the robe’s suit storage slot, if you need the extra hand, or don’t want to be immediately arrested by security. N'ath reth sh'yro eth d’raggathnor!
Blind.png See Invisible See Hell Join Gives you the ability to see invisible things (like hidden runes, cloaked ninjas, and the like) for about 60 seconds, so long as you stand atop the rune. Rash’tla sektath mal’zua. Zasan therium vivira. Itonis al’ra matum
Random Create Construct Shell Travel Hell Technology Requires a stack of plasteel containing at least 4 sheets to be placed atop the rune, which are consumed when the rune is invoked.Creates an empty construct shell, into which can be inserted a filled soulstone to create a construct of your choice (see below for information on constructs). Eth ra p'ni’dedo ol!


Your other main tool as a cultist are these neat bits of paper imbued with the powers of a specific rune. You can get them using your starting super-talisman-thing (if you’re a start-of-round cultist and haven’t used it up already), or you can make some yourself.

Complicated though it may seem, making a talisman is actually deceptively simple, and can be done in four easy steps

  1. Scribe an Imbue rune
  2. Place a blank piece of paper on the rune (grab it from one of the many paper trays throughout the station. Better yet, just steal the paper tray. If there’s one thing that people don’t care about people stealing, it’s paper)
  3. Scribe another rune next to the Imbue rune (This rune must be able to be imbued. See the list below for compatible runes)
  4. Invoke the Imbue rune

Viola! You now have a rune in paper form, with all the advantages of portability, concealability, and not-immediately-getting-your-ass-removed-by-security-ness. In most cases, the talisman will function fairly identically to the rune you imbued it with (usually with slightly reduced power or range). A notable exception to this is a stun talisman, which becomes a one-use super-stunbaton (stun, plus short-acting mute and blind, and 10 damage).

A talisman is always destroyed upon use, so you’ll want to make more than one if you’re planning on being away from your work area for a while.

Also, make sure to mark what talisman is which by using the ‘Rename Paper’ verb, lest you end up whacking someone ineffectually with a Summon Tome talisman.

The following runes can be imbued into a talisman

  • Teleport
  • Summon Arcane Tome
  • EMP
  • Hide
  • Armor
  • Reveal
  • Deafen
  • Blind
  • Communicate
  • Stun


During your work as a follower of Nar-Sie, you will most likely encounter one or more constructs, armoured creations animated by the soul of a fallen human. They are also fairly easy to create, and absolutely vital to the success of any cult.To create a construct, you will need two things - A filled soulstone, and an empty construct shell.


Soulstone.png - Empty Soulstone

Soulstone-Active.gif - Filled Soulstone

The heart of a construct is a soulstone. Shattered fragments of a legendary ancient artefact, these red stones allow you to bind the soul of a fallen human within them, for you to use to your own whims.

Empty soulstones can be acquired from an artificer construct (if you have one), or by using your start-of-round super-talisman (if you were a start-of-round cultist).

Filled soulstones can be acquired either from sacrifices, or by using an empty soulstone on a critted or dead person (This will destroy the person’s body, leaving behind a pile of bones and their belongings).

Construct Shells

Construct-Shell.png - Empty Construct Shell

The body of a construct is the construct shell. These are bulky suits of enchanted armour, into which you can insert a filled soulstone to create a construct of a type you choose. Shells can be acquired from an artificer construct (if you have one), or from using a Create Construct Shell rune.

Once you have both components, you can insert the soulstone into the empty shell and create either an Artificer, Wraith or Juggernaut construct.



The worker-builder construct, an Artificer is a vital creation for any aspiring cult. While weak and frail, they provide vital construction and repair abilities for the cult. Artificers can create empty soulstones and construct shells, allowing you to expand your army of constructs easily, and can also forge beautifully engraved walls and floors for you to use as fortifications, or to build a den. They can also repair other constructs, as well as themselves.

While rather outmatched in direct combat, Artificers can also cast a lesser version of Magic Missile as a defensive measure.



A horrific bladed creation, a wraith is an excellent assassin and hunter, able to strike into even the most defended station locations, kill their quarry, and disappear without a trace. A mere four hits from a wraith will reduce an unarmoured human to a critical state, and while not particularly resilient, they are incredibly fast.

Wraiths also possess a variant of the Ethereal Jaunt spell, allowing them to pass through walls and defences to hunt their targets.



By far the strongest and most dangerous construct, a massive suit of armour, driven by the unending hatred of its pilot. Juggernauts are slow, incredibly powerful, heavily armoured creatures of unmitigated death and destruction, able to rapidly reduce even the most determined opponents to twitching masses of pulped flesh. Completely immune to most lesser forms of attack, their armour can outright reflect many ranged attacks, further increasing their resistance to attack.

They can also cast a lesser version of Forcewall, to round out their abilities.



The fourth construct variety, followers of Nar-Sie cannot create this construct variety directly. Instead, Nar-Sie will reward those She consumes with this form, so that they may assist Her further. Harvesters are fast but weak, tasked with hunting down the last vestiges of resistance aboard the station, disabling them, and dragging them back to the Geometer to be consumed and turned into another harvester.

A harvester’s main weapon is their Paralysing Smoke spell, which creates a cloud of noxious, paralytic brown smoke (Known affectionately as ‘Harvester Farts’).

Researching New Runes

As you've probably noticed, starting out, a cultist only had access to a limited variety of runes to do the Geometer’s will. In order to unlock more runes and more weapons, you must discover translations for each of the ten runewords. This can be done two different ways.

The most direct, but more random method is to rely on sacrifices. While this is the ‘Official’ method for acquiring runeword translations, if is probably the least reliable, most time-consuming, and most noticeable method (on account of the pile of gibs that will inevitably accumulate by the time you get all the translations).

The other method, and the one that we will be covering here in detail, is that most true methods for getting something to work - trial and error.

Yes, we’re going to brute-force magic.

Now, as a cultist, you start with the translations for four runewords, ‘Blood’, ‘Join’, ‘Self’, and ‘Hell’, leaving six runewords unknown. Through progressive trial, error, and testing, we will determine these unknown six without needing to sacrifice a single person.

First, we will attempt to determine the word for ‘Travel’. Open your tome’s note section, and pick the first untranslated runeword. Set it to ‘Travel’. Now, attempt to scribe an ‘Astral Journey’ rune, this will be our test rune.

Now comes the moment of truth. If the word we selected was the correct word for ‘Travel’, then the rune you just scribed will match the rune colour and shape in the rune table above. If it’s incorrect, the rune will be a random colour and shape.

If you've gotten lucky and it looks correct, congratulations! You should probably check that the rune is correct by using it and making sure the effect is as expected, before immediately telling your brothers the successful translation via cult communication.

If it’s not correct, do not dismay. Destroy the incorrect rune by hitting it with your tome, open your tome’s notes again, hit ‘clear’ next to the translation you just tried, and move onto the next untranslated runeword, setting it to ‘Travel’ in the same manner as before. Repeat until you've found the correct translation.

Next, we will attempt to find the translation for ‘See’, using the Summon Arcane Tome rune as our test rune. Use the same method as described above, until you've found the correct translation.

Nest, translate ‘Destroy’, using Wall as your test rune.

Next, we will translate ‘Other’, using the Armour rune as the test rune. This step of the process is somewhat more dangerous, since the Armour rune always has a random appearance and shape. Instead of comparing the created rune to the table, you will instead need to invoke the test rune, and see if it works. If the translation is incorrect, you will receive a fair chunk of damage. However, since you only need to try this, at most, three times, you will get the correct translation before the damage kills you.

Finally, translate the word for ‘Technology’, using Imbue as your test rune.

The final remaining untranslated runeword will be ‘Hide’

Congratulations, you've translated all the runewords! Be sure to spread your translations around, and feel proud in the fact that you just unravelled the Geometer’s dark secrets without harming a single person (apart from yourself, but you knew what you were getting into).

Jobs on /tg/station


Command Captain, Head of Personnel
Security Head of Security, Security Officer, Warden, Detective
Engineering Chief Engineer, Station Engineer, Atmospheric Technician
Science Research Director, Scientist, Roboticist
Medical Chief Medical Officer, Medical Doctor, Chemist, Geneticist, Virologist
Service Janitor, Bartender, Cook, Botanist, Clown, Mime, Chaplain, Librarian
Civilian Quartermaster, Cargo Technician, Shaft Miner, Assistant, Lawyer
Non-human AI, Cyborg, Positronic Brain, Drone, Personal AI, Construct, Adamantine Golem, Ghost
Antagonists Traitor, Changeling, Nuclear Operative, Wizard, Abductor, Xenomorph, Revenant, Space Ninja, Holoparasite, Swarmers, Blob, Devil, Clockwork Cult Cortical Borer
Special Centcom Official, Death Squad Officer, Emergency Response Officer, Ian
Races Humans, Lizardperson, Flyperson, Plasmaman, Phytosian,Preternis, Miscellaneous