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General Locations

Locations on the wiki reflect the rooms on the BoxStation-map, but the same jobs, and therefore also the same rooms mostly exist on other station maps as well. Here's a list of the rooms/locations:

Jobstemp.png Locations on Yogstation
General Recreational Medical Supply Science Engineering Security Command Upkeep Outside

Map Rotation

The server currently uses a unique map rotation feature that will swap between maps based on player map preferences, these being located in your character setup page. The game is weighed to use Boxstation as the default station but will, depending on player preferences and how long the current round has lasted, have a higher chance to use another map.

The current, and next selected, map information are located in the 'Status' tab.

The map

Yogstation only has one map currently in rotation, which would be the Box Station


Map Image Information Additional Points
SS13-TG-map-thumb.png BoxStation is widely regarded as the "official" map of SS13. It may be confusing at first, but it is actually neatly organized, so that every department gets their own wing. The Command Sector is in a centralized location, holding the Bridge, the Gravity Generator and the AI Upload. Other departments extend out into various wings around the command sector. Notes
  • The map has been used consistently on /tg/station since 2010.
  • The station is heavily central on the starboard wing -- all the action happens there.
  • There are several small crevices to perform distasteful acts.
  • Maintenance is designed to provide an outer shell to most of the station.
  • All locations information on this wiki is sourced from Box station.

Out of Rotation Maps

These maps are currently, due to a range of reasons, currently not on rotation.


Map Image Information Additional Points
AsteroidStation.png AsteroidStation is a Nanotrasen facility embedded into a gigantic asteroid. It has been generally well received. (The station is currently out of rotation due to mapping errors and similar problems) Notes
  • The map plays best with 30+ players.
  • The layout of the map is designed to accommodate to the central engine.
  • Consequently, the map is much, much larger with long, sprawling hallways.
  • Maintenance is very large and open, with several secret rooms to find.
  • All jobs have local maintenance access to their nearest public hallway.
  • Atmospherics and power have local "checkpoints" to prevent sabotage.
  • Feedback is welcomed in this thread on the tgstation forums.


Map Image Information Additional Points
DiscStationThumb.png Discstation is based around providing a more blank slate for the crew to work with, as well as wider corridors with traffic evenly spread along them. Notes
  • This map plays best with 40+ players
  • The transit tube system through the center of the station is a fast and efficient way to get between otherwise far apart departments like Medbay and R&D
  • Maintenance is based on organic rounded twists instead of straight lines
  • Feedback is welcomed in this thread on the tgstation forums.