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=== AshCorr ===
=== AshCorr ===
=== [[user:Kettle|Ktlwjec]] ===
=== [[user:Kettle|Ktlwjec]] ===
=== [[user:Nichlas0010|nichlas0010]] ===
=== ThatLing ===
=== ThatLing ===

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This is a brief introduction to the team of individuals that help to keep the Wiki running and up to date, and to their roles and functions on the Wiki.


The Managers of the Wiki are the ones whom you should contact about any issue the other members of the Wiki Team cannot handle. They are in charge of the highest level of permission and bureaucratic control pertaining to the Wiki, and in some cases, the server as well. They should not be approached about mundane issues that could otherwise be answered by lower ranked personnel.

Current Managers:

Xantam - Server Host





Wiki Administrators

Wiki Administrators are tried and true assets to the Wiki project. They oversee the other ranks below them, and make the large-scale changes to the Wiki. The Administrators of the Wiki have more powers than Moderators, and can help with most any issue that can arise. Anything outside of their scope is deferred to the Managers.

Current Administrators:

Anvilman6 - Wiki Team Head

Identification - Wiki Creative Lead


Wiki Moderators

Wiki Moderators constitute the entry-level of the Wiki administration. They have slightly elevated privileges and can handle most necessary functions pertaining to the Wiki.

Current Moderators:


LoliconSlayer - Engineering, Security

Missatessatessy - Engineering, .gif creation

The Flame Prince

Note: any person in the Wiki administration possesses their assigned rank, and any rankings below them as well. A list of the registered Wiki Moderators, Administrators, and Managers, can be found here
WARNING: this list may be out of date from time to time, so please give the due diligence to cross-check it with another source.

Wiki Staffer

Wiki staffers are members on the exterior of the administration, but are also those who have shown consistent dedication to seeing the Wiki improved. They possess no special defining traits, beyond their heightened knowledge of the Wiki, its contents, and the methods of editing. If you have general questions, comments, or concerns about the Wiki, these are the people you should start with. If they are unable to render help, they will be able to reroute you to a relevant figure to get in touch with about your matters. Areas of specialization for Staffers are denoted after their names.

Current Staffers:

Colton - Atmospherics, Engineering

Szyszkrzyneczka - Botany, Science

wubawubadickcheney - Security, Robotics

Ynot01 - Antagonists


Wiki "Editors" are the general group that of contributors to the Yogstation Wiki that do not fall into any of the above categories. They have access to edit unprotected pages and assist with the revision of guides, game mechanics, and more, subject to the oversight of Staffers and above.

In the interest of saving space, to see the full list of Editors please see the User List here
WARNING: this list may be out of date from time to time, so please give the due diligence to cross-check it with another source.