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Space Station 13 is a two dimensional, multiplayer, roleplaying game developed on Byond.

What is it?

Space Station 13, the game, is a 2D top-down roleplaying science-fiction game akin in places to a blend of Minecraft, Trouble in Terrorist Town, Star Trek, The Thing, IT, Star Wars, and numerous other pieces of media that result in an amalgamate of a game with surprising depth and complexity under its simplistic facade. The game takes place on a fully destructible research-oriented space station, the namesake Space Station 13, which is in orbit around a widely inhospitable nearby planet.

Space Station 13 itself is the flagship project of Nanotrasen, a sprawling galactic super-corporation, with the primary purpose of researching and experimenting on a newly discovered and incredibly lucrative and versatile material called Plasma. Unfortunately for Nanotrasen, they are not the only ones interested in this mysterious new substance. Threats to Nanotrasen and their assets come in all shapes and sizes, with many being dispatched by the nefarious Syndicate, and each and every crew member must play their part to ensure the space station remains operational, despite the near impossibility of this task.

Once connected to the server (https://yogstation.net/play), the game begins in the game lobby where you can customize your character and select which job you would like him or her to have. Jobs range from the Captain, to the Heads of Staff, to Engineers, Medical Doctors, Scientists, Security Officers, Atmospheric Technicians, Chefs, a bartender, and the occasional Clown or Mime to lighten the mood.

What do you do?

When the round begins you spawn with a job title, subject to your choosing. Now it is up to you to play with that job, doing all sorts of tasks - for more information on each, you are advised to search for the relevant Wiki page, and for guide pages pertaining to said job. The game has an incredibly large number of systems, subsystems, and mechanics, for near-limitless amounts of fun, but it can be overwhelming without reference material, so try not to get discouraged.

Now, as you spawn in with your fancy job title, someone else is likely to have spawned as something much more special. Each of the game modes, excluding Extended, has some sort of Antagonist, to provide an opposing force to the typical orderly conduct of the station. These antagonists usually have objectives which range from stealing a specific item to the assassination of a crew member or even the complete overthrowing of the station. Different antagonist types have different goals and different ways of attaining said goals.

  • Traitors are the most common antagonist type. Usually several spawn on board the station at once. They can have special items and weapons purchased from their employers to aid them in achieving their goals.
  • Changelings have special powers. They can absorb the DNA of crew members and transform themselves to look and sound like them.
  • Wizards can use magic spells to aid them in their quest.
  • Revolution leaders spawn with conversion flashes which they then use to convert crew members to their glorious cause so they can aid them in overthrowing and killing the Heads of Staff.
  • Gangsters usually come in two opposing groups that kill each other trying to take over the station.
  • Cultists use their own blood to make runes and talismans, which give them special powers and abilities.
  • Blobs destroy the station little by little unless they are destroyed.
  • Malfunctioning AIs, unlike normally functioning station AI units, have one goal: to assume control of the station, puny meatbags be damned.

Unfortunately for you, with your fancy job title, have absolutely no idea who the antagonists are, or if any even exist. Paranoia is a staple of Space Station 13 - watch your back and your flanks, and be prepared for anything and everything to happen, as who knows what horrors lurk in the dark, unwatched corners of the station?

Typically, rounds of the game will last for an hour, sometimes more, sometimes less. Certain gamemodes have win or lose conditions, that, when met, will end the round immediately, but in most cases the round will conclude with the escape shuttle being summoned. Once it arrives and docks with the station, it becomes your job to get on board the shuttle or an escape pod to make sure you escape alive -- if you've managed to survive that long. If not, don't be discouraged - death is a part of the game, and in some cases, can be fixed or recovered from, and even if not, then there's always another round coming up in time.

How do I start playing?

If this page has piqued your interest and you would like to try playing the game, then head over to the Starter guide and follow the simple steps in the "Connecting to the Server" section! Getting started is a straightforward process, and you should easily be able to get to joining a match.

In conclusion

For your first round, you are advised to follow the steps in the Starter guide to make sure your initial experience is a positive one filled with learning. There are many, many things to know about the game, and some of it doesn't make sense at first, but with practice and effort, you too can learn to be a master of Space Station 13.

Additionally, if you have questions, feel free to ask your fellow crewmates in-game, or the sever's Mentors or Administrators both in and out of game, or use this wiki - pages are constantly being updated, and the wiki staff tries to make sure the information contained within is relevant and concise.

Welcome to Space Station 13, and on behalf of the Yogstation Wiki team, we hope you enjoy your stay.