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<h1>[[Starter guide|This guide is outdated, check here instead]]</h1>
<h1>[[Starter guide|This guide is outdated, check here instead]]</h1>

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This guide is outdated, check here instead


Welcome to our server. This tutorial is designed to help new and inexperienced players hoping of getting into the game and understanding how our community works. If you have any questions regarding game mechanics or rules you can either head to our forum or directly ask our administrators on the server via Adminhelp (F1).

The Game

What is this game we are talking about?


Space Station 13 is an MORPG based on the BYOND engine. You play a character that is thrown into a vital role on a two dimensional space-station tasked with researching the unique properties of plasma found in a nearby gas giant. While some roles are not as game-changing, each individual pitches in their own to make the station run smoothly and fun to be on.

In every round there is a couple of players chosen as antagonists tasked with stealing valuable equipment or assassinating key characters on the station. It is not advised to new players to activate the check-box for antagonist roles within the first rounds of the game because most of these roles need thorough knowledge of Game Mechanics. The normal crew has limited knowledge of who or what these antagonists are and it's the job of Security to identify and contain these antagonists.

What is YogStation?

YogStation is a Space Station 13 community with their own specialized set of rules and game-play mechanics. Our community is strictly democratic and we introduce player innovations by majority votes.

We are strict on our rules to ensure EVERYONE can have an enjoyable time on our server regardless of gender, religion or orientation. Our community is able to put in suggestions on our rules and they decide whether new rules get implemented or old discarded.

We are running our own Map and code modification of the /TG/ code. If you have any questions regarding coding or mapping head to the related categories or check our forum.

How do I Play

To start playing read the rules through this basic tutorial and connect to our server: byond://game.yogstation.net:4133! (You have to have BYOND installed!)

First Steps in Game

You have now connected to our server and are ready to read the rules start the game - if it is your first time here at Yogstation 13, you will have to observe a round. Take this time to observe players, read the rules. If you have questions regarding these rules read them again ask one of our Administrators on the forum or the server. Our community is friendly and even in the absence of an administrator, you should feel free to read the rules again ask questions in OOC, our regulars will be more than happy to help.

Once you've completed your observation round, you'll want to start with a simple job like Assista-"how to choose job"

Alright, sparky, have a seat and we'll explain.

Character Setup

TODO: Missing

The Interface


  1. Click this to expand your equipment section. Here you can equip things by clicking on the desired section with the clothing in your hand.
  2. This is your suit storage slot. When wearing certain suits, you can equip small items to your suit storage slot.
  3. Your ID slot. Your ID gives you access to open doors and use machines. When placed in your ID slot it will automatically open doors. It can be placed in your PDA, and your PDA placed in your ID slot to the same effect.
  4. Your belt slot. This starts with a PDA in it, which has a flashlight and messaging system. Security belts, medical belts, and toolbelts can be placed on this slot.
  5. Your backpack slot. This holds a backpack or satchel. For storing many various items. To put stuff in it, click it with something in your hand. To open it click it with an empty hand. To take off your backpack drag it's sprite into your empty hand.
  6. Your hands. You can switch between them by clicking SWAP, clicking the other hand, or middle mouse clicking. To open a box hold it in one hand and click it with an empty hand, or drag it's sprite onto yours when it's on the ground. You can interact with the items on other people drag their sprite onto yours and click things to remove them, click empty slots with an applicable item to put it on them.
  7. These are your pockets. They can be used to store small items for quick access.
  8. This is your intent. It allows you to change what kind of intent you would like to use when interacting with other objects. Help is the green intent used to apply CPR, give medication, perform surgery, or just give a hug to make people feel better, it also allows you to walk through people if both of your intents are set to help. Disarm is the blue intent used to push, knock over and remove objects from people's hands, so it's rather useful, when attacked, be sure to use this intent vigorously to defend yourself. Grab is the yellow intent used to grab hold of living creatures, you require an empty hand to use it. The first grab will be passive, clicking the grab icon in your hand again will allow you to place an aggressive grab, with which you can throw people on tables or throw them. The next grab proceeds to the neck, which will knock them down and start making them lose oxygen, and you can click the kill button to begin choking them, speeding up the rate at which they lose oxygen. Harm is the red intent that you use for various ways of attacking people. Use this to punch people and attack with various items.
  9. This allows you to swap between running and walking. Running over a wet floor you will slip and be stunned for a few seconds.
  10. Ctrl clicking an object will allow you to pull it along, click the symbol that pops up allows you to stop pulling the object. The first button is used to resist, which you can use to free yourself from handcuffs, beds, welded or locked lockers. It also lets you roll when on fire. The second button makes you drop anything you are holding in your hands. The third button is a toggle that makes you throw an object when you click in that direction. When throw is activated, you will catch objects thrown at you.
  11. This changes what part of the body you are targeting. Aiming for specific areas increases your chance to knock them down, in ascending order from head, mouth, groin. Targeting different areas can sometimes allow you to use items differently, like smashing a bottle over someone's head to stun them.
  12. This is your hunger bar. It will deplete over time, and you must replenish it with food. It will never kill you, but it will slow you down to a snail's pace over time. Eating too much will make you obese.
  13. This is your body doll. It allows you to quickly analyze which parts of your body are damaged. To get a slightly more in depth analysis, click on yourself with an empty hand on harm intent. To be even more accurate, use a medical scanner.
  14. This shows your health, and it will slowly decrease as you take more damage. When it is flashing and the letters read CRIT, you are in a critical state, and you will fall unconscious and take oxygen damage until you eventually die. When it is grey, you are dead. You have passed on, go to the OOC tab and click ghost to become a ghost and observe the round.
  15. This is your internals toggle. You have a breath mask and an air tank that comes in the box in your bag. Use this in situations where oxygen is lacking. When you have both a tank and some kind of internals mask equipped, click the 02 tank and mask icon to activate it. CAUTION: Any tank can be used as internals, so be careful you're not breathing in deadly plasma.
  16. This has a variety of different tabs that give you information and allow you to perform actions. The Status intent tells you what intent you have, how much gas you have left in your internals if activated, and the time until the shuttle arrives. The Admin tab will give you a variety of different options. Adminhelp creates a ticket for admins, use this to report any problems you have. Adminnotice displays any notices that admins have sent. Adminwho gives you a list of current admins online. Approve Link lets you ask the admins to approve a link you want to post. View My Ticket shows the current status on your adminhelp. The IC tab gives a list of actions your character can perform in the game. The OOC tab is for actions that aren't about your character. The Object tab allows you to interact with objects that you have access to at that moment. The Preferences tab gives you the ability to change a list of preferences for the game.'
  17. The bottom left lets you see what you are currently mousing over. Good for not clicking the wrong thing or reading the names of objects and people.

Interacting with the World

After your first observation round, it is recommended that you choose to be an assistant and try your best to ask questions in-game about the options available. If you read through and understand certain Guides you could probably start as a simple job such as an engineer. Make sure to contact your head and let them know you are new and if it is possible, you would like advice. There are books in-game that you can read if you forget or you can have a guide open in a new tab. Whatever the case, listen to the respective Head of your department - they likely know what they're doing.

Final Exam

TODO: Missing

Second Steps

TODO: Missing