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'''AutisticFroggy:''' [https://github.com/yogstation13/Yogstation/pull/9294 Replaces slime love potions with slime empathy potions]<br>
'''AutisticFroggy:''' [https://github.com/yogstation13/Yogstation/pull/9294 Replaces slime love potions with slime empathy potions]<br>
'''Shadowflame909:''' [https://github.com/yogstation13/Yogstation/pull/9315 Zombie-Powder is now instant upon ingest. Delayed upon touch and injection.]<br>
'''Shadowflame909:''' [https://github.com/yogstation13/Yogstation/pull/9315 Zombie-Powder is now instant upon ingest. Delayed upon touch and injection.]<br>
'''wejengin2:''' [https://github.com/yogstation13/Yogstation/pull/9276 [Box] Xenobio visual and QoL changes]
'''wejengin2:''' [https://github.com/yogstation13/Yogstation/pull/9276 Box Xenobio visual and QoL changes]
<h2>28th July</h2>
<h2>28th July</h2>
'''MrHorizons:''' [https://github.com/yogstation13/Yogstation/pull/9326 Changes the CentCom recovery ship to include a small bar and additional medical supplies, among other small amenities.]
'''MrHorizons:''' [https://github.com/yogstation13/Yogstation/pull/9326 Changes the CentCom recovery ship to include a small bar and additional medical supplies, among other small amenities.]

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30th July

actioninja: Disarm has been reworked, instead of an rng based system instead it pushes people away from you. If their movement is blocked it knocks them over. Shoving someone twice quickly will knock ranged weapons out of their hands.
actioninja: Moving into humans while in a hostile intent no longer pushes them.
actioninja: Passive grabs need to be resisted out of while on the ground, and can't be directly crawled out of
AutisticFroggy: SM now goes into a death spiral when emagged. Better call the shuttle before it goes BRRRRRRRRR
AutisticFroggy: Replaces slime love potions with slime empathy potions
Shadowflame909: Zombie-Powder is now instant upon ingest. Delayed upon touch and injection.
wejengin2: Box Xenobio visual and QoL changes

28th July

MrHorizons: Changes the CentCom recovery ship to include a small bar and additional medical supplies, among other small amenities.

27th July

ArcaneMusic: The bounty board has been added to all standard NT stations, for making and paying out bounties for credits made by crew members across the station. Available as a standalone machine, as well as a modular app.
MrHorizons: Allows plants to be renamed and makes hydroponic trays show the plant's name

26th July

Partheo: Grille sprites now tile and have holes punched in them as they take damage.

25th July

AutisticFroggy: Blue vacuum lights are now at regular brightness instead of at 25%
boodaliboo: makes angel potion 5 tc
Darkstick: Emagged hug engine rework
fluffe9911: Force borger cooldown reduced to 30 seconds
maxion12345: Yogstation AI core now features additional plating to protect the AI!
MrHorizons: Adds a brand new set of primary bar and kitchen variants to EclipseStation.
nichlas0010: Greytide Virus now affects both cameras and keycard auths
Partheo: the TEG's construction steps have been altered slightly for visual consistency.
Partheo: the TEG circulators can now be flipped with a crowbar.
Pawn: the TEG's visuals have been completely redone.
Partheo: New light switches that glow in the dark
SomeguyManperson: Allows you to set something to say on a gun when fully reloading a gun
SomeguyManperson: Megafauna now supply cargo with money when killed
swissloaf: Adds the gamemode to display on the round end report
TheGamerdk: Payrates have been reduced to their previous flat amounts.

24th July

Indie-ana Jones: Swarmers have changed tactics. They now utilize a swarmer beacon for spawning, and have received a number of other changes.
ynot01: Centers a lot of food objects

23rd July

Onule: new sprites for titanium shuttle walls

21st July

SomeguyManperson: experimental dissection gives medical budget money
SomeguyManperson: changeling tentacle grab effect has a short immobilize so the grab actually goes through
TheGamerdk: Budget cards have been added to all NT Armories
TheGamerdk: Service gets paid between 400 and 2400 credits per Economic Cycle
Tlaltecuhtli: votes now play a beep noise when they get started
wejengin2: moves a few rooms around to fit a clerk store in place of the bathroom
Xoxeyos: Space Wizard hardsuit costs 1 point now
Xoxeyos: Morphs can now only naturally spawn after 30 minutes.

20th July

MrHorizons: Changed the plasma internals box in a plasmaman's emergency box to be belt-sized.
ReddTheDragon: adds a paper to wizard academy about trey and his hiring
swissloaf: Adds ERT Mech Bay

19th July

MrHorizons: The arrivals shuttles for Box, Pubby, and Omega have now been fitted with emergency NanoMeds, toolboxes, and status displays, as well as additional NanoTrasen branding.

18th July

swissloaf: Adds Gamma and Epsilon alert

17th July

wejengin2: Prisoner transfer center variations for box

16th July

Hopek: Added a feedback system for forensic scanners. (Animations + sounds)
Hopek: Expanded the interaction system for forensic scanners via context-sensitive radials
Hopek: Added 2 new scanners (Advanced + badmin)
Hopek: Clock cult armor no longer increases laser damage taken.
Hopek: The Rapid Pipe Dispenser (RPD) crafting cost is more reasonable. The RPD now costs 45 metal and 37.5 glass instead of 75 metal and 37.5 glass.
Hopek: Warden now has a security megaphone in his/her locker.
nichlas0010: Greytide Event now only affects stuff the AI can control.
nichlas0010: Airlock charges have been ever-so-slightly buffed, setting people on fire even when it's triggered through a failed removal
Partheo: flour sacks will now break if you fill them with water
Partheo: scooping reagents from the floor now takes time
Partheo: Adds new sprites for the plant DNA manipulator.
Partheo: New sprites for the chief engineer's drill, jaws of life, and tricorder.
TheGamerdk: Ports budget cards removed. Get to work Cargo!
TheGamerdk: The Security Records Console has a new UI!
Xoxeyos: Arcane barrage now costs two spell points.

14th July

ynot01: You can now RCD deconstruct firelocks

12th July

jcatjmeow: Adds stasis beds to nonbox maps
Partheo: the grinder in the kitchen now contains a bowl instead of a beaker
Partheo: new sprites for the All-In-One Grinder
Partheo: Chairs and beds now take a few seconds to deconstruct
Salla: Revamped sprites for the stasis beds
ToGWtF: Adds treadmill engine

10th July

Nickvr628: A new purchasable escape shuttle modeled after an airliner featuring enough seats for highpop.
SomeguyManperson: suicide alert now tells you you won't be revivable
Xoxeyos: Adds CE to the protext_jobs list for shadowling.
Xoxeyos: Adds the Song "Escape from Midwich Valley" by Carpenter Brut.
Xoxeyos: Soul tap now costs one spell point.

9th July

fluffe9911: Shadowlings don't need gravity
Partheo: Added gravy. Start by juicing cooked meat, then add flour.
Partheo: Added new recipes to make poutine and pizzaghetti.
swissloaf: Adds the Banana Phone. The Clown can message the Clown Planet now.
Takahiru: Better Fugitives PR
Victor239: Belt tweak PR

8th July

alexkar598: Adds an engine SMES
Partheo: Mixing bowls, which allow you to mix ingredients like a true chef. These have replaced the beaker in the kitchen.
Partheo: Many service-related items can now be printed from the service lathe.
Salla: Revamped sprites for some chairs
Salla: Revamped sprites for some food

7th July

boodaliboo: Added ghost syringe to ghost station
Investigator77: Gave the breaching shotgun a pistol grip, vertical foregrip and tritium sights.
ktlwjec: Uno cards added to the Emergency Escape Bar shuttle.
monster860: Doors are now smoother
Urumasi, Cacogen, Krysonism, ATH1909: Large port of bottle-related features from TG

6th July

Takahiru: Gives yogsdelta chemistry a double door

5th July

Takahiru: yogsdelta chem now has the chem locker

4th July

fluffe9911: Zombies are now stun immune
JamieD1: Added Cryopods
JamieD1: Widescreen!
SomeguyManperson: cogscarabs no longer have a random chance to spawn off of clock cult rounds
Takahiru: Heads of Staff can no longer roll traitor or changeling if its lowpop

3rd July

alexkar598: Hugging an ethereal as a moth person gives you a mood bonus
Hopek: Added 2 more lizard hides to match the number of lizard remains in the "gasthelizards" ruin.
Hopek: Space PETA has given the endangered Gondola population a nice green home.
ReddTheDragon: more language bits for ntsl
redmoogle: Adds a vent to cargo bay
Takahiru: Blur vision now works on blind people
TheGamerdk: Ashwalkers can no longer use fulton packs
wejengin2: tweaks, additions and deletions in wizard academy

2nd July

fluffe9911: Clown bugs no longer spawn a new bikehorn everytime it dies
Hopek: The soap in the syndicate listening post is now syndicate soap as the universe intended.
redmoogle: Yogstation arrivals can repressuirze itself fully.
Super3222: Adds the clown goblin
swissloaf: Adds E-N, the borgi
swissloaf: Removes admin clown bugs
yacabo: Security can now set people to search
ynot01: Changes blackbox objective name

1st July

swissloaf: Adds the syndicate fedora, located in the badass tab of the syndi uplink for 3 tc
wejengin2: minishuttle airlocks centered and plants removed