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== Twitter Account ==
The twitter linked on the main page is owned by Erro, isn't it? Shouldn't we delete that, try to distance ourselves from him as much as possible? --[[User:Thassil|Thassil]] ([[User talk:Thassil|talk]]) 13:55, 19 April 2014 (UTC)
::I've moved it to my talk page for when/if a new twitter account is made --[[User:Jordie0608|Jordie0608]] ([[User talk:Jordie0608|talk]]) 20:05, 20 April 2014 (UTC)
== Linking basic guides ==
I think that instead of useless links like "2014 dev plan" and "wiki statistics" there should be links to often used guides like guide to chemistry, surgery, cooking, construction etc
More "niche" guides like virology or genetics can remain on their own pages but important stuff that new players or players looking for quick access to important guides should be included
Bay's wiki has this and it's really useful whenever I find myself using it to just be able to instantly go to where I need easily --[[User:Miggles|Miggles]] ([[User talk:Miggles|talk]]) 23:28, 2 July 2014 (UTC)
== Main_Page_Mockup ==
I took the liberty of redesigning the Main Page to remove scrolling and fixed pixel widths. I also added the new Mediawiki feature - Gallery with a set mode for the 3 images. This one uses "packed-hover", which shows a caption on mouse-over. I've also simplified the table code and made it easier to read or edit in the future.
Thoughts? --[[User:Rahlzel|Rahlzel]] ([[User talk:Rahlzel|talk]]) 01:57, 24 October 2014 (EDT)
::Awesome work. Asked permission from MrStonedOne:
::"[08:10] <MrStonedOne> holy fucking shit [08:10] <MrStonedOne> FUND IT" [[User:Kosmos|Kosmos]] ([[User talk:Kosmos|talk]]) 01:17, 24 October 2014 (EDT)
::: Happy to oblige :)
::: I'll send you guys a forum PM. I have some other things in mind that I'd like to run by you.  --[[User:Rahlzel|Rahlzel]] ([[User talk:Rahlzel|talk]]) 01:57, 24 October 2014 (EDT)
:::: We probably need new screenshots- two are out of date. [[User:Bandit|Bandit]] ([[User talk:Bandit|talk]]) 08:27, 25 October 2014 (EDT)
== "Error Creating Thumbnail" ==
I've seen this error a few times on the wiki. It's usually caused by having <code style="background: #DDD;">$wgUseImageMagick = true;</code> in the LocalSettings.php. Comment this out or set it to false to fix the problem. In [[Guide_to_Atmospherics#Setting_Up_Atmospherics | Guide to Atmospherics]] you'll find an image with this problem. You can use that to verify the fix as needed. --[[User:Rahlzel|Rahlzel]] ([[User talk:Rahlzel|talk]]) 06:31, 30 October 2014 (EDT)
:Disabling the feature is not the proper way to fix it unless it is truly broken. In this case the issue is that image magic wasn't installed on the new server when i switched over. So I Just installed it and in a moment or so wiki should fix itself. Imagemagic is needed because other wise the wiki will serve up the full sized image rather then its thumbnail, imagine loading the 12mb map image every time you loaded the map page (and then again if you went to open up the map). The bandwidth is just too high.[[User:MrStonedOne|MrStonedOne]] ([[User talk:MrStonedOne|talk]]) 08:18, 6 December 2014 (EST)
== Link the gallery images ==
The gallery images can be linked to pages. I think this would be another good "rabbit hole" to get prospective players interested in the game.
For your convenience, the code is:
<gallery perrow=2 mode="packed-hover">
File:frontpage_action.png|link=Xenos|A xenomorph infection.
File:frontpage_mining.png|link=Shaft Miner|Miners gathering minerals.
File:frontpage_medbay.png|link=Chemistry|A normal shift in Chemistry.
15:37, 21 March 2016 (UTC)

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