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Generic signal.png SignalTech.png
Signal Technician
Access: Telecoms, Telecoms Admin
Additional Access: Engineering, Power Equipment, Tech Storage, Construction
Difficulty: Easy
Supervisors: Chief Engineer
Duties: Ensure telecommunications never goes down, write a helpful tcomms script, have the AI turn it off when it crashes and stops working, get lynched by the CE when a processor overloads and you don't know how to fix it.
Guides: NTSL, [1], [2]
Quote: I'm the closest thing to an IT guy on this station. They asked me to make a wiki page for my job, but I'm lazy, so I just copy pasted the atmos tech one.

Your job tends to be simple, make communication over the radio more efficient and make sure the machines don't go down. That and you can shut poly up without ever having to touch him.

Bare minimum requirements: Make sure a rouge AI doesn't upload harmful scripts.


Computers. Scripting. Very important, very complicated machines. Redsuits outside the window. Wait, what?

What you Can do to Pass the Time

Most of the actually important work for a telecoms admin can be done within the first minuet of a round, and apart from simple quality of life things there can be a lot for a telecoms admin to do that would actually help the station. While you can't hear what's going through most of the channels you can check the logs and make sure everything is fine. If you notice anything odd feel free to turn on your security transceiver and tell Security about it, though they might get annoyed if you mention every little thing to them.

If the station is in dire enough straights, you can ask the Chief Engineer for the decryption key from his desk. This will allow you to access messaging logs. You can use these to pick out anyone messaging anything privately who might want to harm another.

Feel free to make announcement if you deem them important enough for general public, this generally includes letting everyone know that you know t-comms went down and you are working on it. Please leave it for emergency only though.

Scripting and stuff

You can find most of what you need to learn through the guide NT_Script. The language can be hard and it recommended for you to read the guide before your first round as a signal technician.


  • Upload a script that states peoples jobs after their name, so that way security knows who's making claims.
  • Upload a script that makes Poly silent. The engineers might not notice but if they do they will thank you.
  • Fun scripts tend to let the rest of the station know you aren't purposefully ruining telecoms.

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